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Sightings of Butterflies in Suffolk - 2016

The Branch is always grateful for butterfly records and a recording form can be downloaded from the conservation section of this website.  We would be particularly grateful for records away from the coast and information on the following species:
BAP species; Dingy Skipper, White Letter Hairstreak, Silver-studded Blue, White Admiral, Grayling, Small Heath, Wall Brown
Others; Green Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, Silver-washed Fritillary, Purple Emperor, Chalkhill Blue
(not Devil's Dyke)

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Send Us Your Sightings
We are always interested in sightings of any butterflies in any location in Suffolk.
email them to (please make sure you enter a subject) and they will appear below within a few days.
Clicking on this link should launch your usual email program.  If this does not seem to work just use the email address.

If you see a Brimstone this record will also be passsed to the Brimstone and Buckthorn project

Please include the date, how many of each butterfly species seen, location with an ordnance survey grid reference if possible, and your name (if you want to).
If you would like to contribute to the annual survey please read the notes on the Recording page.

Regular recorders are urged to use this sightings page to inform others of interesting sightings, but please do continue to send all your records to the county recorder at the end of the season as usual.

Return completed form by November to 20, Langstons, Trimley St Mary, Suffolk IP11 0XL  or to

Date  Butterflies seen (and other relevant information).  First Sighting of Year in Bold or Bold for rarer species
For a summary of First Sightings see the Suffolk Butterflies Page - click here
Location Grid Reference Name
  If visiting Purdis Heath, Pipers Vale and Landseer Park (or any other site for that matter) please keep to footpaths and recognised tracks and do not trample heather, ant nests or any other vegetation.  There are plenty of places where you can see butterflies from the paths.  Keep dogs on a lead.
28 Dec While most Small Tortoiseshells were hibernating  I found one resting inside a church window at Kelsale Kelsale   Charles Cuthbert
27 Dec At 14.30 a healthy Small Tortoiseshell seen flying in Victoria Road, Stowmarket before alighting on the gable end of a house. Temperature around 4 degrees. Stowmarket   Jonathan Dickie
27 Dec Red Admiral flying around the garden NE Ipswich   Lynne Hall)
26 Dec Red Admiral E Ipswich    
22 Dec Red Admiral sunning itself on a wooden fence NE Ipswich   Nik Hall
22 Dec Red Admiral seen at 11.10 am at South edge of Cutlers Wood Freston TM 1438 Roger and Stella Wolfe
21 Dec Another peacock out and about today East Wretham Reserve   David Rees Roberts
15 Dec Peacock oberserved basking in the warm sunshine this afternoon.  (photo click here) Ridgeons, Sudbury   Sam Chamberlin
15 Dec A Peacock in the dunes near the East Hide at Minsmere in the midday sun today.   Minsmere   Margie & David Carter
14 Dec Comma and Red Admiral one each Belstead Road Ipswich Ip2 9AX Melvyn Eke
14 Dec Sighting of Red Admiral sunning itself on a waymark post at TM 2836 Candlet near Felixstowe Candlet near Felixstowe TM 2836 Roger and Stella Wolfe
14 Dec Saw a peacock butterfly in really good condition at Levington Creek this morning Levington Creek   Holly Mayhew/Linda
14 Dec Just spotted a Red Admiral basking at Sizewell. Quite warm in sheltered spots for the time of year. Sizewell.   SWT Coastal warden
12 Dec I had 1 Small Tortoiseshell in my garden. Temp. 12 degrees. Lowestoft   Bill Whybrow
12 Dec I was very surprised to see a Red Admiral fluttering around the garden a little while ago.  Not much here to feed on though so soon moved on. Beccles   Jess Benham
11 Dec A Red Admiral this afternoon flying in the car parking area at Shingle Street. near the allotments.   Shingle Street   Margie & David Carter
11 Dec Superb Brown Hairstreak session with BC volunteers at Piper's Vale today, finding 75+ eggs in a couple hours! Piper's Vale   David Dowding
7 Dec Just took this Small Tortoiseshell inside my house in Haverhill (photo click here).  Now outside on a still flowering hebe  Haverhil   Duncan Fletcher-Brown
7 Dec After 3 cold days, it was nice to feel 11C at 11am this morning, 7 December, with a hint of sun.  This was enough to stir one Red Admiral, flying over Risbygate in the middle of Bury St Edmunds.  My first butterfly in 6 weeks! Bury St Edmunds.   Rob Parker
1 Dec Just had a Red Admiral sighting  One of our latest records Sizewell Estate.   SWT Coastal warden
29 Nov A Red Admiral flying at midday today in bright sunshine on a south-facing cottage wall Covehithe   Charles Cuthbert
27 Nov Successful Brown Hairstreak egg search this morning at Bobbits Ln. 36 eggs counted along a 200m stretch of hedgerow within 2hrs Bobbits Lane   David Dowding
26 Nov A Red Admiral today by the allotments Shingle Street   Margie & David Carter 
26 Nov One Red Admiral flying today 11.30am at  allotments, Halifax Road, Ipswich   Regards Maidenhall   Colin Hullis
26 Nov 3 Peacocks Carlton Marshes,   Robert Quadling
25 Nov Peacock butterfly was still flying around today Carlton Marshes   Andrew Easton
25 Nov A Red Admiral seen in a sheltered sunny spot in town centre today. Stowmarket   Margie & David Carter
25 Nov Garden clearance underway here but sun has already brought 2 Red Admirals in to bask on sunlit shed! Trimley   Bill Stone
25 Nov Red Admiral feeding on ivy flowers Center Parcs Elveden   Graham Hersey
19 Nov 1 Red Admiral, 1 Peacock at Castle marshes on the river wall  Castle marshes TM470912 Gavin Durrant
16 Nov One Red Admiral Butterfly recorded this morning Carlton Marshes SWT   Robert Quadling
16 Nov Another Red admiral at Ipswich Golf course today in the sunshine Ipswich Golf course   Neil Sherman
16 Nov Red Admiral 1 Peewit Hill   Will Brame
15 Nov male Brimstone seen at Purdis Heath today during volunteer work party. Purdis Heath   Julian Dowding
15 Nov Red Admiral 1, and at least 4 Common Darters Bawdsey   Will Brame
13 Nov Red Admiral on Remembrance Sunday (13th) Stutton TM1534 Mark Nowers
13 Nov A Red Admiral flying in the sunshine at Bawdsey Ferry Road on Sunday. Bawdsey Ferry   Margie & David Carter
13 Nov Two Peacocks & a Red Admiral were the highlights of a family stroll today Bawdsey Cliffs   Eddie Bathgate
13 Nov Red Admiral 1 Common Darter 6 Bawdsey   Will Brame
12 Nov One Small Tortoiseshell seen this morning at Levington Lagoon and a few Darters flying.   Levington Lagoon   Jenny & Gary Plank
11 Nov One Red Admiral flying in warm sunshine at 12 noon at Snape Warren Snape Warren   Charles Cuthbert
11 Nov Managed a Comma at Sleighton Hill also Small White seen at Landguard Sleighton Hill; Landguard   Will Brame
11 Nov Great to see a couple of peacock butterflies still on the wing  this afternoon Lakenheath Fen   RSPB East
11 Nov Red admiral seen this afternoon flying in the warm(ish) sunshine. Ipswich   Neil Sherman
8 Nov A Peacock was noted today basking in the afternoon sunshine Sizewell   SWT Coastal warden
7 Nov 1 Red Admiral Shotley Gate   Ian Peters
7 Nov A single and very brave Speckled Wood seen today during a sunny spell in central Ipswich. Ipswich   Bill Stone
6 Nov One Red Admiral seen sunning itself on the south side of Cliff Plantation Chelmondiston   Mike Morley.
6 Nov Single Small White Fagbury Cliff   Will Brame
3 Nov 1 Red Admiral at Bawdsey picnic site lunchtime today.   Bawdsey   Margie & David Carter
3 Nov Saw a Red Admiral at the garden centre. Bungay   Lilian Pitt
3 Nov Red Admiral having brunch on wild pears dropped from the tree, unfortunately by the time I got the camera in range it had flown up to the top of the carriage and was a difficult angle. Returned to the pears several times later.  Brockford Railway Museum   Geraldine Smith
2 Nov One Red Admiral and one Small White this morning.  Also several flighty red Darters but only one confirmed as Common Darter Kirton Creek   Gary & Jenny Plank
2 Nov Red Admiral 1, Holly Blue 1 Peewit Hill   Will Brame
2 Nov Peacock 1, Common Blue 3 males Fagbury Cliff   Will Brame
2 Nov Humming-bird Hawkmoth Falkenham near Felixstowe   Julie Meekings
31 Oct 3 Red Admirals today Loompit Lake   Will Brame
31 Oct Small white, Red admiral and Common darter dragonflies noted in the unseasonal warm sunshine today here at Ips Golf Course Suffolk Ipswich Golf Course   Neil Sherman
31 Oct Red Admirals still going strong! I saw 3 individuals at Aldeburgh today in an hour around Slaughden, including one flying along the beach. Kelsale   Charles Cuthbert
31 Oct Meanwhile, a friend, Jerry Bowdrey, who is an expert naturalist reported seeing a Peacock on his house in Kelsale today, apparently entering a vent there. Slaughden   Charles Cuthbert
31 Oct Two Holly Blues on the wing in central Ipswich at lunchtime! Ipswich   Bill Stone
30 Oct A single Large White in beautiful condition clinging to damp washing late afternoon; white against white it was nearly missed.  Released into nearby hedge more in hope than expectation. Exning TL617659 Twm Wade
30 Oct Red Admiral 1, Small White 1 Felixstowe Cemetery   Will Brame
30 Oct Common Blue 3, Fagbury Cliff   Will Brame
30 Oct Brief sighting of Holly Blue in Spa Gardens this morning Felixstowe   Jenny & Gary Plank
29 Oct Red admiral, Peacock and Comma butterflies late am Needham market   Neil Sherman
29 Oct Butterflies out in warm sun & late Ivy flowers today at Theberton, Suffolk: 5+ Red Admirals and a Comma Theberton   Charles Cuthbert
29 Oct Small White 3, Fagbury Road   Will Brame
29 Oct Red Admiral 1, Small White 4, Speckled Wood 1. Peewit Hill   Will Brame
29 Oct Just a couple of Red Admirals along the River Deben Melton, Suffolk   Bill Stone
29 Oct Speckled Wood this afternoon Gunton   James Wright
29 Oct 1 Peacock Butterfly recorded today SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
28 Oct A welcome sight, after seeing no butterflies for 2 weeks a Red Admiral fluttered over the zinnias in the garden on 28th October   TM 287634 Geraldine Smith
27 Oct Holly Blue 1, Comma 1 Peewit Hill   Will Brame
26 Oct Red Admiral 1, Speckled Wood 2 , Small White 1. Peewit Hill   Will Brame
26 Oct Red Admiral 1, Small White 1, Landguard   Will Brame
26 Oct Red Admiral still feeding on buddleia at 4.15 with no sunshine     Richard Perryman
25 Oct Red Admiral Martlesham Creek   Richard Perryman
25 Oct Clouded Yellow 1, Small White 2, Red Admiral 1, Landguard   Will Brame
25 Oct Red Admiral 1, Small White 3 Peewit Hill   Will Brame
25 Oct A few butterflies on the wing today in Ipswich, Suffolk today with Red Admiral and Peacock seen Ipswich Bill Stone
23 Oct only 1 Red Admiral today SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
22 Oct A Clouded Yellow was seen today travelling across a field of Field Radish Regards, Rose Farm Shotley   Ian Peters
22 Oct Common Blue 8 !!!, Small White 2, Small Copper 1, Speckled Wood 2 Fagbury Cliff   Will Brame
22 Oct Red Admiral 1, Small White 1, Peewit Hill   Will Brame
22 Oct 1 worn Small copper and a white sp.  this morning Gunton Warren   James Wright
21 Oct Common Blue 1, Large White 1, Small White 3, Speckled Wood 1, Red Admiral 2 Peewit Hill   Will Brame
21 Oct Red Admiral 3 Felixstowe Ferry   Will Brame
21 Oct Red Admiral 1, Small White 1, Landguard n.r.   Will Brame
20 Oct Red Admiral, temp 12C SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
19 Oct Red Admiral trying to get warm on a concrete lintel at 10.00 am. Temp 11C.  Suddenly blown away by a gust of wind SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
18 Oct Red Admiral on our next-door neighbour’s front door and another on Upper Hollesley Common     Upper Hollesley Common   Jenny & gary Plank
17 Oct A few sightings from the coastal area in Monday's warm sunshine.   Peacock and 2 Red Admirals Shingle St   Margie & David Carter
17 Oct Comma, 2 Red Admirals, and 2 Small White   Bawdsey Quay   Margie & David Carter
17 Oct at  between 12.30 pm to 1 pm, 1 Large White, 2 Small White, 1 Red Admiral, 3 Peacock Ellough Industrial Estate Beccles   Robert Quadling
17 Oct I've just had a Brimstone in my garden Elmswell Suffolk   Peter Rutt
17 Oct Red Admiral 2, Large White 1 SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
16 Oct Nice to find a late Holly Blue this afternoon along with Comma and Red Admiral.  Large White in my garden so 4 sp on the wing Orford, Suffolk   Bill Stone
16 Oct Red Admiral SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
15 Oct 4 red admirals and a peacock butterfly on the wing  this morning Gunton Warren   James Wright
15 Oct 7 Red Admirals SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
15 Oct Red Admiral 2, Speckled Wood 1, Large White 2, Small White 1. Comma Peewit Hill   Will Brame
15 Oct Red Admiral 1, Landguard N.R   Will Brame
15 Oct Red Admiral, Large and Small White Loompit Lake, Trimley St Martin   Bill Stone
13 Oct Comma 1 ,Red Admiral 1, Levington Creek   Will Brame
12 Oct Large White 5, Small White 6, Red Admiral 5, Painted Lady 1. Peewit Hill Felixstowe   Will Brame
11 Oct Painted Lady 1, Red Admiral 6 south , Small White 2, Landguard N.R.   Will Brame
11 Oct Red Admiral 7 south Large White 1 Felixstowe Ferry   Will Brame
11 Oct Sighted today two red admirals one feeding on ivy flowers and the other basking in the autumn sun, one comma and one flying small copper flying g very lethargically.  Also found a wonderful pale tussock moth caterpillar Private land near the Orwell country park.   Daniel Cable-Davey.
10 Oct Red Admiral 3 Small White 1 Landguard N.R.   Will Brame
10 Oct Red Admiral 3 Felixstowe Cemetery   Will Brame
10 Oct Red Admiral 5, Large White 7 Peewit Hill   Will Brame
9 Oct Comma Landguard obs   Justin Zantboer
9 Oct Large White 1, Red Admiral 5 Peewit Hill   Will Brame
9 Oct Red Admiral at Gunton, Lowestoft this morning when the sun came out Gunton   James Wright
6 Oct Another reliable sighting of Camberwell Beauty today in Suffolk. This one seen around an apple tree in central Ipswich Ipswich   Bill Stone
6 Oct At least 40 Fox Moth caterpillars on the path north of Dunwich.  Small White 2, Red Admiral 15 some feeding on ivy near the museum Dunwich   Richard Perryman
5 Oct Paul Oldfield has just seen a Camberwell Beauty at Landguard obs inside the ringing compound Landguard obs   Will Brame
3 Oct Large White – several, Red Admiral – 2 at least, Comma – 1, Small Copper – 1 Lackford TL76Z

Peter and Diane Lack

3 Oct Surprising numbers (10+) of Small Coppers feeding & basking on heather at Sizewell today including the blue-spotted form Sizewell   Charles Cuthbert
3 Oct Clouded Yellow 1, Red Admiral 1, Small White 11, Large White 1, Small Copper 2, Common Blue 2 Landguard   Will Brame
2 Oct A fresh-looking Comma basking on Viburnum tinus at Kessingland this morning Kessingland   Charles Cuthbert
2 Oct 3 Small Copper and a Grayling  this morning. Upper Hollesley Common   Peter Madison
2 Oct Four Small Coppers in this morning along with large number of fresh Ruddy Darters.   Chillesford Woods TM3952 Gary & Jenny Plank
2 Oct Wall Brown 1, Speckled Wood 1, Red Admiral 3, Large White, Small White Landguard   Will Brame
1 Oct 10 Red Admiral,1 Painted Lady,1 Comma SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
1 Oct Comma SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
1 Oct Red Underwing, Common Blue 1, Red Admiral 16,Small White 7, Large White 1 Landguard   Will Brame
30 Sep Large movement of 100+ Red Admiral south + 8 Small White, 1 Painted Lady & 1 Clouded Yellow on common  Landguard   Gi Grieco
30 Sep Clouded Yellow 1, Small White 9, Red Admiral 26 south Landguard obs   Will Brame
30 Sep Early morning at Cavenham in the Brecks - still a few Small Copper around Cavenham   Sharon Hearle
29 Sep A fresh looking Painted Lady Hen reedbeds   Gavin Durrant
27 Sep Lots of Red Admirals about this morning at 9.30 am with a few Commas SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
27 Sep Small Copper Minsmere   Charles Cuthbert
26 Sep Red Admiral 3, Comma 1 Peewit Hill   Will Brame
26 Sep Red Admiral 4, Small White 3 Landguard obs   Will Brame
25 Sep Nice time 1km square bashing on the Felixstowe peninsula. Some good counts of "whites" (3 sp) along with Red Admirals and a single Holly Blue! Felixstowe   Bill Stone
25 Sep 16 Comma, 18 Red Admiral, 1 Large White Minsmere   Robert Quadling
25 Sep After several sightings of small brown/orange, butterfly/moths flying past me, I needed to know what they were.  I suspected vapourer moth not brown hairstreak but crossed my fingers.  After prancing around like a ballerina in the garden, I finally caught one only to confirm ‘vapourer moth’.  A few Red admirals at last feeding on windfall fruit, small white, peacock and thought a saw a skipper, possibly another moth.  Centre-barred sallow came to light. Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
24 Sep 1 Wall butterfly on the approach path to the viewing platform, our only sighting this year, also 5 Red Admiral and 2 Comma on the brambles. Hollesley Marsh   Margie & David Carter
24 Sep Pippa spotted (our first ever) hummingbird hawk moth moving around lavender, echinacea, zinnias and cosmos at dusk NE Ipswich   Pippa Hall
24 Sep 4 Red Admiral, 2 Comma, 1 Large White SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
24 Sep A visit to the Suffolk Punch Trust yielded large numbers of Red Admirals (feasting on the plum trees and surrounding hedgerows).  Also seen were Comma, Small Tortoiseshell and Large White. Hollesley   Kev Ling
23 Sep Whilst on holiday near Diss last week we were staying at The Granary farm . The gravel drive was covered in fallen squashed Pears from a large tall Pear tree.  There was a feeding frenzy of Red Admirals gorging on the rotting fruit. I would estimate between 20 - 30 flying up as the car slowly approached them. A truly marvellous spectacle. Diss TM 12354 77467 Colin Brotherwood
23 Sep Really good numbers of Red Admirals around Aldeburgh this afternoon. Highlight was a small "cloud" of 100+ moving south along beach Aldeburgh   Bill Stone
22 Sep Red Admiral 2, Large White 1 feding on buddleia Sw Ipswich   Richard Perryman
22 Sep 3 comma butterflies feeding from over ripe blackberries, 1 painted lady basking in the autumn sunshine and 2 brown Hairstreak's flying through the wood very low but unfortunately no small coppers sighted today private land near the Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey
21 Sep Warm and bright I saw abundant blackberries and flowering Ivy which had a flotilla of fresh Red Admirals (12 recorded).  I also saw Commas (4) (photo click here), Small White (2), Large White (2) and Green-veined White (1).  I am pleased I went out and to see such beauty and energy in the Red Admirals. Exning Byway 24 off B1103 TL6067 Twm Wade
21 Sep Clouded Yellow 1, Small Heath 1, Red Admiral 11 moving south Landguard N.R   Will Brame
20 Sep 3 Hummingbird hawk-moth seen at same time on a buddleia in my garden this evening. Lawshall   Wendy Cooper
19 Sep Encountered today 3 small coppers 1 comma and again a brown hairstreak flying very fast over the wood but coming really close, beautiful.  Also sighted many wasps feeding from ivy flowers and hornets feeding from over ripe blackberries. Private land near the Orwell country park.   Daniel Cable-Davey
19 Sep Red Admiral 4, Large White 2 feding on buddleia SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
18 Sep Small Copper a few seen, Speckled Wood, Red Admiral Gunton Warren   Robert Quadling
18 Sep There was a late Meadow Brown below the reservoir this morning.  Also present were 2 Small Whites, 2 Commas, Red Admiral and Speckled Wood. Thorington TM0134 Martin Peers
17 Sep 13 Red Admiral, 8 Comma, 4 Small White, 1 Large White, 1 Speckled wood, 2 Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes,   Robert Quadling
17 Sep At least 8 fresh Red Admiral in my garden this morning feeding on ivy Beccles   Gavin Durrant
17 Sep Was surprised to find a nice White Admiral on the wing in woods near Sizewell today. Seems very late? Sizewell   Stewart
15 Sep Sightings seen today on walk round Ipswich Golf course, Purdis Heath, Bucklesham Road, Ipswich with Purdis Heath volunteers:  White admiral (not a regular species here, first this year, surely a second brood individual), Comma, Red admiral (4), Peacock, Grayling (4), Speckled wood (10), Large white, Small copper (lots, easy 25+). Purdis Heath area TM208432) Neil Sherman
15 Sep Red Admiral, Large White, Small Tortoiseshell inspected car port but decided not suitable for hibernation Sw Ipswich   Richard Perryman
14 Sep Wall Brown 1, Small Heath 9, Small Copper 7, Common Blue 9 Landguard   Will Brame
14 Sep A rather worn yet busy Brown hairstreak female, still laying eggs in this superb September weather. (photos click here) Piper's Vale   David Dowding
14 Sep Small Copper 6, Small White Minsmere   Richard Perryman
14 Sep Small Copper 5, Small Heath 9, Grayling 1 Westleton Heath   Richard Perryman
13 Sep Especially the sea aster by the shore pools to the north. . 9 Clouded Yellow, 50 Large White, including individuals going out to sea and also coming in. 15 Small White, 5 Small Copper, 5 Red Admiral, 16 Painted Lady, 1 Peacock, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Grayling, 6 Small Heath, 71  Silver Y Bawdsey East Lane.   Rupert Kaye, Dan Monk
13 Sep Sunny, hot. Saw two single Small Heath and a couple of Large Whites.  Distinct paucity of butterflies, no Graylings at all, this is where we expect to see clouds of them though maybe it is a little late in the season.  Westleton Heath. TM 465700 Geraldine Smith
13 Sep Better in my Framlingham garden - Up to 5 Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Copper, an occasional Speckled Wood and various whites  Framlingham   Geraldine Smith
13 Sep 2 red admirals 1 comma 6 large white butterflies both males and females 2 small whites 4 small coppers within a small area and for the first time a brown hairstreak butterfly flying through the wood only a fleeting glimpse but beautiful private land near the Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey
13 Sep Very warm but overcast.  Saw Small Heath 2, Brown Argus 4, Comma 6, Red Admiral 20+, Small Copper 40+, Speckled Wood 2, Small White 2 and a Silver Y Moth. Minsmere   David and Lilian Pitt
12 Sep 1 Small Copper, 10 Red Admiral all going South. 10 Small Heath. Cavenham Heath   Rupert Kaye
12 Sep Hummingbird Hawkmoth 1, Wall Brown 2 sightings one in obs compound one opposite icky ridge Landguard N.R   Will Brame
11 Sep 6 Large White, 12 Small White,1 Green-veined White, 4 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Clouded Yellow, 6 Common Blue, 18 Small Copper, 19 Speckled Wood, 22 Comma, 26 Red Admiral Minsmere   Robert Quadling
11 Sep Just seen my first Clouded Yellow of the year Newton   Dean Morley
11 Sep Wall Brown seen by Nigel and myself, last seen at Landguard in 2005 (photo click here).  Also Small Heath 9, Red Admiral 5, Comma 3, Small Copper 1, Common Blue 7 Landguard   Will Brame
11 Sep Clouded Yellow seen by the edge of the Orwell, along with Red Admiral, Small Copper and Small White Freston Park   Kev Ling
11 Sep Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Large White, Small White, Comma SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
10 Sep Peacock Caterpillars (photo click here)  2 Large White, 1 Small White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Red Admiral, 5 Speckled Wood. SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
9 Sep Ellough Industrial Estate Beccles between 12.30 pm to 1 pm, 10 S/W, 3 Peacock,1 Clouded Yellow Beccles   Robert Quadling
9 Sep  Where have the Peacocks gone? 18 are now hibernating behind this ancient church door in Suffolk! (photos click here) Also 7 Small Tortoiseshells (photo click here)     Charles Cuthbert
9 Sep Small Heath 7, Clouded Yellow 1, Small Copper 3, Peacock 2, Common Blue 30, Large White, Green-veined White, Small White Landguard obs   Will Brame
8 Sep Painted Lady, Small Copper, Brown Argus & Small Tortoiseshell.  Butterfly highlights on old sugar beet factory site in Ipswich W Ipswich   Matt Berry
8 Sep After a dismal season here for butterflies I was very pleased indeed to see a clouded yellow (photo click here) in my own Lawshall garden on 8th September.  Otherwise the large whites have the day with an occasional Red Admiral. Lawshall IP29 4QA Adrian Walters
7 Sep SBBC Work Party - Seen at Purdis workparty today: 13 x Grayling including 2 courting pairs, 10 x Small Copper, 1 x Brown Argus, 1 x Common Blue, 6 x Red Admiral, 8 x Large White, 2 x Speckled Wood. Also seen, Blue Rove Beetle. Purdis Heath   Julian Dowding
6 Sep Small Heath 4, Red Admiral 2, Common Blue 30, Large White, Green-veined White, Small White Landguard obs   Will Brame
4 Sep Love the underside of the Comma.  Several butterflies taking up positions in the garden brambles (photo click here) Trimley   Bill Stone
4 Sep On the coastal marshes today: Small Tortoiseshell (photo click here), Painted Lady & a very fast-moving Clouded Yellow!     Charles Cuthbert
3 Sep Great views of Small Heath butterflies on  today including egg-laying (photo click here) Westleton Heath   Charles Cuthbert
3 Sep 8 Speckled Wood, 2 Painted Lady, 4 Comma, 2 Large White, 27 Small White, 8 Green-veined White, 2 Red Admiral, 8 Small Tortoiseshell SWT Carlton Marshes,   Robert Quadling
2 Sep Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell, NW Ipswich  

Robert Brown

2 Sep along the river Deben from Felixstowe Ferry towards Kingsfleet there were 5 Red Admirals, 2 Small Tortoiseshells and lots of whites Felixstowe Ferry   Robert Brown
1 Sep Small Heath 10, Common Blue 50 really thinning out now Landguard Observatory   Will Brame
1 Sep It's been a good day for butterflies, incl painted ladies, common blues, brown argus, small tortoiseshells & a couple of clouded yellows RSPB Minsmere    
1 Sep Red Admiral, Comma 2, Large White, Green-veined White, Small White 2 Sw Ipswich   Richard Perryman
1 Sep Just had a Clouded Yellow visit my garden, nice! East Ipswich   Matt Berry
1 Sep Sighted one small copper two brown Argos butterflies as well as a fighting pair of speckled woods and three large whites private land near the Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey
31 Aug A worn Brimstone, some smart Red Admirals, Painted Lady, Tortoiseshells, Large Whites, Comma, Speckled wood, worn Meadow Brown.  Had to include a pic of this stunning caterpillar of the Vapourer moth on a gladioli by the front door. (photo click here) Theberton, Garden   Andrew Leng
31 Aug 1 Hummingbird Hawk moth feeding on Verbena bonariensis flowers just before dusk. The Crockery Barn, IP6 9JS Dan Monk
31 Aug Another hot afternoon.  We walked the other side of the road this week and counted 59 Grayling plus 13 Small Heath.  No other butterflies apart from the odd white. Westleton Heath   David and Lilian Pitt
31 Aug Speckled Wood 5, Green-veined White 1, Small White 5 laying eggs on Cranbe, Vapourer Moth Chantry Park   Richard Perryman
30 Aug This afternoon 6 Brown Hairstreaks (5 females+1male) were present on and around their favoured master Ash tree between 2.30-5.30pm. (photo click here)  The site still  has good numbers of Common Blues.  Also seen Small Copper and several very fresh Comma AW Jetty/Pipers Vale Ipswich TM175 417 Adrian Richards and Will Brame
30 Aug Clouded Yellow 1, Small Heath 15, Painted Lady 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Meadow Brown 1, Common Blue 60 +, Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Hummingbird Hawkmoth 1 Landguard obs   Will Brame
30 Aug Brown Hairstreak 2 showing in Ash tree Pipers vale Ipswich   Will Brame
30 Aug Small Tortoishell on Buddlia.  There was only the one.  We too have noticed the distinct lack of butterflies this year as in previous years we have been able to sit outside many an hour and watch them. Woolpit IP30 9SD Ardyn Price
29 Aug 1 Clouded Yellow - flew west (first of the year), 1 Painted Lady - flew west, 12 Red Admiral - 4 on site, 4 flew sw on their typical line across this site and 4 flew away very high sw, gaining height from nearby hedgerow. c 200 Whites, mainly Small and Green Veined flew west and north, very few stopping. Also 1 Small Heath, 1 Comma, 12 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock, 8 Meadow Brown, 1 Gatekeeper, 1 Common Blue, 1 Holly Blue, 6 Speckled Wood. The Crockery Barn, IP6 9JS Dan Monk
29 Aug I saw 3 Small Copper at Waveney Forest Waveney Forest TG460006 Tim Gardiner
29 Aug Small Copper at Sutton Common this afternoon.  Has some blue spots and I assume to be the form f.caeruleo-punctata (photo click here) Sutton Common   Liz Cutting
29 Aug Mid morning at Barley Green Farm Laxfield Road ,one mile east of Stradbroke.  10 Small Tortoiseshell butterflies, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Hummingbird Hawkmoth.  All sighted on white buddleia,  favoured more than the purple buddleia Stradbroke   Gwenllian Jones
29 Aug A solitary Brown Argus at the 'The Camping Land' near to Needham Lake, Needham Market Needham Lake, TM092548 Paul Gilson
29 Aug Large numbers of Grayling and Small Copper seen at Sutton Heath today.  Also present were Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Comma, Common Blue, Brown Argus, Large/Small White and Small Heath. Sutton Heath   Kevin Ling
29 Aug 2 female Brown hairstreak at Pipers vale, Ipswich this afternoon, one seen egg-laying. A single egg also located on another bush Piper's Vale   Neil Sherman
29 Aug 6 Brown hairstreaks hugging the treetops at Pipers Vale AM but did find 8 of their urchin-like eggs on blackthorn (photos click here) Piper's Vale   David Dowding
29 Aug Plenty of Whites at East Lane (mostly Green-veined) along with a smattering of Common Blues and a few Red Admirals, Peacocks.  Also found one Clouded Yellow, (photo click here) ast Lane   Liz Cutting
29 Aug Garden buddleia looking as it should in summer - 3 Small Tortoiseshell,  2 Red Admiral, 1 Comma, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Peacock, 1 Small White, 1 Large White.  Unfortunately pruning the dead flowers has not encouraged many new ones to grow.  They may run out of nectar before it is time to hibernate. SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
29 Aug Clouded Yellow 1, Small Heath 9, Painted Lady 2, Small Copper 5, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Holly Blue 2, Meadow Brown 1, Gatekeeper 2, Brown Argus 2, Red Admiral 2, Common Blue 100 +, 3 White Sp Landguard NR   Will Brame
29 Aug 2 Speckled Woods, 10+ each of Small Heath & Small Copper on Wortham Ling near Diss.  Also 1 Small Tortoiseshell + 1 Holly Blue seen today on both the Ling & also in our garden bordering the Ling.  The Holly Blue on the Ling seemed to be feeding on ling heather – nice to see. Wortham Ling   Susan Sidle
28 Aug 7 Small Copper, 5 Common Blue, 1 Peacock, 4 Small Heath, 2 Meadow Brown, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Gatekeeper, 3 Red Admiral, 12 Speckled Wood, 3 Large White, 6 Small White, 2 Green-veined White Minsmere   Robert Quadling
28 Aug Small Tortoiseshell 3, Red Admiral 3, Gatekeeper 1, Small Heath 1 Landguard N.R.   Will Brame
26 Aug Small Copper 4, Small Tortoiseshell 5, Small Heath 2, Clouded Yellow 1; Landguard obs   Will Brame
25 Aug Several Large White caterpillars spotted on some well eaten plants of the cabbage family growing at the bottom of the seawall by the Whisstocks development.  Hope they find a safe place to pupate for the winter.  River one side, diggers the other. Woodbridge   Pippa Hall
25 Aug Small Copper (2), Small Heath (2) & Common Blues out in the sun at  today Sizewell   Charles Cuthbert
25 Aug Clouded Yellow 3, Small Tortoiseshell 7, Comma 1, Peacock 3, Gatekeeper 5, Meadow Brown 2, Small Heath 3, Brown Argus 1, C Blue 100+, Small White, Large White, Green-veined White Landguard N.R.   Will Brame
25 Aug I’ve been out about on the Suffolk seawalls mainly looking for wall without success, but I did turn up the following species:   small tortoiseshell (1), comma (1), clouded yellow (1), red admiral (1)   Ho Seawall footpath near Stutton Mill TM131331 Tim Gardiner
25 Aug 2 Small Heath Butterflies on six metre margin Gedding  TL953575 Christine Wakerley
24 Aug Really hot afternoon on the heath.  Saw Grayling 30+, Small Heath 6, Small Copper 4, Common Blue 1, Brimstone 2, Gatekeeper 1 and Silver Y Moth 10.  Westleton Heath   David and Lilian Pitt
24 Aug SBBC Work Party - Today at Purdis work party in hot conditions of 29C,  the following species were seen:   Brown Argus x 2, Common Blue x 5, Small Copper x 7, Large White x 12, Small White x 2, Speckled Wood x 5, Grayling x 12, Red Admiral, Peacock, Holly Blue, Gatekeeper x 2.  It's especially pleasing to report that Grayling has now been observed egg-laying on all scrapes over 2 years of age, including Woodcock Scrape near Ipswich Golf Course and Argus Scrape near Bucklesham Rd.  They therefore range from the extreme north to the extreme south of the site and are probably making use of the habitat link to Ipswich Golf Course.  These scrapes have a sparse covering of fine leaved fescues and bell heather among sand. Purdis Heath   Julian Dowding
23 Aug I’ve been out about on the Suffolk seawalls mainly looking for Wall without success, but I did turn up the following species:    small copper (2), common blue (10+), small heath (1), grayling (2), small tortoiseshell (2), clouded yellow (1)   Seawall footpath, East Lane, Bawdsey TM359411 Tim Gardiner
23 Aug Common Blue 60+, Grayling 40+, Gatekeeper3, Speckled Wood 3, Large White1, Green-veined White 5, Small Tortoiseshell 1 Minsmere   Richard Perryman
23 Aug Female Long-tailed Blue found indoors at a neighboring house adjacent to Eden-Rose Coppice Trust, Sudbury.  (Photo click here)     Sam Chamberlin
23 Aug Willow Emerald and Wall Brown this am Lound Lakes   Ricky Fairhead
23 Aug SBBC Work Party - The following species were seen at Purdis Heath today during a volunteer work party: Clouded Yellow, Painted Lady, Large White, Purple Hairstreak, Small Copper x3, Common Blue x2, Holly Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood x2, Gatekeeper x 5,  Grayling x 15.  The Grayling sightings were particularly pleasing and included courtship, egg-laying and a pair in cop. Purdis Heath   Julian Dowding
22 Aug Clouded Yellow 1, Red Admiral 3, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Small Heath 1, Meadow Brown 3, Gatekeeper 1, Common Blue 34+, 3 White sp Landguard NR   Will Brame
21 Aug A short visit yielded 6 small heath, 2 grayling, 2 small copper and red admiral (photos click here) Sutton Heath   Kate and Roger Seaman
21 Aug Saw a few of these butterflies near the burial mounds at Sutton Hoo today just before you get to the viewing platform with trees at the RH side if the path.  Hopefully we have identified them correctly as Grayling.  Noticed you wanted reports of these. (photo click here)  There were also a couple of Small Coppers in the more open grass by the mounds Sutton Hoo   Margaret Nash
21 Aug At last more than one butterfly on the buddleia at once, 2 Red Admiral, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Large White SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
20 Aug SBBC Event in Rendlesham Forest.   Blustery and showery conditions didn't favour flying butterflies, nevertheless 25+ Grayling were seen as well as 12 Small Copper, several Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Small White and, on Buddleia at the edge of one of the timber stacking bays, Painted Lady and Peacock.....and along the way 2 Common Lizards. Rendlesham Forest   Peter Maddison
20 Aug Clouded Yellow 1, Red Admiral 1, + C Blues, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns Landguard obs   Will Brame
20 Aug 1 Large White, 2 Small White, 2 Green-veined White, 1 Comma, 1 Wall Brown, 2 Peacock, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Speckled Wood, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Painted Lady, 3 Gatekeeper, 6 Red Admiral, 7 Meadow Brown, 1 Clouded Yellow SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
20 Aug Clouded Yellow (photo click here) Riverside, Lowestoft   Jane Ferguson
18 Aug Just the one Brown Hairstreak spotted egg laying this afternoon at Belstead Meadows (photo click here) Belstead Meadows   Roger Seaman
18 Aug A walk this morning from Levington Marina to Trimley Marsh and back.  Hilight was 2 Clouded Yellows behind the sea wall at the managed retreat.  Otherwise very quiet with just 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Common Blue, 1 Gatekeeper, 1 Peacock, 2 Meadow Browns and numerous Whites, mostly Green-Veined.   Levington Marina to Trimley Marsh   Jenny & Gary Plank
18 Aug In the fields between Chilton church and health centre this morning, the following butterflies were seen:- Brown Argus 5, Common Blue 8 males, Small Heath 7, Speckled Wood 4, Green-veined White 6.  Also noted were Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Small Skipper, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Small and Large Whites. Chilton fields TL8842 Martin Peersa
17 Aug Brimstone 3, Large White 1, Green-veined White 2, Red Admiral 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 1, Comma 1 Fuller's Mill Garden   Richard Perryman
17 Aug Brimstone 3, Green-veined White 5, Small Copper 1, Common Blue 1, Red Admiral 5, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 4, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 6, Gatekeeper 1, Meadow Brown 1, Ringlet 1 Lackford Lakes   Richard Perryman
17 Aug  1 Female common blue recorded nectaring on bird's-foot trefoil (photo click here) Eden-Rose Coppice Sudbury   Sam Chamberlin
17 Aug On Monday David Dowding and I decided to look for Brown Hairstreaks at the Anglian Water jetty site the weather was good but by 5pm none had been seen and David went home.  At 5.30 I was walking along the eastern edge of the site where it borders Pipers Vale when I noticed a female Brown Hairstreak perched on an Ash tree seconds later it was mobbed by a male and flew off high.  After a few minutes it became apparent that at least 3 males were present on the tree.  The next day at least 2 males were seen.  Today at 2.30pm 3 males were chasing each other around one perched on an adjacent Birch and was still there 4hrs later.  The eagle eyes of Mike and David spotted 2 separate females on the Ash just after their arrival both butterflies were sadly damaged.  Large numbers of Common Blues were present and a Painted Lady.     Anglia Water jetty TM175417 AdrianRichards,David Dowding and Mike Morley.
17 Aug I saw this Small Copper outside my bungalow in Barham.(photo click here) Barham IP6 0BT Nicholas Rust
17 Aug Thanks to those who registered clouded yellow sightings at Bawdsey I found my first ever Clouded Yellow !  Also noted were: an immaculate painted lady, common blue x 1, small tortoiseshell x 1, Small Heath x 1, green veined/large and small white, gatekeeper, meadow brown, silver Y and spinach moths. (photos click here) Bawdsey   Trevor Goodfellow
17 Aug Encountered today three Brown Argus butterflies feeding from St.Johns wort flowers, two Speckled Woods basking in the full sun on oak leaves, two Large Whites and single Small Tortoiseshell also basking in the sun.  I haven't sighted a single ringlet or meadow brown butterfly for the last few days I think for my particular area that is the end of the sightings of these species for this year. Private land near the Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey
15 Aug Clouded Yellow 4, Small Heath 1, Brown Argus 2, Small Tortoiseshell 5, Red Admiral 5, Essex Skipper 1, Common Blue 120+, Small Copper 2, Painted Lady 1, Peacock 3 Landguard   Will Brame
15 Aug 5 Clouded Yellow at 11am along the track by lagoons.  Later only 1 by mid afternoon. 8 Painted Lady, 4 Grayling and 1 Brown Argus. East Lane Bawdsey TM3540 Dan Monk, Rupert Kaye 
15 Aug I saw my first Clouded Yellow this year in a field of red clover behind the Anchor Inn at Nayland today. Nayland TL9734 Martin Peers
15 Aug I saw both male and female Purple Hairstreaks in different (well separated) oak trees at Wissington. Also there were 5 Speckled Woods, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Comma, Peacock and Large, Small and Green-veined Whites. Wissington TL9633 Martin Peers
15 Aug A Sunday afternoon walk over Belstead meadows produced two female Brown hair-streaks egg laying in the evening sun (photos click here) elstead meadows   David Dowding
14 Aug 6 Wall Brown Carlton Marshes sluice, 1 Wall Brown at Worlinham at fishing platforms, Red Admiral, Peacocks, Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper, Large White, Green-veined White, Small White, Small Tortoiseshells, Meadow Browns, Comma Beccles to Oulton Broad along Angles Way   Robert Quadling
14 Aug Inspite of very little sun. 1 Essex Skipper, 10 Clouded Yellow, 2 Large White, 40 Small White, 1 Green veined White, 1 Brown Argus, 2 Red Admiral, 5 Painted Lady, 50 Small Tortoiseshell, 20 Peacock, 4 Grayling, 5 Gatekeeper, 7 Meadow Brown, 3 Ringlet. King's Forest, NW of North Stow Hall   Rupert Kaye
14 Aug East Lane is still disappointing apart from two Clouded Yellows.  Also 10+ Small Tortoiseshells, 6 Common Blues, 3-4 Gatekeepers, one Meadow Brown, one Peacock and a few Whites.   East Lane Bawdsey TM3540 Jenny & Gary Plank
14 Aug We recorded our first Clouded Yellows of the season at East Lane Bawdsey on the track by the lagoons this afternoon. (Photo click here) East Lane Bawdsey TM3540 Margie & David Carter
13 Aug Clouded Yellow 8 on reserve 10 in total Landguard NR per N Odin   Will Brame
13 Aug Another good day for Walls, 9 Wall Brown seen again on reserve.  4 Small Tortoiseshell (photo click here), 6 Red Admiral, 9 Meadow Brown,.44 Peacock, 3 Comma, 6 Gatekeeper, 2 Painted Lady,2 Large White, 5 Small White, 1 Green-veined White, SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
13 Aug Observed for over two hours in my back garden the same gatekeeper butterfly feeding from fennel flowers oregano flowers scabious white Valerian flowers and achillia flowers as well as resting upon camellia leaves and basking in the sun. Also during these two hours I encountered three individual mint moths feeding from oregano and mint flowers. .   IP3 9GL Daniel Cable-Davey.
13 Aug 1 clouded yellow at east lane bawdsey 10am east lane bawdsey TM3540 Rob Johnson
12 Aug My first Small Tortoiseshell since the spring, 2 Brimstone male, 3 Painted Lady, 1 Speckled Wood,  5 Brown Argus, 1 Common Blue,  Peacocks, Red Admirals, Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers, Large White, Small White, few commas, Green Veined White Theberton garden and field.    
12 Aug Myself and the family had a trip down Woodbridge and walked around the kyson point woodland trail and I encountered 5 large whites 4 speckled woods 2 commas 3 gatekeepers 2 common blues and 5 holly blue butterflies all flying around brambles ivy and stinging nettles. Kyson Point woodland  trail at Woodbridge.   Daniel Cable-Davey
9 Aug I took a click counter with me.  I followed the ridge path on top of the marram dune, there was a strong cold north wind and fewer Common Blues than yesterday even so  I got to 420 by the end of the enclosure to protect the nesting terns. There on a flat area adjacent to the sea it was frenetic they were so many dancing round I gave up counting as there were probably 2 per square meter over an area of a tennis court or two.  It was an amazing sight.  The highest count feeding on a sea  holly was 27 with 5 or 6 per flower.  There were a couple of Painted ladies and a few Graylings after the tern enclosure increasing as you go north from there.  The heather patches at the end of the Sizewell enclosure had 40 plus Grayling.  There were also a few Meadow browns and a few Gatekeepers.  There were all of the above species and small Skippers, Peacocks, Red Admiral and Whites on the buddleias over the fence in the Sizewell enclosure. Sizewell beach,   Andrew Leng
9 Aug Grayling c70, male Silver-studded Blue, Small Heath 6, Small Copper 6, Gatekeeper 22. Also Meadow Brown, Small White. Upper Hollesley Common TM3347 Martin Peers
9 Aug Grayling 1, Brown Argus 1, Common Blue 2 males, Holly Blue 2, Small Copper 3, Essex Skipper 1, Small Skipper 4, Small Heath 6, Gatekeeper 30, Peacock 4, Small Tortoiseshell 2. Also Red Admiral, Meadow Brown and whites. Shingle Street TM3642 Martin Peers
9 Aug disappointing, the best were:- Common Blue 8 males, Small Heath 3 and Small Copper 1. Bawdsey East Lane TM3540 Martin Peers
9 Aug In my garden in Ixworth I spotted this hummingbird hawk moth.. (photo click here) Ixworth   Rachel Spurdens
9 Aug Today’s sightings were Ringlet 1, Red Admiral 1, Holly Blue 2, Comma 2, Purple Hairstreak 2, Gatekeeper 5, Meadow Brown 5, Speckled Wood 10, Silver-washed Fritillary 9.  There were numerous whites including large numbers of Green-Veined Whites ovipositing in the sunlit clearings.    Bonny Wood   Gary & Jenny Plank
9 Aug Saw this Grayling on Lakenheath warren SSSI Suffolk this morning,9th August. . Lakenheath warren SSSI   Mark Brown
9 Aug Two female Brown Hairstreak sightings on the lower Belstead Meadows. Observed this morning at 9am.  (photo click here) Belstead Meadows   Sam Chamberlin
9 Aug Female Brown Hairstreak showed splendidly in this morning! (photo click here) Belstead Meadows   David Walsh
8 Aug 2 Wall Browns. 8 Graylings. . Hollesley Marshes   Nick Mason
8 Aug Brown Hairstreak.  Seen last year after a gap of 70 years, this year they have been seen at the start of the flight season so 2 or 3 weeks to check other likely localities.  Click here for Bill Stone's comment on the 2015 sightings Piper's Vale    
8 Aug Several Brown Hairstreak sightings at Belstead Meadows this morning including this thirsty female. (photo click here) Belstead Meadows   David Dowding
8 Aug 3 Small Tortoiseshells at Boyton Marshes, RSPB, my first sighting of the autumn.  I haven't seen any others reported so thought this may be of interest.  Boyton Marshes,   Bill Plumb
8 Aug Sizewell beach in front of power station: 100s of common blue odd meadow brown and gatekeeper.  Sizewell   Andrew Leng
8 Aug I had 2 Wall Browns in the churchyard of Orford Church - flying around, feeding on knapweed and landing on the grave stones but not on the ground.   I then walked along the Sea Wall as far as the first gate but didn’t see any at this location. Orford Churchyard   Debbie Broom
7 Aug 1 Clouded a Yellow, 5 Brown Argus on grass land around restored and worked gravel pits. Pipps Ford   Phil Whittaker
7 Aug 6 Painted Lady, 14 Meadow Brown, 42 Gatekeeper, 24 Common Blue. 2 Ringlet, 1 Essex Skipper, 2 Small Skipper, 2 Large Skipper, 4 Small Copper, 76 Red Admiral, 21 Peacock,10 Small White, 12 Large White, 8 Grayling, 8 Comma,6 Speckled Wood, 1 Silver-washed Fritillary RSPBMinsmere   Robert Quadling
7 Aug A rather friendly White Admiral on the reserve today (photo click here) RSPBMinsmere   B.O.B education
6 Aug brimstone at dunwich dingle tea rooms dunwich   Rob Johnson
6 Aug more than50 peacocks at swt darsham marshes darsham marshes   Rob Johnson
6 Aug A two hour walk at Carlton marsh this afternoon we saw. Large White 4, Small White 7, Green-veined White 3, Wall Brown 2, Meadow Brown c20, Gatekeeper  c20, Red Admiral c10, Painted Lady 1 and Peacock c20. . SWT Carlton Marshes   Bill Whybrow
6 Aug Good day for Wall Brown, 9 recorded, 115 Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes,   Robert Quadling
6 Aug I spent half an hour in the cemetery this afternoon (especially the small area, where they've allowed the meadow to develop) and found the following:- Brown Argus 2, Common Blue male, Holly Blue male, Speckled Wood 2, Gatekeeper 3, Meadow Brown 7, Comma, Red Admiral and three species of whites. Sudbury cemetery TL880415 Martin Peers
6 Aug Purple Hairstreak 9, Comma 7, Red Admiral 9, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Speckled Wood 5, Meadow Brown 30, Gatekeeper 12, Small White 18, Brown Argus 1 Nacton woods   Will Brame
6 Aug Silver washed fritillary X 1, Brimstone x 1, Peacock - too many to count. At least 20 Bradfield Woods   Carol Ellis
5 Aug At least three Wall along dune path c200m N of sluice this morning. Never thought they were worth reporting RSPB Minsmere   James Lowen
5 Aug The most Common Blues I have ever seen, 3 Clouded Yellows, 3 Painted Ladies, 4 Peacocks, 2 Small Tortoiseshels, 2 Red Admirals, lots of Whites and Skippers.   In my garden in Ipswich also today: 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Painted Lady, 5 Red Admirals, 3 Peacocks, 1 Comma, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Meadow Brown, 1 Gatekeeper, several whites. Landguard, Felixstowe   Robert Brown
5 Aug 20 gatekeepers 10, meadow browns 5, ringlets 5, large white butterflies 2, brown Argos 2, small coppers 3, speckled woods that are now becoming more abundant and a quick glimpse of a purple hairstreak butterfly flying in a dense oak canopy private land near the Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey
4 Aug Please find below my butterfly sightings on a visit primarily for the Purple Swamphen, but as a butterflier I couldn't resist a bit of insect hunting!.  Star butterfly - Wall Brown - 1 near the visitor centre.   Also (across several locations unless stated): Painted Lady - 3 (buddleia by visitor centre) Grayling - 3 Common Blue - 2 (coast path) Comma - 2  (buddleia by visitor centre) Red Admiral - 50+  (buddleia by visitor centre) Peacock - 15+  (buddleia by visitor centre) Small Skipper - 3 (dunes) Small Copper - 1 (coastal path) Gatekeeper - 10+ Meadow Brown -1 Green-veined White - 2+ (reedbeds)   The main reason for contact was of course the Wall, I have also recorded the Painted Lady butterflies on the Butterfly Conservation Migrant Record scheme for 2016. I hope to be back soon to explore the area more thoroughly for insects. Cheers  Minsmere RSPB   Paul Brewster
4 Aug Red Admiral 6, Peacock 5, Painted Lady 2. Levington Marina   Will Brame
3 Aug Brimstone nectaring on runner bean flowers SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
3 Aug Numerous Common Blues; 1 Clouded Yellow. Landguard Point   Jane Henderso
3 Aug Common Blue 140 +, GateKeeper 46, Meadow Brown 35, Essex Skipper 6, Green-veined White 3, Small White 6, Large White 1, Red Admiral 2, Peacock 1 LANDGUARD N.R.   Will Brame
1 Aug Nothing of particular interest but at least 71 Red Admirals, 25 Grayling, 1 Silver-washed Fritillary RSPBMinsmere   Lee Evans
1 Aug 2 male (not so common these days) Common Blues at Haverhill flood park ("West Town Park")  Haverhill TL656465 Neil Dickinson
1 Aug Track 4094 North (TL78861 85557 to TL79067 85611) Meadow Brown 2, Small Copper 1, Gatekeeper 6, Grayling 1, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 1, Small White 1. 
Track 4094 West (TL78861 85557 to TL78970 85223) Peacock 5, Meadow Brown 14,  Red Admiral 2, Small Skipper 1, Holly Blue 4, Gatekeeper 14, Grayling 10, Small White1, Wall Brown 4, Large White 2.
Track 4094 South (TL 78970 85223 toTL79156 85236) Essex Skipper 1, Small Copper 4, Wall Brown 1, Gatekeeper 3, Peacock 1, Red Admiral 1, Meadow Brown 2.
Track 4094 East (Part) from TL 9156 85236 then turning west along the bike track to TL 78942 85311- Gatekeeper 11, Meadow Brown 2, Small Copper 3.
Brandon Forest   Norman Russell
1 Aug 100s of butterflies today at Priors Oak garden inc Peacock, Painted Lady, Grayling & Brown Argus, Small Copper, Gatekeeper & Red Admiral Aldeburgh, riors Oak garden   Charles Cuthbert
1 Aug SBBC Event - Garden Open Day. Fine weather guaranteed a steady flow of visitors during the morning and a really good attendance throughout the afternoon.  Large numbers of fresh Red Admirals and Peacocks, and several Painted Ladies and Graylings on the Buddleia collection.  17 species counted.  Many thanks to all who helped to make the day such a success. Aldeburgh   Peter Maddison
31 Jul 20+ peacock and  4 Red admiral, Small whites and a new Painted lady  visiting buddleias. still Meadow browns, small skipper and gatekeepers  about, 2 smart new Brown Argus and a smart new male Brimstone (photo click here). Theberton   Andrew Leng
31 Jul Early stroll at Landguard revealed very pleasing numbers of Common Blue- 205 counted enjoying morning sun Landguard   Bill Stone
31 Jul Essex Skipper 8, Speckled Wood 5, Grayling 1, Painted Lady 1, Comma 3, Common Blue 1, Brown Argus 2, Peacock 5, Red Admiral 5, GateKeeper 42, Meadow Brown 36, Small White 12, Green-veined White 1, Large White 7, Ringlet 2 Stratton Hall TM 245382 Will Brame
31 Jul During a sunny morning in fields north of Chilton church this morning I saw - Small Skipper 3, Essex Skipper 4, Green-veined White 3, Large White 2, Small White 5, Brown Argus 4, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 1, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 1, Gatekeeper 20, Meadow Brown c60, Ringlet 1, Small Heath 1. Also saw a Painted Lady in my garden today. Chilton   Martin Peers
31 Jul Encountered today 20 gatekeepers only 5 ringlets and 3 meadow browns these two species are now becoming less abundant and coming to the end of their lifespan as a species for this year and I found 5 speckled woods a species that have not been as numerous this year as in previous years private land near the Orwell country park.   Daniel Cable-Davey
30 Jul 2 gen Wall Brown 2 Recorded today (photos click here) SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
30 Jul 9 Large White, 6 Speckled Wood, Green-veined White, 1 Ringlet, 1 Speckled Wood, 46 Red Admiral, 36 Meadow Brown, 10 Gatekeeper,.1 Small Skipper, 8 Painted Lady, 6 Comma, 132 Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
30 Jul One Purple Emperor seen (photo click here) Theberton Woods   Nicholas Brown
29 Jul 7 Painted Lady - 4 flew south from late afternoon, 3 on Buddleia in car park. 5 Red Admiral incl 1 ab. bialbata on same Buddleia. 2 Hummingbird Hawkmoth, singles in from east and off high west during light drizzle late afternoon (3rd and 4th of the year). Numbers of all other species poor. The Crockery Barn, IP6 9JS   Dan Monk
28 Jul 2 Purple Hairstreak. 1 Red Admiral ab. bialbata. Easty Wood. Cavendish.   Rupert Kaye.
28 Jul Sighted today 10 gatekeepers 5 meadow browns 2 brown Argos both males and one beautiful male purple hairstreak butterfly flying around and landing within an oak tree canopy private land near the Orwell country park.   Daniel Cable-Davey.
27 Jul At home in Thurston. yesterday and today (27/7) have been fairly good: 17 species, Brown Argus, Painted Lady, Peacock, Red Admiral, Ggeen-veined White, Large White, Small White, Small Skipper, Essex Skipper, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, and especial nice surprise: Holly Blue and Small Copper. Also another 2 x Purple Hairstreaks, pity the bitten one posed for a photo (click here).  Moth trap out too caught elephant, privet and poplar hawk, sallow kitten, ruby tiger, drinker and hundreds more. Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
26 Jul Painted Lady 1, Red Admiral 20+, Small Copper 2, Common Blue 3, Grayling 5,  Also seen: Peacock, Comma, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Gatekeeper, Speckled Wood, Small White, Large White Minsmere   Charles Cuthbert
26 Jul 1 Small Skipper, 2 Essex Skipper, 3 Large White, 25 Small White, 15 Green veined White, 2 Common Blue, 20 Red Admiral, 7 Painted Lady, 50 Peacock, 1 Comma, 50 Gatekeeper, 20 Meadow Brown, 1 Small Heath Bawdsey, East Lane   Rupert Kaye and Dan Monk
26 Jul At midday 3 male Purple Emperors were seen clashing over the top of their favourite Ash.  This Ash tree is multi stemmed with a Larch by its side and is on the western edge of the track.  Also seen were 4 White Admirals and good numbers of Silver-washed Fritillaries and Purple Hairstreaks.  .   Ramsey Wood   Adrian Richards
25 Jul 2 Purple Hairstreak Poslingford TL 766 494 Rupert Kaye
25 Jul 30 gatekeepers, 20 ringlets, 5 meadow Browns which are now becoming less abundant, a pair of small coppers with one very territorial chasing any other butterfly or insect away from its territory of a bramble bush, and 3 brown Argos butterflies all male sitting amongst scentless mayweed flowers.  This species have been less abundant this year and these are three of only a dozen I have found this year compared to other more lucrative years Private land near the Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey
25 Jul 10 Large White, 6 Small White, 30 Red Admiral, 9 Peacock, 28 Gatekeeper, 19 Meadow Brown,21 Ringlet, 4 Speckled Wood, 3 Small Heath, 4 Large Skipper, 6 Small Skipper, 6 Grayling, 5 Comma,26 Small Copper, 20 Common Blue, 1 Purple Hairstreak, 1 White Admiral Minsmere   Robert Quadling
24 Jul 4 White Admirals , 6+ Silver-washed Fritilaries, 1 Peacock, I Speckled Wood, numerous large Whites & Ringlets.   Bradfield Woods   Harry Faull
24 Jul Spotted five White Admirals at North cove nature reserve today.  Also a abundance of meadow Browns, ringlet  large, small whites, commas, red admirals, peacock and brimstone.  North Cove   Lindsey Andrews
23 Jul 3 Essex Skipper, 1 Large Skipper, 1 Brimstone, 5 Large White, 22 Small White, 21 Green veined White, 1 Purple Hairstreak, 1 Red Admiral, 2 Peacock, 1 Comma, 10 Gatekeeper, 36 Meadow Brown, 21 Ringlet.  . Poslingford TL 7650 Rupert Kaye
23 Jul At home in Thurston, my first sighting of a Green-veined White (photo click here)this year.  Ringlets are nearly all gone, replaced by a large number of Gatekeepers but a good species count along with large white, comma, red admiral, peacock, small tortoiseshell, essex and small skipper and a lone brown argus showed.  Two Purple Hairstreaks spotted and a 'purple emperor' sighting which was probably a peacock checking out the top of mature oak.  White letter hairstreak x 1 (photo click here) seen on private land at Norton. Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
23 Jul At least 3 Purple Emperors seen today (photo click here), also 6+ Purple Hairstreaks Theberton Woods   Charles Cuthbert
23 Jul 3 Small Coppers, 30 Red Admirals, 11 Comma, 16 Peacocks, 7 Small Tortoiseshell, 36 Large Skipper, 40 Small Skipper,4 Essex Skipper, 20 Ringlets, 80 Meadow Brown, 28 Gatekeeper, 14 Green-veined White, 24 Large White, 26 Small White, 1 Holly Blue, 2 Silver y Moths SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
23 Jul 20-30 ringlets and the same amount of gatekeepers but only a few meadow browns. I was pleased to find a male common blue butterfly which is one of only five I have encountered in this area this year compared to other years where they have been tremendously abundant.  Also encountered a male green veined white 2 peacocks and red admirals all on private land near Orwell country park. . private land near Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey
23 Jul Second generation Holly Blues in my garden (Sudbury) and at Thorington Street  this morning. Sudbury)   Martin Peers
23 Jul Sightings from Bonny Wood this afternoon included 1 Purple Emperor flying through tree tops over bait area.  Also sighted were 1 White Admiral, 6 Silver-washed Fritilaries, 5 Purple Hairstreak, 1 Comma, 4 Peacock, 3 Red Admiral, 15+ Large White, 1 Large Skipper, 2 Green-veined White, 20+ Ringlet, 10+ Meadow Brown, 10+ Gatekeeper. Bonny Wood   Ben and Colin Moyes, Jim Bradley
22 Jul  Painted Lady flew rapidly SE. Puttockshill near Ixworth TL 904 699 Rupert Kaye
22 Jul Eventually found 2+ White-letter Hairstreaks in Dunwich Forest.  They were high up on an Elm around noon c. 400 yards further on down the forestry ride from traditional sites.  No sign of any Silver-washed Fritillaries in an hour or so.   Also present were 3 x White Admiral and 2 x Small Copper, the latter, of course, a short distance away in open ground with tiny patches of heather.   Kind regards,   Dunwich Forest   Mike Thompson & Susie Pearson
22 Jul Nettle beds stripped at Landseer by peacock and tortoiseshells,100+ webs!  Plenty of adults out too! (photos click here) Landseer Park   David Dowding
22 Jul White Admirals 2 (photo click here), Purple Hairstreak 7, Comma 9, Red Admiral 7, Speckled Wood 7, Ringlet 11 Nacton woods TM229402 Will Brame
21 Jul Small Copper, blue spot variation (photo click here), Grayling 15, Large Skipper 2, Small Skipper 2, Meadow Brown 5, Ringlet 5, Gatekeeper 6, Red Admiral 1 Westleton Heath   Lynne and Pippa Hall
21 Jul Pristine male Chalkhill Blue from today at private west Suffolk site monitored by BC (photo click here)     Bill Stone
21 Jul Blue-spotted form of the Small Copper butterfly on Wild Carrot (photos click here) Sizewell   Charles Cuthbert
21 Jul  A round lunch-time today:- Grayling 1, Purple Hairstreak 2, Small Heath 6, Small Copper c50, Brown Argus 4, Essex Skipper 4, Gatekeeper 35. Also seen:- Small Skipper, Red Admiral, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Ringlet and 3 spp whites. Cavenham Heath TL750725) Martin Peers
21 Jul 2 Grayling, 2 Common Blue (m), 7 Silver-studded Blue (m) . Purdis Heath SSSI   Julian Dowding
21 Jul I am extremely happy to report the sighting of 2 x Silver-washed Fritillaries (at speed, not settled) in Northfield Wood, Onehouse today at 3:15 on the main ride just by the front entrance to the wood.  No White Admirals today but am sure they are there, as in previous years.   What a year we are having.  I am pretty much ecstatic about this and the Purple Emperor spots others have reported in Bradfield Wood.   Northfield Wood,   Michael Girling
21 Jul Found and encountered 2 commas 1 peacock 1 small tortoiseshell 2 small coppers 8 ringlets that are now beginning to wind down of this first generation as many have ragged and torn wings, 21 gatekeepers 10 small skippers and 1 large skipper and no meadow browns which was surprising all on land near the Orwell country park.  land near the Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey.
21 Jul May I report two White Admirals briefly in our garden at Flowton today.  They flew past me while I was cutting the hedge and I saw them for only about five seconds before they flew out of the garden, but it was a very nice sight anyway. Flowton TM 085470 Rob Clements
20 JUl Chalkhill Blue flying again at the west Suffolk site on 20th July Private Site   Bill Stone
20 Jul I would like to notify you of some recent Butterfly sightings which may be of interest to you.  A friend of mine has a great interest in natural history and keeps me updated on some of his exploration trips.  He is primarily an ornithologist but also has strong interests in Butterflies and Dragonflies.  He visited Theburton Woods, (grid ref TM421655) which I gather is in your area of interest, and made some interesting Butterfly sightings which he notified me of by e-mail. I now copy the content of his message for your own interest and records as they may be of significance:-   Last stop was the splendid Theberton Woods, where the excellent conservationist Sam watches daily over the butterfly heaven that he and his helpers have created. In just an hour we logged three Purple Emperors, two (at least) Silver-washed Fritillaries, as well as single Purple Hairstreak and White Admiral.  This beautiful place is under continual threat from the Forestry Commission: you can help preserve it by visiting and enjoying the wonderful wildlife!  I hope this will be of interest to you. Best wishes for your work in the future. Theberton Wood   Bob Williams
20 Jul We saw a single White Admiral briefly in our garden at about 4pm.  We are in Lower Holbrook on the Shotley Peninsula.  It was very exciting – I’ve never seen one before! Lower Holbrook TM 17967 34927 Jenny Taylor-Jones
20 July I've just seen my first Peacock of the summer today in my Kelsale garden (20th July) Kelsale   Charles Cuthbert
20 Jul Large White 7, Green-veined White 6, Small White 12, Essex Skipper 3, Small Skipper 6, Comma 1, Red Admiral 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Gatekeeper 1, Meadow Brown 12, Ringlet 10.  Also in my garden yesterday: Brimstone (male) and Peacock. Sudbury (Peck's & Friar's meadows) TL880407 Martin Peers
20 Jul A late morning visit to Bradfield Woods produced 12+ Silver-washed Fritillaries, including these two, (photo click here) but little else of note,    Bradfield Woods   Margie & David Carter
20 Jul No Purple Emperor!!!  However, at least 10 Silver-washed Fritillary, 2 White Admiral, Purple Hairstreak, Red Admiral, a fresh Peacock, Comma, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, and Large Skipper plus numerous whites including Large White.  However the best sighting was of at least 3 White-letter Hairstreak, low on vegetation taking moisture from the grass and plant leaves during the morning as was a couple of Purple Hairstreak.. Also on Tuesday after you left Bradfield Wood, there was  Northfield Wood near Stowmarket   Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton
20 Jul 20 plus white admirals in Mutford wood today Mutford   Jonathan Warnes
20 Jul Encountered 4 individual small coppers basking in the hot sun amongst scentless mayweed flowers as well as 20 gatekeepers 15 ringlets 10 meadow browns 10 small skippers and many yellow shell moths.  Also found 1 red admiral and 1 comma butterfly on Land near Orwell country park. . Land near Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey
19 Jul I found a very fresh male Common Blue, a bit earlier than I would normally have expected. MInsmere   Charles Cuthbert
19 Jul It seems ages since I saw a Peacock.  Spotted at Bradfield wood on the 19th (photo click here) also White Admiral, x 1, Silver-washed Fritillaries x 12, Speckled Wood x 2, Small TortoiseshellT x 1 and assorted whites and browns. Bradfield wood   Trevor Goodfellow
19 Jul Silver Studded Blue (photo click here) Upper Hollesley Common   Craig Holden
19 Jul Large whites numbering over 50, ringlets fading to single figures taken over by gatekeeper x 20+, meadow brown x 15, small/large/essex skipper all in single figures now, holly blue x 1 (photo click here), purple hairstreak x 1, small white, small tortoiseshell, red admiral and speckled wood also noted.  Thanks to all concerned with Bonny wood Sunday, very enjoyable morning. Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
19 Jul Saw 1 male and 1 female Purple Emperor at Ramsey today but nothing between 12:00 and 14:00. Too hot I suspect! Ramsey Wood   David Dowding
19 Jul Purple Emperor at Theberton took a fancy to my car!  A well photographed tyre (photo click here) Theberton Wood   Dave Pearsons
19 Jul 1 female Purple Emperor at about 3.00 pm flying on the track to the wood store.  1 male Purple Emperor flying over tall oak tree by visitor centre at about 4.00 pm.  Met Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton who had been watching most of the day and had seen a male Purple Emperor at about 12.30 over the tall tress by the visitor centre.  Seemed too hot for the butterflies with the only activity being Silver-washed Fritillaries flying at graet speed.  At about 5.00 pm LG and AM reported a clash of two Purple Emperors in 'the gap' Bradfiekd Woods   Richard Perryman
19 Jul 18 Silver-washed Fritillaries, 5 White Admiral, 1 Red Admiral but no sign of the Purple Emperors during 10.30 - 12.30 even in the area where bait left on Sunday.  Plua Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Large, Small, and GRen-veined Whites. Bonny Wood   Richard Perryman
19 Jul Encountered a pair of Small copper butterflies both male in an aerial fighting ball  over territory which lasted over ten minutes and two brimstone butterflies feeding from scabious  and knapweed flowers on land near the Orwell country park. . Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey
19 Jul Today I encountered 20-30 ringlets 20 meadow browns including a pair mating 20-30 gatekeepers 7 large whites 2 green veined whites 40 small skippers and 1 small copper butterfly.  Also found many common carpet moths mother of Pearl moths all on land leading to the Orwell country park. Orwell country park.   Daniel Cable-Davey
19 Jul Finally confirmed with binoculars Purple Hairstreak flying and settling on oak behind my garden near B&Q on the Cambridge side of Haverhill. Not a rare butterfly, but really happy about this! Haverhill   Neil Dickinson
19 Jul Lots of Red Admirals present at Minsmere Minsmere   Charles Cuthbert
18 Jul This is just a simple report of the species yesterday I went to locate, yesterday I came deeper into Suffolk to find and photograph the Silver studded blue.  We started our search at Westleton Heath, with a time period of over 1hr, walk a loop back to the car park we only came across 3 Silver-studded Blues, two males and one female.  We then took the drive to Blaxhall common, where we had read the history and the possibility of good numbers.  We werer not disappointed; followed the footpath and we found very good number of Silver-studded Blues and in little colonies.  On one plant alone we counted 12.  The work the organisation has done here is incredible.  I forward a image from yesterday (photo click here) Westleton Heath, Blaxhall Common   Paul Bird
18 Jul Continuing Suffolk's "purple patch" another Purple Emperor, a female, this one in Kesgrave first spotted by Jenny Plank. (photos click here) Kesgrave. TM 230452 Jenny and Gary Plank
18 Jul  Red admiralx1, commax1, Gatekeepers x6 small copper x2 (photos click here), and numerous ringlets today  SWT Lackford Lake   Duncan FletcherBrown
18 Jul Purple Emperor from Ramsey Wood this afternoon July 18th - (photo click here) Ramsey Wood   David Walsh, Bill Plumb
18 Jul After 4 years of searching... Purple Emperor butterfly in Bradfield Woods! Thanks to BC_HertsMiddx.  Liz Goodyear today to  and Andrew Middleton (both of Herts and Middlesex branch and experts on PE) saw 3 PE at SWT Bradfield Woods earlier today.  They believe they have identified the assembly area as being above the visitors centre! Bradfield Woods   SWT
18 Jul Spent two hours in Wolves Wood mostly looking up at tall trees - no Purple Emperors.  But 18 Silver-washed Fritillaries, 4 White Admiral, 1 Red Admiral, Large, Small and Green-veined Whites, 50 Maedow Brown, 10 Ringlet 3 Comma Wolves Wood   Richard Perryman
17 Jul 7:36 PM  Unbelievable! A White Admiral has just flown through the garden! Trimley   Bill Stone
17 Jul SBBC Event Bonny Wood Walk - 7 Purple Emperors today on our Bonny Wood walk , incluiding 3 coming to our baits!  (photos click here) Bonny Wood   David Dowding
17 Jul This battle scarred male Purple Emperor was enjoying the seafood platter with a red admiral  (photo click here) Bonny Wood   David Dowding
17 Jul Large White 10, Small White c40, Green-veined White 3, Essex Skipper 1, Red Admiral 3, Peacock 1, Small Tortoiseshell 8, Meadow Brown 18, Ringlet 20 Knettishall airfield TL970792: Martin Peers
17 Jul Saw c260 individuals from 17 species including a number of Purple Hairstreaks and a stained and battered Brimstone on Big Butterfly Counts through North-West Suffolk farmland on 17th July.  I went between the A1088 and A134 from Euston to Rymer Point filling in three Black Hole tetrads on the way.  70 Large, Small, Green-veined White; 1 Brimstone; 10 Large, Small, Essex Skipper; 1 Small Copper; 150 Ringlet, Meadow Brown; 15 Comma, Gatekeeper, Speckled Wood; 5 Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Red Admiral; 10 Purple Hairstreak North-West Suffolk   Paul Harrison
17 Jul Encountered 20 ringlets 10 meadow browns 10 gatekeepers 20 small skippers 1 red admiral all on land leading to the Orwell country park. . Orwell country park   Daniel Cable-Davey
17 Jul Spoonbill, Peacock 1, Red Admiral 1, Large Skipper 3, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Ringlets +Meadow Browns, Large Whites, Small Whites  Trimley marshes   Will Brame
17 Jul On Cavenham Heath today were two Grayling, (photo click here), 6 Small Heath, 2 Red Admiral, 30+ Small Copper, Large Whites, Speckled Wood and numerous Meadow Browns and Ringlets.   Cavenham Heath   Margie & David Carter
17 Jul Three of over 1000 Large, Small and Green-veined Whites this morning on local set aside field (photo click here) Trimley   Bill Stone
17 Jul Over 20 Red Admirals. Several showing white spot in red forewing band- ab.bialbata (photo click here) Trimley   Bill Stone
17 Jul Received a reported sighting of 1 White Admiral SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
17 Jul 12 Red Admiral, 20 Ringlet, 12 Small Tortoiseshell,15 Gatekeeper, 230 Meadow Brown, 15 Small Skipper, 15 Large Skipper, 14 Large White, 27 Small White, 10 Green-veined White SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
16 Jul First Silver-washed Fritillary and White Admiral of the year Brimlin Wood, Chattisham TM0740 Peter Woolley
16 Jul Large White 12, Small White c50, Green-veined White 5, Large Skipper 1, Essex Skipper 2, Small Skipper 10, Comma 2, Red Admiral 4, Small Tortoiseshell 20, Gatekeeper 1, Speckled Wood 2, Meadow Brown c40, Ringlet 18 Rickinghall TM0475: Martin Peers
16 Jul Warm and with hazy sun in the garden today produced the first Gatekeeper I have seen this year!  It has been around all day and was joined by a male Brimstone sitting very still on the hedge perhaps drying his wings and a new brood Holly Blue. Added to the Ringlets and Small and Large Whites who have been around all week this made for a good afternoon.    4 Framlingham TM28763 Geraldine Smith
15 Jul Purple Emperor - full account of this sighting on our home page here  plus 4 White Admirals and 12 Silver washed Fritillaries, Commas and Red Admirals Ramsey Wood TM 06632 43284

David Dowding and Adrian Richards

15 Jul  : Large White 2, Small White 10, Green-veined White 3, Red Admiral 2, Small Tortoiseshell 6, Small Heath 1, Speckled Wood 2, Meadow Brown 8, Ringlet 4. Botesdale TM0476 Martin Peers
15 Jul 1 Grayling, 2 Small coppers, 1 Comma, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, and many Meadow browns, Ringlets, Small skipper, With the wet year the grass seems a greater cover and longer this year with less bare ground.  The Grayling liked a members pair of grey slacks to land on. Gallows Field Dunwich TM470701 Andrew Leng
15 Jul Encountered 20-30 ringlet butterflies 20 gatekeeper 20-30 small skippers 3 large whites 3 green veined whites 3 small coppers 2 purple Hairstreaks 1 comma and 1 brimstone butterfly all found on land near the Orwell country park. Orwell country park.   Daniel Cable-Davey.
15 Jul On 15th July at Needham Lakes, saw a dark blue butterfly that after checking have identified as a purple hairstreak, and on 17th July saw one in Stowmarket. Both were flying over wooded streams in warm sunny weather. Needham Lakes   Pat Spurgeon
15 Jul Gatekeeper 214, Essex Skipper 172, Small Skipper 21, Large Skipper 1, Meadow Brown 42, 6 spot burnet 3 Felixstowe ferry/Kingsfleet   Will Brame
15 Jul W Emerald, Green-veined White, Gatekeeper, Red Admiral 4, Comma 4, Purple Hairstreak 1 Loompit Lake   Will Brame
15 Jul Large Whites can be handsome. Purple Hairstreak, rarely approached so close.  Theberton Woods   Rob Seago
14 Jul 10am to 11am. Silver-washed Fritillaries 6, White Admiral 1, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 3, Large Skipper 2, several  Meadow Browns and Ringlets Large White 2 Wolves Wood   aul Claridge
14 Jul Meadow Brown c20, Small Tortoiseshell 6, Large White c20, Small White 11, Painted Lady 1, Gate Keeper 2, Large Skipper 1, Purple Hairstreak 1, Red Admiral 2, Comma 1 and Ringlet, to many to count.   Wrentham TM4983 Bill Whybrow
14 Jul Seen today between 3 and 4pm:   Ringlet 7, Large White 10, White Admiral 1, Speckled Wood 12, Meadow Brown 11   Wolves Wood   Ed Hutchings
14 Jul We just spotted this outside our kitchen window. A Silver-washed Fitillary (photo click here).  It was large and overly friendly, we struggled to keep it out of the kitchen and away from my dogs.  Our gardens include a wooded area and a good deal of trees.  We are very keen as are the local farmers on no pesticides etc which may have helped we get a lot of tree wasps and a varied selection of wildlife. Felsham Suffolk   Karen Auchincloss
14 Jul Weather mostly cloudy with many dark clouds but some butterflies in the sheltered spots during brief sunny periods.  Small Skipper 1, Large Skipper 6, Small White 1, Green-veined White 1, Small Copper 6, Silver-studded Blue 5, Grayling 6, Gatekeeper 1, Meadow Brown 10, Ringlet 20, Small Heath 8 Westleton   Richard Perryman
14 Jul Weather as above.  Small Skipper 2, Large Skipper 5, Large White 1, Green-veined White 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Speckled Wood 1, Grayling 1, Meadow Brown 8, Ringlet 40 Dunwich   Richard Perryman
13 Jul Despite the fact that sunshine was intermittent today I saw the following butterflies:- Large Skipper 4, Essex Skipper 1, Small Skipper 4, Green-veined White 2, Small White 12, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Red Admiral 1, Gatekeeper 15, Small Heath 1, Meadow Brown 40, Ringlet 64, Silver-y 1. . Assington Mill and Suffolk WT reserve TL9336 Martin Peers
13 Jul White-letter Hairstreak flying round a tall elm hedge in bright sunshine edge of Assington village TL9337 Martin Peers
13 Jul White Admiral 2, Large Skipper 6, Large White 3, Green-veined White 2, Small White 9, Comma 1, Gatekeeper 2, Small Heath 1, Meadow Brown 60, Ringlet 56. Assington Thicks TL9237 Martin Peers
12 Jul Purple Hairstreaks 4, Speckled Wood 4, Red Admiral 4, Ringlet 27, Meadow Brown 22, Holly Blue 2, B t Skimmer W Emerald C Blue Damselfly L Emperor Loompit /Sleighton Hill   Will Brame
12 Jul White Admiral (single) seen and photographed at Minsmere on 12th July, and lots of Red Admirals present at Minsmere on both 12th and 19th July. Minsmere   Charles Cuthbert
11 Jul SWT Bradfield woods was windy and cool today so just browns and whites, a couple of speckled wood, comma (photo click here), red admiral.  No sign of the white admiral or SWFs I saw the other day. SWT Bradfield Woods   Trevor Goodfellow
11 Jul SWT Combs wood bit warmer in the sun between showers, lots of browns and whites, 4 x red admirals, 2 x comma.  I had my fingers crossed for WA or PE but no luck too windy I reckon. SWT Combs wood   Trevor Goodfellow
10 Jul Graying seen  today at Hen Reedbeds along Wolsey Creek river wall. Hen Reedbeds   Les Tarver
9 Jul 175 Meadow Brown, 24 Small Tortoiseshell, 7 Large Skipper,1 Red Admiral, 3 Green-veined White, 3 Small White, 2 Comma SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
9 Jul Today made a visit to Devils Dyke, Newmarket.  The attached were taken on the Suffolk side, where there were 3 Chalkhill Blues, 20+ Marbled Whites also many Ringlet, Meadow Brown and Small Heath (photos click here)  Devils Dyke sits with Cambridgeshire for recording purposes. The West Suffolk (VC26) boundary sits about 1/2 km away from DD.  The sightings are still of interest but would be even more so 500m east. Devils Dyke, Newmarket.   Dave Borderick
9 Jul Saw Ringlet twice today once at about 7:30am in grassland – Earl Soham’s Jubilee Wood and then during the afternoon in my garden, which is about mile from the Jubilee Wood. Earl Soham IP13 7SF Susie Stark
9 Jul Brief sighting of a Hummingbird Hawkmoth in our garden early this morning. Kesgrave TM230452 Jenny Plank
8 Jul Essex Skipper 65, Small Skipper 7, Ringlet 3, Meadow Brown 25, Gatekeeper 5, Five spot Burnet 17 Felixstowe Ferry / Kingsfleet   Will Brame
8 Jul 3 White Letter Hairstreaks (photo click here) at Dunwich Forest yesterday. Also 4+ White Admiral, 2 large skipper and numerous Ringlet and Meadow Brown.      
8 Jul Visited Bonny Wood this afternoon and saw several White Admirals (photo click here) and 1 Silver-Washed Fritillary along with a Comma and various browns.  Also saw a large butterfly showing interest in the sallows growing along the north-west edge of the wood from across the narrow hay field that borders the wood there.  Could not make a positive identification, but suspect it may have been a female Purple Emperor and strongly advise more thorough investigation of this area for this species. Presumably the sun only reaches this aide of the wood in the afternoon. Bonny Wood   Neil Dickinson
8 Jul 3 White Admirals, 2 Silver Washed Fritillaries and 15 + Ringlets Ramsey Wood   Mike Morley
8 Jul White Admiral on the Hadleigh Railway Walk (near to the Raydon Station end, approximate OS reference TM 05795 40517). The time was 16.05 and the weather was now slightly cloudy after a long period of full sun.  I watched the specimen for about 2 minutes flying back and forth along the path, under a stretch of full shaded canopy. Raydon Station TM 05795 40517 Darren Andrews.
7 Jul SBBC Event Productive Butterfly Conservation Walk at Landseer Park.  The weather was reasonably good considering how poor it has been this summer and we managed to find about 20 species.  The wildflower meadows were asbolutely  alive with browns and skippers together with several whites and vanessids.  In the woodland neither hairstreak was keen to come down, and we only managed distant views.  Meadow brown 40+     Ringlet 60+     Marbled white 16 +     Speckled wood 4+      Gatekeeper 1      Small skipper 25 +   Large skipper 12+      Essex skipper 30 +        White letter  hairstreak 5+     Purple hairstreak 2+   Common blue 1   Holly blue 1     Small tortoiseshell  20+      Comma 5    Red Admiral 3   Painted Lady 1    Large white 15+   Small white 20+   Greenveined white 4   Brimstone  3.  Unforunately no Brown argus or Small copper were observed  that day and still to early for Peacocks ( a few larvae were still seen  basking on nettles).       (photos click here) Landseer Park   David Dowding
7 Jul 3 White Letter Hairstreaks (photo click here) at Dunwich Forest yesterday. Also 4+ White Admiral, 2 large skipper and numerous Ringlet and Meadow Brown. Dunwich Forest   Dave Borderick
7 Jul This Marbled White was present from 9am to at least 1pm today along Tom Crisp Way in Lowestoft.  I notice that they are not often found near here. (photo click here)  Not seen in this area in the last five years see the distribution map here. Lowestoft   Antony Wren
7 Jul Small Skipper 1, Essex Skipper 1, Large Skipper 1, Ringlet 3, Small Tortoieshell 3, Comma 1 (photo click here) Trimley Marshes   Will Brame
7 Jul Essex Skippers the highlight of a brief stroll from home to Kiln Meadow in Belstead Brook Park this afternoon (photos click here) Kiln Meadow   David Walsh
7 Jul 4 new Gatekeepers, 1 Small tortoiseshell, and many meadow browns, ringlets and skippers large and small ones. Theberton  TM 446 334 Andrew Leng
6 Jul Visited Wherstead Woods this afternoon and saw a White Admiral along the south-east edge of the woods (not much else, just Meadow Browns and Ringlets, and a Black-tailed Skimmer). Wherstead Woods   David Walsh
6 Jul A trip to minsmere on the 6th gave me a chance to walk westleton common on the way.  To my surprise I spotted 6 x Silver studded  Blues, of which one pair were mating and 1 x Grayling     Trevor Goodfellow
6 Jul Ringlet 4, Small Tortoiseshell 4, Essex Skipper 15, Small Skipper 7, Common Blue 1, Small Heath 9, L R Damsel 4, B T Damselfly 1, C Darter 1, 6 Six-spot Burnet 1 Landguard Butts   Will Brame
6 Jul  White-letter Hairstreak 8, Ringlet 21, Meadow Brown 25, Large Skipper 3, Gatekeeper 1, Common Blue 1 Newbourne between TM 261 426-TM 262 428 Will Brame
6 Jul A sunny morning - I walked the length of track and track-bed from Brockford station museum to the end.  Spotted around 30 Ringlets, some Meadow Browns, 3 Speckled Wood, a Small Skipper, 1 Large White and a very new Red Admiral. Brockford TM129659 Geraldine Smith
6 Juk At Bradfield Woods this afternoon we recorded 3 Silver-washed Fritillary, 2 White Admiral,(photos click here), Comma, Large White and several Ringlets, Meadow Browns and Speckled Woods. Bradfield Woods   Margie & David Carter
6 Jul Site near main gate into Lineage Wood still has White letter Hairstreaks present, at least 3 observed this morning.  3 white admirals also seen. Lineage Wood   Peter Hobbs
6 Jul White-letter Hairstreak 1, Silver-washed Fritillary 1, Green-veined White, Comma, Red Admiral, Holly Blue, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Ringlet.  Also single Banded Demoiselle, Ruddy Darter, Azure Damselfly.  Thrilled with the W-l H which made up for the lack of White Admirals! Ramsey Wood, TM0642/TM0643 David Walsh, Richard and Jean Attenborrow, Andrew Gregory
5 Jul 5 Silver-washed Fritillary, 1 White Admiral, 2 Large White, 15+ Ringlet, 4 Meadow Brown, 15+ Speckled Wood - Bradfield Woods, Suffolk   Ben and Colin Moyes
5 Jul Red Admiral 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Meadow Brown 21, Large Skipper 3, Ringlet 3, Small White 15, Narrow Bordered Bee Hawkmoth, 5 Spot Burnet 1 Trimley Marshes   Will Brame
5 Jul Seeing a Ringlet in my garden I went around the Cemetery in Framlingham this afternoon.  At last, after weeks of almost no butterflies there were "Browns" in profusion.  30+ Meadow Brown, 10 or more Ringlets and some Small Skippers plus a couple of Speckled Wood and a Small Tortoiseshell. Framlingham Cemetery TM 287632 Geraldine Smith
5 Jul The site noted in previous years on the corner of Paradise Wood, adjacent to the track up to Balsdon Hall still holds its population of White letter Hairstreaks's,  I spotted at least five.  I drew a blank at the location just inside Lineage Wood near to the main gate at Bridge Street Road, although the elm is still in situ so I'll make some more visits in the next week or so.  However, while checking for the hairstreaks, a very handsome white admiral appeared in the clearing and started nectaring on the trees round about.  This is a species that I've not seen in Lineage before but one that I had hoped would turn up one day as I'd noted that honeysuckle is present here.  I found another one further into the wood. Lineage Wood   Peter Hobbs
4 Jul Warm day at devil's dyke newmarket.  About 30 marbled whites, meadow browns, ringlets.  Some marbled whites (photo click here) on Suffolk side of the dyke and along the parallel embankment.  The wind was blowing our way.  Common blue, 5 - spot burnet and very dark brown version of heath brown moth also Suffolk side.  Devils Dyke sits with Cambridgeshire for recording purposes. The West Suffolk (VC26) boundary sits about 1/2 km away from DD.  The sightings are still of interest but would be even more so 500m east. devil's dyke newmarket   Trevor Goodfellow
4 Jul I observed two white letter hairstreaks around the top of a small English Elm this afternoon, 4th July. It is a site where I have recorded WLH's before.  This is approx 80 metres north of a wooded area called The Moat, just outside of Lavenham. I will be checking previous locations where I've seen WLH's around Lineage Wood in the coming days. Lavenham   Peter HOBBS
4 Jul (08.30 - 10.15 am):- Silver-Washed Fritillary x2 males in territory; White Admiral x2; Purple Hairstreak x3 (2 males nectaring at low levels); Large Skipper x1; Green-veined White x5; Speckled Wood x1; Ringlet x12; Meadow Brown x14. Wolves Wood   Martin Peers
4 Jul (11.15 - 11.45 am) Silver-studded Blue x 2 males; Small Heath x10; Small Skipper x2; Ringlet x4; Meadow Brown x8. Upper Hollesley Common TM3347 Martin Peers
4 Jul Small Skipper 1, Large Skipper 5, several whites 1 positively identified as Small White and 1 Green-veined White, Red Admiral 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Meadow Brown 20, Ringlet 1, Six-spot Burnet 5 Woodbridge   Richard Perryman
4 July This morning,  a Single Clouded Yellow (my first ever) and Painted Lady Wireless Green, Felixstowe TM292330 John Hanley
4 Jul 9 Silver-studded Blues (8 males, 1 female), all in the area just north of the runway fence, 1 Common Blue, 1 Essex Skipper, 4 Small Skippers, 1 Large Skipper, 10+ Ringlets, 10+ Meadow Browns, 1 Large White 2 Black-tailed Skimmers, 2 Azure Damselflies Martlesham Heath   David Walsh, Ben and Colin Moyes
3 Jul Two hours at Carlton Marsh near Lowestoft this morning rewarded us with, c150 Meadow Browns, c20 Small Tortoiseshell, 11 Large Skippers, 1 Red Admiral, 2 Large White and 1 Small White. . . Carlton Marsh TM 4992/5092 Bill Whybrow
3 Jul 2 x forester moths, many ringlet, meadow brown, 10+ x small skipper, 20+ x small heath and a few small copper, large skipper, red admiral, speckled wood. (photos click here) Ramparts heath west stow   Trevor goodfellow
3 Jul silver washed fritillary - possibly only one pair as I only saw two at a time.  Small and large skipper, red admiral also noted. Pakenham wood   Trevor goodfellow
3 Jul 7 x Silver Washed Fritillaries, 2 x White Admiral, Large Skipper, Speckled Wood and good numbers of Meadow Brown and Ringlet.   A recce trip in preparation for the guided walk on the 18th.  Please wear walking boots as some of the paths are slippery with mud.  Looks as though numbers should increase over next two weeks, weather permitting. Bonny Wood   Kev Ling
2 Jul During my short walk at Landguard, Felixstowe I came across the attached which looks like a Pale Clouded Yellow.  When flying the inner wings were white with the usual black markings (photo click here).  Could also be a female Cluoded Yellow var. helice.  Expert opinion is being sought Landguard, Felixstowe   Robert Brown
2 Jul 17 Red Admiral, 30 Large Skipper, 32 Small Tortoiseshell, 14 Ringlet, 70 Meadow Brown (photos click here) SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
2 Jul White letter Hairstreak 3 (photos click here) Newbourne TM261426 Will Brame
2 Jul A few years ago you kindly sent me 4 Buckthorn whips and I am delighted to say that this year I have had a lot of Brimstone eggs laid on both types (Alder and Common).  Luckily I sleeved several and one pupa hatched today.  All the other eggs and larvae (not sleeved) have been predated!  I know I am not the first to report, but am pleased with the result anyway.     Jack Phillips
1 Jul Freshly emerged Purple hairstreak found this am in , first for the year.  Slightly deformed wing not surprising given damp conditions Ipswich   Neil Sherman

30 Jun 5 Marbled White Landseer Park.   Julian Dowding
30 Jun 4m Silver studded Blues Pipers Vale   Julian Dowding
30 Jun 22m + 3f Silver studded Blues Purdis Heath   Julian Dowding
30 Jun 2 female and 10 male Silver studded Blues (photos click here), a painted lady and many meadow browns. Purdis Heath, Ipswich   Robert Brown
30 JUn 6 marbled whites, 5 small tortoiseshells, red admiral, lots of skippers Including Large Skipper (photo click here), painted lady, and various whites. Landseer Park, Ipswich   Robert Brown
28 Jun Small skipper, Large skipper, Brimstone, Meadow Brown. Ringlet. Theberton   Andrew Leng
28 Jun At least 5 Marbled Whites on Landseer Park this morning. Landseer Park   Mike Morley
28 Jun At least 5 Marbled White on Landseer Park today, plus 30+ Meadow Brown, 10+ Small Tortoiseshell. 10 Small Skipper, Large Skipper, Common Blue Landseer Park   Bill Plumb
28 Jun A dry spell between rain today was a welcome respite as it all went 'radio rental' at home, I counted 1 x painted lady, 21 x meadow browns, 11 x ringlet, 8 x small tortoiseshells, 6 x large skippers, large white and small white.  A few speckled wood to boot.  A new meadow we sowed only 12 months ago was host to most of these.  Also spotted my first ever six-spot burnet math caterpillar (photo click here). I hope you all had a good day too.     Trevor Goodfellow
28 Jun White Admiral seen today Rendlesham forest   Richard Tomlinson
27 Jun I visited Lower Hollesley Common yesterday and saw large numbers of Silver-studded Blues both male and female. They ranged for at least 100yds down a broad, heather covered ride TM342466, SSE of the lower car park . (photos click here).  Also there were a couple of Silver Ys and a Small Heath. Lower Hollesley Common TM342466 Simon Jeffs
27 Jun Essex Skipper 3, Small Skipper 5, Small Tortoiseshell 5, Six spot Burnett (photos click here) Landguard Butts   Will Brame
27 Jun In rather windy conditions 2 Marbled Whites seen on Landseer Park Ipswich this morning. All the best. Landseer Park Ipswich   Mike Morley.
26 Jun Found good numbers ( in excess of 80 )  Silver-studded Blue's (photos click here) Westleton Common   Pete Jackson
26 Jun Silver-studded Blue 10+ males and 3+ females in small area of Westleton Heath.  Also 3 Small Heath. Westleton Heath   Bill Plumb
26 Jun My first Suffolk White Admiral of the year, a single butterfly flying along the road near Wherstead Woods Wherstead Woods   Bill Stone
25 Jun 34 Meadow Brown, 24 Large Skipper, 1 Peacock and 24 Small Tortoiseshell  recorded today SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
24 Jun At least 15 Silver-studded Blues at Purdis, including 3 females (photos click here). Also 1 Meadow Brown. Purdis Heath   Harry Faull
24 Jun field and garden  Summer at last  30+ Meadow Brown,  2 Ringlet, 3 Large Skipper, 1 Tortoiseshell, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Humming Bird Hawk Moth. The buddleia alternifolia has gone over and I have only seen two butterflies on it this year. Theberton TM 446 334 Andrew Leng
24 Jun Male and female Silver Washed Fritilleries seen this morning but 80% of habitat has been destroyed by logging operations Pakenham Wood   David West
22 Jun 1 Small Heath, 6 Meadow Browns, 1 Brown Argus 1 Small Tortoiseshell. Field and Garden     Theberton TM446 334 Andrew Leng
22 Jun 2 Ringlet today in I my first of the year. A few Meadow brown and a Small tortoiseshell also noted pswich, Suffolk,   Neil Sherman
22 Jun Saw 3 Silver-studded Blue (photos click here), 2 Small Heath and 1 Silver Y Moth today. The heather is just coming out. Westleton Heath   David and Lilian Pitt
21 Jun one fresh Ringlet (photo click here) also a first. 4 x meadow browns, 1 x brown argus an 1 x common blue Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
20 Jun Small Tortoiseshell 5, Small Heath 5, Holly Blue 1, Common Blue 3, Meadow Brown 1 Landguard butts   Will Brame
20 Jun I saw my first large skipper (photo click here) Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
20 Jun After today's rain, lots more Meadow Browns out at Sizewell + Large Skipper & a few worn Common Blues Sizewell   Charles Cuthbert
20 Jun This female pine hawk came to light in my garden (photo click here) Lakenheath   Mark
19 Jun 7 Silver-studded Blue at Purdis, 6 at Ransomes and 1 at Pipers Vale today1, including one emerging from an ants nest (photo click here)     David Dowding
19 Jun 3 Meadow Browns, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 2 Small Heaths, 2 Common Blues, 1 Mother Shipton, 3 Burnet Companions.   East End (East Bergholt)   Liz Cutting
19 Jun : Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell x2, Small Heath, Meadow Brown (also Silver-Y x3) Undley TL6983 Martin Peers
19 Jun Large White, Small White, Painted Lady x2 Mildenhall Fen TL657792 Martin Peers
18 Jun One Silver-studded Blue seen in damp conditions westleton common.   Richard Miller-Smith
16 Jun My first large skipper (male) black bourn valley   Trevor Goodfellow  
16 Jun  Meadow Brown 1, Speckled  Wood 3, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Holly Blue 1, Banded Demoiselle 1, C Blue Damselfly 20 Kirton Creek   Will Brame
16 Jun A walk south of Orford along the sea wall today produced one Wall Brown, one Small Tortoiseshell, one Painted Lady, 2 Small Heaths and several whites.   Orford TM4249 Gary & Jenny Plank
15 Jun Just had my first 2 male Silver-studded Blues emerging on Westleton Common today.  Wont be much longer til the main counts  if weather holds. Westleton Common   David Rous
15 Jun My first Meadow Brown of the year at Sizewell on 15th June, also a few Small Heath & Common Blues Sizewell   Charles Cuthbert
15 Jun Small Heath 4, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Common Blue 4, Small White 6, Large White, 1 Epichnopterix plumella, 1 Common Broomrape 1 Landguard butts   Will Brame
14 Jun Red Admiral 1 my first this year Felixstowe ferry   Will Brame
13 Jun A quick visit to SWT black bourn valley reserve at Thurston revealed a few commophila aeneana (orange conch micro moth) plus two meadow browns and a few speckled wood. (photos click here) black bourn valley   Trevor goodfellow
11 Jun 1 faded Painted Lady, 1 Brown Argus, Holly Blue, Orange Tip. Theberton TM 446 334 Andrew Leng 
11 Jun 2 Small White, 4 Large White, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 4 Peacock, 2 Wall Brown, 4 Holly Blue SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
11 Jun Scarce Chaser, Wall Butterfly and a tatty Red Kite with a Marsh Harrier Carlton Marshes   Andrew Easton
10 Jun 6+ Burnet Companion, 3+ Mother Shiptons, 2 Common Blue and my first Meadow Brown of the year East End (East Bergholt)   Liz Cutting
10 Jun Common Tubic Moth and Large Skipper Altonwater   Tony and Sandy
9 Jun Small Heath, female Orange Tip, 3 Brown Argus, two Speckled Wood, Holly Blue in field. Theberton TM 446 334 Andrew Leng
9 Jun Dingy Skipper 4, Brimstone, Small Heath, Small Copper, Painted Lady, Common Blue, Brown Argus King's Forest Thetford   Tony and Sandy
7 Jun My first Large Skipper for the year     Neil Sherman
7 Jun Green Hairstreak Theberton TM 446 334 Andrew Leng
7 Jun Today along ride 202 Kings Forest I sighted  2 Painted Lady, 1 Green Hairstreak, 9 Common Blue, 4 Small Heath,3 Large White & 5 Orange Tip.  There was also 3 Burnet Companion moths and several Cinnabar moths.  Unfortunately I couldn't find any Dusky Skippers. King's Forest   Simon Jeffs
7 Jun Saw one Brown Argus  and a Common Blue during our brief visit plus many Cinnabars and one Silver Y Moth. Lound Lakes   David and Lilian Pitt
7 Jun Saw 2 Wall Browns this morning near the railway line plus 6 Holly Blue, 5 male Orange Tips, 2 Small White and a Peacock in the glorious sunshine. Somerleyton   David and Lilian Pitt
6 Jun Don't know if anyone else got it , but definite male Swallowtail just below us flying hard right along dyke.  When standing at the top of the mound, it was to our right , came along the dyke from the right and double back Carlton Marshes   Richard Martin
6 Jun Green Hairstreak 2, Common Blue 11, Small White 7, B tailed Damselfly 1  Landguard n.r.   Will Brame
6 Jun Large White 4, Green-veined White, Orange Tip 4 males, Holly Blue, Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell, Small Heath 4, Speckled Wood 12 Stradishall airfield TL720510  
6 Jun First Small Skipper of the year along with a good number of male Orange Tips.  Also seen were Brimstone, Red Admiral & Green veined White. Belstead Meadows   Kev Ling
6 Jun Wall brown next to scrape, Carlton Marshes.    TM500926 Richard Martin
6 Jun Three Holly Blues in our small garden simultaneously this afternoon. TM230452 Jenny & gary Plank
5 Jun Small Copper 2, Orange Tip 1m Westleton Heath   Sean Minns
5 Jun Red Admiral 1, Speckled Wood 3, Holly Blue 1 Minsmere   Sean Minns
5 Jun green veined white in flight over my wildlife bed  (photo click here) Suffolk   Mr H
5 Jun One Painted Lady (photo click here) Boyton marshes   Bill Plumb
5 Jun Two Wall Browns at Hollesley Marshes, 30 m past viewing screen along track to river. (photo click here) Hollesley Marshes   Bill Plumb
5 Jun Several cinnabar moths, a few common blue and brown argus.  Some Small Heaths and this small copper captured by a snipe fly (photo click here) Ramparts heath   Trevor Goodfellow
5 Jun small white, common blue, Green-veined White and a couple of painted lady and a red admiral.  Also noted was a burnet campion. North stow   Trevor Goodfellow
5 Jun Just had our first Painted Lady of the year on Red Valerian. Wickham Market TM302 563 Rob and Kerry Reeve
5 Jun Large White 9, Small White 8, Speckled Wood 7, Holly Blue 11, Painted Lady 1 Peewit Hill Felixstowe   Will Brame
5 Jun Painted Lady.  2 on path near Harkstead. Harkstead TM 192 342 Paul Wigens
4 Jun Common Blue 1 male, Orange Tip 2mf, Small White 1, Red Admiral 1 Martins Meadow   Sean Minns
4 Jun Painted Lady. 1 in garden Bredfield TM 267 552 Paul Wigens
4 JUn Two painted ladies on sea wall Aldeburgh TM4457355810 John Baker
4 Jun  Butterflies Recorded, 6 Holly Blue, 4 Speckled Wood, 8 Peacock, 4 Wall Brown, 2 Red Admiral SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
4 Jun 2 Painted Ladys, 2 Green Hairstreaks, lots of Whites, 12 Common Blues, 3 Brown Argus, mating pair of Small Coppers (photo click here) Landguard, Felixstowe   Robert Brown
4 Jun At least two PaintedLadies on the beach Landguard LNR this morning     Chris (landguardranger)
4 Jun 2 Painted ladies at Landseer today Landseer Park Ipswich   David Dowding
4 Jun Double figure counts 50+ of Painted Lady in the Suffolk Brecks this afternoon, most flying high, fast and in a westwards direction. (photo click here) Lots of Silver-Y Moths too Breckland   Bill Stone
3 Jun In my garden just now. Wall Brown (photo click here Lowestoft TM511961 Richard Martin
29 May Holly Blue 2 Woodbridge St Johns Church   Sean Minns
29 May One Brown Argus and one Small Copper seen on a very grey blustery afternoon. Lound Lakes   David and Lilian Pitt
29 May We at last managed to find a Dingy Skipper this afternoon  along Ride 202, Chalk Lane, on the left hand side of the track approximately 50m beyond the clear fell area.  It was feeding on Bird's-foot-trefoil before flying into the grass.  Also in the same area our first Common Blue of the year (photos click here) King's Forest   David Carter
29 May 2 Dingy Skipper seen at Wordwell, Kings forest this afternoon (photo click here).  Plus Brimstone, Orange Tip, Small Copper, Common Blue, Small Heath  Wordwell, Kings forest   Neil Sherman
29 May 3 Red Admiral, 2 Peacock, 2 Small White, 3 Green-veined White, 8 Small Coppers, 8 Common Blues recorded at the sluice area (photos click here) RSPB Minsmere   Robert Quadling
29 May Green Hairstreak (photo click here) RSPB Minsmere   Dawn Balmer
29 May Always nice to find a fresh Common Blue, this one warming itself up (photo click here) Long Strops, Kesgrave   Bill Stone
29 May SBBC Event Helmingaham Hall - there was a steady stream of visitors to our stand with people wanting to know about butterflies and what plants to grow to attract butterflies to gardens.  Unfortunately although sunny it was a breezy and no bitterflies were seen on the walk.  One person had taken a photo of a Holly Blue for identification Helmingham Hall    
28 may 1 WALL BROWN Hollesley Marsh   Sean Minns
28 May Spent the afternoon searching for Walls in Hollesley/ Shingle Street, Suffolk area. No luck but several Red Admirals seen flying in off sea. Hollesley   Bill Stone
28 May 2 Large White, 6 Small White, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Brimstone , 12 Orange Tip, 22 Peacock, 1 Red Admiral, 22 Holly Blues (photos click here), 4 Wall Browns (photo click here) SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
27 May (sunny and warm) Orange Tip - 11, Small Copper - 10, Green Veined White - 4, Comma - 1, Green Hairstreak - 2, Peacock - 2, Small Heath - 10, Large White - 2, Dingy Skipper - 3, Small White - 2, Brown Argus - 1, Brimstone - 1 The Kings Forest   James Bradbury
27 May (sunny and warm) Large White - 1, Brimstone - 1, Holly Blue - 4, Small White - 2, Peacock - 2, Green Veined White - 1, Orange Tip - 2, Speckled Wood - 1 Lavenham Disused Railway walk   James Bradbury
27 May Six Small Heaths on Sutton Common this morning at    Sutton Common TM325470 Will Brame & Gary Plank
27 May Wall brown butterfly resting on oak tree at Carlton marshes (photo click here) SWT Carlton Marshes   Gavin Durrant
27 May Small Copper 1  Hollesley Common   William Brame
26 May Green Hairstreak 1 Orange tip 2 Peacock 1  Common Blue 1     Felixstowe Ferry   William Brame
26 May Green Hairstreak 1 Holly Blue 1 Common Blue 1 Landguard butts   William Brame
26 May (sunny and warm) Orange Tip - 1, Green Veined White - 3 Snape Maltings   James Bradbury
26 May (sunny and warm) Green Veined White - 6, Orange Tip - 15, Holly Blue - 10 (a personal high count for anywhere in UK following 16 years of consistently recording butterflies), Peacock - 7, Comma - 1, Large White - 4, Small White - 11, Small Heath - 1, Small Tortoiseshell - 1, Red Admiral - 4, Speckled Wood - 1 Orford   James Bradbury
26 May 2 Small Heaths, 3 Peacocks, 3 male Orange Tips and numerous whites. Bawdsey   Robert Brown
26 May Speckled Woods a'plenty in Mill Wood Edwardstone on this morning's bike ride (photo click here) Mill Wood Edwardstone   Adrian Chalkley
25 May SBBC Event - Dingy Skipper Survey "Another day of poor weather coincided with the 2nd Dingy Skipper survey day in the Kings Forest.  Despite the threat of rain and with grey skies and a temperature of 10 degrees three BC members attended.  We explored the restricted Archery area and found a single Dingy Skipper roosting in long grass.  We also walked the Wordwell Ride but no Dingy Skippers were found.  With no improvement in the weather the decision was made to finish early and head home.  The weather throughout May has made surveying the Dingy Skipper population very difficult. If anyone has managed to record any Dingy Skippers then please let me know as soon as possible so I can add to the survey sightings and undertake a review of the results". King's Forest   Bill Stone
23 May A Few Butterflies seen at Kings Forest Thetford today. Dingy Skipper (photo click here), Orange Tip, Small Copper, Small Heath. Kings Forest   Tony and Sandy
23 May (overcast) Green Hairstreak - 1 Dunwich Heath   James Bradbury
23 May (sunny) Peacock - 1, Red Admiral - 1, Small Copper - 2, Small White - 1 Minsmere RSPB   James Bradbury
22 May 1 Brimstone, 1 Wall Brown Butterflies  (photo click here) SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
22 May At SWT Gunton warren half a dozen Green Hairstreaks along cliff top (photo click here) SWT Gunton warren   Gavin Durrant
22 May (overcast) Orange Tip - 1 Wolves Wood   James Bradbury
22 May (partly sunny) Peacock - 2, Green Veined White - 2, Large White - 1, Holly Blue - 1 Bulls Wood   James Bradbury
21 May (partly sunny) Green Veined White 4, Speckled Wood 9, Large White 5, Orange Tip - 2, Peacock - 1, Small White - 1 Bradfield Woods   James Bradbury
21 May One Green Hairstreak, a Brimstone, a Large White, several Orange Tips, one Small Copper, a Holly Blue, a Peacock and umpteen Cinnabars were spotted in very windy but warm conditions. Lound Lakes   David and Lilian Pitt
21 May Red Admiral Butterfly a few about today, 16 Orange Tip, 5 Holly Blue,11 Green-veined White, 3 Large White,3 Small White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 9 Peacock,4 Red Admiral SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
21 May Visited the area today and found at least 6 Green Hairstreaks present in fairly windy conditions. Lineage Wood TL 892483. Peter Hobbs
20 May Male Brimstone, Red Admiral, Painted Lady, 5 Green Veined Whites, mating pair of Green Veined Whites (photo click here) numerous Whites, lots of male and female Orange Tips, 4 Holly Blue and 3 Speckled Woods River Gipping at Needham Market   Robert Brown
19 May 3 whites sp, Small Heath 2, Green Hairstreak 3, Landguard butts   Will Brame
17 May King's Forest walk yielded 100 sightings made up of mainly orange tip, green veined white and small white.  Others were holly blue, peacock, red admiral, small tortoiseshell, large white, small copper, small heath, brimstone and several speckled wood.  Nearby Ramparts heath: Brown Argus small copper and GVW. 13 species not bad for may.  Still no GH though.  First hawk moth of the year in the moth trap at home: poplar hawk of course also swallow prominent, grey dagger and my first 'chocolate tip' (photo click here) King's Forest   Trevor Goodfellow
17 May Took a stroll at Lineage Wood this morning - 10:30 to 11:30 - using Peter Hobbs Map ref. Green Hairstreak (max of 7 together in the north corner plus at least 6 individually further down the edge of the wood) Red  Admiral (2), Brimstone (2), Comma (1), Orange Tips (male & female) + various Whites. Speckled Wood (2) on the footpath from car parking area on Bridge St Rd. (photos click here) Lineage Wood TL 892483. Simon Jeffs
16 May 1 Wall seen at RSPB Hollesley Marsh on Monday 16th RSPB Hollesley Marsh   Volunteer Warden
16 May Brimstone laying eggs on buckthorn shoots (photo click here)     Graham Denny
15 May Wall reported at SWT Carlton Marsh on 15/05. SWT Carlton Marsh   Andrew Easton
15 May We had two Small Heath, (photo click here), butterflies on Cavenham Heath this afternoon. Cavenham Heath   Margie & David Carter
13 May l discovered at least 6 green hairstreaks along the edge of Lineage Wood near Lavenham concentrated around various blackthorns at or very near TL 892483.  I'll pop back to carry out a proper count as I didn't have time on my hands yesterday.  (photo click here) Lineage Wood TL 892483. Peter Hobbs
13 May 3 Small Tortoiseshells, numerous Whites, 4 Green Hairstreaks, one Holly Blue. Landguard Point, Felixstowe   Robert Brown
13 May A walk this morning from the Froyse, Chillesford cross-country to Orford and back produced 10 Orange Tips, 3 Red Admirals, 3 Peacocks, several Whites (?) and best of all a male Brimstone at    Orford TM400515 Gary & Jenny Plank
12 May How awesome- 4 G.Hairstreaks in meadow St James! 2 males fighting for 20mins     Caroline Coles
12 May Along the River Gipping, Needham Market, 10 male Orange Tips, 2 female Orange Tips, numerous Wthites, 4 Peacocks, 5 Red Admirals, 3 Holly Blues, 1 female Brimstone and 2 male Brimstones. Needham Market   Robert Brown
12 May In the garden: a Red admiral basking, Holly Blue round the hollies, Male and female Orange tips visiting ladies smock and male Brimstone.   Theberton TM446 334 Andrew Leng
12 May Hot day and many sightings in the King's forest West Stow.  Holly blue x 10+, brimstone m&f x 10, small white x 4, small copper x 8, small heath x 3, speckled wood x 5, orange tip m&f x 12, peacock x 2. (photos click here) King's forest   Trevor Goodfellow
10 May SBBC Event Dingy Skipper Survey - Great to record Dingy Skippers and additional 7 species on @BC_Suffolk walk in Kings Forest, Suffolk Brecklands today despite the gloom! King's Forest   Bill Stone
9 May Red Admiral 2, Peacock 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1 North Warren   Richard Perryman
9 May 1 Painted Lady SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
9 May I've seen several painted ladies, lots of peacock sightings, orange tips and  2 speckled woods.  These were all spotted yesterday and over the last 2 weeks at Goldsmith Grove/Goldsmith Way . Ipswich IP312FD Tracie-Anne Beattie
9 May Brimstone (male), large white, small white, orange tip, holly blue. Garden .   Are there more orange tips around this year?  In a garden it is hard to tell.  I also want to mention seasonality.  Last year in response to a comment, early in the year, that there was not much nectar flowers about  I suggested Ground Ivy was a good plant for early butterflies as it was in full flower with sheets of flowers with bumble bees and butterflies using it and posted a picture of a brimstone and peacock on it as well as seeing tortoiseshell feeding on it.  That picture was posted on the 14th April when the ground ivy was in full flower and the early butterflies were about.  This year the ground ivy has only just got into full flower on the 8th May with the warm sunny weather , It has been out for a bit but very sparce.  Now it is out there are no bumble bees or butterflies using it and only the odd peacock still about and no tortoiseshells though the brimstones are still flying strongly. Theberton TM446 334 Andrew Leng
9 May Orange Tip 4males, Green-veined White 4, Small White 2, Large White, Red Admiral 2 (moving through), Speckled Wood. Pot Kilns, Gt Cornard TL890414 Martin Peers
9 May In our garden later I saw male and female Orange Tip (the latter searching out a suitable flower for laying her eggs), a male Brimstone and a pair of Holly Blues   TL881414)  
9 May Small Coppers 9, Orange Tip 2 , Brimstone 1,  Peacock 4 and a Cinnabar Moth. Minsmere   David and Lilian Pitt
8 May SBBC Event - Excellent walk in Kings Wood today with Rob Parker & Co. First Dingy Skipper for me. KIng's Forest   Tony and Sandy
8 May Lovely few days in gardens 4 Speckled woods, umpteen Orange Tips m & f, Comma, Red Admiral, Small Whites.  I am used to seeing Orange Tips in North Yorks,  This, my first sightings in Suffolk makes me think the males have more dark colouration on upper surface, and thus are not as White and  Orange.  Is this likely? Knodishall    
8 May Today at Minsmere near the New Cut a Male Brimstone Minsmere TM470660 Gary & Jenny Plank
8 May Green Hairstreak seen on gorse at Hoist Covet Walberswick this morning, photo click here Walberswick   Margie & David Carter
7 May 2 Green-veined White Butterflies  .(photo click here) Cavenham Nature Reserve   Nick Brown
7 May One Small Copper Upper Hollesley Common TM3347 Gary & Jenny Plank
7 May Green Hairstreak in my garden - First sighting ever!   IP19 OHJ Caroline Coles
7 May 9 Orange Tip, 2 Red Admiral ,1 Small White ,2 Green-veined White ,4 Small Tortoiseshell, 61 Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
7 May 2 x Green Hairstreak (see photo click here), 8 Orange Tip (3f/5m), Large White, Peacock Kiln Meadow, Bobbit's Lane   Kev Ling
7 May 3 Orange Tip (m), Green Veined White, Speckled Wood x 2 Belstead Meadows   Kev Ling
7 May I saw 6 Dingy Skippers today in the Kings Forest whilst checking the route for Wednesdays survey. (photo click here) Kings Forest TL8373 Bill Stone,  Suffolk Butterfly Recorder
7 May At Brundon, Sudbury this morning the following butterflies were active:- Green-veined White 3+; Orange Tip 2 males; Brimstone 5 (3 males); Peacock 1; Speckled Wood 1. Brundon, Sudbury   Martin Peers
7 May  Also, between Friar's Meadow and my garden (8841): Green-veined White 4, Small White 2, Orange Tip 3 males + 1 female, Holly Blue 5, Speckled Wood 2. Sudbury   Martin Peers
7 May Garden - Holly Blues, Orange Tips, Speckled Wood, Comma, Peacock and  a female Brimstone E. Ipswich   Helen Saunders
6 May in my garden I saw 2 Holly Blue and a Speckled Wood, the first this year.   Leiston   Carl Powell.
6 May It was good to be back in my garden this week.  Today several Orange tips seen and a female egg-laying on Garlic Mustard, then two Green Hairstreaks chasing each other round some Birches and ‘seeing-off’ one or two Holly Blues. Mildenhall TL707757 Mervyn Crawford.
6 May Another Holly Blue in the garden Fynn Valley TM230452 Jenny Plank
6 May 4 male Orange Tips and 2 females, 2 Large Whites, 2 Peacocks and one Small Tortoiseshell   Fynn Valley TM2047 Jenny Plank
5 May Large Tortoiseshell reliably reported here in Suffolk central Ipswich TM1842 Brian Thompson
5 May a Common Blue identified by it’s low-level flight as opposed to the arboreal Holly Blues, and two Speckled Woods   Mildenhall TL707757 Mervyn Crawford.
5 May 3 Speckled Woods, 1 Large White and 2 male Orange Tips. Portals Wood, Kesgrave   Jenny Plank
5 May Just spotted my first Large White of the year, . It was a male. Newton, Suffolk   Dean Morley
5 May Orange tips and Holly Blue on the wing today - . Halesworth   John Harrold
5 May 12 butterflies 7 species Inc; Brimstone, Orange-tip, Small Copper & Peacock  SWT Coastal Warden Sizewell Belts transect  
4 May On Wednesday 4th May in the afternoon I walked around the tetrad TM0638 in warm sunshine.  I saw 8 butterflies altogether: 1 Small White; 5 Peacocks; 1 Orange Tip; 1 Small Tortoiseshell.   TM0638 Richard Mason
4 May 1 Orange tip male in garden bredfield road Woodbridge   Laurence Potter
4 May Today at King's Forest West Stow, twenty plus Orange Tips and twenty or more Brimstone male and female. Speckled Wood, six Holly Blues (some feeding on some damp limestone rocks), Peacock, Comma, and Small Tortoiseshell also noted. Not a bad day but I did hope to see Green Hairstreak. King's Forest West Stow   Trevor Goodfellow
4 May This Micro moth Esperia sulphurella (photo click here) spotted on a yew hedge at home Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
4 May Three hour walk on the SE side of Alton Water.  Brimstone 8, Speckled Wood 1, Comma 1, Peacock 3, Green-veibed White 2, Orange Tip 1.  Disappointing number of butterflies as Alton Water used to be a good place to see Spring butterflies including Green Hairstreak.  Several Nightingales singing loudly. Alton Water   Richard Perryman
4 May Just seen my first Holly Blue of the year, a male Newton   Dean Morley
4 May In and around the reserve we saw Peacock 1 , Brimstone 2, Orange-tip (m) 4, Speckled Wood 1, Green-veined white 3 on the mud, Small White 2 and the first Hairy Dragonfly of the year! North Cove   David and Lilian Pitt
3 May Common Blue and Small coppers now on the wing SWT Lackford Lakes    
2 May Spring Wood Day Event - mostly cloudy with a few sunny spells but 9 species seen.  Small White, Green-veined White, Brimstone, Orange Tip, Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell. Holly Blue, 2 Green Hairstreak Spring Wood, Ipswich   Helen Saunders
1 May Sightings in my garden --Holly Blue x  2, Green veined White x 1 Leiston:   Carl Powell
1 May First Orange tip for year  Copdock roundabout, from car whilst waiting in traffic queue! Copdock   Neil Sherman
1 May 5 Peacock, 6 Orange Tips Minsmere   Robert Quadling
1 May Orange Tip, by South Belt Crossroads. Minsmere   David Walsh
1 May Holly Blue today - Woodbridge Road, Ipswich   Richard Stace
1 May During our walk round Holywells Park,  this morning we spotted the following butterflies:   5 Brimstones (3 male and 2 female), 1 male Orange Tip, 3 Holly Blues (picture click here) , 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Green Veined White, 2 Speckled Woods and 2 Whites. Ipswich   Robert Brown
1 May Nice afternoon with plenty of Butterflies. Several Orange Tips (including female), Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Green Veined White. Belstead Meadows   Kev ling
April Total species seen 14      
30 Apr A Small Copper was seen on the 30th April at Hoist Covert, Walberswick   Rob and Kerry Reeve
30 Apr At last! April ends with a recovery: Blue sky and temperatures rising through 11C at 10am. 30 Apr.    Orange-tip male in the garden – my first of the year. Bury St Edmunds.   Rob Parker
30 Apr More Orange-tips at West Stow by the river Lark, plus Small Whites, Brimstones and a Peacock. Lark Valley path TL8070 Rob Parker
30 Apr Sightings: The wind was cool but mostly gentle so spent 1.5 hours to see what was about.  In order of appearance: Brimstone 12, Large White 3, Orange Tip 8, Peacock 5, Green-veined White 3 (including mating pair, see photo click here), Small Tortoiseshell 6, Comma 2 (very small) & Holly Blue 2 which is what I hoped for. North End Exning TL6067 Twm Wade
30 Apr 6 Small Tortoiseshells and 1 Large White recorded today.  Peacocks out in numbers today 62 recorded SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
30 Apr 3 Green-veined Whites recorded today SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
30 Apr 6 Peacocks, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Green Veined Whites, 1 male Brimstone, 3 Small Whites, and 2 female Orange Tips (photo click here) Martlesham Creek   Robert Brown
30 Apr 2 male Orange Tips, 1 male Brimstone, 1 Holly Blue   Newbourne Springs   Robert Brown
30 Apr 2 Small Whites and 1 Peacock. Hemley Creek   Robert Brown
30 Apr My first Brimstone this year – a fine male flying along Bridge Street this morning Framlingham TM282635) Gary Plank
30 Apr Orange Tip 1, Green-veined White 1, Peacock 7, Small Tortoiseshell 3 Trimley Marshes   Will Brame
28 Apr Orange Tip 1 Yoxford   David Walsh
28 Apr a Nightingale 3 sp Sylvia warblers and Phyloscs around.  2 Small Whites 1, Small Tortoiseshell  Landguard N.R   Will Brame
28 Apr Small Copper today 28th April on Northern section of Purdis Heath. .  Ipswich TM212429 David Basham
28 Apr I would like to report the following sightings today from along the River Gipping at :   2 Small Whites, 1 Green veined White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 male Orange Tip, (photo click here) Needham Market   Robert Brown
23 Apr Only 1 Peacock Butterfly seen this afternoon SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
23 Apr Small White 1, on the Butts probably the last butterfly i'll see in April Landguard N.R.   Will Brame
20 Apr Green Hairstreak (photo click here)- my first garden record of the year April 20th.     Bill Plumb
20 Apr Male Brimstone 1, male Orange Tip 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 8 Ickworth Estate   Richard Perryman
20 Apr Male Brimstone Sizewell Belts NR   Charles Cuthbert
20 Apr Small White near Leiston   Charles Cuthbert
20 Apr Green veined White 1, Small White 2,  Peacock 5, Orange Tip 2 males  Loompit  Lake - Managed retreat   Will Brame
20 Apr Brimstone male 1 Nacton village Levington road   Will Brame
20 Apr Peacock 3 Stratton Hall wood   Will Brame
20 Apr In glorious sunshine, we saw two male Orange Tips and lots of Bee-flies. Minsmere   David and Lilian Pitt
19 Apr Peacock 1, Green veined White 3, Small White 1,  Small Tortoiseshell 3 Landguard N.R   Will Brame
18 Apr A first for year Large White 1 Landguard NR   Will Brame
17 Apr A female Speckled Wood Lackford Lakes SWT.   Rob and Kerry Reeve
16 Apr Our first Holly Blue sighting of the year seen in the back garden. Wickham Market TM302 563 Rob and Kerry Reeve
14 Apr Two Holly Blues in my garden yesterday   TM230452 Jenny Plank
14 Apr Peacock posing nicely on week 2 of transect.  4 Peacock and a Brimstone Sizewell Belts   SWT Coastal Warden
14 Apr My first Small White butterfly of 2016 noted today in warm mid-day sunshine Dunwich   Charles Cuthbert
13 Apr My first butterfly sightings this year at IckworthNT Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock Ickworth   Daisy Bodewes
13 Apr Male Orange Tip and male and female Brimstone seen at the wood today, Theberton Wood   ob and Kerry Reeve
13 Apr Lots of Peacock butterflies (10+) flying in warm sunshine, also a Red Admiral there Westleton Common   Charles Cuthbert
13 Apr Green-veined White 1, Small White 2, Peacock 3, Small Tortoiseshell 1 Landguard butts   Will Brame
13 Apr Brimstone, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and Small White at lunch Blyth road Halesworth   Scott Mayson
13 Apr Single Holly Blue Broomheath, Woodbridge   Craig Holden
12 Apr My first sighting of Orange Tip.  A small example with a blemish on one wing. (photo click here) Thurston Suffolk   Trevor Goodfellow
12 Apr Seen in our garden today 1 x Holly Blue , 1 x Peacock Chantry, Ipswich   Kev ling
11 Apr Peacock The Grove Felixstowe   Will Brame
11 Apr Comma Peewit Hill Felixstowe   Will Brame
10 Apr Small Tortoiseshell Loompit Lake Trimley st Martin   Will Brame
10 Apr A single Peacock butterfly my only sighting today in sunny but cool conditions Melford Hall NT   Charles Cuthbert
10 Apr The only butterfly i had seen on my visit, Comma along the woodland trail RSPB Minsmere   Robert Quadling
10 Apr 4 Peacock Butterflies seen between 15.10 pm to 16.30 pm SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
10 Apr 2 Small Tortoiseshells around allotments Thorpeness   Scott Mayson
10 Apr A Red Admiral was sunning itself outside Aldeburgh library this afternoon Aldeburgh   Bill Stone
10 Apr Male Orange Tip in my Melton garden this am Melton   Rob Johnson
8 Apr Peacock 4 Falkenham from Deben Lodge to fishing huts   Will Brame
8 Apr Peacock 1 Felixstowe Ferry Kingsfleet   Will Brame
8 Apr Small White Newton, Suffolk   Dean Morley
8 Apr I saw my first male Orange Tip of the year Cavendish, Suffol Dean Morley
5 Apr On the Butts p.m. Small Tortoiseshell 3, Fieid Vole 1.  Customs House Comma 1 Landguard N.R.   Will Brame
5 Apr The butterflies along the path between our house and Friar's meadow today were:- Small White (1), Brimstone (1), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Peacock (2) Sudbury   Martin Peers
5 Apr 3 Brimstone butterflies today at 11.30 am in the woods behind the caravan site at Hollow tree country park Ipswich   Peter Compton
3 Apr Peacock 1, Brimstone male 1 Peewit Hill Felixstowe   William Brame
3 Apr This morning - 2 Commas Holywells Park, Ipswich   Robert Brown
3 Apr Two Comma and a Peacock in my garden today Leiston   Carl Powell
2 Apr Just seen a Hummingbird Hawk-moth. Must be the earliest one I've ever seen Long Melford   Darren Underwood
2 Apr Just verified butterfly records for Suffolk via iRecord.  Nice to see Large White, Speckled Wood and Holly Blue making an appearance on 2/4     Bill Stone
2 Apr Small Tortoiseshell 1, Brimstone male 1 Trimley Marshes SWT   William Brame
2 Apr Brimstones, Commas,P eacocks, Small Tortoiseshell and a Marsh Harrier flew over Center Parcs Elveden   Graham Hersey
2 Apr Peacock, Comma and Brimstone in our garden Flowton TM 085 470 Rob Clements
2 Apr Butterflies seen today, 20 Peacock, 18 Small Tortoiseshell SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
2 Apr I had 2 Peacocks, 1 Tortoiseshell and 1 Comma in my garden today. (Photo click here) Lowestoft).   Bill Whybrow
2 Apr Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell (photos click here) Trimley St Martin    
2 Apr Finally! My first Suffolk butterfly of the year, a male Brimstone Fakenham Magna TL9076 Bill Stone
2 Apr A peacock butterfly at RSPB Hollesley Hollesley   Eddie Bathgate
2 Apr Small tortoiseshell in the White Lion beer garden in Lower Ufford Lower Ufford   Eddie Bathgate
2 Apr Week 1 of the Transect Season is underway.  On my Spring Lane transect (Bury St Edmunds), at 15 deg C and with 80% sun, I saw one Small Tortoiseshell and one Comma Bury St Edmunds TL8464 Rob Parker
2 Apr As I got home, a male Brimstone crossed my garden. Bury St Edmunds TL8464 Rob Parker
2 Apr 1 Brimstone 2 Small Tortoiseshell at Harvesters Way Martlesham Heath   Laurence Potter
2 Apr Male Brimstone seen in front garden. Wickham Market TM302 563 Rob and Kerry Reeve
2 Apr Male Brimstone on the wing in my Kelsale garden this morning at 10.45 hrs Kelsale   Charles Cuthbert
1 Apr Small Tortoiseshell in Henley Road, Ipswich and a Peacock in Christchurch Park, Ipswich. Ipswich   Robert Brown
March Total species seen 6      
31 Mar Today between 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm, butterflies seen 1 Brimstone and 4 Peacock Ellough Industrial Estate, Beccles NR34 7TE Robert Quadling
31 Mar In the WCBS square TL8482 (available), between the rifle range and golf course, there are sun traps and possibly Green Hairstreaks later.  For this day it was 11 Brimstone, 5 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Peacock, 2 Red Admiral & 1 Comma (photos click here), a great walk. (13:00 - 15:00 hrs) Thetford TL8482 Twm Wade
31 Mar Brimstone flying down Valley Road, Ipswich about midday Ipswich   Robert Brown
31 Mar Spring is in the air at Center Parcs today!  Red Admiral and Brimstone butterfly, bee flies, toads spawning and a adder basking in the sun Elveden   Graham Hersey
31 Mar Peacock Falkenham Church   Will Brame
30 Mar Peacock Kirton Creek   Will Brame
30 Mar A Comma seen this morning on blackthorn (photo click here) Shingle Street   Margie & David Carter
29 Mar Small Tortoiseshell Levington Creek   Will Brame
29 Mar Small Tortoiseshell Landguard   Will Brame
25 Mar 1st butterfly of the year was seen at Orwell Country Park on Good Friday 25/3/16. A single Small Tortoiseshell     Kev Ling
25 Mar Three first butterflies of 2016 on the wing today near the Suffolk coast - Brimstone, Red Admiral and Peacock Sizewell Belts   Rosemary Lincoln
25 Mar We had male Brimstone, Comma and Peacock in our garden today Sudbury TL882413 Martin Peers
25 Mar In garden Comma and Peacock visiting blackthorn,  Brimstone Theberton TM446 334  Andrew Leng
25 Mar Small Tortoiseshell this morning Carlton Marsh, Lowestoft TM504918 Bill Whybrow
25 Mar We have been for a walk along the River Gipping and spotted: 4 Commas, 2 Peacocks and 2 Small Tortoiseshells Needham Market   Robert Brown
25 Mar We saw a Small Tortoiseshell amongst the gorse this morning (sunny) quite near the Coastguard Cottages Dunwich Heath   Geraldine Smith
25 Mar Butterflies seen , 8 Small Tortoiseshell and 6 Peacock between 12pm to 3 pm  (photos click here) SWT Carlton Marshes TM 508920 Robert Quadling
25 Mar Small Tortoiseshells at it on the Butts (photo click here)+ 1 Comma at the Customs House  Landguard n.r   Will Brame
22 Mar Peacock Wickham Market TM302 563 Rob and Kerry Reeve
22 Mar male Brimstone Lower Holbrook   Richard Stace
22 Mar Brimstone seen in garden, East Ipswich IP3 8HE at 10am E Ipswich   Richard and Linda Mayhew
22 Mar My first Small Tortoiseshell of the year in Suffolk seen at Minsmere Sluice today at 1215 hrs Minsmere   Charles Cuthbert
22 Mar Brimstone at Blyth Road Halesworth at lunch time today Halesworth   Scott Mayson
22 Mar Brimstone and Peacock    Theberton TM446 334 Andrew Leng
22 Mar Peacock SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
22 Mar My wife has seen our first Brimstone Butterfly in Lowestoft today at 11.15 am, along Long Road . LOwestoft NR33 9DE Robert Quadling
22 Mar Four Brimstones seen in different locations around Knettishall Heath in warm sunshine Knettishall Heath   Steve Aylward
22 Mar Landguard Peacock 1,Peewit Hill Small White 2 Comma 2 Peacock 1 Landguard, Peewit Hill   William Brame
22 Mar A warm and sunny afternoon walk around the observatory saw singles of Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and Comma butterflies on the wing. Landguard Observatory   from Blog
22 Mar Small tortoiseshell x 2 by Station Rd in Fram today.  Sunning themselves on a metal surface Framlingham   Essie Bathgate
22 Mar A single male Brimstone patrolling a hedgerow in full sun at 9degC.  My first butterfly of the year Ickworth NT TL 821601 Rob Parker.
22 Mar Brimstone (male) in the Water Meadows Bury St Edmunds   John Williams
22 Mar A sunny day - at last - an excited husband calling me to the garden.... A male Brimstone fluttered all the way along the fence, turned and then all the way back and over the path to the cemetery.  He didn't pause at the Buckthorns which are now above fence height but hopefully he will be back with a wife in the future. Framlingham   Geraldine Smith
18 Mar Small Tortoiseshell at Felixstowe Ferry, on river wall Felixstowe   Richard and Linda Mayhew
18 Mar Our first garden butterfly sighting of the year today - a Small Tortoiseshell Flowton.   Rob Clements
18 Mar My first Small Tortoiseshell of the year, not surprising as it turned out mild this afternoon. (photo click here) Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
17 Mar We had a Tortoiseshell in my garden Sutton heath.   Gary Coppard
17 Mar The warmth of the sun this morning brought the first butterfly of the year out in the form of a Small White Landguard    
17 Mar My first Comma of the year nectaring on garden heathers here today     Charles Cuthbert
17 Mar I would like to report my first butterfly sighting of the year….a Small Tortoiseshell (photo click here)at Landguard, Felixstowe this afternoon, Landguard   Robert Brown
16 Mar Fleeting glimpse of a Small Tortoiseshell on the Sizewell Estate today, although seemed to cold and windy! Sizewell   SWT Warden
14 Mar My first butterfly sighting of the year. Small Tortoiseshell (photo click here) at Friars Meadow, Sudbury, Suffolk. Sudbury   Samuel Chamberlin
14 Mar Saw first Peacock of this year 12.30 pm a few hundred meters from Gainsbourgh Sports Centre Ipswich   Peter Compton
10 Mar Saw a Peacock today, my first butterfly for the year, at Ipswich Golf course (Purdis Farm) Ipswich TM208432 Neil Sherman
10 Mar 3 Peacock Butterflies seen between 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm Ellough Industrial Estate Beccles NR34 7TE Robert Quadling
3 Mar Red Admiral, 12.30 hrs, air temp then 8 deg C. Iken   Charles Cuthbert
February Total species seen 5      
29 Feb Peacock butterfly at s car park Oulton marshe TM 510935 Gavin Durrant
26 Feb I had a sleepy Peacock in my Lowestoft garden this morning.  Lowestoft   Bill Whybrow.
25 Feb Saw a Small Tortoiseshell today! Gliding around a field margin at Sizewell Sizewell TM 459658 SWT Warden
25 Feb Small Tortoiseshell Henniker Rd Ipswich   Rob Johnson
24 Feb Comma butterfly seen at Sandy Close Trimley St Martin basking in the sun and flying Trimley St Martin   Chris R Brown
21 Feb Its only February but today at work at center Parcs Elveden, I saw my first Grass Snake & Red Admiral butterfly Center Parcs   Graham Hersey)
19 Feb Peacock in flight at Thurston, I spotted it yesterday in the barn, must have crawled out of hibernation and took flight in today’s sun. Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
17 Feb A Peacock butterfly in flight at Snape Maltings Snape   Carl Cornish
7 Feb Male Brimstone, making the most of the sunny day. Holywells Park, Ipswich   Helen Saunders
January Total species seen 2
25 Jan Peacock whizz through the garden. Couldn't get a photo but was able to positively identify. Paul Harrison
23 Jan Approximately 11am in Kesgrave (Longstrops bridle way) I saw a Red Admiral butterfly. Kesgrave

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Photographs from 2016 Sightings  (all pictures are the copyright of their owners)

Small Tortoiseshell - photo by Robert Brown

Small Tortoiseshell - photo by Sam Chamberlin

Small Tortoiseshell - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Small Tortoiseshells - photo by Will Brame

Peacock - photo by Robert Quadling

Peacock - photo by Robert Quadling

Comma - photo by David Carter

Brimstone - photo by Twm Wade

Comma - photo by Twm Wade


Small Tortoiseshell

Comma - photo by Bill Whybrow

Orange Tip - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Green Hairstreak - photo by Bill Plumb

Orange Tip - photo by Robert Brown

Orange Tip - photo by Robert Brown

Holly Blue - photo by Robert Brown

Green-veined Whites - photo by Twm Wade

Esperia sulphurella - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Dingy Skipper - photo by Bill Stone

Green Hairstreaks - photo by Kev Ling

Green Hairstreak - photo by David Carter

Green-veined Whites - photo by Nick Brown

Small Coppers - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Small Copper form caeruleopunctata - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Small Heath - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Small Heath - -photo by David Carter

Brimstone laying eggs on Blackthorn - photo by Graham Denny

Chocolate Tip moth - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Brimstone - photo by Simon Jeffs

Green Hairstreak - photo by Simon Jeffs

Green Hairstreak - photo by Simon Jeffs

Green-veined Whites - photo by Robert Brown

Green Hairstreak - photo by Peter Hobbs

Green Hairstreak - photo by Gavin Durrant

Dingy Skipper - photo by Tony and Sandy

Wall - photo by Robert Quadling

Speckled Wood - photo by Adrian Chalkley

Wall - photo by Gavin Durrant

Red Admiral - photo by Robert Quadling

Holly Blue - photo by Robert Quadling

Wall - photo by Robert Quadling

Common Blue - photo by Bill Stone

Green Hairstreak - photo by Dawn Balmer

Small Copper - photo by Robert Quadling

Common Blue - photo by Robert Quadling

Common Blue - photo by Robert Quadling

Dingy Skipper - photo by Neil Sherman

Dingy Skipper - photo by David Carter

Common Blue - photo by David Carter

Wall Brown - photo by Richard Martin

Painted Lady - photo by Bill Stone

Small Coppers - photo by Robert Brown

Burnet Companion - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Small Copper , Snipe Fly - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Wall - photo by Bill Plumb

Painted Lady - photo by Bill Plumb

Green-veined White - photo by Mr H

Meadow Brown - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

orange conch micro moth  - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Silver-studded Blue emerging = photo by David Dowding

Pine Hawk moth - photo by Mark

Large Skipper - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Ringlet - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Silver-studded Blue - photo by David Pitt

Silver-studded Blue - photo by David Pitt

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Harry Faull

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Harry Faull

Small Skipper - photo by Will Brame

Essex Skipper - photo by Will Brame

Six-spot Burnet - photo by Will Brame

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Simon Jeffs

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Simon Jeffs

Six-spot Burnet caterpillar - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Robert Brown

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Robert Brown

Large Skipper - photo by Robert Brown

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Pete Jackson

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Pete Jackson

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Pete Jackson

White-letter Hairstreak - photo by Will Brame

White-letter Hairstreak - photo by Will Brame

Red Admiral - photo by Robert Quadling

Small Tortoiseshell - photo by Robert Quadling

Large Skipper - photo by Robert Quadling

Ringlet - photo by Robert Quadling

Meadow Brown - photo by Robert Quadling

Forester Moth - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Small Skipper - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Clouded Yellow var helice or Pale Clouded Yellow - photo by Robert Brown

Marbled White - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Silver-washed FRitillary - photo by David Carter

White Admiral - photo by David Carter

Comma - photo by Will Brame

Essex Skipper - photo by David Walsh

Essex Skipper - photo by David Walsh

Marbled White - photo by Antony Wren

Landseer Park Event - photo by David Dowding

Landseer Park Event - photo by David Dowding

Landseer Park Event; Comma - photo by David Dowding

White-letter Hairstreak - photo by Dave Borderick

White Admiral - photo by Neil Dickinson

Marbled White - photo by David Borderick

Chalkhill Blue - photo by David Borderick

Comma - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo by Karen Auchincloss
SBBC Event at Bonny Wood 17 Jul 2016

Purple Emperor - photo by David Dowding

Purple Emperor - photo by David Dowding

Purple Emperor - photo by David Dowding

Red Admiral - photo by Bill Stone

Large Whites - photo by Bill Stone

Grayling - photo by David Carter

Purple Emperor - photo by David Walsh

Gatekeeper - photo by Duncan FletcherBrown
Small Coper - photo Duncan FletcherBrown

Purple Emperor - photo by Gary Plank

Purple Emperor - photo by Gary Plank

Purple Emperor - photo by Gary Plank

Purple Emperor - photo by Dave Pearsons

Holly Blue = photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Craig Holden

Silver-studded Blue - photo by Paul Bird

Silver-washed Fritillaries - photo by David Carter

Peacock - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Small Copper blue spotted form - photo by Charles Cuthbert

Small Copper blue spotted form - photo by Charles Cuthbert

Chalkhill Blue - photo by Bill Stone

White Admiral - photo by Will Brame

Small Copper, blue spots - Photo by Lynne Hall

Landseer Park - photo by David Dowding

Landseer Park - photo by David Dowding

Landseer Park - photo by David Dowding

Purple Emperor - photo by Charles Cuthbert

Green-veined White - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

White-letter Hairstreak - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Wall Brown - photo by Robert Quadling

Wall Brown - photo by Robert Quadling

Purple Hairstreak - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Purple Emperor - photo by Nicholas Brown

Brimstone - photo by Andrew Leng

White Admiral - photo by B.O.B. Education

Browqn Hairstreak - photo by David Dowding

Brown Hairstreak - photo by David Walsh

Brown Hairstreak - photo by Sam Chamberlin

Hummingbird Hawkmoth - photo by Rachel Spurdens

Small Tortoiseshell - photo by Robert Quadling

Clouded Yellow - photo by David Carter

Brown Hairstreak - photo by David Dowding

Brown Hairstreak - photo by David Dowding

Brown Hairstreak - photo by David Dowding

Clouded Yellow - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Painted Lady - photo by Trevor Goodfellow

Small Copper - photo by Nicholas Rust

Common Blue - photo by Sam Chamberlin

Brown Hairstreak - photo by Roger Seaman

Clouded Yellow = photo Jane Ferguson

Grayling - photo by Margaret Nash

Grayling - photo by Roger Seaman

Small Heath - Photo by Roger Seaman

Long-tailed Blue -Photograph by Alan Simmonds 

Clouded Yellow - photo by Liz Cutting

Small Copper - photo by Liz Cutting

Brown Hairstreak egg - photo by David Dowding

Brown Hairstreak egg - photo by David Dowding

Brown Hairstreak - photo by William Brame

Vapourer Moth Caterpillar - Photo by Andrew Leng

Small Heath - photo by Charles Cuthbert

Small Tortoiseshell = photo by Charles Cuthbert

Comma - photo by Bill Stone

Clouded Yellow - photo by Adrian Walters

Peacocks hibernating behind church door - photos by Charles Cuthbert

Small Tortoiseshells hibernating - photos by Charles Cuthbert

Peacock caterpillars - photo by Robert Quadling

Wall Brown - photo by Will Brame

Brown Hairstreak - photo by David Dowding

Brown Hairstreak - photo by David Dowding

Comma - photo by Twm Wade

Small Tortoiseshell - photo by Duncan Fletcher-Brown

Peacock - photo by Sam Chamberlin
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