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Sightings of Butterflies in Suffolk - 2018

The Branch is always grateful for butterfly records and a recording form can be downloaded from the conservation section of this website.  We would be particularly grateful for records away from the coast and information on the following species:
BAP species; Dingy Skipper, White Letter Hairstreak, Silver-studded Blue, White Admiral, Grayling, Small Heath, Wall Brown
Others; Green Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, Silver-washed Fritillary, Purple Emperor, Chalkhill Blue
(not Devil's Dyke)

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Send Us Your Sightings
We are always interested in sightings of any butterflies in any location in Suffolk.
email them to (please make sure you enter a subject) and they will appear below within a few days.
Clicking on this link should launch your usual email program.  If this does not seem to work just use the email address.

If you see a Brimstone this record will also be passsed to the Brimstone and Buckthorn project

Please include the date, how many of each butterfly species seen, location with an ordnance survey grid reference if possible, and your name (if you want to).
If you would like to contribute to the annual survey please read the notes on the Recording page.

Regular recorders are urged to use this sightings page to inform others of interesting sightings, but please do continue to send all your records to the county recorder at the end of the season as usual.

Return completed form by November to 20, Langstons, Trimley St Mary, Suffolk IP11 0XL  or to

If visiting Purdis Heath, Pipers Vale and Landseer Park (or any other site for that matter) please keep to footpaths and recognised tracks and do not trample heather, ant nests or any other vegetation.  There are plenty of places where you can see butterflies from the paths.  Keep dogs on a lead.

Date  Butterflies seen (and other relevant information).  First Sighting of Year in Bold or Bold for rarer species
For a summary of First Sightings see the Suffolk Butterflies Page - click here
Location Grid Reference Name
December SS ES LS DS SWT CY B LW SW GVW OT GH PH WLH BH SC SSB BA CB HB CHB LTB WA RA PL ST P C SWF DGF LT PE CMB SPW WB GR GK MB R SH MW- Total species seen 3       (📷 photo click here) 
29 DEc Red admiral seen this morning flying around in Woodbridge town centre. Probably a hibernator brought out by the mild conditions, was 12 degrees C at the time Woodbridge   Neil Sherman
22 Dec Peacock Lackford Lakes   t Mr H
17 Dec Surprised to see Peacock sunning itself on boarded up window and brick wall of shed outside Ilketshall St Andrew Church .  Flying around too, sunny day but not very warm.      (📷 photo click here Ilketshall St Andrew TM378872 Derek Norris
16 Dec One Peacock Butterfly basking in the sun on a tree trunk at 1.30pm in the woodland RSPB Minsmere   R Quadling
9 Dec  Surprised to see a red admiral in my Suffolk garden this morning   mid-Suffolk    Peter Rutt
2 Dec Red admiral photographed today on my own house. I don't think I have ever photographed a butterfly in December before.     Kevin Sawford
2 Dec One Comma Butterfly was soaking up the sun at Kessingland sewage works this morning 2nd December. Kessingland   Andrew Easton
2 Dec Lunchtime sunshine and a Red Admiral basked on salvia in the garden Waldringfield   Peter Maddison
2 Dec Always nice to see a December butterfly. A wind blown Red Admiral seen in Felixstowe this morning (TM3035).     t Bill Stone
30 Nov We saw one Red Admiral when we were watching the Waxwings. The Drive, Reydon   Margie & David Carter.
30 Nov Red Admiral Waveney Forest TG464013 (Watsonian Suffolk) t David Walsh
29 Nov I saw one red admiral butterfly flying today in Heatherhayes Ipswich. It does seem late, 29th November, though warm and windy.  Heatherhayes Ipswich   Linda Debnam
18 Nov one Red Admiral seen in the woods basking in the sun on the ground RSPB Minsmere   R Quadling
18 Nov 1 Red Admiral at Landguard obs today Landguard obs   t Will Brame
18 Nov  a very late Speckled Wood also Peewit Hill Felixstowe   t Will Brame
18 Nov I Red Admiral in my garden Woodbridge   t Eddie Bathgate
18 Nov One Red Admiral at  this morning Alder Carr Needham Market   Mike Morley
17 Nov 1 Comma The Naze TM2624 t David Walsh
17 Nov 1 Red Admiral Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
16 Nov Amazed to see Brown Argus still flying here in Mid November, but then again it is quite mild     t David Dowding
15 Nov 1 Red Admiral King’s Forest TL821760 t David Walsh
15 Nov a very late Small White Peewit Hill, Felixstowe   t Will Brame
15 Nov Today at Hazelwood. 1 Red Admiral sunning itself on electricity pole. Hazelwood   Bob Turner
14 Nov Red Admiral 3, Small White 1 Dingle Marshes   Richard Perryman
14 Nov Speckled Wood flew away from me this morning from the flower bed by the ticket office at Brockford Station. I don't know who was more surprised at the encounter - me or it! Brockford Station TM 129659 Geraldine Smith
13 Nov Lovely walk this am in & around Brandon Park Heath, a new site for me.  Red Admiral Brandon Park Heath TL7884 t David Walsh
13 Nov 1 Small White Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
13 Nov Red Admiral on the wing today Blundeston area. TM511961 t Richard Martin
12 Nov 1 Red Admiral Tacon Road Felixstowe   t Will Brame
12 Nov A lovely fresh red admiral was one of several insects out enjoying the late autumn sun along the North Wall today Minsmere   t RSPB Minsmere
6 Nov A very fresh and bright Red Admiral basking in the unseasonably warm sunshine (and nectaring on Bramble flowers) today RSPB Minsmere   t Charles Cuthbert
4 Nov Still a few butterflies around in SE Suffolk. Sp Wood in the garden yesterday and a brace of Red Admirals this morning near SWT Trimley Marshes. Please keep looking and reporting your butterfly sightings. Trimley   t Bill Stone
3 Nov A Hummingbird Hawk-moth joined us in the garden this afternoon. It was feeding on the"Hotlips" Salvia     Margie & David Carter
3 Nov 3 red admirals, 1 comma, 2 speckled wood Bawdsey Picnic site   Laurence
2 Nov 1 Red Admiral, (quite worn) and a Painted Lady Hollesley Marshes, car park   Margie & David Carter
2 Nov 1 Red Admiral Shingle Street   Margie & David Carter
2 Nov 1 Red Admiral East Lane Bawdsey,   Margie & David Carter
1 Nov Red Admiral flew over The Thoroughfare , Woodbridge this morning   Woodbridge   Gary Plank
31 Oct 1 Common Blue, 1 Small White, 1 Red Admiral Landguard   t Will Brame
31 Oct 1 Comma, 1 Peacock, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Speckled Wood Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
27 Oct Nice to see a Red Admiral on the wing this morning despite the cold wind here in SE Suffolk     t Bill Stone
26 Oct Red Admiral flying in dull conditions with spots of rain temp about 11 C NE Ipswich   Richard Perryman
26 Oct Nice to see a fresh Painted Lady on a late flowering Buddlia for the last 2 days in my Worlingham garden Worlingham   t Gavin Durrant
25 Oct Lovely to see (and record) as many as five red admirals on ivy bloom at the edge of the playing field in Onehouse at lunchtime today Onehouse   t Mark Brewster
25 Oct Small White Felixstowe Gardens   Richard Perryman
25 Oct The last fluttering days of autumn? A single Red Admiral and a Peacock butterfly still coming to Ivy flowers in Kelsale, Suffolk today Kelsale   t Charles Cuthbert
25 Oct Wall butterfly still on the wing at Carlton Marshes today. Seen at TM49479267 & TM49359277, possibly the same one as very mobile on both occasions. One Red Admiral as well Carlton Marshes TM4992 t Andrew Easton
24 Oct Small White Chantry Park   Richard Perryman
24 Oct A Small Tortoiseshell Adastral Park   t Gi Grieco
22 Oct Several small coppers on Westleton Heath this afternoon Westleton Heath   t Mark Brewster
22 Oct Painted Lady seen in the splendid Autumn sunshine today. One in Belstead Belstead TM135410 t Kevin Ling
22 Oct and the first Painted Lady of 2018 in my garden!! SW Ipswich TM142428 t Kevin Ling
22 Oct Also a Red Admiral on the beach at Orwell Country Park Orwell Country Park TM185404 t Kevin Ling
22 Oct A lone Speckled Wood sunning itself on the blackberries. Minsmere   David and Lilian Pitt
21 Oct Visible migration of at least 7 Red Admirals flying strongly south over a 3 hour period along the beach at Covehithe, Suffolk in very warm sunshine this afternoon   Covehithe   t Charles Cuthbert
21 Oct Lovely Red Admiral enjoying the sun this morning in SE Suffolk. Nice pristine Holly Blue on the wing too     t Bill Stone
21 Oct Red Admiral SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
20 Oct Walking in Chillesford Forest this morning I found one Small Copper and a pristine Red Admiral.   Chillesford Forest TM3952 Jenny Plank
20 Oct it gets better. Just had a CLOUDED YELLOW through the garden Stutton   t Mark Nowers
20 Oct Peacock here today Stutton   t Mark Nowers
19 Oct One pristine Painted Lady sunning itself at Martello Park Felixstowe this afternoon. Martello Park Felixstowe   t Mike Morley
19 Oct The season ain't over yet!  6 red Admirals, 1 Speckled Wood and 1 Painted Lady on the same ivy hedge as 18th Oct. (📷 photo click here Waldringfield   Peter Maddison
18 Oct 8 Red Admirals and a Comma  - all in good condition - on a 2 metres length of flowering ivy hedge Waldringfield   Peter Maddison
18 Oct A female Long-tailed Blue appeared on the heathland, nectaring upon yarrow and resting on gorse this afternoon. A complete surprise to us all and a wonderful moment which we will remember forever. Half a dozen Small Coppers, 2 male Common Blues and 1 Comma also observed throughout the day. Photo Credit LTB1 - Matthew Garnham  Photo Credit LTB3 & LTB4 - Samuel Chamberlin  (📷 photos click here Bixley Heath TM 199 429 Ipswich Borough Council Rangers Sam, Matt and Sarah
16 Oct Comma, Small Copper, Red Admiral, Peacock, Painted Lady and Speckled Wood in very warm sunshine RSPB Minsmere   t Charles Cuthbert
16 Oct Clouded Yellow and Painted Lady Landguard NR   t Hedley Wright
16 Oct At least four red admirals whilst out walking in Onehouse, Suffolk this afternoon Onehouse   t Mark Brewster
16 Oct Painted Lady feeding on dandelions   TM511961 t Richard Martin
16 Oct possible White Admiral in Wolves Wood today via a chainsaw-wielding warden Wolves Wood   t Mark Nowers
16 Oct  Rarer than Wall Brown this year: Small Tortoiseshell flew past   TM511961 t Richard Martin
13 Oct Checking up on the Wall Brown Butterflies and I found one at the Sluice a Male, still flying even in this strong wind SWT Carlton Marshes TM 49364 92776 t Robert Quadling
11 Oct A sunny morning (before it clouded over) at Thorington Street today enabled me to see the following butterflies:- Small Copper 2 (well separated; one pristine, the other worn); Brown Argus, Red Admiral, Comma, Speckled Wood all singles. Thorington Street TM0035 Martin Peers
11 Oct Lovely to see Red Admirals nectaring on the Ivy blossom Blythburgh   t Charles Cuthbert
11 Oct Holly blue, comma, red admiral Christchurch Park   t Matt
10 Oct nice surprise in full sun at 20C: Not one, but 3 Painted Ladys. The first passed at 15:15, followed by 2 more about 10 minutes later. All 3 were pristine, presumably recently hatched progeny of an earlier immigration. They paused occasionally in a progressive movement just inshore from the Orwell, in a downstream direction. Nacton Picnic Site   Rob Parker
10 Oct 5 Speckled Wood, 1 Small White, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Peacock Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
10 Oct 8 Small White, 2 Small Heath, 1 Painted Lady, 4 Small Copper, 7 Common Blue. Landguard butts   t Will Brame
10 Oct Red Admiral. Comma, Small White Lackford Lakes   Richard Perryman
10 Oct My latest common blue, peacock trimley marshes   t Matt
10 Oct 2 x small heath (📷 photo click here , 1 x small copper, 2 x painted lady. No sign of clouded yellow. Landguard   Trevor goodfellow
9 Oct Pleased to see this Painted Lady butterfly today, the first I've seen for quite a while, feeding here on Ivy flowers Kelsale   t Charles Cuthbert
8 Oct Lots of Small Coppers along the edge of the marsh near Whin Hill this afternoon, some surprisingly fresh, and at least one fresh Brown Argus there too RSPB Minsmere   t Charles Cuthbert
7 Oct Clouded Yellow 1 Bawdsey Cliffs   Sean Minns
7 Oct Small Copper 4, Large White 2, Red Admiral 3, Speckled Wood 1 Hollesley Marsh   Sean Minns
7 Oct Female Wall Brown Butterfly seen this afternoon along the river path at Whitecast Marsh SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
7 Oct 4 Speckled Wood, 2 Large White, 1 Small White, Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
7 Oct 1 Small Heath, 3 Small Copper, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Peacock, 1 Small White Felixstowe Ferry   t Will Brame
7 Oct Near Thorington Street reservoir there was a pristine Small Copper (my first there this year) and a Peacock butterfly this morning Thorington Street TM0035) Martin Peers
7 Oct Walk round reserve this afternoon produced 3 Wall Brown (2Male,1Female)  (📷 photo click here),1 Small White ,1Red Admiral SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 t Robert Quadling
5 Oct Walls!          TM503961 Unknown sex  Wall, Tm496961 male Wall, Tm492962 male Wall Waddling Lane   t Richard Martin
5 Oct Clouded Yellow 2  (📷 photo click here Landguard Nature Reserve   t Mark Brewster
5 Oct Good numbers of small copper & brown argus butterflies still on Whin Hill and speckled woods in South Belt today RSPB Minsmere   t
4 Oct Hummingbird Hawk Moth SW Ipswich   Richard Perryma
4 Oct Clouded Yellow Aldeburgh TM4555 t David Walsh
4 Oct Butterflies were plentiful: 1 Meadow Brown, 2 Small Heath, 3 Small Copper, 1 Comma, 5 Small White, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Brown Argus Thorpeness TM4760 t David Walsh
4 Oct At midday a very fresh looking and very active Meadow Brown at Baylham, also a Specked Wood basking in the sunshine, temperature must have been around 20c! Baylham TM099513 Paul Gilson
4 Oct 8 Small Coppers and one Speckled Wood. Upper Hollesley Common   Jenny Plank
4 Oct One bright male Clouded Yellow in Millenium Green,  this morning   Felixstowe Ferry   Gary Plank
4 Oct One Male Wall Brown Share Mill river wall.  SWT Carlton Marshes TM493927 t Richard Martin
4 Oct Just one other butterfly at Carlton Marshes today: Single Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes TM506919 t Richard Martin
3 Oct Red Admiral 1, Small Copper 1 MInsmere   Richard Perryman
3 Oct 2 Wall Butterflies at Share Mill pump SWT Carlton Marshes   t Andrew Easton
2 Oct Comma, Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Small Copper and a fresh-looking male Common Blue (on Ragwort) RSPB Minsmere   t Charles Cuthbert
2 Oct Hummingbird Hawk Moth seen in flight and resting in Ropes Drive, Kesgrave this afternoon. (📷 photo click here) Kesgrave   Jenny Plank
1 Oct Meadow Brown 1, Small Copper 3, Small White 3, Brown Argus 3, Common Blue 1, Red Admiral 1. Felixstowe Ferry   Will Brame
30 Sep 3 Clouded yellows, 10 Small White, 7 Small Heath, 5 Small  Copper, 8 Common Blue Landguard   Will Brame
29 Sep 5 Wall Brown Butterflies 3 Male and 2 Female 2 Red Admiral,  2 Green-veined White,,  1 Large White,  1 Speckled Wood SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
28 Sep Small Copper butterflies still going strong on the Suffolk coast today with many utilising late season Ragwort flowers     t Charles Cuthbert
28 Sep 2 third brood Wall Brown butterflies resting on the wall at the sluice at Carlton marshes just now at 5.20 SWT Carlton Marshes   t Gavin Durrant
28 Sep Small White 2, Green-veined White 2, Small Copper (worn); . Levington Creek TM237385 Martin Peers
28 Sep Small White 2, Green-veined White, Comma, Speckled Wood 2 near Loompit Lake TM250380 Martin Peers
28 Sep On the way home I went via Assington Mill Common Blue male (pristine). Assington Mill TL935367 Martin Peers
28 Sep Seen today at East Lane were 4 Clouded Yellows – all male- , 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Common Blues, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Small Copper and a dozen or so Whites.   East Lane TM3540 Jenny & Gary Plank
27 Sep Finaly got a sighting of a Clouded Yellow Butterfly.  It is now added to my data sheet for Butterflies seen on the reserve for 2018 SWT Carlton Marshes   t Gus Hawes via Robert Quadling
27 Sep Not sure what the collective noun is for small coppers... a force perhaps? Plenty making the most of the sunshine at Martins’ Meadow, Suffolk today Martins’ Meadow   t Mark Brewster
27 Sep Wife reporting further Wall Brown sightings all along the Waddling Lane again today (the back track from Blundeston to Somerleyton) Blundeston   t Richard Martin
27 Sep One Clouded Yellow Aldeburgh Town Marshes TM458557 John Bedwell
27 Sep Butterflies recorded between 12.30pm to 1pm   9 Small White   7 Large White    4 Red Admiral Ellough Industrial Estate Beccles TM 4488 Robert Quadling
26 Sep My wife has just reported a Wall Brown  fairly close (~300m) from yesterday’s one   TM493962 t Richard Martin
26 Sep Small Heath on rough ground behind pier carpark. Southwold   David and Lilian Pitt
26 Sep At Peck's meadow today in the bright sunshine I saw the following butterflies: Brimstone, male in pristine condition; Large White; Small White; Peacock 2, Red Admiral 2, Speckled Wood 3. Peck's meadow TL8740 Martin Peers
26 Sep I saw a White Admiral this morning on the edge of Dunwich Fores Dunwich Forest TM474720 John Bedwell
26 Sep Lovely day at BTO Landguard, 2 x clouded yellow, 2 x small heath, 2 x small copper, 2 x red admiral, 1 x brimstone, 1 x small tortoiseshell, 1 x brown argus several common blue mostly males and 10+ large and green veined whites. Landguard   Trevor Goodfellow
25 Sep Wall Brown, Small Copper, Large White, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Comma. Summer still holding on in my garden Lowestoft TM511961 t Richard Martin
25 Sep At last, two red admirals and four whites in my garden north west Ipswich today, (📷 photo click here NW Ipswich   Robert Brown
25 Sep There was a Peacock and a Red Admiral on our buddleia (still very much in flower!) today.   TL8841 Martin Peers
24 Sep A surprising number of Meadow Brown butterflies found at North Warren NR including some very fresh-looking individuals North Warren NR   t Charles Cuthbert
24 Sep White Admiral North Warren   t Chris Kelly
24 Sep Speckled Wood (looking fresh), Red Admiral SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
24 Sep Small Heath on Sea Rocket today at accompanied by a Common Blue which flew off.  One Small Tortoiseshell see as well Landguard   t Chris
22 Sep  Did not expect to see this today 3rd Gen Wall Brown Butterfly (male) only one so far; 2 Red Admiral SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
21 Sep Still a few butterflies in sheltered places along the edge of the dunes at Minsmere on 21st September including Small Heath, one or two Common Blues and several Small Coppers Minsmere   t Charles Cuthbert
18 Sep Male Brimstone in my garden. Haven't seen one of those for a while! Also Green-veined white, Large White, Small Copper, Small White & Red Admiral braving the wind to get at the ivy flowers Reydon   t Derek Eaton
17 Sep 1 Small Heath, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Peacock, 11 Large White. on a short walk at Landguard this morning     t Chris
16 Sep We found 5 Clouded Yellows along the track near the lagoons at East Lane, Bawdsey  Sunday lunchtime. Also 6 Common Blue and a few Large and Small Whites. East Lane, Bawdsey   Margie & David Carter
16 Sep A walk around the River wall at Aldeburgh Town Marshes produced my 1st Brent Goose of the Autumn, this afternoon, also 6 Clouded Yellows  (📷 photo click here Aldeburgh   John Richardson
16 Sep I saw the following butterflies near Bures St Mary this morning:- Green-veined White, Small White 5, Common Blue 2 males (1 in pristine condition), Speckled Wood 2. Bures St Mary TL9133 Martin Peers
16 Sep At last a Buddleia with butterflies on. 6 Red Admiral (📷 photo click here), 2 Grayling, 1 Peacock, 1 Small Copper Sutton Heath TM309478 t Kev Ling
16 Sep A walk this morning produced, 8 Small Copper, 6 Speckled Wood, 4 Green-veined White, 6 Large White SWT  Gunton Warren TM551953 Robert Quadling
16 Sep Seen at Minsmere RSPB reserve on 14th September by the elevated area noted for Adders. Photo taken on my phone's camera, but with details only noticed afterwards. This Small Copper has spots on the hind wings and although colour rendering is poor, these are barely coloured blue therefore maybe not caeruleopunctata.  (📷 photo click here RSPB Minsmere   Neil Dickinson
16 Sep 1 White Admiral again at North Cove reserve entrance this morning.  (📷 photo click here North Cove   Peter Norfolk
15 Sep Nice walk between East Lane and Shingle St with 8sp of butterflies despite cool breeze. Numerous roosting Small Heaths found and Graylings trying to find the sun  (📷 photos click here East Lane   t Bill Stone
15 Sep My Garden -  Nice to see a late Holly Blue on my privet this afternoon. Also 3 Large White. Chantry, Ipswich   Kev Ling
15 Sep A good selection of butterflies seen in the warm sunshine this morning along the ORL at RSPB North Warren, 3 Comma, 10 Small White, 15 Speckled Wood, 1 Small Copper, 1 Red Admiral and 6 Meadow Brown, (📷 photo click here) RSPB North Warren   t David Carter
15 Sep Butterflies a bit better this week,   10 Green-veined White,  6 Speckled Wood,  1 Small White. SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 t Robert Quadling 
15 Sep A much better week for flyers this week. Yesterday and today in the garden have been 2 Green-veined white, 2 Large White, 2 Common Blue, a fresh Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, a Holly Blue, a Peacock plus first time this year - a Brown Argus and a Small Copper. Michaelmas Daisies are about to flower but where are the Small Tortoiseshells? Framlingham TM287634 Geraldine Smith
15 Sep I was surprised to see 2 White Admirals, in good condition, at the entrance to North Cove reserve this morning. One was basking in the sun, then it chased the other away before returning to rest. Also saw 2 Comma and 2 Speckled Wood in the same area. North Cove   Peter Norfolk
15 Sep Plenty of butterflies and Dragonflies to enjoy on this morning's walk. 12 x Speckled Wood, 5 x Large White, 10 Small White, 1 Red Admiral, 1 x Small Copper and 1 x Small Tortoiseshell (yes you've read this correctly, a Small Tortoiseshell !). Cordy's Lane to Fagbury Cliff - Trimley TM280355 to TM269347 Kev Ling
15 Sep 1 Clouded yellow by the stile still Felixstowe ferry   t Will Brame
15 Sep 1 Common Blue, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Small Copper, 8 Small White, Kingsfleet   t Will Brame
14 Sep A fresh second brood Brown Argus seen along with an equally fresh looking Small Copper Martlesham Common Nature Reserve (behind Tesco)   Kev Ling
14 Sep 1 Clouded Yellow, 1 Meadow Brown, 3 Brown Argus, 12 Common Blue, 8 Small White, 1 G-v White, 3 Large White, 4 Small Heath and Wasp Spiders Landguard   t Will Brame
14 Sep Green-veined White 2, Brown Argus, Red Admiral, Small Heath 2, Speckled Wood. THORINGTON STREET TM0035 Martin Peers
13 Sep on a warm September afternoon a very fresh looking Small Copper and Small Heath (x2) at Baylham. Baylham TM099513 Paul Gilson
13 Sep Green-veined White 3, Small White, Speckled Wood 2 PECK'S MEADOW 8740 Martin Peers
13 Sep Small White 2, Brown Argus 2, Small Heath 2; HENNEY FIELD 887425 Martin Peers
13 Sep 13 Speckled Wood, 5 Common Blue, 3 Small Heath, 2 Meadow Brown, 6 Small White Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
13 Sep 1Speckled Wood, 3 Small Copper, 12 Common Blue, 3 Brown Argus, 5 Small Heath, 3 Red Admirals, 1 G-v White, 12 Small White, 4 Large White. Landguard   t Will Brame
13 Sep Definitely Autumn with Red Admirals on buddleja. Three in the garden this morning Trimley   t Bill Stone
11 Sep Large White 2 SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
10 Sep As I walked down the grass strip on Valley Road with my dog I came across a fresh looking male Common Blue, possibly a 3rd generation after the long hot summer! Also a fresh looking Speckled Wood. Several unidentified 'Whites' around as well. Ipswich TM 157457 Paul Gilson
9 Sep 📷 photo click here of one of three Clouded Yellows sheltering from the wind seen along the track near the lagoons at East Lane Bawdsey. Bawdsey   Margie & David Carter
9 Sep 5 Speckled Woods. All very fresh (probably 3rd Gen). Most of them were smaller than average with one barely larger than a common blue. Newcome Wood TM125391 Kevin Ling
9 Sep 5 Small White and an ab Speckled Wood. Took off before I could get my camera focused on it unfortunately. Old Hall Wood TM122402 Kevin Ling
9 Sep There are still some fresh looking butterflies out there, like this splendid Small Copper that visited my buddleia today. I particularly like the blue dots on the hindwing (📷 photo click here)   always nice to see ab. caeruleopunctata. Interesting to see Small Copper using buddleja too - Bill Stone SW Ipswich   Kevin Ling
9 Sep Painted Lady Holbrook TM171348 t Mark Nowers
8 Sep As my daughter signed the marriage register, a single Peacock flew from the organ out into the nave coming to rest on a window.  It was a magic moment on a special day Herringswell Church TL718699 Twm Wade
8 Sep Only seen  1 Speckled Wood, thinking Butterfly Season has just about finished here SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
7 Sep Grayling and Painted Lady today along sea wall by Felixstowe Golf Course. Felixstowe Golf Course   Mike Morley.
6 Sep On the seafront between Aldburgh and Thorpe Ness - level with the 'scallopshell' my wife and I both observed a Clouded Yellow butterfly.  . Aldeburgh   Rex Johnson (Lincolnshire)
6 Sep Grass bank east of Dingle Marshes; Small Copper 2, Painted Lady 2, Grayling 25+ Dingle Marshes TM4871 Richard Perryman
6 Sep Track west of Dingle Marshes; Comma 1, Speckled Wood 25+, Common Blue 1,Unidentifiable Whites (probably Green-veined) 2 Dingle Marshes TM4771 Richard Perryman
4 Sep 1 Clouded yellow by the stile a fresh individual, 3 Common Blue, 4 Green-veined White, 1 Small Heath, 6 Large White, 20+ Small White Felixstowe ferry   Will Brame
3 Sep 4 Small Heath, 2 Meadow Brown, 5 Speckled Wood, 4 Holly Blue, 6 Small White, 3 Small Copper Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
3 Sep 20 + Graylings, 4 Small copper, 2 Common blue 3 Meadow brown, 1 Small heath, 5 speckled wood, largely on inland of the two paths.   Sizewell - Minsmere   Michael Bamford
2 Sep 3 Red Admirals were a pleasure to see. Also 7 Speckled Wood, 3 Large White, 2 Small White, 1 Small Copper Home Wood, Levington TM228385 t Kevin Ling
2 Sep This Clouded Yellow  (📷 photo click here)  at East Lane, Bawdsey this afternoon is only the third one we have seen there all summer East Lane, Bawdsey   t David Carter
2 Sep A walk along the southern edge of the King’s forest from noon to 1pm (TL7872) found: Small White (many) Red Admiral – 1 Comma-3 Common Blue – 3 Large White – just one. And later on the heather at Ramparts Field (TL7870) Small Copper –3 but NIL Grayling. King’s forest TL7872) Rob Parker
2 Sep Small Copper   NR34 8ED Glynn Buck
2 Sep One fine male Brimstone, one Comma, 10 – 12 Speckled Woods and 3 – 4 Whites Wolves Wood   Jenny & Gary Plank
1 Sep 8 Large White   6 Green-veined White   3 Speckled Wood   2 Comma   2 Small Copper  1 Small White   1 Brown Argus  SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
31 Aug Sea Aster (Aster tripolium) looking good on the Blyth estuary in Suffolk today, alive with foraging bees and other insects, including a few Small Copper, Small Heath and Common Blue butterflies (📷 photos click here)  lyth estuary   t Charles Cuthbert
31 Aug Nice to see a few butterflies in the garden again, Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell (!), Holly Blue and 3 White Species Trimley   t Bill Stone
31 Aug Large White 1, Small White 1, Comma 1 SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
31 Aug Recorded a good number of small whites between Onehouse and Harleston, Suffolk this morning (few speckled woods in Northfield Wood itself also).     t Mark Brewster
30 Aug 9 Grayling, 3 Red Admiral, 2 Small Copper 1 Large White 1 Comma Sutton Heath   t Chris (landguard ranger)
30 Aug Small Tortoiseshell 3 Felixstowe Ferry   Richard Perryman
30 Aug 7 Holly Blue, 6 Small Heath, 2 Meadow Brown, 1 Gatekeeper, 2 Small Copper, 2 Speckled Wood, 3 Large White, 8 Small White, 1 Hummingbird Hawkmoth Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
30 Aug 2 Brown Argus, 2 Small Copper, 12 Common Blue, 7 Small Heath, 3 Large White, 8 Small White, 1 Meadow Brown . Landguard    t Will Brame
30 Aug Spotted several small heath at Ickworth Park this morning, too many to count.  (📷 photo click here Ickworth Park   Paul Seabrook
28 Aug Pleased to see a fresh Grayling in Kings forest today and still Small Heath, Common blue, Small Copper, Meadow Brown, Small White, Large White, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood and a very late Gatekeeper Kings forest   Sharon Hearle
28 Aug Given today's cloudy conditions I was pleased to find lots of Grayling butterflies and this Small Copper nectaring on the heather now in full flower (📷 photos click here) Dunwich Heath   t Charles Cuthbert
27 Aug A few butterflies seen this afternoon in gloomy Shotley, Suffolk. Large and Small White along with a few Red Admirals. Shotley   t Bill Stone
25 Aug 18 Green-veined White    9 Small White    9 Speckled Wood    5 Comma    1 Brown Argus    1 Gatekeeper    1 Painted Lady SWT Carlton Marshes TM  508920 Robert Quadling
25 Aug 1x Small Heath Hutchison’s Meadow, Melton TM280502 Helen Scrivener
25 Aug A total of nine fresh 2nd/3rd Gen Speckled Woods at Spring Wood today (📷 photo click here) Spring Wood TM144414 t Kevin Ling
23 Aug Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Common Blue 2, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Small Heath 2. Hold Farm, Bures TL9234 Martin Peers
23 Aug Small White, Brown Argus 4, Common Blue 6, Speckled Wood 2, Small Heath 8, Meadow Brown 5 near Arger Fen TL9334 Martin Peers
22 Aug 1 Clouded yellow by the stile also 1 Brown Argus 12 Common Blue 1 Small Heath 5 Green-veined White 3 Large White 11 Small White 2 Painted Lady Felixstowe ferry   t Will Brame
21 Aug 5 Grayling, 12 Common Blue Sizewell B beach   t Dave Pearsons
21 Aug 8 Common Blue Aldeburgh Marsh   t Dave Pearsons
21 Aug 1 Speckled Wood Clopton  TM21668 5412 t Dave Pearsons
21 Aug One male Clouded Yellow seen this morning  just off the Brandon road in Brandon TL7982 Rob Parker
21 Aug Graylings and Small Coppers galore at Hollesley Common, Suffolk this evening after a long day chasing Speckled Woods! Hollesley Common   Callum Macgregor
21 Aug Female Brown Hairstreak on west side of tall hedge dividing rec. ground and allotments at 3pm. Bramford Rd rec.Ipswich TM143461 Adrian Richards
20 Aug Male Wall Brown Lowestoft TM511961 t Richard Martin
19 Aug 1 Grayling on brambles in Melton along with 2 Holly Blues. (📷 photo click here)  Also 1 Red Admiral in the trees  Melton TM290507 Helen Scrivener
19 Aug Wall Brown 2, Gatekeeper 1, Speckled Wood 3, Holly Blue 7, Common Blue 8 (all f), Brown Argus 4, Large White 1 and Small White 2. Somerleyton Brickfields   David and Lilian Pitt
18 Aug SBBC Event - Butterfly Walk; - An update from the walk at Sutton Heath . Due to the cool, cloudy conditions the only participants were my wife and daughter, Jillian Macready ,EADT reporter Ross Bentley and his partner and last but not least, our trusty spaniel Millie.   It certainly didn't look too optimistic, especially when a warm layer had to be worn. However we pressed on regardless. Butterflies seemed to be absent, so we sent Millie in to flush through the heather. She found us a couple of Grayling! We saw nine in total along with a single example of Small Copper, Large White and Speckled Wood. There were also a couple of Common Darters thrown in for good measure. Shame that the weather was not more favourable, but it actually turned out to be a very nice walk in good company.   Ross's article will be in next Saturday's EADT (25th August), so keep an eye out for it. He kindly agreed to add a couple of line's about the vacant Treasurer's role too. Sutton Heath   Kevin Ling
18 Aug There was a single Wall Brown on the platform of Haddiscoe railway station this afternoon Haddiscoe TM454991 Robert Murray
18 Aug 9 Green-veined White    8 Brown Argus    6 Gatekeeper    5 Wall Brown ( 3 Female and 2 Male )    4 Red Admiral    2 Speckled Wood    1 Small White    1 Meadow Brown    1 Small Tortoiseshell    1 Large White     1 Common Blue ( Male)    1 Small Copper ( Female) SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
18 Aug Spotted one Grayling just back from the seafront.  Southwold   David and Lilian Pitt
17 Aug we walked from Snape Maltings to Iken Church along the River Alde and we spotted two Wall Browns (📷 photo click here), 4 blues, 7 speckled woods, comma and lots of whites. Iken   Robert Brown
17 Aug Wall Brown (male) seen at Iken Church this afternoon on Scabious  (📷 photo click here) , also seen on Thistles behind church. Iken Church TM412566 Rob and Kerry Reeve
17 Aug Heathland wildflowers looking refreshed, several Brown Hairstreaks high up  (📷 photo click here) Pipers Vale   David Dowding
17 Aug Large White 2, Small White 2, Green-veined White 3, Purple Hairstreak 1, Red Admiral 30+, Painted Lady 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 1, Comma 2, Silver-washed Fritillary 1, Speckled Wood 4, Grayling 2 (📷 photo click here) , Gatekeeper 15 round the visitor centre and towrds the sluice.  A further 15 Grayling between sluice and Sizewell. RSPB Minsmere TM4666 and TM4664 Richard Perryman
16 Aug Large White (despite the rain) SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
15 Aug 1 Small Heath 7 Holly Blue 1 Speckled Wood 2 Comma 5 Small White 6 Large White 3 Gatekeeper 4 Meadow Brown Peewit hill   Will Brame
15 Aug Watching a Holly Blue egg laying on the ivy in our Wickham Market garden. Closer observation a little later produced this image of a Holly Blue egg plus a caterpillar on the same cluster.  (📷 photo click here) Wickham Market   Rob and Kerry Reeve
14 Aug 3 Small Heaths, 2 Large White, 2 Meadow Browns, 1 Gatekeeper, c.12 Common Blue and copious Brown Argus Naughton Green   Liz Cutting
14 Aug Purple hairstreak survey undertaken between 5.30 pm till 7.15 pm a total of 5 Butterflies Recorded tonight.  SWT Carlton Marshes TM 5091 Robert Quadling
13 Aug Sightings around the visitor centre   Red Admiral 5+, Comma 2, Speckled Wood 2, Large White 1, Grayling 1, Painted Lady 1, Silver Washed Fritillary 1 (very tatty and worn, but active around the buddleia). Minsmere   Peter Norfolk
13 Aug 2 painted lady, 2 small copper, 2 gatekeeper, 3 comma, 3 meadow brown, 6 red admiral, 12 common blue, 15+ small whites, 15+ large whites cordy lane/ Trimley marshes   Stephen Scogings
12 Aug 18 Gatekeeper,  16 Green-veined White,  13 Brown Argus,  7 Red Admiral,  3 Meadow Brown,  3 Comma,  3 Speckled Wood,  2 Common Blue (male),  2 Wall Brown (male)  1 Small Tortoiseshell,  1 Small White,  1 Painted Lady SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
12 Aug Some sightings from a walk to the river Waveney from the Marsh Lane level crossing...north along Cove Dam track and east along the river wall to Six Mile Corner. Weather mainly overcast, with occasional brighter intervals, blustery breeze, warm and rather muggy. The weather no doubt kept the numbers low. Green-veined White 2, Large Skipper 1, Gatekeeper 3, Speckled Wood 3, Wall Brown 3 (the north end of Cove Dam track, and the area around Six Mile Corner have been regular sites for small numbers of Wall Brown over several years, both flight seasons) Comma 1, North Cove   Peter Norfolk
11 Aug SBBC Event - Butterfly Walk; - Saturday's walk at Carlton Marshes    12 butterfly species were seen. Common Blue ,Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Red Admiral,Comma, Painted Lady, Small Copper, Holly Blue, Wall  Brown . SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Peter Maddison
11 Aug Had a wander around Belstead meadows, Ipswich this afternoon. Sadly no sign of any Brown Hairstreaks. I did see Holly Blue, Common Blue, Brown Argus, Large & Small Whites, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper and Speckled Wood Belstead meadows   Jim Hume
10 Aug Sunshine after rain we hunted for Grayling.  Eventually found 7 which is very few for this area near the car park plus 37 Gatekeeper and a very worn Meadow Brown.  (📷 photo click here) of a Grayling laying eggs, she was almost invisible till she raised her forewing a little. Westleton Heath TM465700 Geraldine Smith
10 Aug 6 Wall Brown this morning at Carlton marshes, 4 at the sluice pump, 1 fifty meters north along the river wall and 1at TM5111 9230 SWT Carlton Marshes   t Gavin Durrant
9 Aug Raining, cool, windy, 5.00 pm - Hummingbird Hawkmoth feeding on phlox SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
9 Aug Wall Browns, One at TM500920, three together at TM493928 and one at TM494929 SWT Carlton Marshes   t Andrew Easton
9 Aug Painted Lady 3, 9 Holly Blue, 7 Speckled Wood, 20+ Meadow Brown, 20+Gatekeeper, 12 Small White, 6 Large White, 1 Green-veined White, 1 Comma, 3 Common Blue Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
8 Aug 1 red admiral, 1 small copper, 3 comma, 4 holly blues, 6 common blues, 6 meadow browns, 6 small whites, 8 speckled woods, 10+ large whites Bobits lane/ spring wood   Stephen Scogings
8 Aug Grayling 8 (📷 photo click here), Meadow Brown 15 and Small Copper 1. Westleton Heath   David and Lilian Pitt
7 Aug I saw a single Wall Brown on the footpath along the River Waveney Beccles TM41241 90545 Rob Murray
6 Aug Sightings from 6 August at East Lane, Bawdsey (walking north on coastal path)   Clouded Yellow 1, Large White 2, Small White 5, Green-veined White 1, Common Blue 20+, Painted Lady 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Grayling 1, Gatekeeper 6, Meadow Brown 2,   Silver Y Moth 2 East Lane, Bawdsey TM3540 David Walsh
6 Aug There was a Grayling in our garden today.  I haven’t seen one here for years.  It was on my croquet lawn made from sandy loam over an old tennis court. It is very dry with some bare patches. Moat Farm Middlewood Green  IP14 5HG David Wicks
5 Aug Two Brown Hairstreaks at Pipers Vale Pipers Vale   Liz Cutting
5 Aug 1 Wall Brown seen in the churchyard All Saints Church, Sudbourne   Debbie Broom
5 Aug 1 Wall Brown seen in the churchyard   Orford Churchyard   Debbie Broom
5 Aug 2 Wall Browns (📷 photo click here) Blundeston TM505957 Andrew Easton
4 Aug 76 Gatekeeper   35 Green-veined White   26 Meadow Brown   14 Large White   14 Holly Blue   14 Wall Brown (10 Male and 4 Female)   12 Red Admiral   10 Peacock   8 Small White   8 Brown Argus   5 Purple Hairstreak   4 Speckled Wood   3 Small Tortoiseshell   2 Comma   2 Ringlet   1 Common Blue   1 Small Skipper SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
4 Aug Wall Brown 4, Holly Blue 2, Common Blue 14, Small Copper 5, Painted Lady 1, Gatekeeper 10, Meadow Brown 8, Green-veined White 2 plus Large and Small Whites. Somerleyton Brickfields TM478968 David and Lilian Pitt
4 Aug Found one second generation Wall Brown on the church wall (📷 photo click here) plus 5 Purple Hairstreaks in the old oak tree. Somerleyton Churchyard   David and Lilian Pitt
4 Aug I visited Henney Field this morning and saw the following butterflies: Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Purple Hairstreak (oaks towards the church), White-letter Hairstreak (elms near the clinic), 6 Brown Argus, 4 Common Blue (2 females), Red Admiral, 4 Small Heath, 22 Gatekeeper, 24 Meadow Brown and 2 Speckled Wood.(TL887425). On my return home I saw the first ever Brown Argus that I had recorded in our garden (TL8841). Henney Field TL887425 Martin Peers
3 Aug Another Grayling today on the entrance drive to Sutton Hoo National trust site near Melton Sutton Hoo   Andrew Wood
3 Aug Painted Lady 18, Small Skipper 1, Red Admiral 3, Common Blue 35 both m and f, Gatekeeper 4, Meadow Brown 20, Speckled Wood 1, Green- veined White 4 and many Large and Small Whites. Also saw a Pied Flycatcher! East Lane Bawdsey   David and Lilian Pitt
3 Aug Marlesford village today ... 2 Red Admiral, 4 Comma, 7 Gatekeeper, 11 Large White & 15 Small White, 2 Holly Blue, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell & Brown Argus Marlesford TM32394 58198 t Dave Pearsons
2 Aug Pleased to see a Grayling by the footpath from Aldeburgh to Thorpeness and another on a footpath about 1km east of Aldringham Aldeburgh Aldringham   Andrew Wood
2 Aug 47 Red Admirals just north of the Forest Lodge car park  They were flying along the main track north, and occupied a strip of just over 100m, partly shaded by trees on one side, and open to bright sun on the other King's Forest   Rob Parker
2 Aug 5 Brown Hairstreaks utilising ash trees at the site, 2 male and 1 female descending close enough to determine sex.  (📷 photos click here) 2 Purple Hairstreaks also noted on lower branches of ash.   Pipers Vale LNR   Samuel Chamberlin
2 Aug Purple Hairstreak feeding on low level blackberries Chantry Park   Pippa Hall
2 Aug One Clouded Yellow at Levington Creek today.Also many Whites and a male Common Blue. Levington Creek   Mike Morley
2 Aug I went back to Assington Thicks this morning and finally found two Silver-washed Fritillaries there.  The butterflies seen were as follows:- Large White 20, Small White, Green-veined White 16, Purple Hairstreak 3, Brown Argus 10, Common Blue 2, Silver-washed Fritillary worn female with male nearby, Red Admiral, Comma, Gatekeeper 27, Meadow Brown 45, Speckled Wood 5.  Assington Thicks TL9237 Martin Peers
1 Aug On the first day of August it was good to record Small Heath again. Also, Comma (x3), Common Blue (x2), Holly Blue, large numbers of Gatekeepers and Meadow Brown. Baylham TM099513 Paul Gilson
1 Aug We were pleased to find at least six Wall Brown this morning along the river path at SWT Carlton Marshes, (📷 photo click here) SWT Carlton Marshes   Margie & David Carter
1 Aug Walked a transect route tonight on the reserve which has possibilities for Purple Hairstreak Butterflies and was rewarded with 18 sightings on oak trees. SWT Carlton Marshes TM 5091 Robert Quadling
31 Jul Went looking for Purple Hairstreak Butterflies found 20, seen in two Oak Trees over 15 mins from 7pm Tuesday 31st July SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
31 Jul Large White 15+, Small White, Green-veined White, Brown Argus 2, Common Blue 8, Silver-washed Fritillary, Red Admiral, Peacock, Gatekeeper 6, Meadow Brown c50, Speckled Wood 18. ARGER FEN TL9335 Martin Peers
31 Jul Large White 10, Small White, Green-veined White, Common Blue, Red Admiral, Gatekeeper 8, Meadow Brown 10, Speckled Wood. HOLD FARM TL9234 Martin Peers
30 Jul Large White 4, Small White 2, Holly Blue 1, Red Admrial 1, Comma 1 SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
29 Jul New Butterfly sighting for the reserve of Purple Hairstreak Butterfly by Suffolk Moth group last night, we now have 23 Species of Butterflies seen on the reserve to date for 2018. SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
28 Jul 91 Gatekeeper  86 Meadow Brown  59 Peacock  30 Brown Argus  18 Red Admiral  15 Small White  13 Green-veined White  10 Common Blue  7 Comma  5 Large White  5 Painted Lady  5 Wall Brown (4 Male +1 Female)   (📷 photos click here)  1 Large Skipper,  1 Small Tortoiseshell SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
28 Jul 2nd Gen Wall Brown Butterflies are showing today SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 t Robert Quadling
28 Jul Wall Brown x 2.  Same locations as 2017 - Lamberts Lane ( track east of Cowton House) Sudbourne TM445548 Gina Forsyth
27 Jul 10+ Common Blue, 6+ Gatekeeper, 2 Small Copper Somerleyton Brick Kilns field TM4796 Sue Cox
27 Jul Red Admiral, Comma Belstead road garden first this year Ipswich IP2 Melvyn Eke
26 Jul 1065 butterflies counted on Minsmere transect - 562 were Gatekeepers But still 5 faded Silver-washed Fritillary & 3 White Admiral. southth belt oaks buzzing wth Purple Hairstreaks & 2 Painted Ladies on northth Wall RSPB Minsmere   t Derek Eaton
26 Jul Large White 14, Small White 25+, Green-veined White 8, Holly Blue 6,Brown Argus 3, Red Admiral, Comma, Gatekeeper 16, Meadow Brown 22, Speckled Wood 3, Ringlet 1 Shawlands Great Cornard and Newton Road Sudbury TL8841 Martin Peers
26 Jul Large, Small & Green-veined Whites, Holly Blue 2, Red Admiral, Comma 2, Gatekeeper 4, Meadow Brown 4, Speckled Wood.  Skippers, in low numbers this year, were conspicuous by their absence. Peck's & Friar's meadows TL8740 Martin Peers
26 Jul 26th July Was not counting today but 2 very fine Commas and 1 Common Blue again worth a mention   Somerleyton TM4796 Sue Cox
25 Jul In the garden and on the station platform flowerbeds   FIRST SIGHTING of new generation Brimstone. 1 male. 15 Gatekeepers Many Whites, Large, Small, and Green Veined all present 3 Red Admiral 2 Peacock 1 Common Blue   Somerleyton TM4796 Sue Cox
25 Jul  4 small white, 1 gatekeeper, 1 holly blue, 1 red admiral SE Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
25 Jul Large White 15, Green-veined White 5, Purple Hairstreak 20, Peacock 2, Comma 4, Silver-washed Fritillary 20, Purple Emperor (f) 1, Speckled Wood 5, Meadow Brown 15.  Many of the Purple Hairstreaks were flying along the rides at head height and several were on the ground presumably searching for moisture under leaves like this one  (📷 photo click here) Bradfield Woods   Richard Perryman
24 Jul Gatekeeper 12, Meadow Brown 14, Common Blue 20 +  (all males, no females seen), Speckled Wood 4, Comma 2, Small Copper 1, Brown Argus 1 private land at Newton, near Sudbury TL 917 397 Paul Claridge
24 Jul My first sighting of White-letter Hairstrea at ground level in Exning; at last. Cotton End, Exning TL622668 Twm Wade
24 Jul 1 speckled wood, 3 small white, 2 large white 4 gatekeeper, 1 holly blue SE Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
23 Jul 2 gatekeeper, 1 large white, 3 small white, 1 comma SE Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
23 Jul A hot morning produced 16 species: Purple Hairstreak 12, White Admiral 1, Brown Argus 7, Common Blue 25, Painted Lady 1, Red Admiral 4, Comma 1, Peacock 1, Speckled Wood 2, Gatekeeper 12, Meadow Brown 20, Ringlet 22, Large Skipper 1, Green-veined White 2 and many Small and Large Whites. Theberton Woods   David and Lilian Pitt
23 Jul Claire blythe and I saw a clouded yellow near the roadside nature reserve south west of Felsham today. Mediocre photo attached.  (📷 photo click here) Felsham   Gareth HIrons
23 Jul 1 Purple Hairstreak, 1 Small Skipper, 5 Common Blue, 21 Gatekeepers, 2 Red Admirals, 4 Meadow Brown Levington Creek   t Will Brame
23 Jul I'm not quite sure what's happening in our garden at the moment but it is very enjoyable.  Today's first was a White-letter Hairstreak -  (📷 photos click here) Flowton TM085470 Rob Clements
22 Jul I visited Tuddenham Heath Wood early afternoon. 1.58.-2.46 pm. I was pleased to see 2 Silver Washed Fritillaries, good numbers of Purple Hairstreaks and Speckled Woods (📷 photos click here) Tuddenham Heath Wood   Kevin Wilson
22 Jul 1 gatekeeper, 1 meadow brown, 2 small white, 2 large white, 1 comma, 1 red admiral, 1 holly blue SE Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
21 Jul 1 speckled wood, 1 large white, 2 gatekeeper, 3 small white, 1 comma SE Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
21 Jul Gatekeeper 204, Essex Skipper 18, Large White 168, Painted Lady 1, Meadow Brown 49, Small White 95, Common Blue 26, Brown Argus 4 ,Peacock 10, Red Admiral 8, S Tortoiseshell 1, Green veined White1, Ringlet 1, Silver-y 3 Felixstowe Ferry/Kingsfleet   t Will Brame
21 Jul White sp 800+, Gatekeeper 88, M Brown 42, Ringlet 4, Purple Hairstreak 8, L White 79, S White 74, G V White 1, Speckled Wood 9, Red Admiral 10, Peacock 16, Comma 7, L Skipper 1, E Skipper, 13 Brown Argus 10, Common Blue 11 Deben Lodge/Kingsfleet   t Will Brame
21 Jul Still 20+ Silver-Washed fritillaries at Bonny wood and a few white admiral also 20+ Purple Hairstreak this morning Bonny wood   t Nathaniel Cant
21 Jul SBBC Event - Red Lodge Heath SSSI Walk; Clouded Yellow, Painted Lady, Peacock, Small Skipper, Essex Skipper, Green Veined White, Large White, Small White, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Purple Hairstreak, Brown Argus, Common Blue, Small Copper, Brimstone, Speckled Wood, and moths:-  Brassy Longhorn (Nemorphora metallica), 6-Spot Burnet and caterpillars of Cinnabar.  At the start Sharon Hearle showed the assembled crowd of about 20, a good number of moths she had caught the night before. Red Lodge Heath SSSI TL698702 Twm Wade
21 Jul SBBC Event - Big Butterfly Count Walk; - Thanks to everyone who attended the Big Butterfly Count walk that I led at the wonderful Lukeswood. Glad to get you a close encounter with a Purple Hairstreak, along with another 14 Butterfly species.   30 Gatekeeper, 20 Large White, 10 Small White, 10 Common Blue, 10 Brown Argus, 6 Peacock, 4 Meadow Brown, 4 Holly Blue, 2 Purple Hairstreak, 2 Painted Lady, 2 Speckled Wood, 2 Ringlet, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Small Skipper, 1 Green Veined White, 1 Six Spot Burnet, Cinnabar Moth Larva Lukeswood, Elmswell TL983634 Kev Ling
21 Jul Large white, small white, green-veined white, speckled wood, meadow brown, gatekeeper, ringlet, peacock (2) red admiral (2) comma (3) brown argus (4) small skipper, purple hairstreak, white-letter hairstreak, silver-washed fritillary, purple emperor (1) Mellfield wood   Tim Wesley
21 Jul 178 Meadow Brown  152 Gatekeeper  52 Small White  51 Peacock  38 Green-veined White  25 Brown Argus  24 Ringlet  17 Large Skipper  14 Large White  12 Small Skipper  10 Comma  9 Red Admiral   8 Essex Skipper   7 Speckled Wood   6 Small Copper  1 Small Tortoiseshell SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Robert Quadling
21 Jul Just four days after the first ever Silver-washed Fritillary in our garden, we had our first ever Purple Hairstreak   It's looking like a good year here - our 19th species so far this summer. Flowton TM085470 Rob Clements
20 Jul 21 Small White   3 Meadow Brown  2 Peacock  1 Comma, butterflies recorded between 12.30 pm to 1 pm Ellough Industrial Estate Beccles TM 4488 Robert Quadling
20 Jul About midday July 20th rather dull but very warm. Four Silver-Washed fritillaries and many Purple Hairstreaks along with more regular species. Enormous numbers of Brown Argus around southern and eastern edges of wood in particular. Large oaks, but very little sallow in case you were wondering! Ladygate wood, Haverhill TL 654443 Neil Dickinson
20 Jul Spa Gardens near the round pond 2 Purple Hairstreaks 1 Holly Blue Felixstowe   t Will Brame
19 Jul In case it has not already been reported by those of greater knowledge, I was with a group from Bury Wildlife Group at Bradfield Woods on 19th July and, amongst most of the other usual rarities seen (not the PE unfortunately), was one beautiful Brimstone. Bradfield Woods   Peter Newlands
19 Jul Finally clinched Purple Emperor in Theberton Woods today with David Walsh - both female and Male seen but always keeping to tree tops.   (📷 photo click here) Theberton Woods   t Ben Moyes
19 Jul White-letter Hairstreak seen in our garden, Tanglewood, Burton green,   the last few days. Have seen it in other years. We have elms in various stages of growth along the edge of the garden. Withersfield CB9 7SB Andrew B Jackson
19 Jul A very productive hour this morning at a County Wildlife Site at Baylham, a total of 15 species!  Purple Hairstreak (x3) and a Speckled Wood. Baylham TM1051 Paul Gilson and Richard Stewart
19 Jul Brown Argus (x2), Essex Skipper (x2), Peacock (x6), Comma, Red Admiral, Ringlet, Green-veined White, numerous Common Blue, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Small White and Large White.  Also a first for the site in 20 years a Silver-washed Fritillary feeding on Teasel heads in flower. Baylham TM0951 Paul Gilson and Richard Stewart
19 Jul 4 brown argus, 10 common blues, 100 med brown, 50 gatekeeper, 10 sml skipper, 100 large white, 2 brimstone landseer park   t Matt
19 Jul First Silver Washed Fritillary of 2018 at Center Parcs Elveden today feeding on Hemp Agrimony Center Parcs Elveden   t Graham Hersey
19 Jul Small Skipper 20, Small White 1, Small Copper 12, Common Blue 1, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 12, Comma 1, Gatekeeper 12, Minsmere Beach TM4766 Richard Perryman
19 Jul Large White 2, Small Copper 10, Red Admiral 1, Grayling 10, Gatekeeper 8 Westleton Heath TM4669 Richard Perryman
19 Jul Large Skipper 1, Purple Hairstreak 12, Small Copper 40, Holly Blue 2, Grayling 55, Gatekeeper 50, Meadow Brown 2 Ringlet 5 Westleton Heath TM4569 Richard Perryman
19 Jul 150+ Small White 20+ Gatekeeper 5 Small Skipper Corporation Sluice Aldeburgh Marshes TM 416117 Steve Fryett
18 Jul Purple emperor (frayed) and silver washed fritillaries (male and female) Seen in Bradfield Woods on 18th July at midday not far from main butterfly glade on the ride towards the timber yard (in the distance). Also saw many white admirals and purple hairstreaks - a wonderful place. Bradfield Woods   Nicholas Treadwell
18 Jul 2 purple hairstreaks, 2 small skippers, 3 commas, 3 peacocks, 3 common blues, 3 small coppers, 6 gatekeepers, 6 meadow browns, 8 ringlets, 8 speckled wood and 12 small whites seen Landseer park   Stephen Scogings
17 Jul I'm pleased to report a female Silver-washed Fritillary in our garden this afternoon - at Flowton (IP8 - TM085470).  A first for the garden!  And very pleased that my wife and I learned all about the species on the  Suffolk Wildlife Trust butterfly walk in Wolves Wood only last Saturday! Flowton TM085470 Rob Clements
17 Jul Silver-washed Fritillary 3, White Admiral 1, Small Heath 5, Brown Argus 3, Purple Hairstreak 5, Small Copper 20, Red Admiral 5, Ringlet 10, Meadow Brown 20, Gatekeeper 25, Large White 20, Small White 10 plus a vast number of Peacocks which had obviously just emerged. Minsmere   David and Lilian Pitt
17 Jul Purple Hairstreak 7, Grayling 2, Holly Blue 3, Small Copper 15, Small Heath 5, Red Admiral 1, Ringlet 3, Meadow Brown 20, Gatekeeper 50+, Large White 8 and Small White 6. Westleton Common   David and Lilian Pitt
17 Jul Purple Hairstreak 20, Purple Emperor 2, Silver-washed Fritillary 2, White Admiral 1, Brown Argus 1, Large Skipper 5, Peacock 3, Comma 2, Speckled Wood 4, Ringlet 15, Gatekeeper 4, Meadow Brown 30, Green-veined White 1 and many Large and Small Whites. THeberton Wood   David and Lilian Pitt
17 Jul Silver-washed Fritillary Seen on the edge of Bonny Wood, Barking, Ip68Hp area this morning Bonny Wood   shirley eaton
17 Jul At least two Purple Hairstreaks on east side of Stack Wood near Polstead Heath this morning.   Stack Wood   Ed Hutchings
16 Jul Female Purple Emperor this afternoon  (📷 photo click here) Theberton Wood   David Carter
16 Jul Quick (and very hot) lunchtime stroll produced:   23 Gatekeeper, 3 Purple Hairstreak, 2 Meadow Brown, 1 Small Heath, 1 Common Blue, 1 Ringlet, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Peacock, 1 Small White, 1 Large White, Martlesham Common Nature Reserve TM246461 Kev Ling
16 Jul 6 White-letter Hairstreak  on Elms opposite  the New Lidl entrance  Felixstowe   t Will Brame
16 Jul 10 Large White 8 Small White 3 Gatekeepers 3 Holly Blues 2 Speckled Wood Walton Avenue   t Will Brame
16 Jul 2 White-letter Hairstreak, 6 Comma, 3 Holly Blue, 3 Red Admirals, 4 Speckled Wood, 20+ Gatekeepers, 8 Meadow Brown, S&L White Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
16 Jul 1 white admiral, 1 red admiral, 2 purple hairstreaks, 2 small skippers, 3 peacocks, 4 commas, 4 large whites ,5 silver-washed fritillary, 6 gatekeepers, 6 speckled wood, 10 meadow browns, 10 ringlets and 12 small whites Wolves wood Hadleigh   Stephen Scogings
15 Jul  Fantastic surprise to see this Clouded Yellow at Lakenheath Fen - and it settled briefly  (📷 photo click here) Lakenheath Fen   t Neil Hilton
15 Jul 14 Brown Argus.  15 Purple Hairstreaks. 6 Speckled Wood. 4 Comma. 7 Small Copper. 30+ Gatekeepers.  43 Meadow Brown. 7 Common Blue. 3 Holly Blue Newbourne Lower house farm   t Will Brame
15 Jul 6 White-letter Hairstreak tm432266-433264 7 Red Admirals. 6 Comma. 5 Purple Hairstreaks.3 Brown Argus. 1 Small Copper. 15 Meadow Brown. 3 Holly Blue. 20 Gatekeepers Newbourne   t Will Brame
15 Jul Great visit to Bradfield Woods this pm 3 Purple Emperors 5 White Admirals 10+ Silver-washed Fritillary 2 Purple Hairstreaks radfield Woods   t Tim Humpage
14 Jul 1 Purple Hairstreak, Landguard 5 Brown Argus, 5 second gen Common Blue Cowpasture farm   t Will Brame
14 Jul 193 Meadow Brown,  148 Gatekeeper,  145 Ringlet,  105 Small White,  102 Large White,  45 Small Skipper,  32 Peacock,  29 Green-veined White,  28 Large Skipper,  19 Small Tortoiseshell,  17 Brown Argus,  16 Red Admiral,  13 Essex Skipper,  8 Comma,  2 Brimstone SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling 
14 Jul 2 White-letter Hairstreak + 3 Purple Hairstreak, 2 Comma, Peacock, 12 Small White + 5 Large White 7 Speckled Wood, 5 Ringlet, 3 Meadow Brown & 9 Gatekeeper Rushmere Heath water tower   t Dave Pearsons
14 Jul 2 x Brown Argus, 2 x Peacock, 2 x Gatekeeper, 2 x Meadow Brown, 3 x Comma, 20 x Large White, 10 x Small White.    Also Banded Demoiselle, Emerald Damselfly, Southern Hawker Hadleigh (River) TM025422 Kev Ling
14 Jul Lots of activity in our garden today!  This morning a Painted Lady arrived on the Buddleia along with a Red Admiral, Peacock (x2) and numerous Small/Large white.  This afternoon a check in the garden again, a newly emerged Brimstone, Holly Blue (x2), Green-veined white and Gatekeeper. North Ipswich TM157463 Paul Gilson
14 Jul At East Lane, Bawdsey this morning we had 2 Clouded Yellows along the track by the lagoons. East Lane, Bawdsey   t David Carter
13 July Couple of courting Purple Emperors this afternoon at Raydon Great wood, Suffolk . Big thanks to the woodsman Graham for leaving large blocks of Sallows! Raydon Great wood   t David Dowding
13 July 41 Purple Hairstreaks Amberfield to Decoy Nacton woods   t Will Brame
13 July 1 comma, 1 peacock, 2 holly blues, 4 brown Argus, 4 , 6 small whites , 10 large whites, 10 speckled woods, 12 meadow browns, 8 ringlets, 8 gatekeepers Landseer park Ipswich   Stephen Scogings
13 July Walk from small carpark on Aldeburgh to Thorpeness Road to the edge of the wood at North Warren along the railway path.  Small Skipper25 (all the skippers that could be identified were Small not Essex), Large White 1, Green-veined White 5 (many whites but only these could be positively identified), Purple Hairstreak 5, Small Copper 15, Common Blue 1, White Admiral 1, Peacock 6, Comma 4, Speckled Wood 1, Gatekeeper 100+, Meadow Brown 100+, Ringlet 5, Small Heath 5, Six-spot Burnet 2, Forester Moth 1, Cinnabar Moth caterpillars many.  No Grayling although I have seen them here in previous years. Aldeburgh railway path   Richard Perryman
12 Jul Large Skipper 1, Green-veined White 3 (many whites but only 3 settled to be identified), Holly Blue 1 (very dark summer brood 📷 photo click here), White Admiral 2, Peacock 12, Comma 6, Silver-washed Fritillary 8, Gatekeeper 18, Meadow Brown 15, Ringlet 3 RSPB Wolves Wood   Richard Perryman
12 Jul 8+ Silver-washed Fritillary + 4/5 White Admirals. Reydon Wood   Mike Thompson & Susie Pearson
12 Jul Evening walk produced the following:   12 Purple Hairstreak 10 Gatekeeper 6 Large White 1 Comma 1 Red Admiral   Chantry Park TM135437 Kev Ling
12 Jul Purple emperor high up bradfield woods  (📷 photo click here) bradfield woods   t barry woodhouse
12 Jul 1 red admiral, 1essex skipper, 3 peacocks, 4 small skippers, 4 gatekeepers, 6 ringlets, 8 commas, 8 meadow browns, 8 speckled woods, 10 small whites and 20 large whites Hollywells park   Stephen Scogings
12 Jul We were delighted to have this female Purple Hairstreak come down from the oak trees in our Stowmarket garden to the flower beds, (📷 photo click here) Stowmarket TM038584 Margie & David Carter
11 Jul 5 Purple Hairstreaks The Grove   t Will Brame
11 Jul New site for Purple Emperor.  Female Purple Emperor on sallows at Stack Wood Polstead Heath  this afternoon (📷 photo click here) Polstead TL9940 Jon King
10 Jul 22 Peacock & 16 Comma on thistle covered meadow by the Gipping at Muntons, Stowmarket.  Also 3 Brown Argus, 3 Red Admiral + good nos of Large & GV Whites Stowmarket   t John Walshe
10 Jul We were pleased to see at least 3 Purple Emperors, (all a bit camera shy), in SWT Bradfield Woods this afternoon also 25+ Silver Washed Fritilleries (📷 photos click here) with White Admiral, Red Admiral, Comma, Purple Hair-Streak, Peacock, Ringlet, Meadow Brown,  Gatekeeper and Small and Large White SWT Bradfield Woods   t David Carter
10 Jul 1 of purple hairstreak, white admiral, comma, peacock, common blue, Essex skipper 2 of small skippers, small heaths 5 of small whites, speckled woods, meadow browns and 8 ringlets ,10 large whites, 12 gate keepers all seen in Kyson point area Woodbridge Kyson point   Stephen Scogings
9 Jul In our Stowmarket garden, Hummingbird Hawk-moth, Brimstone, (📷 photo click here), Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Holly Blue, Large Skipper and Small and Large White. Stowmarket TM038584 Margie & David Carter
9 Jul 1 Hummingbird Hawkmoth, 80+ Gatekeeper, 1 Common Blue, Essex and Small Skippers, 6 Ringlet, 50+ M Brown, 6 Red Admiral, 8 Peacock, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 30+ Large White, still 1,000+ White sp over Rape field and at side of Kingsfleet Felixstowe Ferry/ Kingsfleet   t Will Brame
9 Jul Large White, Small White, Grayling, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Painted Lady, Small Copper, Brown Argus, Common Blue, Holly Blue, Purple Hairstreak, Small Heath seen today in Culpho Culpho TM203485 David Basham
9 Jul First Comma in my garden this year plus the resident Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Gatekeepers and Large Whites, (+ Red Admiral last week.) Still no Blues or Painted Ladies  Framlingham garden TM287634 Geraldine Smith
9 Jul This morning (Monday 9th), I went to Lower Hollesley Common in the hope of finding some Silver Studded Blues.  I saw four or five, both sexes in about ten minutes.  The bell heather is now coming to the end of its flowering.  I also saw Small Copper, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown and some whites but too far off for identification Lower Hollesley Common   Anne Buswell
3 Jul It's not every day that an Emperor knocks at your window. Sent to me from a resident near Ramsey Wood on Tuesday  (📷 photo click here) Ramsey Wood   t via Mark Nowers
8 Jul I would like to report one White Admiral sighting in Sutton on the Broxtead Estate early evening on Sunday 1st July.  By the bridle path near Black Bottom Plantation.  I was so amazed to see one so close to where I live that I have waited a week and visited Tunstall Forest on Saturday (8th) to confirm my identification.  There I saw other White admiral (at least three or four flying strongly; a couple of which conveniently settling).   These were on the footpath leading from the B1078 not far from where it joins the B1084. Tunstall Forest   Anne Buswell
8 Jul saw a number of butterflies including 4 Silver Washed Fritillaries, 3 Purple Hairstreak, 2 Large Skipper & 3 Small Skipper Pakenham Wood   t Gi Grieco
8 Jul First recording sighting of an Essex Skipper in my Chantry Garden. Also 2 Peacock & 2 Gatekeepers. Chantry   Kev Ling
8 Jul Early morning dog walk produced: 2 x Red Admiral, 3 x Peacock, 5 x Comma, 50 Small Skipper, 50 Ringlet, 30 Meadow Brown, 15 Large White Belstead Meadows TM128420 Kev Ling
8 Jul 1 Red Admiral seen ovipositing on Nettle outside the Maybush Pub Waldringfield TM286444 Kev Ling
8 Jul 20+ Silver Washed Fritillaries, 9 White Admiral and 1 Brimstone in Brimlin wood. No White Letter Hairstreaks on Elms in the wood Brimlin Wood TM0740 Peter Woolley
8 Jul but 10+ White-letter Hairstreak in my garden in Chattisham. Particularly active 16.30-17.30pm. My guide book states that the upper side of the wing is never seen at rest but come 19.00-19.30pm they all open their wings and creep about on the upper most Elm leaves facing the sun. Thanks Chattisham TM0942 Peter Woolley
8 Jul Clouded Yellow  (📷 photo click here) Monks Eleigh, IP7 7JQ   Arthur Grosset
8 Jul 1 Purple Emperor line of sallows before metal gate . 3 Purple Hairstreak. 1 White-letter Hairstreak. 5 Small Heath. Stradishall Aerodrome TL 729505 Rupert Kaye
8 Jul several Purple Emperor at theberton wood but none landed. been like since last sun apparently theberton wood   Matt
8 Jul male Purple Emperor dunwich forest nr caravan park on nt dunwich rd dunwich   t Matt
7 Jul Silver washed Fritillary 10 +, White Admiral 2, Large Skipper 2, Meadow Brown 50 +, Large white 50+, No Purple Emporer Bonny Wood SWT Barking Tye   Melvyn Eke
7 Jul 1 Comma, 9 Gatekeepers, 1 Red Admiral, 3 Small Skippers, 1 Large Skipper, 10+ Meadow Browns, 5+ Ringlets Somerleyton village   Sue Cox
7 Jul Just a line to say I sighted a white admiral north cove nature reserve   Douglas Smith
7 Jul White admiral, silver-washed fritillary (mostly males), purple hairstreak, peacock (1), comma (3), meadow brown, ringlet, small skipper, gatekeeper, large white, small white, green-veined white Mellfield wood   Tim Wesley
7 Jul Incredible numbers of various whites at SWT mickle mere. From the hide it was impossible to count them possibly 200+, at one stage 6 – 7 were fighting together, quite a sight. A few large and small skippers too.   SWT mickle mere   Trevor Goodfellow
7 Jul White-letter Hairstreak Seen on Escallonia bush in  garden (📷 photo click here) Wickham Market   Kerry Reeve
7 Jul 4 Silver-washed Fritillary, one of which f.valezina. 3 Small Heath. 11 Purple Hairstreak. Easty Wood, Cavendish   Rupert Kaye
7 Jul Great butterfly day at Bradfield Woods. The following were seen: 4 Purple Emperors, approx 50 Silver Washed Fritillaries, 4 Commas, 3 Small Tortoiseshells, 2 Red Admirals, 2 White Admirals, 2 Small Skippers, approx 30 Large Whites, approx 30 Small Whites, 2 Gatekeepers, 10 Meadow Browns, 2 Common Blues, 2 Purple Hairstreaks, approx 30 Ringlets and 2 Peacocks.  Bradfield Woods   Jonathan Dickie
7 Jul While crossing an uninteresting looking field of oilseed rape between Glemsford and the Foxearth Meadows reserve on the Essex side of the Stour, I came across the following butterflies (the far side of the field had a strip of grass and flowers beside the hedge): Small Skipper 4, Large White c50, Small White 100+, Green-veined White 4, Small Copper 1, Brown Argus 2, Common Blue 3 males, Small Tortoiseshell 4, Gatekeeper 4, Meadow Brown 10, Ringlet 6 Glemsford TL832465 Martin Peers
7 Jul comma, small tortoiseshell, ringlet, meadow brown, peacock, large white and silver washed fritillary (1) The Grange Country Park, East Bergholt   Gary Coppard
7 Jul Early morning walk produced a welcome variety of species:   1x Purple Hairstreak, 68 x Ringlet, 61 x Small Skipper (no Essex identified), 34 x Gatekeeper, 17 x Large White, 11 x Small White, 10 x Meadow Brown, 3 x Peacock, 2 x Small Copper, 1 x Green Veined White, 1 x Comma, 1 x Large Skipper,   Kind Regards Kiln Meadow TM141415 Kev Ling
7 Jul Saw a Grayling enjoying a patch of bare ground. Plenty of that this year. Previous wet summers the grass has been so thick there was only the track for them to alight on but I have not seen them every year.  While walking around garden and fields also seen Gatekeepers which have appeared in the last couple of days, Large Skipper, small skippers ,Rringlets, Meadow Browns. Large whites  but only one Red Admiral.   Theberton TM4356 Andrew Leng
7 Jul 1 Small Heath in Bradfield Woods this morning, at least 5 purple emperor, 5 purple hairstreak good numbers of large and small whites, ringlets few meadow browns, 2 comma Bradfield Woods   t barry woodhouse
7 Jul 1 brown argus, 1 red admiral, 2 peacock, 100 meadow brown, 10 small skipper, 100 gatekeeper, 150 large white kirton creek   t Matt
7 Jul SBBC Event;Butterfly Walk in Landseer Park - with David Dowding.  Species seen LargeSkipper, Small Skipper, Large White, Small White, Purple Hairstreak, White-letter Hairstreak, Small Copper, Brown Argus, Holly Blue, Common Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Marbled White - 17 species Landseer Park   Richard Perryman
6 Jul SBBC Event; Moth Trap in Landseer Park - A well attended moth trapping event at Landseer Park. Over 50 macro species recorded included good numbers of festoon a seemingly common species locally but nationally scarce. Notable NB. Kent Black Arches also attracted to light in numbers.  (📷 photo click here) Landseer Park   Sam Chamberlin and David Dowding
6 Jul 525 Purple Hairstreak counted this evening. Every oak had a minimum of 3-5, with some supporting up to 20. I barely covered a quarter of the Oaks on site, so this total is there to be bettered Rushmere Heath Golf Club TM201446 t Kevin Ling
6 Jul Walk from Martlesham RSPCA centre Purple Hairstreak 9, White-letter Hairstreak 3 in Elm hedge dividing barley fields, Essex Skipper 7, Gatekeeper 6, Meadow brown 20+,Ringlet 5 , Martlesham   t Will Brame
6 Jul Brown Argus 1 fresh out specimen, Gatekeeper 30+, Ringlet 12 Levington marina/Stratton hall wood   t Will Brame
6 Jul 5 second gen Brown Argus in the obs compound at Landguard today also a Painted Lady caterpillar still Landguard Obs   t Will Brame
6 Jul I am pleased to confirm presence again of several Purple Hairstreaks around the oak tree overhanging my garden on the Cambridge side of Haverhill. (📷 photo click here) Haverhill TL659466. Neil Dickinson
6 Jul We walked around Upper Hollesley Common this afternoon hoping to see good numbers of Silver-studded Blues . We only found three – two males and one female – which were all isolated individuals. We also found one Red Admiral, one Speckled Wood, 20+ Graylings, 20+ Small Coppers, 15+ Gatekeepers, 15+ Small Heath, a few Whites and a large number of Ringlets and Meadow Browns.     Upper Hollesley Common   Jenny & Gary Plank
6 Jul I saw the following butterflies this morning: Small Skipper 8, Essex Skipper 6, Large White 10, Small White 20+, Green-veined White 5, [Purple Hairstreak, female resting on oak leaf in CP TL8939 nearby], Red Admiral 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2 (still scarce), Peacock 5, Comma 3, Gatekeeper 15, Meadow Brown 60+, Ringlet 15. Good numbers of Cinnabar larvae on ragworts. Shalford Meadows & Cornard Mere TL8838 Martin Peers
6 Jul Was delighted on return from school pick up to find 3 Gatekeepers dancing about in the ivy in the garden Somerleyton Station   Sue Cox
5 Jul 3 Gatekeepers in different spots.   Somerleyton village   Sue Cox
5 Jul 10 x Small White, 7 x Large White, 5 x Green Veined White, 2 x Gatekeeper, 2 x Peacock, 1 x Small Tortoiseshell, 1 x Red Admiral, 1 x Comma, 1 x Ringlet,   Suffolk Water Park TM121481 Kev Ling
5 Jul Catching the last hour of sunlight was a single 2nd gen Holly Blue and a Red Admiral Wickham Market TM300558 Kev Ling
5 Jul Catching the last hour of sunlight was a single 2nd gen Holly Blue and a Red Admiral. Wickham Market TM300558 Kev Ling
5 Jul A round of golf interspersed with a little Butterfly counting.   10 x Small White, 7 x Large White, 5 x Green Veined White, 2 x Gatekeeper, 2 x Peacock, 1 x Small Tortoiseshell, 1 x Red Admiral, 1 x Comma, 1 x Ringlet   Suffolk Water Park TM121481 Kev Ling
5 Jul Bridleway off Green Lane, Great Barton            Purple hairstreak, white-letter hairstreak, small skipper, Essex skipper, ringlet, meadow brown, gatekeeper, small tortoiseshell, large white, small white, green-veined white. Great Barton TL880654 Tim Wesley
5 Jul 20+ Meadow Brown & Ringlet,; Gatekeeper, good numbers of Skipper only Small ID'd.  3 Ringlet in my garden 1st of year Playford Lane, Rushmere St Andrew TM 20453 46554 Dave Pearsons
5 Jul 12 Ringlet, 10 Meadow Brown, good numbers Skipper Small & Essex ID'd, 3 Comma & 11 Small white Wilderness Pond area, CC Park   Dave Pearsons
5 Jul Gatekeeper 60+, both Small and Essex Skippers, Meadow Brown, Peacock 7, Small Tortoiseshell 8, Red Admiral 4, Large White 20+, White sp well over 1,000 over Rape field and alongside Kingsfleet Small White + Green-veined White Felixstowe Ferry/Kingsfleet   Will Brame
5 Jul Sighting of 10 silver-washed fritillaries + 2 white admirals, 20+ Ringlets Groton Wood, Kersey   GLENYS WESTMACOTT
5 Jul forget Purple Emperors and Wall Browns, I think Red Admirals and Peacocks are rare this summer I have hardly seen any. So I was pleased to see a Red Admiral while watering the trees at Wyken Farmers’ Market, Stanton IP31 2DW  Stanton TL964718 Jillian Macready
5 Jul At last a decent number of butterflies! Sunny morning today in the cemetery I saw 35 Meadow Brown, 15 Large White, 4 Green veined White, 6 Ringlet and 12 Gatekeeper. The Gatekeepers are the first I have seen in the neighbourhood this year. No blues, the Birdsfoot trefoil is rather droopy in the heat Framlingham Cemetery TM287632 Geraldine Smith
5 Jul Small Skipper 14, Essex Skipper 8, Small/Essex Skipper 10+, Large White 6, Small White 20+, Green-veined White, Brown Argus 2, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma 2, Small Heath 2, Gatekeeper 6, Meadow Brown 80+, Ringlet c50. Henney Field Sudbury TL887425 Martin Peers
5 Jul Bonny Wood is always worth the long walk from the road. This morning Jenny saw a butterfly drop into a tussock alongside the approach track which after a lengthy scrutiny in the dark interior we established that it was a female Purple Emperor. (📷 photo click here) You can even see her yellow proposcis. We also saw 4 White Admirals, 20-30 Silver-washed Fritillaries, just a few Gatekeepers and and Speckled Woods plus enormous numbers of Ringlets, Meadow Browns and all three Whites. Bonny Wood   Gary & Jenny Plank
4 Jul  Sighting of silver-washed fritilliaries 20+ Ringlets 20+ Hadleigh Railway Walk   GLENYS WESTMACOTT
4 Jul At home in Thurston I walked our two meadows, one established and the other in it's third year with a margin of knapweed. The new meadow under 1 acre, outshone the other with 30 x meadow browns, 20 x ringlet, 6 x gatekeeper, 10 x small skipper, 2 x large skipper, 2 x brown argus, 1 x painted lady, 1 x peacock, 8 x large white, 6 x small white and GVW. In the garden, lavender in the full sun attracted up to 5 x small tortoiseshell, and meadow brown, ringlet, small and essex skipper (📷 photo click here clear photo showing identifying black tips to antennae) . Feels like better than last year. . Greater knapweed and lavender being very popular at the moment. Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
4 Jul Bonny Wood: 50 Silver Washed Fritillary (including 12 female & 1 ab Valesina), 8 Purple Hairstreak, 120 Ringlet, 75 Meadow Brown, 40 Large White, 20 Small White, 23 Green Veined White, 4 White Admiral, 2 Speckled Wood, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Gatekeeper, 1 Large Skipper   Bonny Wood TM074520 Kev Ling
4 Jul 6 Purple Hairstreak, 4 White Letter Hairstreak, 30 Gatekeeper, 50 Meadow Brown, 20 Ringlet, 20 Small Skipper, 10 Large White   Ringshall (Nr Muckinger Wood) TM046526 Kev Ling
4 Jul An evening dog walk turned into a Purple Hairstreak fest with c150 in the Oaks along the 7th Hole alone. Each tree having 8-10 active butterflies. Rushmere Heath Golf Course TM200444 Kev Ling
4 Jul 17 Ringlet, 5 Meadow Brown, 1 Gatekeeper, 3 Brown Argus, 7 Sml  & 3 Lge White, 2 Speckled Wood, 2 Sml & 2 Essex  Skipper ID'd among many Rushmere Heath TM1944 Dave Pearsons
4 Jul Railway bridge on road to Kyson Point. Several Purple Hairstreaks on Oak canopies adjacent to bridge. Two White Letter Hairstreaks flushed from suckering Elms adjacent to the field full of Ragwort on left hand side further towards Kyson. Kyson Point   Gina Forsyth
4 Jul Dallinghoo Churchyard. Several Purple Hairstreaks around large Turkey Oaks Dallinghoo   Gina Forsyth
4 Jul Bredfield Jubilee Meadow.1 White Letter Hairstreak on Elm in boundary hedge. Bredfield   Gina Forsyth
4 Jul Hoo.1 White Letter Hairstreak on Wych Elm in the lane 50 yards south of the church Hoo   Gina Forsyth
4 Jul Large Tortoiseshell.   I have attached the two photos I took of the Large Tortoiseshell. It was seen at 8am on wed 4th July at Ash Farm, Dairy Lane Mutford, Beccles NR34 7QJ  , After getting the photos it flew over the barn and was not seen again despite searching for several hrs  (📷 photo click here) Mutford TM480892 Jon Warnes
4 Jul  white letter hairstreak Barnham    John Law
3 Jul Arger fen suffolk silver washed fritillary & white admiral Arger fen   t Roy Hume
3 Jul 6+ purple hairstreaks, 2 white admiral. Knettishall Heath    John Law
3 Jul It took a while, but I finally captured the beautiful iridescence on this Purple Emperor at Theberton today  (📷 photo click here) Theberton   Rene Baptiste
3 Jul Purple Hairstreak in Theberton Wood  (📷 photo click here)  also several Purple Emperor seen in flight. Theberton Wood   David Carter
3 Jul Clear and warm but a strong Easterly wind this morning. Observing insects with the wind was difficult, Comma, Meadow Brown, Painted Lady and Small Tortoiseshell were a few of the butterfly species noted that have increased in abundance on the reserve in recent days Landguard BO    
3 Jul Small Skipper 6, Essex Skipper 1, Large Skipper 1, Green-veined White 4, Small & Large Whites, Purple Hairstreak male (oaks at Tendring Hall estate), Comma 2, Meadow Brown 10 (surprisingly low numbers for here - peaked early or drought and heat damage of grasses etc?), Ringlet 25. Tendring Hall/Thorington Street TM0035 Martin Peers
3 Jul Purple Emperor taking moisture from ground at south west corner of front fell,bradfield woods Suffolk.3rd July 09:46 it stayed on ground for around 15 minutes. .  (📷 photo click here) bradfield woods   Mark Brown
2 Jul Bit of a surprise taking the dog for his walk, saw a Marbled White at the back of Westfield Primary Academy, Haverhill this evening. it was too quick to get a photo on my phone, but there was no mistaking it. Haverhill   Duncan FletcherBrown
2 Jul Purple Emperor sitting on my car  (📷 photo click here)  Theberton    
2 Jul Incredible numbers of butterflies seen on the Woodland Trail this morning - 20+ silver-washed fritillaries, 12+ white admirals, many purple hairstreaks and loads of commoner species RSPB Minsmere    
2 Jul 2 White letter Hairstreaks at Flatford this morning Flatford   Alex Rafinski
2 Jul (all records from public footpath): Small & Large Whites, Small Skipper 2+, Silver-studded Blue 8 (6 males), Small Copper 4, Small Heath 8, Grayling 9, Ringlet, Meadow Brown. UPPER HOLLESLEY COMMON TM3347 Martin Peers
2 Jul Small & Large Whites, Small Skipper 2, Silver-studded Blue 16 (12 on western side of road - very few in the usual place), Small Copper, Comma, Small Heath 12, Grayling 1, Meadow Brown, Ringlet. LOWER HOLLESLEY COMMON TM3545: Martin Peers
2 Jul Essex Skipper 2, Small Skipper 5+, Large Skipper 2, Peacock 2 (fresh), Red Admiral, Comma, Gatekeeper 2, Small Heath 10, Meadow Brown 40, Ringlet 30, Silver-y 30+ (some movement on!); [Small Tortoiseshell towards Bawdsey, East Lane]. SHINGLE STREET TM3642 Martin Peers
2 Jul Incredible numbers of butterflies seen on the Woodland Trail this morning - 20+ silver-washed fritillaries, 12+ white admirals, many purple hairstreaks and loads of commoner species RSPB Minsmere    
1 Jul I would like to report one White Admiral sighting in Sutton on the Broxtead Estate early evening on Sunday 1st July.  By the bridle path near Black Bottom Plantation.  I was so amazed to see one so close to where I live that I have waited a week and visited Tunstall Forest on Saturday (8th) to confirm my identification.  Sutton   Anne Buswell
1 Jul One silver-washed fritillary sighted at the south entrance to ice pits wood at great barton. Also white-letter hairstreaks along the tree belt beside footpath from green lane and allotments. It would be handy to have a local member to regularly survey this wood as it could be suitable purple emperor territory too. great barton   Trevor Goodfellow
1 Jul One Gatekeeper sighted IP2 9AX Belstead Road Ipswich . Belstead Road Ipswich IP2 9AX Melvyn Eke
1 Jul Male Purple Emperor seen at 11am today sunning itself on a car number plate parked close to Lavenham Railway Walk.  (📷 photo click here) Lavenham Railway Walk.   Mike Bacon
1 Jul Today I spotted a total of 6 individual White Admiral butterflies in Tunstall Forest, around noon Weather sunny, hot and dry; light wind Tunstall Forest (off the B1078, midway betwen Tunstall & Orford)   6 individuals in 3 groups along a 500m stretch of a wide path through the forest, a couple in each group. I have been observing White Admirals in this location for at least the last 5 years, always about this time of year, always in the middle of the day. Tunstall Forest TM 401527 Pete Carter
1 Jul I spent an hour at Shawlands this afternoon and saw the following butterflies in the bright sunshine: 2 White-letter Hairstreaks (in separate groups of elms, one close to last year's site and the other about 250 yards further on; most of the elms looked healthy but several were dying or had already died); Purple Hairstreak (male flitting round oaks); 12 Essex Skippers, 6 Small Skippers, 1 Large Skipper, 8 Large Whites, 25 Small Whites, 7 Green-veined Whites, Holly Blue, 3 Commas, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, c70 Meadow Browns, c30 Ringlets. Shawlands TL890412 Martin Peers
1 Jul 1 Marbled White. 1 Small Heath. Stradishall Aerodrome   Rupert Kaye
30 Jun  visiting family at Hill Rise and had a single Silver-washed Fritillary pass through my sons' garden also 1 Large Skipper 1 Small Tortoiseshell 1 Small White Stowmarket   Will Brame
30 Jun Silver-washed Fritillary, Purple Emperor & Purple Hairstreak in SWT Bonny Wood yesterday Bonny Wood   Jane Ferguson
30 Jun Several White-letter Hairstreaks in Dunwich Forest today mainly up in the elms Dunwich Forest   David Carter
30 Jun SILVER-WASHED FRITILLARIES (2), WHITE ADMIRALS (5), RSPB Minsmere   Darren Underwood
30 Jun Nice walk around Abbeygrove and Grove wood, Felixstowe. 30+ Comma and Purple Hairstreak the highlights     Bill Stone
30 Jun A fresh Holly Blue in our garden this afternoon Stowmarket   David Carter
30 Jun After planting an Alder Buckthorn whip in the garden this winter, we have nurtured the next generation of Brimstone. Photo of adult taken just after emergence today  (📷 photos of life cycle click here) Ipswich   Kevin Ling
30 Jun Amazing count of 11 White-letter Hairstreak in my garden today. Pond a real magnet but this Achillea had 5 on it at one point!  (📷 photo click here) Trimley   Bill Stone
30 Jun A successful end to #30DaysWild with my first ever local Purple Hairstreak, on the edge of Spring Wood, then a Gatekeeper in Kiln Meadow to make 21 species for 2018 so far in Belstead Brook Park Spring Wood   David Walsh
30 Jun Several purple emperors at Bonny Wood this am but none coming down to land. Bonny Wood   Steve Babbs
30 Jun c.6 White-letter Hairstreaks  Trimley about 51.988231, 1.318567 Steve Babbs
30 Jun 6 White Admiral, 3 Purple Hairstreak, 2 Comma, 10 Large White, 5 Green Veined White (Mostly seen around one particular Oak). Cutlers Wood, Wherstead TM157391 Kev Ling
30 Jun On a short visit to the west side of Wolves Wood, 10 + Silver Washed Fritillaries were seen and 2 White Admirals on a straggly willow branch under an oak tree. Time around midday, full sun and breezy. Wolves Wood TM 054436 Jerry Thorby
30 Jun 428 Meadow Brown   209 Ringlet   41 Small Tortoiseshell   38 Large Skipper   14 Small White   9 Small Skipper   6 Speckled Wood   5 Essex Skipper   5 Gatekeeper   1 Red Admiral   1 Comma   34 Silver Y Moth`s     SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 RobertQuadling
30 Jun 3 Silver-washed Fritillary. 19 Purple Hairstreak. 1 White-letter Hairstreak. Easty Wood, Cavendish   Rupert Kaye
30 Jun White Letter Hairstreak nectaring on bramble and Purple Hairstreak in oaks along the bridleway off Green Lane, Great Barton. Great Barton TL880654 Tim Wesley
30 Jun First ever sighting of Purple Hairstreak at this location (1 seen). Also 25 Meadow Brown, 25 Ringlet, 15 Small Skipper, 2 Large White Stonelodge Park, Ipswich TM140427 Kevin Ling
29 Jun 2 male purple emperors bonny wood 1 by pond other on main track by entrance Bonny Wood   Matt
29 Jun A couple of hours spent counting White-letter Hairstreaks  at Trimley villages- 3 Trimley Green, 71 alongside A14 from underpass  to Howlett Way, also 1 Purple Hairstreak. 1 White-letter Hairstreaks  Trimley picnic site and 1 Purple Hairstreak scramble track Trimley villages   Will Brame
29 Jun Gunton Meadow and other surrounding areas were alive with 100s of Ringlet and Meadow Brown, this morning. One tatty common blue, Holly blue and several narrow-boarded 5-spot burnets and Pyramidal orchid Gunton meadow north of leisure way. Gunton Meadow   James Wright
29 Jun Purple Emperor x 2  (📷 photo click here) Ramsey Farm Hadleigh   John Bennett
29 Jun Wonderful to see so many Silver-washed Fritillaries just about anywhere along most rides in Northfield Wood today at about 11:30am. Perhaps 20 in all. Only 2 or 3 White Admiral however. Uncountable numbers of Ringlet and Meadow Brown, the three Whites and a few commas and Red Admirals.  No skippers seen and am still to see a Purple Hairstreak. 3 or 4 Small Tortoiseshells at my house in Onehouse and a Painted Lady feeding on Valerian.   Northfield Wood   Michael Girling
29 Jun Not very good picture I am afraid but it's as close as I could get to this purple emperor in Ickworth Park this morning. It would open out either, a bit camera shy I think. (📷 photo click here) Ickworth Park   Paul Seabrook
29 Jun One Silver Washed Fritillary today on Landseer Park Ipswich.Seen nectaring on brambles from 15-30 to 16-00 by the upper path  behind Medway Road.Also present two White Letter Hairstreaks. Landseer Park Ipswich   Mike Morley.
29 Jun I have just found a white-letter hairstreak butterfly in my kitchen window, see not very good photo attached.  (📷 photo click here) Lawshall   Wendy Cooper
29 Jun At last we found 4 White-letter Hairstreaks in the trees but clearly visible. We also found 5 White Admirals. Dunwich Forest   David and Lilian Pitt
29 Jun Found a really fresh Purple Hairstreak on a gorse bush so close we could have picked it up! Other sightings: White Admirals 3, Small Heath 20, Small Skipper 1, Large Skipper 2, Small Copper 1, Red Admiral 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1,Speckled Wood 2, Meadow Brown 20 plus numerous Ringlets and a Small White. There were also many Silver Y Moths and a few Cinnabars. RSPB Minsmere   David and Lilian Pitt
29 Jun Delighted to find 3 Silver-washed Fritillaries in the wood this morning. Theberton wood   David and Lilian Pitt
29 Jun Immaculate male Purple Emperor feasting on a banana skin at Bonny Wood this morning.(📷 photo click here) Bonny Wood   Jon King
28 Jun Silver-washed fritillaries emerging in numbers in Northfield Wood. Several seen on an hour’s walk today (and for the second time this summer Northfield Wood   Mark Brewster
28 Jun in c 2 hours mid-morning in “the usual” location in Dunwich Forest, we had c.12-15 White Admirals, “large numbers” of Ringlets, and 2 to 5 White –letter Hairstreaks, 2 definites and 3+probables, although all were elusive and kept to the tops of the elms.  No sign of any Silver-washed Frits, unfortunately. Dunwich Forest   Mike Thompson & Susie Pearson
28 Jun 6 Very active White Letter Hairstreaks on Landseer Park this afternoon.2 on elms from steps at the end of Dereham Avenue and 4 from the upper path behind Medway Road plus one Brimstone. Landseer Park   Mike Morley
27 Jun Purple Hairstreak 22, Small White 18,  Meadow Brown 82, Gatekeeper 6, Ringlet 45, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Essex Skipper 14, Small Skipper 3, Large Skipper 2, Comma 1, Red Admiral 1, Common Blue 4, Holly Blue 1, Large White 2 Kirton Hall lake   Will Brame
27 Jun  White-letter Hairstreak 1, Comma 2 Trimley Green   Will Brame
27 Jun 3+Male Purple Emperors on 27th June at Bonny Wood defending territories on and around a group of oaks in the fenced off area.  Also present 30+Silver Washed Fritillaries, 20+White Admirals and a dozen Purple Hairstreaks. Bonny Wood   Mike Morley and Adrian Richards.
27 Jun 1 Silver-washed Fritilary, 1 Small Heath, 10 Purple Hairstreak Easty Wood, Cavendish   Rupert Kaye.
27 Jun A visit to Bonny Wood,Barking this morning resulted in sightings of numerous White Admirals and Silver Washed Fritillaries, but sadly no Purple Emperor for us!  (📷 photos click here) Bonny Wood   Margie & David Carter
27 Jun I just arrived home. I notice a Silver-washed Fritillary flying around the front garden. It didn't stop. I tried to relocated it nearby but no luck. A garden tick. Elmsett  
Matt Garnham
27 Jun Wolves Wood : Purple Hairstreak 6 (5 males) all on different oaks; Silver-washed Fritillary 16, White Admiral 4. Good numbers of Speckled Woods and Ringlets. Wolves Wood   Martin Peers 
26 Jun Sudbury (Friar's & Peck's meadows TL8740): Large Skipper 4, Small Skipper 2, Large White 5, Green-veined & Small Whites, Comma 3, Small Tort 2, Small Heath, Meadow Brown 20+ Ringlet 15, Speckled Wood 2. Sudbury TL8740 Martin Peers 
26 Jun 50 Marbled White seen in an hour today (26th June) on Devils Dyke - section cutting through race-course. Unfortunately because of the way the boundaies are set for butterfly monitoring this is not in Suffolk! Devils Dyke   Mike Fahie-Wilson
26 Jun  Two previously unrecorded small colonies of White-letter Hairstreak found in Martlesham.   Checking scrubby roadside patches of elm will get you a sore neck, but hopefully it'll be worth it!   TM2646 Peter Maddison
26 Jun No luck with Purple Emperor in its favoured areas outside Bonny Wood this am so we ventured inside. Silver-washed Fritillaries/White Admirals were numerous, then we came across a Purple Emperor which spent most of its time on one or other of us, before finally heading off onto a leaf. Magic! (📷 photo click here) Bonny Wood   David Walsh
26 Jun My first sighting in Northfield Wood, of purple hairstreaks. No definite sightings before now, but no mistaking the silvery-grey, circling butterflies this evening, and in numbers too, in the upper branches of a majestic old oak Northfield Wood   Mark Brewster
26 Jun Several sightings of both Silver-washed Fritillary and white admiral , especially where the path is contained within Great Wood. Conditions were hot with little breeze. Hadleigh railway walk   Paul Saward
25 Jun In very warm sunshine I saw dozens of Silver-washed Fritillaries, 3 White Admirals and 3 Purple Emperors at different locations round the woods including this one feeding on timbers in and around the pole barn.  (📷 photo click here) Bradfield Woods TL935575 Ian Dallas
25 Jun Saw and photographed 1 male Purple Emperor on Mon25th June 2018 in Bradfield Wood close to the "New Butterfly Clearing" ie not the one with the information panel.  First sighting at 11.40 then again at 11.50.  Insect fling low to alight on ground in bare patch of earth.  I am revisiting tomorrow(Weds) and will leave copies of photos with Warden at Bradfield.  Several Silver Washed Frits as well but no sign of White Admirals Bradfield Wood   Andy Oxford
25 Jun 3 White Letter Hairstreak twirling over some young elms in my garden in Chattisham. Chattisham.   Peter Woolley
25 Jun purple hairstreak, Silver-studded Blues, grayling Purdis Heath   Helen Saunders
25 Jun Two Purple Hairstreak's in the oak trees over our Stowmarket garden this morning. Stowmarket TM038584. Margie & David Carter
25 Jun 13 meadow browns, 2 tortoiseshell, 2 small whites in 200 metre stretch next to bury st Edmunds golf course tip of tut hill bury st Edmunds   Barry Woodhouse
25 Jun Marbled White, Comma, good numbers Meadow Brown & Ringlet 20+, same with Skippers, only Essex positively ID'd. Holywells Park   Dave Pearsons
25 Jun Swallowtail  Loompit Lake   Will Brame
25 Jun Confirmed third party report of white admiral at TL804719 One gatekeeper and white letter hairstreak on elms at forest margins at ride 207/205 junction TL811714 White letter hairstreak at TL814718 King’s forest west stow   Trevor Goodfellow
25 Jun 8 White Admirals this morning! North Cove   David and Lilian Pitt
24 Jun 40 + Meadow Brown, 10 + Small Heath, 2  Common Blue, 4 Small Copper Shingle Street   Melvyn Eke
24 Jun Large Skipper 2, Large White 4, Small White 3, Green-veined White 2, Purple Hairstreak 1, White Admiral 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Silver-washed Fritillary 3, Speckled Wood 5, Meadow Brown 15, Ringlet 10   RAMSEY WOOD TM0643 David Walsh
24 Jun (tetrad which I first visited on 1 May, prior to that it was a ‘black hole’).  Large Skipper 2, Small White 5, Meadow Brown 30, Small Heath 1, Ringlet 15 BAYLHAM TM0850 David Walsh
24 Jun At least 6 White Admiral, 1 Purple Hairstreak, and only 1 Silver Washed Fritillary in Brimlin Wood Chattisham on 24th June. General abundance of commoner species seemed poor Brimlin Wood   Peter Woolley
24 Jun Enjoyable late afternoon visit to Knettishall Heath with a couple of White Admiral, Purple Hairstreak, ilver-washed Fritillaries, Comma, lots of Meadow Browns Knettishall Heath   Dawn Balmer
24 Jun today c25 Marbled White seen along with 100 skippers (large,small & Essex) Landseer Park TM175427 Kevin Ling
24 Jun 50+   Silver-studded Blue , never seen so many Butterflies in one small area . Dunwich Heath TM 47550 68552 Robert Quadling
24 Jun 10:50 am  Purple Emperor showing nicely at Bonny wood now! (📷 photo click here)  1, Silver-washed Fritillaries 2, White Admirals 2, large skipper 2 Bonny wood TM072519 PE Paul Holmes
24 Jun :3 Silver-washed Fritillaries, 1 White Admiral, 1 Purple Hairstreak  Hintlesham/Ramsey Woods   David Walsh
24 Jun Earlier, Essex Skipper became my 19th species of butterfly in Belstead Brook Park this year Belstead Brook Park   David Walsh
24 Jun Visiting Martlesham Heath this afternoon I found 4 male Silver-studded Blues, 5 Commas, a male Small Skipper and four Ringlets. Martlesham Heath TM2344 Gary Plank
24 Jun A glorious morning for our first visit to Wolves Wood. We found Silver-washed Fritillaries in almost every sunlit clearing, including the car park. Allowing for probable duplicate sightings there were at least 15 insects.  There were also 4 White Admirals, one Gatekeeper, 2 Meadow Browns, countless Ringlets and a few Whites of which only one Green-veined White could be positively identified. 40+ Speckled Woods  Wolves Wood   Jenny & Gary Plank
24 Jun Male Purple Emperor on track beside Bonny Wood this morning.  Very obliging for photos. (📷 photo click here) Also good numbers of White Admirals,and ilver-washed Fritillaries Bonny Wood   Jon King
24 Jun I Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Whites, 1 Common Blue, 4 White Admirals, 10 Silver-washed Fritillaries, 6 Meadow Browns, 3 Ringlets, 5 Large Skippers. All except the Common Blue, were in excellent condition. Bradfield Woods   Paul Claridge
23 Jun 4 White Admirals,10 Ringlets, 2 Purple Hairstreaks, 2 Large Skippers and a Norfolk Hawker seen along the main ride this morning Ramsey Wood TM0643 Adrian Richards
23 Jun First Ringlet. In garden. Somerleyton NR32 5QN Sue Cox
23 Jun 4 Round-winged Muslin moths (local) recorded during a moth survey of the park.  (📷 photo click here) Landseer Park, Ipswich   Sam Chamberlin Ipswich Borough Council Ranger
23 Jun Landguard today 63 Small Heath, 6 Small Tortoiseshells, 3 Ringlets, 18 Essex Skippers, 1 Small Skipper, 5 Holly Blue, 1 Large White, 11 Small White, 10 Common Blue, 1 Painted Lady Landguard   Will Brame
23 Jun Small Skipper 3, Large Skipper 3, Brimstone female, Large White, Small White, Green-veined White 4, Brown Argus 5 (3 worn), Common Blue male + female, Comma, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown 80+, Small Heath 8, Ringlet 12; Cinnabar Moth + larvae. Henney Field TL887425: Martin Peers
23 Jun Small White, Common Blue male, Comma 2, Meadow Brown 8, Ringlet 4. Green cemetery TL8841 Martin Peers
23 Jun Several silver-washed fritillaries and white admirals at Bonny Woods this afternoon but sadly no puple emperors Bonny Woods   Steve Babbs
23 Jun 6 Silver Washed Fritillaries at Wolves Wood today. Purple Hairstreak, but no White Admiral Wolves Wood   Kevin Ling
23 Jun 1 Silver Washed Fritillaries at Ramsey Wood, Purple Hairstreak, but no White Admiral Ramsey Wood   Kevin Ling
23 Jun 362 Meadow Brown    62 Large Skipper    34 Ringlet    10 Small Tortoiseshell     3 Small White    2 Speckled Wood    1 Red Admiral    1 Holly Blue SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920  Robert Quadling
23 Jun Black hole TM0464 (Bacton) Small White 3, Speckled Wood 2, Meadow Brown 15, Small Heath 1, Ringlet 5   Bacton TM0464 David Walsh
23 Jun Black hole TM0664 (Cotton) Small White 5, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 4, Gatekeeper 1, Meadow Brown 25, Small Heath 1, Ringlet 6 (Gatekeeper my first of the year)   Cotton TM0664 David Walsh
23 Jun Black hole TM0268 (Wyverstone/Walsham-le-Willows) Small White 15, Green-veined White 8, Purple Hairstreak 1 (in Hundred Lane oak ‘hedge’ between two arable fields TM025697), Speckled Wood 3, Meadow Brown 30, Ringlet 10   Wyverstone/Walsham-le-Willows TM0268 David Walsh
23 Jun Small Skipper 4, Essex Skipper 1, Small White 5, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Speckled Wood 20+, Meadow Brown 40+, Small Heath 2, Ringlet 10+ (Essex Skipper my first of the year)   Knettishall Heath TL9480 David Walsh
23 Jun Small Skipper 2, Small White 2, Common Blue 1   Market Weston Fen TL9678 David Walsh
23 Jun Small Skipper 3, Large Skipper 2, Brimstone 1, Small White 3, Green-veined White 2, Common Blue 2, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 2, Meadow Brown 10, Ringlet 2 (Getting late for Brimstone?)   Market Weston Fen TL 9878 David Walsh
23 Jun this morning Silver-washed frits 15 White Admiral 20 Purple hairstreak 3  Ringlet 40 Large skipper 3 Bonny wood   Nathaniel Cant
23 Jun Had another new spaces at Center Parcs Elveden today, saw a white Admiral butterfly briefly perch on  vipers Bugloss before flying off Center Parcs Elveden   Graham Hersey
23 Jun  both Essex and Small Skippers out + Ringlet. 35 Small Heath 1 Painted Lady Landguard   Will Brame
23 Jun White Admiral 5, Large White 1, Large Skipper 1, Red Admiral 6, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 10, Meadow Brown 8 and Ringlet 4. Dunwich Wood   David and Lilian Pitt
23 Jun Very excited to see a Dark Green Fritillary this morning.(📷 photo click here) This has not bred in Suffolk for decades.  There have been occasional sightings but the nearest poplation is on the NE Norfolk coast. Also saw Small Heath 40+, Ringlet 20, Speckled Wood 18, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Red Admiral 2, Small White 1, Large Skipper 1 and numerous Meadow Browns. RSPB Minsmere   David and Lilian Pitt
23 Jun White letter hairstreak on Barnham allotments Barnham TL 866793 John Law
23 Jun Saw 2 Silver Washed Fritillaries, 50 Ringlets, 10 Speckled Woods and a Comma at Wolves Wood, Hadleigh. Wolves Wood   Jonathan Dickie
22 Jun On a brief visit this afternoon I saw 5 Whiteletter Hairstreaks on elms behind the library and 4 Large Skippers.  Broomhill Park   TM155451 Adrian Richards
22 Jun 30+ Meadow Brown, 4 Small Heath Ashbocking TM170454428 Dave Pearsons
22 Jun 30+ Meadow Brown Charsfield TM2572857372 Dave Pearsons
22 Jun  Silver-washed fritillary and white admiral Bonny wood this morning Bonny wood   Nathaniel Cant
22 Jun White Admiral out in Wherstead Wood (TM136399) & Old Hall Wood (TM123397)     Kevin Ling
22 Jun Great to see many Silver-studded Blues on Westleton Heath this afternoon Westleton Heath   Dick Walden
22 Jun A few summertime butterflies last 2 days. First Purple hairstreaks for year yesterday and a cracking White admiral today (+ another hairstreak), probably now breeding on site. Purdis Heath Golf   Ipswich golf club
22 Jun 12 butterfly species seen today at Center Parcs Elveden with highlight being a White Letter Hairstreak Center Parcs Elveden   Graham Hersey
22 Jun Small skipper in the meadow to the north of Northfield Wood, white-letter hairstreak & first silver-washed fritillary for 2018... 11 species in all! Northfield Wood   Mark Brewster
22 Jun Lots of iWhite Admirals Northfield Wood,   Mark Brewster
22 Jun 1 x Green Hairstreak, 1 x White Admiral, 1 x Silver-studded Blue, 1 x Small Skipper, 2 x Small Heath, 1 x Speckled Wood, 2 x Meadow Brown Westleton Heath   Maria Papworth
22 Jun I have been to Dunwich Woods today and spotted 2 White Admirals  1 Red Admiral, 2 Whites, 1 Comma, 5 Meadow Browns, lots of Speckled Woods and a Skipper. Dunwich Woods   Robert Brown
22 Jun On the Hemley/Kirton Creek circular walk this morning we saw one Purple Hairstreak, one Holly Blue, one Small Tortoiseshell, one Gatekeeper, one Speckled Wood, 2 Small Skippers, numerous Meadow Browns and Whites. Hemley/Kirton Creek TM2941 Jenny & Gary Plank
22 Jun 1 Large White,  2 Meadow Brown Ellough industral estate Beccles TM 4488 Robert Quadling
21 Jun White Admiral 1 seen in Bradfield Woods 1230hrs Bradfield Woods   John Turner
21 Jun Meadow Brown 20+, Marbled White 20+, Red Admiral 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 1, Small Heath 10+, Large White 1, Ringlet 1 Devil’s Dyke (Suffolk end)   Sean Minns
21 Jun Red Admiral 1, Brown Argus 1, Meadow Brown 5 Cavenham RNR   Sean Minns
21 Jun Meadow Brown 10+, Small Skipper 6+, Essex Skipper 4+, Large Skipper 6+, Common Blue 8+, Small Copper 1 Lakenheath Airfield RNR   Sean Minns
21 Jun Red Admiral 1, Meadow Brown 10+, Small Heath 10+, Large White 1, Ringlet 1 Market Weston Fen SWT   Sean Minns
21 Jun Haughley Roadside Nature Reserve(RNR) Meadow Brown 10+ Haughley   Sean Minns
21 Jun Returned again to find Silver-studded Blue 150+ with many more females seen this time, Small Heath 4, Meadow Brown 11 and Large White 1. Westleton Common   David and Lilian Pitt
21 Jun White Admiral 1, Ringlet 8, Meadow Brown 2, Speckled Wood 40, Large White 1, Large Skipper 2. Dunwich Forest   David and Lilian Pitt
21 Jun Couple of ‘firsts’ recorded in Northfield Wood, Onehouse today: my first sighting of white admirals this year & my first sighting of a large skipper there. Ringlets now on the wing, with meadow browns & speckled woods also. Northfield Wood   Mark Brewster
20 Jun It was very warm, a bit windy and intermittent sunshine so expectations were low.  I saw 3 Small Heath, one Large Skipper, 8 Meadow Browns and 5 Ringlets, my first of the season and the first on this area.  Sadly no blues. Adjoining the A14 at Exning TL618646 Twm Wade
20 Jun as well as a number of Meadow Browns and a few Ringlets, I saw 2 White Admirals and 6 Silver-washed Fritillaries. Wolves Wood   Liz Cutting
20 Jun White Admiral RSPB Minsmere    
20 Jun Black hole TL9032  Large Skipper 5, Large White 2, Red Admiral 2, Small Tortoiseshell 3, Meadow Brown 35, Ringlet 1. Bures St Mary TL9032 David Walsh
20 Jun Black hole TL9034  Large Skipper 2, Red Admiral 2, Comma 2, Meadow Brown 10, Ringlet 1. Bures St Mary TL9034 David Walsh
20 Jun Black hole TL9232 (Suffolk side of Stour appears to be ) Large Skipper 2, Large White 3, Holly Blue 1, Red Admiral 3, Small Tortoiseshell 3, Meadow Brown 27. Nayland with Wissington TL9232 David Walsh
20 Jun Large Skipper 8, Purple Hairstreak male (+ another at TL9338), 12+ White Admirals, Small Tortoiseshell (fresh) 1, Comma 1 (Red Admiral at 9338), Speckled Wood 1, Meadow Brown 25, Small Heath 1, Ringlet 9. Assington Thicks TL9237: Martin Peers
20 Jun Essex Skipper 1, Large Skipper 1, Large White 1, Green-veined White 1, Meadow Brown c50, Small Heath 1, Ringlet 10. Shawlands, Gt Cornard TL890412 Martin Peers
19 Jun path leading to Hazelwood Marshes, 11 Meadow Brown, 7 Smal Heath, 2 Speckled Wood, 2 Sml Tortoiseshell & 3 Small White Hazelwood Marshes,   Dave Pearsons
19 Jun Small Skipper 1, Large Skipper 4, Common Blue 1 female, Small Tortoiseshell 3, Comma 2, Speckled Wood 4, Meadow Brown 12, Ringlet 5 Belstead Brook Park TM1441 David Walsh
19 Jun Small Heath 5+,  Painted Lady 1 Minsmere   Sean Minns
19 Jun Small Heath 3, Meadow Brown 3, Red Admiral 2, Peacock 1 N Warren   Sean Minns
19 Jun Painted Lady 1 Upper Hollesley Common    Sean Minns
18 Jun Common Blue 1m, Small White 2, Meadow Brown 3, Red Admiral 2 Martlesham   Sean Minns
18 Jun During an afternoon walk in warm sunshine I saw 5 very active Silver-washed Fritillaries. 3 were identified as males. Bradfield Woods TL935575 Ian Dallas
18 Jun The following noted In Kelsale today, mostly in a 4.5 acre species-rich grass field managed for wildlife in Tiggins Lane: Large Skipper 4. Common Blue 2. Brown Argus 1. Painted Lady 1. Speckled Wood 5. Ringlet 4. Meadow Brown c.50 in grass field (plus 2 also entered my conservatory together!) Large White 1. Green-veined White 1, Small Tortoiseshell one briefly landed in my garden, and almost immediately flew off before I could check for Scarce Tortoiseshell!  (📷 photos click here) Kelsale   Charles Cuthbert
18 Jun Large Skipper 2, Red Admiral 2, Meadow Brown 10   Thelnetham Fen TM0178 David Walsh
18 Jun Small Skipper 3 (my first of 2018), Green-veined White, Purple Hairstreak, Red Admiral 4, Peacock, Speckled Wood 4, Meadow Brown 15 Hinderclay Fen TM0278 David Walsh
18 Jun We visited Bradfield Woods this afternoon and saw our first Silver Washed Fritillary, 5, (📷 photo click here),  White Admiral, 2,  Meadow Brown, 10+, Speckled Wood, 10+ ,Comma 2 , Red Admiral,2, Large Skipper, 2. and both Large and Small white. Bradfield Woods   Margie & David Carter
18 Jun White admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary showing in small numbers today.  (📷 photo click here) bradfield wood   Trevor Goodfellow
18 Jun private estate at Rougham. White admiral x 8, speckled wood x 39, purple hairstreak x 1. Rougham   Trevor Goodfellow
18 Jun This afternoon at Baylham, numerous Meadow Brown's, a female Common Blue, Large Skipper's (2), a Small Heath and a Small Tortoiseshell Baylham TM099513 Paul Gilson
18 Jun It's not all about pollinators. Select the right larval food plants for your garden and they'll come. All of these found today in my 10x10m garden. Orange-tip Peacock Small White Mullein moth  (📷 photo click here) SW Ipswich   Kevin Ling
17 Jun A brief stroll around Landseer Park at midday in overcast, cool and breezy conditions produced sightings of one Marbled White, 9 Meadow Browns, two Small Tortoiseshells and a Small White Landseer Park   Bill Plumb
17 Jun First visit to Purdis Heath SSSI since the Megabash. Pleased to see/record a number of Silver-studded Blues & a lone purple hairstreak  (📷 photo click here) Purdis Heath SSSI   Mark Brewster
17 Jun Two White Admiral Bonny wood this afternoon also 20 Speckled wood 3 meadow Brown Bonny wood   Nathaniel Cant
17 Jun First ringlet fresh hatched today in the garden meadow in Thurston (📷 photo click here) . 30+ meadow brown, 4 x common blue, 2 x brown argus, and about 100 x peacock caterpillars. Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
17 Jun Saw approximately 20 Silver-studded Blues at Dunwich Heath. Dunwich Heath    Jonathan Dickie
16 Jun A few butterflies from Hollesley Marshes RSPB and Upper Hollesley Common, Silver-studded Blue, Small Heath, Meadow Brown and Large Skipper RSPB Hollesley Marshes   David Carter
16 Jun 177 Meadow Brown, 37 Large Skipper, 4 Red Admiral, 2 Brown Argus, 1 Holy Blue, 1 Common Blue, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Large White,  200 Peacock Caterpillars SWT Carlton Marshes TM 50892 Robert Quadling
16 Jun Lovely morning spent with the Silver-studded Blues at Purdis Heath. c25 seen including this female (📷 photo click here) .  All thanks to amazing conservation work by Suffolk Butterfly Conservation Purdis Heath   Kevin Ling
16 Jun 3 small heath, 4 Common blue, 8 Meadow Brown, 1 speckled wood, this morning North East side of Haverhill, Suffolk Haverhill   Duncan FletcherBrown
16 Jun Quick stroll on the Icknield Way by Thetford Heath; plenty of Meadow Browns and Common Blues with a few Speckled Woods, Ringlets, a Small Heath and a Silver Y moth. Thetford Heath   Mr H
16 Jun Purple Hairstreak  (📷 photo click here) on the Suffolk side this morning, my earliest ever & Suffolk’s first in 2018. . Also a Ringlet at Thelnetham Fen. Redgrave & Lopham Fen   David Walsh
15 Jun Today along the sea wall at Boyton marshes were:- 1 Painted Lady, 8 Meadow Browns, 6 Small Heaths, 2 Common Blues, 1 Small/Essex Skipper and a colony of Peacock caterpillars. . Boyton marshes TM 3947 Bob Turner.
15 Jun At Blaxhall Common about 200 Silver Studded Blues. Mostly males but a few mating pairs also. 2 Small Heaths. Blaxhall Common TM 3856. Bob Turner.
15 Jun Westleton Heath  - Silver-studded Blues 20+ Male 3+ Meadow Brown Westleton Common - Silver-studded Blues 100+ Male 2 female (including 20+ roosting on one carex sp.) 10+ Small Heath Westleton   Sean Minns
15 Jun 5+ Small Heath 2 Meadow Brown N Warren -   Sean Minns
15 Jun Hornet Moth found on a Willow at Thetford today  (📷 photo click here) Thetford   Scott Mayson
15 Jun  Hedge next to track: Meadow Brown. First sighting this year Small Skippet   Somerleyton TM4897 Sue Cox
15 Jun Small area of woodland: Speckled Wood. First I've seen here this year.   Somerleyton Brick Kilns: 3 Meadow Browns   Somerleyton TM4797 Sue Cox
15 Jun There were Silver-studded Blues 100+ ( mainly m but several f) on the Common today plus Small Heath 6 and Meadow Brown 1 Westleton Common   David and Lilian Pitt
14 Jun My first Male Small Skipper of the year (📷 photo click here) . Also 2 Common Blue and 6 Meadow Brown. Murray Park, Ipswich TM 184 431 Matt Garnham
14 Jun Small Tortoiseshell 3, 1 in garden and 2 released from carport although the chrysalis I am watching still has a few days to go SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
14 Jun  Windier and cloudier we walked in Kenton Hills near Sizewell, some single Speckled Woods and then, at the top of the hill above the path 9 Speckled Woods twirling together in as many as 5 and then apart and in pairs, we watched in delight for ages. 13 in all plus a Green-veined White    Kenton Hills TM458640 Geraldine Smith
14 Jun  I encountered a small heath butterfly at pipers vale in Ipswich.  pipers vale   Daniel Cable-Davey
13 Jun Somerleyton Station platform flowerbeds  My first  Small Skipper sighting this year Somerleyton TM4797 Sue Cox
13 Jun I encountered my very first Ringlet butterfly of the year braziers meadow   Daniel Cable-Davey
13 Jun I walked on the footpath around the field edge: 2 single male Meadow Browns in the sunshine Framlingham  TM2863 Geraldine Smith
13 Jun Highlight of today’s local walk in & around Belstead Brook Park was finding 30 Bee Orchids in a dry area by the A14. Ringlet was my 17th local butterfly of 2018, Common Blue, Damselfly/Black-tailed Skimmer the 9th/10th dragonflies. A fine Large Skipper was v obliging  (📷 photo click here) Belstead Brook Park   David Walsh
13 Jun Common Blue 10 in the planting by the sea wall alongside the childrens' playground near Manor Terrace Felixstowe TM292328 Richard Perryman
13 Jun 1 June - 1 holly blue 2 June - 1 holly blue, 1 female brimstone, 1 speckled wood, 1 small white 3 June - 1 large white, 1 speckled wood, 1 holly blue 8 June - 1 holly blue 10 June - 1 holly blue 11 June - 1 holly blue 13 June - 1 holly blue   IP3 9LB Karen Child
13 Jun Small Tortoiseshell 1, Speckled Wood 3, Small White 1, Large Skipper 1, Common Blue 14, Meadow Brown 19, Ringlet 1 Belstead Brook Park/Wherstead TM1440 David Walsh
12 Jun my first Small Skipper butterfly Ravenswood Ipswich braziers meadow   Daniel Cable-Davey
12 Jun My first Meadow Brown & a Small Heath. Baylham TM099513 Paul Gilson
12 Jun I didn’t count them, but I would guess around 100 Peacock caterpillars on a patch of nettles (📷 photos click here) Rushmere Heath   Gemma Irwin
11 Jun White Admiral  (📷 photo click here) RSPB Flatford Mill  
Julia Smith 
11 Jun 55 Small Heath, 12 Common Blue, 5 Meadow Brown, 2 Small White, also on the south end of the Icky Ridge 3 Green Hairstreak, 1 Speckled Wood opposite the Customs House Landguard Butts TM2832 Will Brame
11 Jun Somerleyton station platform flowerbeds 1 Wall Brown, 1 Large Skipper male, 1 Holly Blue, 2 Painted Ladies, 1 Large White male Somerleyton station TM4796 Sue Cox
11 Jun 2 new firsts of the year for my garden: Painted Lady and Brown Argus Flixton TM511961 Richard Martin
11 Jun Late Green Hairstreak news, single sighting Gunton Meadow   James Wright
10 Jun Late Green Hairstreak news, single sighting Gunton Warren   James Wright
10 Jun Nice butterfly walk around Trimley villages this afternoon. Not many species but some nice counts: 50+ Holly Blue, 6 Painted Lady, 8 Red Admiral + 12 Black-tailed Skimmers. Trimley TM2836 Bill Stone - Suffolk Butterfly Recorder
10 Jun Silver-studded Blue Purdis Heath, Ipswich today.  (📷 photo click hereIf going please stick to the main tracks as there is a schedule 1 species breeding there Purdis Heath TM2142 Steve Babbs
10 Jun The bird’s-foot trefoil is doing very well this year in the cemetery at Bury St Edmunds, so I took advantage of the sunshine 10 June, to find at least 4 male Common Blues, and saw my first Meadow Browns too. . Bury St Edmunds TL8463 Rob Parker
10 Jun A cool early morning walk in Belstead today still yielded a couple of gems. Common Blue, Orange-underwing Belstead TM1342 Kev Ling
10 Jun 3 Painted Lady, 6 Green Hairstreak, 52 Small Heath, 1 Speckled Wood, 6 Small White, 1 Large White, 1 Small Copper, 3 Meadow Brown, 1 Large Skipper, 24 Common Blue, 5 Holly Blue Landguard TM2831 Will Brame
9 Jun 27 Large Skipper,  16 Meadow Brown,  8 Red Admiral,  2 Speckled Wood,  1 Peacock,  1 Painted Lady ,  1  Wall Brown ( Male)  (📷 photo click here of Red Admiral ab. bialbata- white spot in red band on forewing ) SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling 
9 Jun Our first Large Skipper in Suffolk this year - White Horse Marsh near . Also Nemophora moths (I think).   (📷 photos click here) Cattawade TM0933 Alex Rafinski
9 Jun I confess I didn’t really count them but would guess at least 50 Silver-studded Blues south of the road at Blaxhall Heath in a relatively small area, including this mating pair  (📷 photo click here) Blaxhall Heath TM3856 Liz Cutting
8 Jun Somerleyton Station Platform flowerbeds  two Painted Ladies on Bowles Mauve.   Somerleyton Station TM4796

Sue Cox

8 Jun First Meadow Brown of the year Belstead Meadows TM129419 Jo Ling
8 Jun Returned home from work to find two Painted Lady and a Hummingbird Hawkmoth in the garden. Nice end to a busy week! Trimley TM2836 Bill Stone - Suffolk Butterfly Recorder
8 Jun Found 8 scattered Silver-studded Blues, 1 Common Blue, 2 Small Heaths plus a Cinnabar moth and, a first for me, a Clouded Buff Moth. (📷 photos click here) Westleton Heath TM465700 Geraldine Smith
7 Jun Somerleyton Station Platform flowerbeds - Painted Lady. First sighting of year. On Bowles Mauve Wallflowers. Nectaring for at least 20 minutes Somerleyton Station TM4796 Sue Cox
7 Jun 1 Painted Lady, 15 Common Blue, 3 Holly Blue. Felixstowe Ferry TM3237 Will Brame
7 Jun 2 Painted Lady, 7 Common Blue, 4 Small White Kingsfleet TM3138 Will Brame
7 Jun About 20 Silver-studded Blues north of road and one on south side today, all males. Also one Small Copper and 2 Small Heaths. Blaxhall heath TM3856 Bob Turner
6 Jun 1 Painted Lady, 32 Small Heath, 45 Common Blue, Small White 9, Large White 3, Cinnabar Moth 2, Mother Shipton 1, Landguard Butts TM2832 Will Brame
6 Jun Today (10am) I walked the whole line from station to the wooded middle area and up the hill on what was once the track bed, a distance of about 1 kilometre. 2 Large Skippers, 2 Orange Tips, a Common Blue and 2 Speckled Woods. Not many but pleasing to see nevertheless especially as there were 9 Bee Orchids along my way!   Brockford railway line  TM129659 Geraldine Smith
6 Jun My first specked wood of the year Oulton Maeshes TM509936 Richard Martin
6 Jun Small Heath 8, Small Copper 1, Brown Argus 6, Common Blue (f) 2, Speckled Wood 2, Red Admiral 1 plus Cinnabar 8 and Silver Y Moth 3. Minsmere TM4666 David and Lilian Pitt
6 Jun Saw Silver-studded Blues 30+ including a pair mating (📷 photo click here)! Also Small Heath 8. Westleton Common TM4468 David and Lilian Pitt
6 Jun First sighting of the year - Silver-studded Blue today Lower Hollesley Common TM363466 Jon Levine
  Large Skipper – 1 on June 5th (my first of the year) Small Copper – 1 on June 5th (my only local sighting so far this year) Meadow Brown – 4 on June 6th (my first of the year) Common Blue – 7 - on June 6th (my first of the year) Brown Argus – 1 on June 6th (only my second ever local sighting) Brimstone – 1 on June 6th (a relatively late record?)   Moths – both Mother Shipton and Cinnabar seen on June 6th Belstead TM1440 David Walsh
5 Jun Orange Tip 1 male Bredfield   Sean MInns
5 Jun Encountered today my first  meadow brown butterfly of the year.  Over the last two weeks I have encountered ten male common blue butterflies, two large skippers, ten brown argos, three small coppers, twenty holly blues, ten small whites and twenty both male and female brimstones. Private land near the Orwell park.  near the Orwell park TM1840 Daniel Cable-Davey
5 Jun Just finished a quick stroll in Kiln Meadow, Belstead Brook Park.  Once the sun came through it produced my first Large Skipper of the year as well as my first local Small Copper and Emperor Dragonfly Kiln Meadow TM1441 David Walsh
3 Jun Small Heath 6, Small Copper 1, Holly Blue 2, White sp. 2, Painted Lady 1 Landguard - TM2831 SEan MInns
3 Jun Small White, Brown Argus, Common Blue 4 males, Small Heath 2, Meadow Brown 2. Botesdale TM0475 Martin Peers
3 Jun Small White 2, Green-veined White, Brown Argus 2, Common Blue 4 males, Small Heath 4, Speckled Wood 3. Botesdale TM0575 Martin Peers
3 Jun Common Blue Brackenbury Cliff TM3188935462 Mark Nowers
3 Jun During my walk at East Lane, Bawdsey today, 3 June, I spotted 12 male common blues, 2 female common blues, (📷 photo click here)  2 small heaths and 3 white butterflies. East Lane TM3540 Robert Brown
3 Jun 8 Brown Argus,  7 Wall Brown ( 4 Male / 3 Female ) 6 Common Blue,  5 Holly Blue,  4 Red Admiral,  3 Large White,  2 Peacock,  2 Small White,  1 Orange Tip,  1 Green-veined White,  1 Speckled Wood,  1 Meadow Brown SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
3 Jun Common Blue are on the wing. 4 seen Belstead Meadows TM132414 Kev Ling
3 Jun First Large Skipper of the year +1 Brimstone Bourne Park TM1514190 Kev Ling
3 Jun First two Meadow Browns  (📷 photo click here) in the garden today joining large skipper x 2, brown argus x 3, common blue x 3. Thurston TL9264 Trevor Goodfellow
3 Jun This morning; 19 Common Blue, 6 Speckled Wood, 1 male Orange Tip, 2 Large White, 1 Dingy Skipper (📷 photo click here)  This must be the year's most unusual sighting, somebody must be carrying out an unauthorised release.  The nearest colony is in Theford Forest and they cannot fly that far. Pipers Vale TM1741 Richard Wall
2 Jun 36 Common Blue (at least), 24 Small Heath (at least), 10 Small White, 5 Green Veined White, 3 Large White, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Painted Lady (📷 photo click here) Landguard TM2831 Richard Wall
2 Jun We were surprised to see a Swallowtail butterfly in our garden yesterday, 2nd June 2018. We have seen them in the past on various occasions whilst on holiday in Portugal but never back home. Thought you might be interested.  Migrant a possibility but probably captive bred. N Ipswich TM1646 Roger Day
2 Jun One male Brimstone and one Holly Blue in our Kesgrave garden today Kesgrave TM230452 Jenny & Gary Plank
2 Jun Nice to see my first Suffolk “golden skipper” of the year today in the form of Large Skipper at Levington Creek. Also Painted Lady. Levington Creek TM2338 Bill Stone
2 Jun First large skipper in the garden today (📷 photo click here) Thurston TL9464 Trevor Goodfellow
1 Jun Six-spot burnet cocoon.   (📷 photo click here) Thurston TL9264 Trevor Goodfellow
1 Jun Micro moth Commophila aeneana x 6   (📷 photo click here) and brown argus, common blue, speckled wood, mother Shipton, burnet companion, silver Y, straw dot, small and large white. swt blackbourn valley TL9464 Trevor Goodfellow
1 Jun My first painted lady of the year (off Church Walk, Onehouse Onehouse TM0259 Mark Brewster
1 Jun Painted Lady  Stutton TM149335 Mark Nowers
1 Jun Skylark/Wildflower Field at East End (East Bergholt) this morning in warm but overcast conditions: 7 Small Heaths, 5 Common Blues, 1 Painted Lady, 7 Burnet Companions, 2 Mother Shiptons, 1 Silver Y, 2 Latticed Heaths. East Bergholt TM0934 Liz Cutting

31 May From last years posting:on 29th May. "The Buddleia alternifolia worked its magic again and was rarely without an attendant: Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell or Painted lady (with 3PL at one time)"   This year on 31 May it is in full flower but unattended.  All we had in the garden were two Brimstones and a small white. In the fields there were 2 Common blues and an Brown Argos. Theberton TM4356 Andrew Leng
31 May 2 female Yellow-legged Clearwing observed on and around a rotting oak stump, possibly ovipositing.  (📷 photos click here) Pipers Vale LNR TM1741 Sam Chamberlin, Ipswich Borough Council Ranger
31 May Several speckled wood at cavenham Heath this morning Cavenham Heath TL7672 barry woodhouse
  17 May - IP5 1WE 1 holly blue, 1 large white, 1 small white 18 May - 1 holly blue 19 May - 1 holly blue, 1 large white 20 May - 2 large white, 1 holly blue 20 May - Landseer Park IP3 3 brimstone, 2 large white, 2 small white, 2 holly blue, 1 orange tip, 1 speckled wood, 1 green veined white 22 May - 1 large white, 1 holly blue 23 May - 1 holly blue 24 May - 1 holly blue 26 May - 2 holly blue 1 large white, 1 speckled wood, 1 small white 27 May - 1 holly blue 28 May - 1 holly blue, cinnabar moth, 1 large white, 1 small white, 2 orange tip 29 May - 1 holly blue   IP3 9LB Karen Child
31 May 3 Walls seen flying around the churchyard All Saints Church, Sudbourne Debbie Broom
30 May 3 Walls seen flying around the churchyard All Saints Church, Sudbourne   Debbie Broom
29 May This Painted Lady, (📷 photo click here), was sheltering from the wind in our garden in Stowmarket Stowmarket TM038584 Margie & David Carter
29 May 28 Holly Blue 14 Speckled Wood 17 Small White 1 Common Blue Peewit Hill TM2834 Will Brame
29 May 4 Speckled Wood 3 Large White Loompit TM2537 Will Brame
29 May 5 Common Blue 1 Brown Argus Levington Marina TM2438 Will Brame
28 May Brimstone, Green-veined White, Holly Blue.  Also Alabonia Geoffrella a micromoth you can really appreciate only in a photo (📷 photo click here) RSPB Wolves Wood TM0543 Richard Perryman
28 May Common Blue 85, Green Hairstreak 1, Holly Blue 5, Small Heath 19, Red Admiral 1, Speckled Wood 1, Small White, Large White, and Green-veined White, Brown Argus 2 Landguard TM2831 Will Brame
28 May 2 painted lady, 1 speckled wood, 1 Red admiral at Thorpeness ocp this morning. Thorpeness TM4659 Scott Mayson
28 May Very good numbers of Holly Blue butterflies around the Felixstowe Seafront Gardens today, mostly settling on the Euonymus shrubs...and some egg-laying on the flower buds (📷 photos click here) Felixstowe Seafront Gardens TM3034 Charles Cuthbert
28 May Mating pair of Wall Browns at Carlton Marshes SWT  (📷 photo click here) SWT Carlton Marshes TM507922 Ed Hutchings
28 May On the Stour Valley Path this afternoon near to Dazeley's Lane a solitary Small Heath and Peacock. Stour Valley Path TM090334 Paul Gilson
28 May North Cove / Castle Marsh : 1 Wall Brown just left of where path joins river North Cove / Castle Marsh TM4791 Chris Mutimer
28 May Seen a few Small Copper today  (📷 photo click here) SWT Carlton Marshes TM507922 Robert Quadling
28 May Saw a pair of Walls mating (📷 photo click here) in Somerleyton Churchyard! Saw 4 Walls in total plus 2 Small Copper, I Red Admiral and 2 Large and 2 Small White.  Also saw 2 Walls at Somerleyton Station.  (📷 photo click here) Somerleyton TM4896 David and Lilian Pitt
27 May I saw 2 Small coppers, large white and Broad-bordered bee hawk moth. While looking at Military Orchids. Rex Graham Reserve TL 737 746 Matt Garnham
27 May I saw Large White, Small White and a female Large Skipper  (📷 photo click here) Mildenhall Woods TL 735 743 Matt Garnham
27 May Wall Browns seen North end of Cove Dam Track Just west of North Cove Reserve  TM 466910  and  2 Wall Browns along river wall path between Cove Staithe and Six Mile Corner  TM 468912              SWT Carlton Marshes TM4691 Peter Norfolk
27 May While walking through Spouse's Vale NR this morning, I saw the following butterflies: Large White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip male, Brown Argus 2, Common Blue male, Small Heath 3, Speckled Wood 3. Spouse's Vale NR 939358 Martin Peers
27 May I also saw a Small Heath near Bures Bures 915335 Martin Peers
27 May This afternoon, in the Sudbury green cemetery, I saw a Large White, 2 male Common Blues and 2 Red Admirals. Sudbury TL8841 Martin Peers
27 May Green Hairstreak,   (📷 photo click here) SWT Gunton Warren TM5495 Robert Quadling
27 May Speckled Wood, Small Copper, Common Blue,  (📷 photos click here) Corton Woods TM5496 Robert Quadling
27 May 4 Wall Brown SWT Carlton Marshes TM507922  
27 May At least four Wall butterflies along Angles Way at Camps Heath Marshes this afternoon. Camps Heath Marshes TM5094 Andrew Easton
27 May Wall Brown today at 1200 Waddling Lane Flixton TM502960 Richard Martin
26 May Grabbed an hour at @suffolkwildlife Black Bourn Valley this afternoon. Dragonflies and damselflies; yellowhammers; and brimstone, peacock, speckled wood, orange tip and this green-veined white on ox-eye daisies  (📷 photo click here) Black Bourn Valley Tl9369 Mark Brewster
26 May 2 Red Admirals, migrants ?, this morning Landguard TM2831 Will Brame
26 May 11 Peacock,   10 Wall Brown ( 3 Female and 7 Male),   9 Large White,   7 Green-veined White,   4 Holly Blue,   4 Red Admiral,   4 Small White,   1 Brimstone (Female)   1 Common Blue,   1 Speckled Wood. (📷 photo click here) SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
26 May 8 Wall butterflies at Carlton Marshes this morning (4 along river wall and 4 along Whitecast Marsh wall)  (📷 photo click here) . Also finally a Norfolk Hawker on the wing SWT Carlton Marshes TM507922 Andrew Easton
26 May Red Admiral looking freshly emerged on Bowles Mauve SW Ipswich TM1342 Richard Perryman
26 May At least 5 Green Hairstreak in bushes outside East Hide at Minsmere at 2pm today @ RSPB Minsmere TM4666 Alex Rafinski
25 May Peewit Hill still 16 Holly Blues 3 Speckled Woods + Large and Small Whites in warm but dull conditions Peewit Hill TM2834 Will Brame
25 May 8 Wall Brown butterflies seen at Carlton marshes this afternoon while the sun was out, (📷 photos click here) SWT Carlton Marshes TM507922 Gavin Durrant
24 May 4 large whites 2 small whites 3 holy blues 3 peacocks 3 Walls 2 small tortoise shells seen between 11am and 1.30 pm SWT Carlton Marshes TM507922 Stephem Scogings
24 May Went looking for Dingy Skippers at Center Parcs Elveden today.  We found 2 on the opposite mound to where they used to be found.  The first for at least 3 years. Center Parcs Elveden TL8080 Graham Hersey
24 May 6 more sightings of Wall Brown Butterflies today around the site please let us know when and where you see these on the reserve (📷 photo click here) SWT Carlton Marshes TM507922 SWT Broads Warden
23 May Green Hairstreak still showing well at Martlesham Common Nature Reserve today Martlesham TM247461 Kevin Ling
23 May 'Black hole' - Thrilled to find 2 pairs of Spotted Flycatchers (1 Great Waldingfield, 1 Edwardstone) whilst looking for butterflies in tetrad TL9242.  My first Common Blue of 2018, also Brimstone, Large, Small and Green-veined Whites, Orange Tip, Holly Blue & Peacock (+ Common Blue Damselflies). Great Waldingfield TL9242 David Walsh
23 May 'Black hole' - My second black hole tetrad of the day was TL9240. Very few butterflies seen, but eventually found Large and Small Whites, Orange Tip and Holly Blue. Also Azure and Large Red Damselflies Newton TL9240 David Walsh
23 May Suffolk Branch Butterfly Conservation EventSuper day in the Suffolk Brecks surveying for Dingy Skipper. Total of 75 seen in eastern area of Kings Forest.  Good numbers of pristine Common Blue and Brown Argus seen too along with 12 other Sp. Kings Forest   Bill Stone - Suffolk Butterfly Recorder
22 May In garden 1 Green Hairstreak, 1 Brimstone, Orange Tips, 1 Large White, Holly Blues, In field 1 Brown Argus.  Theberton TM4365 Andrew Leng
22 May Found two Brown Argus close to Belstead Brook Park today, in the dry area south of the railway near Chapman's Grove. My first ever sightings of this species when walking from home. Thanks to Kev Ling for the info. Very few other butterflies on the wing Belstead Brook Park TM150409 and TM152410 David Walsh
22 May 2 Wall Brown at Carlton Marshes this morning SWT Carlton Marshes TM507922 Richard Martin
22 May Large White 2, Small White 50+, Green-veined White 8, Orange Tip 5 (1 female), Brown Argus 1, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Small Heath 1. WALDINGFIELD AIRFIELD TL890434 Martin Peers
22 May Small White, Green-veined White 2, Orange Tip 2, Brown Argus 8, Common Blue 3 males, Holly Blue male, Small Heath 4. HENNEY FIELD, SUDBURY TL887425 Martin Peers
22 May 1 Wall Brown sighting SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Chris Mutimer via Robert Quadling
21 May In a 10 minute stroll along part of the river wall at Carlton Marshes at around 10.30 on May 21st as it started to get warm a Wall was basking in the sunshine (📷 photo click here).  The only other butterflies seen were 4 Peacocks and a Green-veined White. SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Bill Plumb
21 May Wall seen just now 4:32 pm Waddling Lane Somerleyton TM484966 Richard Martin
20 May Visited Black Bourne Nature Reserve after reading feature in latest magazine.  Seven species of butterfly recorded: brimstone, large white, comma, peacock, orange tip, red admiral & speckled wood SWT Blackbourne TL9268 Mark Brewster
20 May 'Black hole' - Visited tetrad TM2886 (Homersfield) on the way home from Strumpshaw, and found Large, Small & Green-veined Whites, Orange Tip, Red Admiral, Peacock & Comma.  Also 7 species of dragonfly inc my 1st Black-tailed Skimmer of 2018 and, best of all, a purring Turtle Dove! Homersfield TM2886 David Walsh
20 May During my walk round Newbourne Springs and a field close by I spotted: 1 x red admiral, 2 peacocks, small tortoiseshell, 5 holly blues, 6 small coppers, 8 brown argus, including a mating pair (📷 photo click here), 8 male orange tips, 10 whites, 2 common blues and 6 speckled woods.  Newbourne Springs TM2642 Robert Brown
20 May Cracking day in Suffolk surveying MOD land for butterflies. Fifteen species recorded including my first Common Blue and Brown Argus.  Target species was Dingy Skipper and this was found in healthy numbers King's Forest   Bill Stone
19 May Large White; Green-veined White 2; Holly Blue 6; Red Admiral; Speckled Wood SUDBURY GREEN CEMETERY TL8841 Martin Peers
19 May A trip to North Warren to get these wonderful Green Hairstreaks  (📷 photo click here) North Warren TM4458 Gavin Durrant
19 May Caught up with Green Hairstreak, Hairy Dragonfly and B.B. Chaser at #BelsteadBrookPark today. Plus the Cettis was still singing. Well behaved OrangeTip (📷 photo click here) was my highlight though Belstead Brook Park TM1341 Ian
19 May During my afternoon walk round Landguard, Felixstowe on 19 May 2018, I spotted approximately 12 whites, 5 green hairstreaks, common blue , small copper, brown argus  (📷 photos click here)  and a specked wood. Landguard TM2831 Robert Brown
19 May Orange-tip m2 f1, Small Tortoiseshell 1 Belstead Meadows TM1241 Richard Perryman
19 May Today at North Warren 4 Green Hairstreaks, 1 Small Heath, 4 Small Coppers, 1 Red Admiral, 5 Speckled Woods, 2 Orange Tips, 3 Peacocks and several Green veined Whites. North Warren TM4559 Bob Turner and George Brown
19 May At Snape Warren 7 Small Heaths and at least 10 Green Hairstreaks, all but 1 on Elder. I have not seen Green Hairstreaks here for years, possibly because I have not searched Elder before Snape Warren TM 4057 Bob Turner and George Brown
19 May 6 Holly Blues, 3 Green Hairstreak, 2 Small Coppers, 3 Large White, 7 Small White, 1 Green-veined White, 4 Small Heath, 2 Azure Damselfly, 3 Large Red Damselfly Landguard TM2831 Will Brame
19 May Busy day in the Suffolk Brecks searching for Dingy Skipper. Pleasing to find Dingy Skipper in new areas along eastern edge of Kings Forest. Lots of pristine Small Heath and Small Copper too. Kings Forest TL8474 Bill Stone
19 May 20 Peacock,  10 Green-veined White,  4 Red Admiral,  3 Orange Tip,  2 Holly Blue,  2 Large White,  2 Small Tortoiseshell,  2 Small White,  1 Speckled Wood.                       SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Robert Quadling
19 May First Brown Argus of the year and first time sighting in this area Chapman' Grove, Ipswich TM150410 Kev Ling
18 May Brimstone male + female; Large White; Small White; Green-veined White 10+; Orange Tip male + female; Peacock 6; Small Tortoiseshell LAKENHEATH RSPB   Martin Peers
17 May An hour spent along Chalk Lane, Kings Forest on Thursday afternoon produced 1 Dingy Skipper, (photo click here), 1 Green Hairstreak, 3 Small Heath, 1 Small Copper, 1 Brimstone, 1 Speckled Wood, Peacock and several Orange Tips. Chalk Lane, Kings Forest TL8275 Margie & David Carter
17 May Brimstone 8, Small White 1, Green-veined White 1, Orange-tip m10 f1, Green Hairstreak 1, Small Copper 1, Holly Blue 2, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 2 Alton Water TM1436 Richard Perryman
17 May Small Copper observed nectaring on meadow buttercup (photo click here) . Brimstone, Peacock, Orange-tip, Brown Argus, Large and Small White, Holly Blue also noted on site.   Dragonflies seen today include Hairy and Four-spotted Chaser.  Chantry Park County Wildlife Site TM1343 Sam Chamberlin  Ipswich Borough Council Ranger
17 May Brown Argus today in Clopton  (photo click here) Clopton TM232539 David Basham
15 May 3 Green Hairstreaks Walberswick TM648735275082 Barry Shaw
15 May Small Copper Walberswick TM648213275410 Barry Shaw
15 May A few minutes spent by Southwold sewage works on May 15th produced singles of Green Hairstreak and Large White, 5 Green-veined White, 6 Orange Tip, 2 Brimstone, 6 Speckled Wood, 5 Holly Blue and 2 Red Admirals.   (photo click here) Southwold sewage works TM499765 Bill Plumb
15 May 4 Green Hairstreaks and several Orange Tips at Westleton Heath. Westleton Heath. TM4468 Bill Plumb
15 May Brimstone 1, Green-veined White 1, Orange-tip m3 f1, Holly Blue 5 Kyson Point TM2646 Richard Perryman
  8 May - 1 Holly Blue,1 Small White, 1 Large White, 1 Speckled Wood
9 May - 1 Small White, 1 Holly Blue
10 May - 2 Holly Blue
11 May - 1 Small White
12 May - 1 Large White, 1 Small White, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Orange Tip
15 May - 1 Small White, 1 Large White, 2 Holly Blue
SE Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
15 May 4 Small Heath , (photo click here), on Whin Hill at Minsmere today and at least 5 Green Hairstreak near the East Hide. RSPB Minsmere TM4666 Margie & David Carter
15 May Common Blue (my first of the year) Hengrave TL8268 Rob Parker
15 May Small Heath Landguard TM2831 Will Brame
15 May Red Admiral Lowestoft TM5225391428 Antony Wren
15 May Small Copper, Small Heath, Orange tip, Small and Large White, Green veined White, and one Dingy Skipper. (photo click here)  Small whites and orange tips mating.  Chalk Lane, King's Forest TL832753 Trevor Goodfellow
15 May Having spent the morning at Devil's Dyke for Dingy Skipper and Green Hairstreak, I decided that today would be a good day to visit Shawlands and I wasn't disappointed: Brimstone 3 (2m), Large White, Small White, Green-veined White 5, Orange Tip 5 (4males), Holly Blue 2 (males), Peacock, Speckled Wood. Great Cornard  TL889413 Martin Peers
12 May 25 Peacock,  17 Small Tortoiseshell,  13 Green-veined White,  8 Orange Tip,  5 Holly Blue,  4 Speckled Wood,  4 Small White,  2 Large White SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert  Quadling
11 May 2 Green Hairstreaks  observed in flight maintaining territories.   (photo click here) Pipers Vale LNR TM1741 Sam Chamberlin, Ipswich Borough Council Ranger
11 May 2 Green Hairstreaks, 1 Holly Blue, 15 Green-veined White, 1 Large White, 1 Orange Tip Felixstowe Ferry TM3236 Will Brame
10 May 1 Wall Brown  (photo click here) SWT Carlton Marshes TM4945492963 Matt Gooch
9 May I was pleased to find this Painted Lady butterfly - my first of the year - at RSPB North Warren today but when resting on the ground with wings closed it almost completely vanished!   (photo click here)  Small Copper and Speckled Wood butterflies also out today at RSPB North Warren, Suffolk, including these two - friends or rivals?   (photo click here) RSPB North Warren TM4458 Charles Cuthbert
9 May Green Hairstreak, Green-veined White, Large White, Peacock, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell (2), and worn Painted Lady.   (photo click here) Brakey Wood TM1876 Bill Plumb
9 May 1 Holly Blue at 10.05am and 1 Small White, 2 Large White, 3 (male) Orange Tip, between 12.30pm -1pm Ellough Industrail Estate, Beccles TM4488 Robert Quadling
9 May My first comma of the year  Flixton TM511961 Richard Martin
9 May Photographed first holly blue (Celastrina argiolus) of 2018 at Kiln Meadow, Ipswich this morning (photo click here). Peacock, brimstone and speckled wood also seen Kiln Meadow TM1441 Mark Brewster
9 May 34 Green-veined White, 5 Peacock, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Small Copper, 1 Orange tip, 3 Large White.  3+ Latticed Heath.  10+ Large red Damselfly.   4 Whimbrel 14 "tundrae" Ringed Plovers 9 Dunlin 2 Little Egret 4 Hobby 16 Buzzards 7 Yellow Wagtails 4 Marsh Harriers 1 Sparrow Hawk Felixstowe ferry TM3236 Will Brame
9 May Full list of species seen in the tetrad : Dingy Skipper, just 1 seen along ride 204 c250m east of the Archery office, Brimstone, Large, Small and Green-veined Whites, Orange Tip, Green Hairstreak, Small Copper, Holly Blue, Painted Lady, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Small Heath.  Total 13 species King’s Forest TL8272 David Walsh
9 May We briefly visited tetrad near Griffin’s Covert and saw Brimstone, Large White, Orange Tip, Peacock, Speckled Wood King’s Forest TL8472 David Walsh
9 May Along Chalk Lane tetrad  we noted Brimstone, Large and Green-veined Whites, Orange Tip, Green Hairstreak, Small Copper, Holly Blue, Peacock, Speckled Wood King’s Forest TL8274 David Walsh
9 May Small Coppers – 2 seen: TL830733 (west of Wordwell track) and TL829751 (Chalk Lane) King’s Forest TL8373 TL8275 David Walsh
9 May Small Heath – 1, along ride 204 at intersection with ride 211, King’s Forest TL836734 David Walsh
9 May Painted Lady – 1 along the Wordwell ride King’s Forest TL833730 David Walsh
8 May 'Black hole'  - Large White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Peacock (also Large Red and Azure Damselflies) Hadleigh/Aldham TM 0244 David Walsh
8 May Green-veined White, Orange Tip Kersey/Hadleigh TM 0044 David Walsh
8 May 'Black hole'   Large White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Holly Blue, Peacock, Speckled Wood (plus 3 singing Nightingales, one in TM0040, two in TM0140) Layham TM 0040 David Walsh
8 May Green-veined White, Orange Tip Layham TM0038 David Walsh
8 May Brimstone, Large White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip Boxford TM9638 David Walsh
8 May 'Black hole'   Large White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock Boxford TM9438 David Walsh
8 May More Green Hairstreak sightings. This time at Martlesham Common. So close they were taken on my mobile phone  (photo click here) Martlesham Common TM2446 Kev Ling
8 May A brief lunchtime walk produced 3 Green Hairstreaks, 1 Small Copper (first of the year), 1 Brimstone, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Large White, 1 Green Veined White, 1 Peacock. Martlesham Common Nature Reserve TM247461 Kev Ling
8 May Our first ever Commas (2) in the garden today plus two Holly Blues. Kesgrave TM230452 Jenny Plank
7 May female Brimstone in my Ipswich garden inspecting and appearing to lay eggs on an alder buckthorn planted last autumn; a result!  Also a female Orange Tip appearing to lay eggs on Honesty  (photo click here) Ipswich Bill Plumb
7 May 3 Green Hairstreaks Purdis Heath TM2142 Steve Babbs
7 May First Small Copper of the year (Lycaena phlaeas) at Cavenham Heath today. Also saw a Brimstone, several Orange-tips, and a Holly Blue close to the river Cavenham Heath TL7669 Mark Brewster
7 May Suffolk Branch Butterfly Conservation Event -  Enjoyed the Green Hairstreaks and other butterflies at todays  event at Spring Wood  (photo click here)    Click here for a selection of photos from the event taken by and copyright of Paul Harrison Spring Wood, Ipswich TM1441 Kev Ling
7 May Nice day out helping BC Suffolk in Ipswich. First Green Hairstreak of the year and a Whitethroat too!  Green-veined White & Speckled Wood (photo click here) Spring Wood, Ipswich TM1441 Mr H
7 May Lovely evening walk around Oulton Marshes good evening for butterfly counted 62 Small Tortoiseshell,, 24 Peacock, 3 Speckled Wood, 2 Green-veined White & 1 Comma Oulton Marshes TM5092 Lindsey - B.O.B
7 May A few Orange-tips around my Woodbridge garden this afternoon along with many Holly Blues Woodbridge TM2648 Eddie Bathgate
7 May Chalk lane north stow. Up to twenty Green Hairstreaks  (photo click here) , large white, small white, green-veined white, speckled wood, orange tip, peacock, comma, brimstone and one small copper. No sign of dingies.  Chalk lane north stow TL8275 Trevor Goodfellow
7 May A still and clear morning, as it warmed Green Hairstreak and Holly Blue Butterflies were seen on the Lilac near the Observatory Landguard Observatory TM2831  
7 May Very worn Painted Lady Upper Hollesley Common TM3347 Steve Babbs
  1 May - 1 Small White 
3 May - 1 small White, 1 Holly Blue
4 May - 2 Small White, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Speckled Wood
5 May - 1 Holly Blue, 3 Small White, 1 Speckled Wood
6 May -  1 Small White, 1 Orange tip, 1 Large White
7 May - 4 Large White, 1 Holly Blue
SE Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
6 May Large White, Orange Tip, Peacock (not a black hole, but I passed through this one so noted what I saw)   Stoke Ash TM1270 David Walsh
  Help us to complete the map of butterflies in Suffolk by searching in one of the 'Black Holes'  click here for details      
6 May 'Black hole'  -(best site Eye Cemetery) Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Holly Blue Braiseworth/Eye TM1272 David Walsh
6 May 'Black hole'  -Large White, Small White, Orange Tip, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Speckled Wood   Eye/Hoxne TM1674 David Walsh
6 May 'Black hole'  -(best site close to the River Dove) Large White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Holly Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock (also 10+ Large Red Damseflies)   Brome & Oakley/Hoxne TM1676 David Walsh
6 May 'Black hole'  -(alongside River Waveney) Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock   Brome & Oakley TM1678 David Walsh
6 May Green-veined White, Orange Tip (not a black hole, but I passed through this one so noted what I saw)   Syleham TM2078 David Walsh
6 May 'Black hole'  -Large White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Peacock, Speckled Wood   Syleham TM2278 David Walsh
6 May 'Black hole'  -Large White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Speckled Wood Weybread TM2280 David Walsh
6 May Comma (Polygonia c-album) in Northfield Wood, near Stowmarket, Suffolk this morning. Speckled woods and orange tips on the wing too Northfield Wood TM0260 Mark Brewster
6 May Just a single Dingy Skipper seen today in Wordwell section of Kings Forest at TL828730, close to Nightingale Lodge.  Little else new seen, several Green Hairstreak along Chalk Lane. No Common Blue, Small Copper or Heath. Kings Forest, Wordwell TL828730 Bill Stone
6 May My first garden Holly Blue and Orange-tip of the year (Wife saw OT yesterday in the garden) Flixton TM511961 Richard Martin
6 May Ditchingham Grove, Rushmere St Andrew IP5 1NE 6 May - 1 Brimstone, 1 Large White, 1 Speckled Wood Rushmere St Andrew TM205446 Karen Child
5 May Camberwell Beauty  (📷 photo click here) Taken on the River Gipping footpath between Needham Mkt and Badley. Needham Mkt   via patrick peters
5 May Brimstone m, Orange-tip 1m 1f, Holly Blue 5, Comma, Speckled Wood 2 NE Ipswich TM1945 Pippa Hall
5 May Encountered my very first Green Hairstreak butterflies of the year a pair of males in an aerial fighting ball as well as two male Brimstones and one male Green-veined Whit butterfly. Private land near Orwell country park. TM1840 Daniel Cable-Davey.
5 May 1 Green veined white, 5 orange tip 2 Male 3 female, 1 brimstone, 2 Small Heath, 2 large white Cavenham Heath TL7669 barry woodhouse
5 May 'Black hole' tetrad TM2052 -  I had a quick look at TM2052 but only had Peacock, Green Veined White and lots of Orange-tips near Grundisburgh TM2052 Steve Babbs
5 May Small White 23, Large White 5, Green Veined White 1, Brimstone 2 males, Orange-tip 4, Peacock 1, Speckled Wood 12. 3 singing Nightingales late morning Fagbury Cliff TM2734 Will Brame
5 May Small White 9, Green Veined White 7, Peacock 1 Landguard on the Butts TM2832 Will Brame
5 May 6 Speckled Wood, 1 Brimstone, 1 Orange Tip (m), 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Green Veined White Rushmere St Andrew TM202466 Kev Ling
5 May 2 Green Hairstreak, 2 Orange Tip, 2 Holly Blue, 1 Green Veined White Braky Wood, Ipswich TM152414 Kev Ling
5 May 1 Orange Tip (m) and two eggs found on Garlic Mustard, 1 Brimstone, 2 Green Veined White Bobbits Lane, Ipswich TM147414 Kev Ling
5 May 68 Green-veined White, 75 Peacock, 45 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Speckled Wood, 3 Holy Blue, 2 Orange Tip, 1 Large White. SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Robert Quadling
5 May A decent selection of butterflies this morning on Cavenham Heath including 1 Small Copper, 3 Green Hairstreaks, (photos click here), 2 Speckled Wood, 2 Holly Blue, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and several, Orange Tip, Peacock Green-veined White Cavenham Heath TL7669 Margie & David Carter 
5 May Productive and enjoyable afternoon in Belstead Brook Park. Thanks @Kevla7270 for showing me Orange Tip eggs on Hedge Mustard. 1st Garden Warbler singing. 2 Green Hairstreaks on Broom, also 3 Holly Blue and 3 Brimstone, Belstead Brook Park TM1541 David Walsh
5 May Another Holly Blue Nun Square Bury St Edmunds TL8563 barry woodhouse
4 May 11+ Orange Tip, 3 Peacock, 4 Green-veined White +1 Small White & 1 Comma Fynn Valley, Playford area TM2147 Dave Pearsons
4 May Saw 3 Holly Blues, female Orange tip, Speckled Wood at Grove primary school woods Lowestoft this morning, Lowestoft TM5190 Lindsey - B.O.B
4 May Followed by a Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell at Westwood primary woods Lowestoft this afternoon Lowestoft TM5291 Lindsey - B.O.B
4 May Green-veined White 7, Small White 1, Small Tortoiseshell 2 Landguard TM2832 Will Brame
4 May Holly Blue 3, Small Tortoiseshell ,2 Speckled Wood 20, Small White 13, Large White 2, Orange tip 2, Comma 2, Green Hairstreak 1, Brimstone 1 male, Peacock 1, Green-veined White 2, Peewit Hill TM2834 Will Brame
4 May Large White 2, Comma 1, Orange-tip, 1 Peacock, 1 Small White 1, Speckled Wood 1 The Grove TM3035 Will Brame
4 May Holly Blue in our Kesgrave garden today Kesgrave TM30452 Jenny & Gary Plank
3 May Six species along the Lark Valley path at 11am: Green-veined White, Large White, (my first this year), Orange- tip Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Holly Blues Lark Valley TL8268 Rob Parker
1 May Duke Street, Hadleigh IP7 5DP 1 May - 1 Orange Tip Hadleigh TM0242 Karen Child
1 May My first Speckled Wood of 2018 Bury St Eds garden Bury St Edmunds TL8464 Rob Parker
  Help us to complete the map of butterflies in Suffolk by searching in one of the 'Black Holes'  click here for details      
1 May Baylham 'black hole' tetrad TM0850 -  Orange-tip 3, Green-veined White 4, Peacock 1. Baylham TM0950 David Walsh
1 May Baylham 'black hole' tetrad TM0850 -  Orange-tip 2, Green-veined White 6, Peacock 6, Large White 1, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 1. Counted in an hour.  Best area along footpath bordering Knotting Grove Baylham TM0951 David Walsh
1 May Bramford 'black hole' tetrad TM1046 -  Orange-tip 1, Green-veined White 3, Peacock 11, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Large White 1, Brimstone 2, Speckled Wood 2. Counted in an hour along Bullen Lane & footpath to north Bramford TM1046 David Walsh
1 May Bramford 'black hole' tetrad TM1046 - Orange-tip 6, Green-veined White 1, Peacock 1. Bramford TM1146 David Walsh
1 May Encountered today my first Orange-tip butterfly of the year a male then a pair courting as well as two male Speckled Wood butterflies in an aerial fighting ball.  Private land near the Orwell country park near the Orwell country park TM1840 Daniel Cable-Davey
1 May 1 Large White, 4 Orange-tip, 5 Peacock, 6 Green-veined White, 3 Small White Loompit Lake TM2537 Will Brame
1 May 11 Green-veined White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell Landguard butts TM2832 Will Brame
1 May One of my targets for the spring successfully achieved!  My first ever local Green Hairstreak, in Belstead Brook Park this morning.  Also my first Small White of the year.  (photo click here) Belstead Brook Park TM1441 David Walsh
1 May Orange-tip m, Holly Blue SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
26 Apr 2 Orange Tip Loompit TM2537 Dave Pearsons
26 Apr 1 Painted Lady, 2 Holly Blue Bramford picnic site TM1246 Matt
26 Apr first Green-veined white and Speckled wood butterflies for the year Ipswich Golf Club TM2042  
26 Apr In the woodland at North Warren today I saw 4 Speckled Woods, a Peacock and 2 Green veined Whites . North Warren TM 4559 Bob Turner
26 Apr Out on the marshes I was surprised to see a Painted Lady land beside a bird viewing platform where it sat for 40 minutes trying to warm up during the brief sunny periods.  It spent most of it`s time with wings folded when it was almost invisible on the dead grass North Warren TM 4658 Bob Turner
26 Apr Ditchingham Grove, Rushmere St Andrew IP5 1NE 26 Apr - 1 Orange Tip, 1 Small White E Ipswich TM205446 Karen Child
21 Apr - 3 Small White
22 Apr - 1 Holly Blue, 1 Small White
23 Apr - 1 Holly Blue, 1 Small White
24 Apr - 1 Holly Blue, 1 Small White
25 Apr - 1 Holly Blue
SE Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
25 Apr Green-veined White 2, Large White 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Speckled Wood 1, Holly Blue 1 Belstead Brook Park TM1441 David Walsh
25 Apr Orange Tip 2, Speckled Wood 1 Belstead Brook Park TM1541 David Walsh
25 Apr Painted Lady Gunton warren TM5495 James Wright per Nick B
25 Apr In my garden, I had a male Orange-tip on a bluebell, pic attached, and also a Small White paid a visit.  (photo click here) N Ipswich TM1646 Robert Brown
23 April Encountered today my first two male Speckled Wood butterflies of the year and one male Orange-tip butterfly feeding from garlic mustard plants.  Also encountered three male Green-veined Whites and two Peacocks basking on bare ground.. Private land near Orwell country park TM1840 Daniel Cable-Davey
22 Apr Saw our first Green Hairstreaks of the year,  today at Orwell Country and Landseer Parks. First of all, two were seen chasing each other very rapidly, then a single sighting in the latter location. Other species seen included 12+ Peacocks, some taking advantage of a colourful and presumably nectar rich swathe of Ground Ivy, innumerable Small Whites, 3x Small Tortoiseshell, 2x Comma, 2x Speckled Wood, 1 Red Admiral, 3x male Orange Tips, 8x Brimstones (mainly males but also 2 egg-laying females), 1 Green-veined White. Orwell Country and Landseer Parks. TM1840 TM1742 David & Julian Dowding
22 Apr Orange-tip, Small White Milsoms, Kesgrave TM233464 Dave Pearsons
22 Apr In my garden Brimstones, Peacock, Holly Blue, Orange-tip and Speckled Wood. Haverhill TL658465 Neil Dickinson
22 Apr  Our butterfly surveyors have come back with a decent list including orange-tip, green-veined white, comma, peacock, speckled wood and brimstone, bee flies continue to be seen around the ground ivy and lots of mining bee activity in the car park  RSPB Minsmere TM4666  
22 Apr Just seen first Holy Blue Butterfly at Carlton Marshes on the ivy bush near visitor centre at 10am SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 obert Quadling
22 Apr By the tunnel this morning: 3 Orange Tip (m), 3 Holly Blue, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Comma, 1 Peacock Belstead Meadows TM129418 Kev Ling
21 Apr Painted Lady Hollesley Marsh TM3744 Alex Rafinski
21 Apr 3 x Orange Tip, 1 Green Veined White Bobbits Lane, Ipswich TM148414 Kev Ling
21 Apr My back Garden () - 2 x Holly Blue Ipswich TM142428 Kev Ling
21 Apr 1 Comma, 1 Small White, 1 Female Brimstone, 48 Small Tortoiseshell, 51 Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Robert Quadling
20 Apr I would like to report that during our walk today, 20 April, from Needham Lakes to Pipps Ford, we sighted:   10 Peacocks, 4 male Brimstones, 7 male Orange tips, 1 female Orange tip, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Comma, 3 Whites and 1 Green Veined White  (photos click here) Needham Lakes to Pipps Ford TM1054 Robert & Karen Brown
20 Apr I have over the last two days encountered six male Brimstone butterflies, three Green veined Whites, two male Large Whites, two Small Tortoiseshells, six Peacocks and two Red Admirals. Private Land near Orwell Country Park Ipswich TM1840 Daniel Cable-Davey
20 Apr Mr Brimstone patrolling yesterday, today Mrs B was laying all over the Buckthorn which has tiny leaves.  Managed to mark one set of 4 eggs so I can keep a eye on them.  Excitement!   Framlingham TM287634 Geraldine Smith
20 Apr 2 Small white SE Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
19 Apr 1 Small white SE Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
19 Apr Belstead Meadows, First Orange Tip of the year (1 male). Also 5 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Comma Belstead Meadows TM132418 Jo Ling
19 Apr 1st Holly Blue in Lattice Ave garden Ipswich TM191447 Dave Pearsons
19 Apr Good number of Small Tortoiseshells (Aglais urticae) between Harleston and Northfield Wood, Stowmarket this morning and odd Large White in the wood itself.  Nice to hear the chiffchaffs again too! Northfield Wood TM0260 Mark Brewster
19 Apr Brimstone Butterfly along Dell Road, Oulton Broad Oulton Broad TM5292 Jane Ferguson
19 Apr Holly Blue at Marsh Road, Oulton Broad this morning Oulton Broad TM5192 Jane Ferguson
19 Apr 2 Small Tortoiseshell, Large White, male Brimstone, 2 Peacocks  this afternoon cavenham Heath TL7672 barry woodhouse
19 Apr Brimstone 1, Green-veined White 2, Orange-tip (m) 1 SW Ipswich TM143419 Richard Perryman
19 Apr Brimstone 1 SW Ipswich TM134427 Richard Perryman
19 Apr Orange Tip 1. Belstead Brook Park TM1441 David Walsh
19 Apr Green-veined White 1, Large White 1, Small Tortoiseshell 4, Peacock 2, Comma 1 Belstead Brook Park TM1541 David Walsh
19 Apr Holly blue at Lound lakes this morning Lound lakes TG511007 Gavin Durrant
18 Apr Thought you might like this record when I recently visited my Aunt in her Care Home - Grove Court, Woodbridge, IP12 4BW, . We had a wander around the grounds in the sunshine and I spotted: 2 Peacock 1 Small Tortoiseshell  Woodbridge TM269484 Sue Smith
18 Apr Small Copper Bromeswell TM3049 Anne Coope
18 Apr Peacock 10, Comma 3, Brimstone 1 Belstead Brook Park TM1441 David Walsh
18 Apr Holly Blue was here in our garden yesterday too. Just one E Ipswich TM1842 Julian Dowding
18 Apr Green-veined White 1, Brimstone - 1 male; Peacock - 7, Small Tortoiseshell - 2 (last year's ploughing of most of the site by developers trying to jump the gun has reduced the butterflies to the margins at this site).  The 'Green Sudbury' group led by Nick Miller are currently fighting for the survival of the site (with the help of my records). Henney Field TL 887425 Martin Peers
18 Apr Small White 1, Green-veined White (my first this year) - 1; Brimstone - male & female; Peacock 4 (2 pairs mating); Small Tortoiseshell 4 Chilton Woods TL 891426 Martin Peers
18 Apr Orange tip, Brimstone, Holly Blue in garden Theberton TM4365 Andrew Leng
18 Apr 1 Speckled Wood, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Brimstone male, 1 Peacock, 1 Small White, 1 Comma. Landguard TM2831 Will Brame
18 Apr 7 Comma, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Brimstone male, 1 Large White, 3 Peacock. Peewit Hill TM2834 Will Brame
18 Apr 1 Small White, 3 Small Tortoiseshells, 2 Green-veined White, 26 Peacock Felixstowe Ferry to Kingsfleet TM3238 Will Brame
18 Apr Orange Tip, Green-veined White SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Robert Quadling
18 Apr Brimstone 6, Peacock 6, Comma 2 Alton Water TM1436 Richard Perryman
18 Apr Today at Folly Road, Mildenhall, amongst Vanessids and Brimstones, two Orange–tip males, several Small Whites and a second Green-Veined White, nearly a month after my first.  My first Holly Blue, about a week later than usual because of last week’s weather, again egg-laying on terminal buds of anything but Holly!  Must have mated a few days ago?  (photo click here) Mildenhall TL707757 Mervyn Crawford
18 Apr 7:20 to 12:20 15+ Peacock, 8+ Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Comma and Small White SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Andrew Easton
18 Apr Butterflies recorded between 12.30pm to1pm at Ellough Industral Estate, . 6 Peacocks Beccles TM4488 Robert Quadling
18 Apr This morning’s sun brought welcome visitors to our Bury St Edmunds garden: 2 Holly Blues (my first of 2018)  A Brimstone visited my Alder Buckthorn 3 times, each time depositing a single egg on the end of a greening leaf bud.  This is the first time I have seen egg laying in the approx 12 years I have had the shrub.  Aslo a single Peacock. Bury St Edmunds TL8464 Rob Parker
18 Apr 1 Small white SW Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
18 Apr at Hadleigh Railway Walk, - 13 Brimstone,3 Peacock, 14 Small white, 1 Orange tip - This was a four mile walk Hadleigh Railway Walk TM0240 to TM0540 Karen Child
17 Apr 1 Brimstone Euston TL894798 Kev Ling
17 Apr 1 Brimstone Norton TL959651 Kev Ling
17 Apr 1 Brimstone Bury St Eds Garden TL845642 Margaret Charlesworth
17 Apr 2 Brimstone (m) Ramsey Wood TM066432 Jane Henderson
17 Apr 2 Brimstone (f) Chattisham TM088421 Jane Henderson
17 Apr 12 brimstone (both sexes) Ickworth Estate TL819618 Jane Henderson
17 Apr First Small White today which I first thought was the female orange tip from yesterday.  Also another male Brimstone Thurston TL9264 Trevor Goodfellow
17 Apr Landseer Park was awash with Small Tortoiseshells and Peacocks Landseer Park TM1742 Julian Dowding
17 Apr 1 Peacock at the east end of Long Strops (towards Bell Lane), 1 Red Admiral mid Long Strops. 3 Peacocks & 1 (small) Comma at the west end of Long Strops (on the mole hills near the wood).  1 Comma on the Kesgrave cycle path near Pergola Piece. Kesgrave TM2244 Richard Wall
17 Apr The casual IBC rangers saw two egg-laying female Brimstones at 20-year old bushes, tucked away I think above the wet area. Landseer Park TM1742 Julian Dowding
17 Apr Brimstone  nr dog walking area Foxhall TM2244 Dave Pearsons
17 Apr 2 Peacock RSPB Hollesley TM3642 Dave Pearsons
17 Apr 1 Peacock SW Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
16 Apr Old Station House, Somerleyton, NR32 5QN. Clouded Yellow, flying over garden.  Probably female.  Somerleyton TM479965 Sue Cox
16 Apr Portal Avenue Woods, Martlesham Heath 1 x Small White, 1 x Brimstone, 2 x Peacock Martlesham TM240460 Kev Ling
15 Apr Edge of Old Hall Wood, Belstead 2 Small Tortoiseshell Belstead TM131398 Jo Ling
15 Apr We saw 2 male brimstones in the garden this morning! Mildenhall TL727754 Janine Avison
14 Apr Small White, Brimstone - female flying across the road, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Comma - all singles. Hyland, Sudbury TL882414 Martin Peers
14 Apr Brimstone 2 males, Peacock Shawlands, Gt Cornard TL890412 Martin Peers
14 Apr Brimstone and Peacock sighted Saturday 14/4/18  CO10 5PB Boxford Playing fields TL9624 Melvyn Eke
14 Apr two Peacocks and a Comma as well as a Brimstone at Ingham Ingham TL8570 Mr H
14 Apr Peacock, Brimstones male and female, and a Small White enjoying the nectar in ornamental cherry blossom (photo click here) Waldringfield TM2845 Peter Maddison
14 Apr and a nice new Peacock sunning itself outside Leiston Leisure Centre Leiston TM4562 Geraldine Smith
14 Apr After a week of dreary weather, a Small Tortoiseshell in our Framlingham garden Framlingham TM287634 Geraldine Smith
14 Apr Two Peacocks, a Red Admiral and a Small Tortoiseshell in Kirton, Suffolk Kirton TM2739 Robert Brown
14 Apr my first Small White of the year, (photo click here), and two Peacocks at Landguard, Felixstowe Landguard TM2831 Robert Brown
14 Apr 6  Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Robert Quadling
14 Apr Yay! Male Orange-tip in Brantham, Suffolk this afternoon! Brantham TM1034 via Bill Stone
14 Apr 10 Peacock, 3 Comma, 3 Brimstone , 3 Small Tortoiseshell Kiln Meadow, Ipswich TM145414 Kev Ling
14 Apr Large White - Just hatched out this morning.   (photo click here) Flixton TM511961 Richard Martin
14 Apr 1 Peacock, 1 Small white, 1 Brimstone SW Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
7 Apr 4 Brimstones,  Also Small White Genesis Green TL742577 Meg Johnson
7 Apr 1 Brimstone in Backhouse Lane, Great Cornard Great Cornard TL8838 Richard Wall
7 Apr 1 Brimstone on A134 Sudbury Road just east of Sudbury Sudbury TL8840 Richard Wall
7 Apr 4 Brimstone (1f / 3m), 4 Comma , 1 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell Kiln Meadow/Bobbits Lane TM145414 Kev Ling
7 Apr This last week we have had a male Brimstone patrolling the hedge with the Buckthorn in it on several sunny days, a Peacock I let out of the garage and, a joy yesterday, a Small Tortoiseshell in the herbaceous border was seen several times.  Let us hope this will be a good year even if starting rather late. Framlingham TM287634 Geraldine Smith
7 Apr A male Brimstone flew through my garden in Saxmundham today Saxmundham TM 3763 Bob Turner
7 Apr During a walk round Newbourne Springs today I spotted 3 Peacocks and 2 male Brimstones.  Two of the Peacocks were nectaring on what I call, pussy willow (photo click here) Newbourne Springs TM2642 Robert Brown
7 Apr I saw my first Peacock of the year, in our garden Newton TL9040 Dean Morley
7 Apr 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes TM5092 Robert Quadling
7 Apr Such a sunny day after all, I expected to see something and was not disappointed: Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell and Comma at home in Thurston (photo click here) Thurston TL9264 Trevor Goodfellow
7 Apr 3 Peacocks and a Male Brimstone. 22C!   TL8779 Mr H
7 Apr Finally saw my first butterflies of the year! 4 Small Tortoiseshells along edge of SWT Trimley Marshes and then another one at home! Trimley St Mary TM2836 Bill Stone
7 Apr 4 Commas Bury St Edmunds TL8465 Barry Woodhouse
7 Apr Male Brimstone sighted in Buxhall Buxhall TM0057 Jane Tuke
7 Apr 1 Peacock SW Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
6 Apr Today, 6th April was much cooler windier and overcast.  Just one Peacock seen by the river Lark at West Stow. West Stow TL8070 Rob Parker
5 Apr 1 Brimstone at the back of Ipswich Hospital NE Ipswich TM1844 Richard Wall
5 Apr 1 Peacock Chantry Park TM137439 Kev Ling
5 Apr 1 Peacock Martlesham Heath (Police HQ) TM245459 Kev Ling
5 Apr Just good enough to walk my transect at Bury St Edmunds.  At 12C in 100% sun, I saw 6 Small Tortoiseshells and one Peacock. Bury St Edmunds   Rob Parker
5 Apr Large White reported today in Ipswich along with good numbers of Brimstone, Peacocks and Small Tortoiseshells across the county Ipswich   Bill Stone
5 Apr Signs of spring at Wolves Wood, Suffolk today - Light Orange Underwing, Comma  (photos click here) and frog spawn.  Several Chiffchaff singing and plenty of newts in the pond shallows RSPB Wolves Wood TM0543 Chris Bishop
5 Apr 2 Peacock   (photo click here) , 1 Comma and 1 male Brimstone near the woodland fringe of the park this afternoon. Bourne Park TM1541 Sam Chamberlin
5 Apr Male Brimstone, Peacock and plenty of Bombus terrestris bumblebees today Purdis farm.  Also a few Bombus hypnorum and Bombus pratorum Purdis Farm TM2142 Neil Sherman
5 Apr First Brimstone of the year and a few Peacocks fluttering around today in the garden Flixton TM511961 Richard Martin
5 Apr 1 Comma,1 Peacock,1 Small Tortoiseshell, Landguard on the butts TM282318 Will Brame
5 Apr 3 Small Tortoiseshell,3 Comma,1 Peacock Peewit Hill TM287340 Will Brame
5 Apr Peacock SW Ipswich TM134427 Richard Perryman
4 Apr Male brimstone sighted in Buxhall Buxhall TM0057 Jane Tuke
4 Apr A male Brimstone was seen flying at Benhall Green today Benhall Green TM3861 Bob Turner
4 Apr 2 Peacocks at Snape Snape TM4057 Bob Turner
4 Apr 2 Peacocks at Saxmundham Saxmundham TM3763 Bob Turner
4 Apr My Chantry Garden = 1 x Comma , 1 x Red Admiral Ipswich TM142428 Kev & Jo Ling
4 Apr Martlesham Heath Control Tower = 1 x Brimstone   Martlesham TM239458 Kev & Jo Ling
29 Mar I would like to report that I saw two Small Tortoiseshells near Martlesham Church,  (photo click here) Martlesham TM261469 Robert Brown
29 Mar Butterflies seen between 12.30pm and 1pm , 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock, 1 Comma at Ellough Industral Estate Beccles TM443888 Robert Quadling
26 Mar 2 Peacock SW Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
26 Mar I saw a Brimstone in my garden Chantry, Ipswich TM1342 Kev Ling
26 Mar I did see two Brimstones today Meeting Green TL742577 Meg Johnson
26 Mar Theberton Garden, Red Admiral and Tortoiseshell Theberton TM4365 Andrew Leng
26 Mar my wife saw a male brimstone in nightingale road Ipswich yesterday lunchtime Ipswich TM1841 Peter Compton
26 Mar first Yellow Brimstone and 3 Small Tortoiseshell SWT Carlton Marsh TM5092 Gaius Hawes
26 Mar Sunny warmish day after a cold start here just outside Ipswich. Plenty of bumblebees out, Peacock and Small tortoiseshell butterflies and this Orange underwing moth, my second of the year  (photo click here) NE Ipswich TM2043 Neil Sherman
26 Mar Brimstone butterfly on Whin Hill RSPB Minsmere TM4667  
26 Mar Just to let you know that I saw my first 2018 Brimstone butterfly (male) this morning, flying in the woodland which separates my garden from the grounds of Framlingham Castle. Framlingham TM2863 Caroline Price
26 Mar Coincidentally, a friend who lives in Laxfield ie not many miles away, has just mailed me with news of her first Brimstone sighting too (another male).    What a welcome sight! Laxfield TM2072 Caroline Price
26 Mar Saw a Brimstone and a Comma in our Sudbury garden this morning. Sudbury TL8841 Martin Peers
25 Mar I saw my 1st butterfly 2018 (ignoring the French hitchhiker) on 25th March. Small Tortoiseshell Flixton Marsh Lane, Blundeston TM5095 Richard Martin
25 Mar Just seen first butterfly at Carlton Marshes at 16.15pm Small Tortoishell only one SWT Carlton Marshes TM5088592020 Robert Quadling
23 Mar 1 Small tortoiseshell Peewit Hill TM287340 Will Brame
21 Mar 2 Commas Landguard obs TM282318 Will Brame
21 Mar Brimstone this morning Cavenham Heath TL7672 Barry Woodhouse
21 Mar Small Tortoiseshell Oulton Marshes TM5094  
21 Mar Peewit Hill today 1 Peacock 1 Small Tortoiseshell on the wing seeming much more spring like  (photos click here) Felixstowe, Peewit Hil TM287340 Will Brame
21 Mar I saw a Comma at Hadleigh (TM0242) this morning. Regards, Martin Hadleigh TM0242 Martin Peers
21 Mar Today at Folly Road, Mildenhall a single Green-veined White in the exact same flower-bed on Grape Hyacinth as one seen on 11th March about 18 years ago by my late mother-in-law, Eileen Coe.  (plus a Comma and two Brimstones) Mildenhall TL707757 Mervyn & Sheila Crawford
21 Mar Small Tortoiseshell just now Lowestoft TM5324091594 Antony Wren
21 Mar A Small Tortoiseshell was seen flying today at Banter's Barn Farm, Boyton Boyton TM 3847 Bob Turner
20 Mar Encountered my very first Brimstone butterfly of the year a female feeding from an open dandelion flower on a meadow in Ravenswood Ipswich Ravenswood TM1840 Daniel Cable-Davey
17 Mar A Small Tortoiseshell has decided it's best not to go outside today (photo click here) Stutton TM153347 Mark Nowers
17 Mar I saw a male Brimstone flying across my front garden in Ipswich today. Maybe not the first for Suffolk but good to see nonetheless and hopefully a sign of spring E Ipswich TM2044 Julian Dowding
16 Mar 1 Brimstone SW Ipswich TM184424 Karen Child
16 Mar Two Brimstones and one Small Tortoiseshell (the latter on winter flowering heathers) in my garden in the west side of Haverhill on 16th March about lunchtime. Haverhill TL6444 Neil Dickinson
16 Mar Brimstone Day! 1 Brimstone in the garden of Rose Cottage, School Road, Elmswell Elmswell TL988638 Mary & Peter Feeney
16 Mar 1 Brimstone at Lukeswood, Elmswell Elmswell TL984634 Mary & Peter Feeney
16 Mar 1 Brimstone in garden at junction of Richer Road and Ashfield Hill, Great Ashfield Great Ashfield TL998682 Mary & Peter Feeney
16 Mar Brimstone male patrolling garden Theberton TM4365 Andrew Leng
16 Mar 2 Small Tortoiseshell seen together Shingle Street TM3642 Laurence Potter & Eddie Marsh
16 Mar I've seen two male Brimstones, my first of this year, in our garden today, and my second Small Tortoiseshell of 2018 Newton TL9140 Dean Morley
16 Mar Had a Comma at Thorpeness Common this morning Thorpeness Common TM4660 Scott Mayson
16 Mar A Small Tortoiseshell was seen flying at North Warren today North Warren TM4559 Bob Turner
16 Mar Seen my first Brimstone butterfly of the year today, next to the fire station in School Road Elmswell, and I've seen tomorrows weather forecast, can't help feel sorry for the poor thing Elmswell TL987639 Peter Rutt
16 Mar My first Brimstone of the year on 16th March, a male midday on eastern side of Woodbridge Woodbridge TM2648 Peter Woolley
16 Mar Male Brimstone and Comma flying in the garden 12.15pm today. Waldringfield TM2845 Peter Maddison
16 Mar Brimstone & Peacock in the sun in Bury St Edmunds at 17C Bury St Edmunds TM8464 Rob Parker
16 Mar Today, 16 March, along the River Gipping at Needham Market, I saw 3 male brimstones and 2 peacocks, unfortunately none of them would settle down to have their photos taken! Needham Market TM0854 Robert Brown
14 Mar Glad to say the butterflies are out and about!   On Wednesday 14 March this peacock (photo click here) was warming itself up in the sun on my patio in north west Ipswich NW Ipswich TM1646 Robert Brown
14 Mar Small Tortoiseshell feeding on viburnum in front garden, my first of the year Halesworth TM385781 Derek Norris
14 Mar Just seen my first butterfly of 2018; a Small Tortoiseshell in our garden.  Newton TL9140 Dean Morley
14 Mar Saw a Brimstone today lackford lakes Lackford Lakes TL8070 Matt
14 Mar Red Admiral near Landguard point Felixstowe at the Customs House late a.m. today Landguard point TM288326 Will Brame
14 Mar A Comma: my 1st butterfly of the year at North Warren this am. North Warren TM4458 Julian Coleman
14 Mar Red Admiral today here on Ipswich golf course, Purdis farm Ipswich golf course TM207430 Neil Sherman
14 Mar May I report a lovely early Brimstone sighting today, 14 March, at Bramford Tye Bramford Tye TM099471 Rob Clements
14 Mar A Peacock in the sun on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds this morning at 8C; My first butterfly of 2018 Bury St Edmunds TM8464 Rob Parker
14 Mar Saw a Comma in the back garden in the sunshine. Our first butterfly of 2018! Worlingham TM4488 Lilian Pitt
10 Mar Small Tortoiseshell Pipps Ford mid day 1st butterfly of yr here Pipps Ford TM106536  
17 Feb First butterfly of the year seen today in the warm sunshine at lunchtime - a Red admiral. Spring is on the way!  (photo click here) Purdis Heath Golf Club TM2043  
17 Feb 1st Red Admiral of the year on a glorious morning Stutton TM143347 Mark Nowers
17 Feb a Small Tortoiseshell enjoying the sun in the garden Gunton TM5496 James Wright
17 Feb Small Tortoiseshell just flew past my window!   TL8779 Mr H
16 Feb Just spotted a Small Tortoiseshell on the Christmas Box bushes in the Christchurch Park carpark in Ipswich.  (photo click here) Christchurch Park TM1645 David Basham
11 Feb Red Admiral seen close to Belstead Brook, Ipswich. Belstead Brook, Ipswich TM1341 Kev Ling
1 Feb This Small White just hatched out in our kitchen. We think it travelled with our veg box (photo click hereAn interesting early emergence but cannot be counted as a genuine outdoor sighting Lowestoft   Richard Martin
26 Jan First Red Admiral of the year, in flight 26th, Jan 2018   Along River Gipping path navigational bit towards Sproughton, near old Sugar beet factory, Ipswich. Sproughton TM128449 Val Sherwen
26 Jan Friday 26 January 2018 started as a frosty, foggy morning, but the sun came out during my walk along the River Deben towards Martlesham Creek and a Peacock was warming up along the path  (photo click here).   This is my first butterfly of 2018!   Regards Martlesham Creek TM276467 Robert Brown
26 Jan My wife has done it again, she’s seen the first butterfly of 2018 before me. A Red Admiral sunning itself on a car bonnet, Landguard area, Felixstowe Landguard TM282312 Bill Stone
25 Jan A Red Admiral was flying and then sunning itself outside a neighbours house in Grange Farm, Kesgrave today.  (photo click here) Kesgrave TM229454 Richard Wall
25 Jan Saw this Red Admiral today in Fletcher Road Ipswich  at 1.10 pm happy days  (photo click here) Ipswich TM179419 Peter Compton
18 Jan One Red Admiral on my window today in nightingale road Ipswich at 13 30pm first sighting of a butterfly this year Ipswich TM1841 Peter Compton
12 Jan At 1.15 PM today a Peacock was flying round the garden here in Friston.  It had probably come from my wood shed where they regularly hibernate. Friston TM4060 Bob Turner

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Photographs from 2018 Sightings  (all pictures are the copyright of their owners)

Red Admiral - photo Peter Compton

Red Admiral - photo Richard Wall

Peacock - photo Robert Brown

Small White - photo Richard Martin

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Dave Basham

Red Admiral - photo

Peacock - photo Robert Brown

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Mark Nowers

Peacock - photo Will Brame

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Will Brame

Orange Underwing Moth - photo Neil Sherman

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Robert Brown

Peacock - photo Sam Chamberlin

Comma - photo Chris Bishop

Light Orange Underwing - photo Chris Bishop

Comma - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Peacock - photo Robert Brown

Large White - photo Richard Martin

Small White - photo Robert Brown

Small White f - photo Peter Maddison

Green-veined White - photo Mervyn Crawford

Holly Blue - photo Mervyn Crawford

Orange-tip - photo Robert Brown

Orange-tip - photo Robert Brown

Green-veined White - photo Robert Brown

Orange-tip - photo Robert Brown

Green Hairstreak -  photo David Walsh

Green Hairstreak -  photo David Carter

Small Copper -  photo David Carter

Green Hairstreak -  photo Trevor Goodfellow

Green Hairstreak -  photo Kev Ling

Green Hairstreak -  photo Kev Ling

Green-veined White -  photo Mr H

Speckled Wood -  photo Mr H

Holly Blue - photo Mark Brewster

Painted Lady - photo Bill Plumb

Orange-tip - photo Bill Plumb

Orange-tip egg - photo Bill Plumb

Green Hairstreak -  photo Kev Ling

Painted Lady - photo Charles Cuthbert

Small Copper - photo Charles Cuthbert

Speckled Woods - photo Charles Cuthbert

Wall Brown - photo Matt Gooch

Green Hairstreak -  photo Sam Chamberlin

Small Heath -  photo Trevor Goodfellow

Dingy Skipper -  photo Trevor Goodfellow

Small Heath -  photo David Carter

Green Hairstreak -  photo Bill Plumb

Green Hairstreak -  photo Bill Plumb

Holly Blue - photo Bill Plumb

Brown Argus - photo David Basham

Small Copper - photo Sam Chamberlin

Dingy Skipper - photo David Carter

Brown Argus - photo Robert Brown

Green Hairstreak - photo Robert Brown

Common Blue - photo Robert Brown

Small Copper - photo Robert Brown

Orange=tip - photo Ian

Green Hairstreak - photo Gavin Durrant

Brown Argus - photo Robert Brown

Wall Brown - photo Bill Plumb

Wall Brown - photo

Wall Brown - photo Gavin Durrant

Wall Brown - photo Gavin Durrant

Wall Brown - photo Andrew Easton

Wall Brown - photo Robert Quadling

Wall Brown - photo Robert Quadling

Green-veined White - photo Mark Brewster

Speckled Wood - photo Robert Quadling

Small Copper - photo Robert Quadling

Common Blue - photo Robert Quadling

Common Blue - photo Robert Quadling

Green Hairstreak - photo Robert Quadling

Wall Brown - photo David Pitt

Small Copper - photo Robert Quadling

Wall Brown - photo Ed Hutchings

Holly Blue - photo Charles Cuthbert

Holly Blue eggs laid on Euonymus - photo Charles Cuthbert

Alabonia Geoffrella - photo Richard Perryman

Large Skipper - photo Matt Garnham

Painted Lady - photo David Carter

Yellow-legged Clearwing female - photo Sam Chamberlin

Yellow-legged Clearwing exuvia - photo Sam Chamberlin

Large Skipper - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Commophila aeneana - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Six-spot burnet cocoon - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Meadow Brown - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Common Blue - photo Robert Brown

Common Blue - photo Robert Brown

Painted Lady - photo Richard Wall

Dingy Skipper - photo Richard Wall

Silver-studded Blues - photo David Pitt

Silver-studded Blue - photo Geraldine Smith

Clouded Buff - photo Geraldine Smith

Silver-studded Blues - photo Liz Cutting

Large Skipper - photo Alex Rafinski

Nemaphora? - photo Alex Rafinski

Red Admiral ab. bialbata - photo Robert Quadling

Silver-studded Blue - photo Steve Babbs

Silver-studded Blue - photo Steve Babbs

White Admiral - photo Julia Smith

Peacock caterpillars - photo Gemma Irwin

Peacock caterpillar - photo Gemma Irwin

Large Skipper - photo David Walsh

Small Skipper - photo Matt Garnham

Hornet Moth - photo Scott Matson

Purple Hairstreak - photo

Silver-studded Blue f  - photo Kevin Ling

Ringlet - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Purple Hairstreak - photo Mark Brewster

Silver-studded Blue - photo Mark Brewster

Silver-studded Blue - photo Mark Brewster

Orange-tip   photo Kevin Ling

Peacock   photo Kevin Ling

Small White   photo Kevin Ling

Mullein moth   photo Kevin Ling

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo Trevor Goodfellow

White Admiral - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo David Carter

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo David Carter

Ringlet - photo Charles Cuthbert

Large Skipper - photo Charles Cuthbert

Painted Lady - photo Charles Cuthbert

Dark Green Fritillary - photo David Pitt

Purple Emperor - photo Jon King

Purple Emperor - photo Paul Holmes

Round-winged Muslin moth - photo Sam Chamberlin

Purple Emperor - photo David Walsh

Purple Emperor - photo David Walsh

Purple Emperor - photo Ian Dallas

Purple Emperor - photo Ian Dallas

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo David Carter

White Admiral - photo David Carter

Purple Emperor - photo Jon King

White-letter Hairstreak - photo Wendy Cooper

Purple Emperor - photo JPaul Seabrook

Purple Emperor - photo Mike Bacon

Purple Emperor - photo John Bennett

Purple Emperor - photo John Bennett

White-letter Hairstreak - photo Bill Stone

Brimstone - photo Kevin Ling

Brimstone - photo Kevin Ling

Brimstone - photo Kevin Ling

Brimstone - photo Kevin Ling

Purple Emperor - photo

Purple Emperor - photo Mark Brown

Purple Hairstreak - photo David Carter

Purple Emperor - photo Rene Baptiste

Essex Skipper - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Purple Emperor - photo Gary Plank

Purple Hairstreak - photo Neil Dickinson

Camberwell Beauty - photo

Camberwell Beauty - photo

Large Tortoiseshell - photo Jon Warnes

Large Tortoiseshell - photo Jon Warnes

Skinner Moth Trap - photo Sam Chamberlin

Kent Black Arches - photo Sam Chamberlin

Shaded Broad Bar - photo Sam Chamberlin

White-letter Hairstreak - photo Kerry Reeve

Clouded Yellow - photo Arthur Grosset

Purple Emperor -  photo

Holly Blue - photo Richard Perryman

Purple Emperor - photo David Carter

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo David Carter

Brimstone - photo David Carter

Purple Emperor - photo Jon King

Purple Hairstreak - photo David Carter

Purple Emperor - photo Barry Woodhouse

Purple Emperor - photo David Carter

Purple Emperor - photo David Carter

Clouded Yellow - photo Neil Hilton

Purple Emperor - photo Ben Moyes

Purple Hairdtraek - photo Kevin Wilson

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo Kevin Wilson

White-letter Hairstreak - photo Rob Clements

White-letter Hairstreak - photo Rob Clements

Clouded Yellow - photo Gareth Hirons

Purple Hairstreak - photo Richard Perryman

Wall Brown (m) - photo Robert Quadling

Wall Brown (f) - photo Robert Quadling

Wall Brown - photo David Carter

Brown Hairstreak - photo Samuel Chamberlin

Brown Hairstreak - photo Samuel Chamberlin

Wall Brown - photo David Pitt

Wall Brown - photo Andrew Easton

Grayling - photo David Pitt

Grayling - photo Geraldine Smith

Holly Blue egg & caterpillar - photo Rob and Kerry Reeve

Brown Hairstreak - photo David Dowding

Wall Brown - photo Rob and Kerry Reeve

Grayling - photo Richard Perryman

Wall Brown - photo Robert Brown

Grayling & Holly Blues - photo Helen Scrivener

Speckled Wood - photo Kevin Ling

Grayling - photo Charles Cuthbert

Small Copper - photo Charles Cuthbert

Small Heath - photo Paul Seabrook

Small Copper - photo Charles Cuthbert

Common Blue - photo Charles Cuthbert

Small Heath - photo Charles Cuthbert

Clouded Yellow - photo David Carter

Small Copper ab. caeruleopunctata - photo Kevin Ling

Clouded Yellow - photo David Carter

Meadow Brown - photo David Carter

Small Heath - photo Bill Stone

Grayling - photo Bill Stone

White Admiral - photo Peter Norfolk

Small Copper ab. - photo Neil Dickinson

Red Admiral - photo Kev Ling

Clouded Yellow - photo John Richardson

Red Admiral - photo Robert Brown

Hummingbird Hawkmoth - photo Jenny Plank

Clouded Yellow - photo Mark Brewster

Wall Brown (m) - photo Robert Quadling

Wall Brown (f) - photo Robert Quadling

Small Heath - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Painted Lady - photo Peter Maddison

female Long-tailed Blue  - photo Matthew Garnham

female Long-tailed Blue  - photo Samuel Chamberlin

female Long-tailed Blue  - photo Samuel Chamberlin

Peacock - photo Derek Norris
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