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Sightings of Butterflies in Suffolk - 2013

The Branch is always grateful for butterfly records and a recording form can be downloaded from the conservation section of this website.  We would be particularly grateful for records away from the coast and information on the following species: Dingy Skipper, Green Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, White Letter Hairstreak, Silver-studded Blue, Wall Brown, White Admiral, Silver-washed Fritillary, Grayling and Small Heath.

Send Us Your Sightings
We are always interested in sightings of any butterflies in any location in Suffolk.
email them to sightings@suffolkbutterflies.org.uk (please make sure you enter a subject) and they will appear below within a few days.
Clicking on this link should launch your usual email program.  If this does not seem to work just use the email address.

If you see a Brimstone this record will also be passsed to the Brimstone and Buckthorn project

Please include the date, how many of each butterfly species seen, location with an ordnance survey grid reference if possible, and your name (if you want to).  If you would like to contribute to the annual survey please read the notes on the Recording page.

Regular recorders
are urged to use the website to inform others of interesting sightings, but please do continue to send all your records to the county recorder at the end of the season as usual.

Return completed form by November to 27, Draymans Way, Ipswich IP3 0QU or to recorder@suffolkbutterflies.org.uk 

Date  Butterflies seen (and other relevant information).  First Sighting of Year in Bold Location Click on Grid Reference for OS Map Name
9 Dec Peacock this morning Walberswick TM5074 Bill Whybrow
9 Dec Peacock - on Minsmere recent sightings blog Minsmere sluice    
15 Nov One Red Admiral seen today on Gedgrave Road, Orford at TM415495.   Orford TM415495 Jenny & Gary Plank
14 Nov Red Admiral flying round rotten apples under neighbours tree SW Ipswich   Richrad Perryman
29 Oct A visit to Sutton Heath on 29/10 produced just one Red Admiral. Suton Heath   Gary & Jenny Plank
24 Oct Small Tortoiseshell NE Ipswich   Richard Perryman
23 Oct On a visit to RSPB reserve at Minsmere today, I saw a small tortoiseshell and red admiral. Minsmere   Robert Brown
20 Oct A very old bird box has just fallen off a north facing wall. To our surprise, inside we found a cluster of about 15 butterflies, Red Admirals, we think Kesgrave   John and Angela Finch
17 Oct We recorded 2 Comma, 2 Small White and a Red Admiral. Bawdsey Quay   David & Margie Carter
17 Oct At East Lane this morning we had one Clouded Yellow flying in the warm sunshine plus 2 Small Whites and a Red Admiral Bawdsey East Lane   David & Margie Carter
17 Oct Large White and Peacock. SE Ipswich TM172430 Bill Stone
17 Oct A few sightings from a mild and sunny day today; Lemons Hill area, Alton Water centred on TM138371- Peacock, Large White, Red Admiral and 2 Comma.  Alton Water TM138371 Bill Stone
12 Oct I managed to get out to East Lane today, thankfully the sun came out and raised the temperature to approx 14-15 degrees. Butterflies seen were: Clouded Yellow 3+, Large White 2, Green-veined White 1, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 1, Bawdsey East Lane   Bill Stone
8 Oct Female Long tailed Blue in dried up pool just north of renovated martello on sea aster. 9 Clouded Yellow. 50 Small White,many moving south. 1 Small Copper. 1 Common Blue. 12 Red Admiral , moving south. 4 Painted Lady. 2 Small Tortoiseshell. 4 Peacock. Bawdsey East Lane   Rupert Kaye and Dan Monk
8 Oct Large White SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
7 Oct Female Long-tailed Blue reported at Landguard NR Landguard NR    
6 Oct On a short walk beside the river Lark at Fornham All Saints (TL8476) this morning (6th Oct), I was pleased to see 4 very fresh Commas (at last!) and less expected was a very worn Painted Lady. Fornham All Saints TL8476 Rob Parker
6 Oct Saw another clouded yellow this morning.  Surprised to see it now that we're in to Ocotber - but it was a warm, sunny morning.  Flying along river wall.  Warm, sunny day. Butley Mills, Mill Lane TM38615175 John Baker
6 Oct At about 1pm a male Long-tailed Blue was seen on Vipers Bugloss in front of the Obs, this is the first record for the site. (from http://lbobs.blogspot.co.uk/ ) Landguard NR    
6 Oct Comma 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Large White 1 SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
28 Sep Comma 17 (inc. 15 together on blackberries), Small Tortoiseshell 1, Speckled Wood 10, Large White 5, Small White 3, Gv White 2. Bawdsey Picnic Site TM332383 Bill Stone
28 Sep Red Admiral 1, Common Blue 1m, Speckled Wood 2, Comma 2, Clouded Yellow 5+, Large White 15, Small White 10. East Lane area centred on TM359400 Bill Stone
28 Sep Small Copper SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
26 Sep At least 14 Commas together on bramble. Bawdsey Quay picnic site   David & Margie Carter
26 Sep Six Clouded Yellows by the lagoons in the sunshine. East Lane Bawdsey   David & Margie Carter
25 Sep 2 x Red Admiral, 3 x Comma's on Buddleia and a freshly emerged Small Copper feeding on Ragwort. Behind Tesco store Martlesham Heath   Paul Gilson
25 Sep Comma 2, Red Admiral 1, Large White 2, on buddleia SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
22 Sep We found three of each of Small White, Speckled Wood and Comma which were quite fresh on blackberries..     Martlesham Heath   Jenny & Gary Plank
21 Sep Single male Clouded Yellow on shingle flora Bawdsey river mouth   Steve Fryett
20 Sep Comma 2, Red Admiral 1, Large White 3, Small White1 still on buddleia SW Ipswich garden   Richard Perryman
20 Sep Comma 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Large White 3, Small White 2, Red Admiral 3, Brimstone 1m. SE Ipswich garden TM172430 Bill Stone
18 Sep Large White 5, Small White 3, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Red Admiral 2, Comma 1. Ipswich town centre   Bill Stone
15 Sep Small White, Green-veined White, Common Blue, Speckled Wood, Peacock, Comma.  The late Common Blue was interesting although I'd also seen one the weekend before near Bury Pound Farm Woodland Trust   Tony Prichard
15 Sep Two, perhaps three Clouded Yellows this morning plus numerous Large Whites. East Lane, Bawdsey   Jenny & Gary Plank
13 Sep Sunny day, around midday, saw a Clouded Yellow on our first ever visit to Landguard Point, very near the Fort    Landguatd Point   Rob Harman
13 Sep 3 Small White.  ! Small Tortoiseshell hibernating in garage - what does it know that we don't? SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
12 Sep Sunny day, around midday, saw a Clouded Yellow on our first ever visit to Landguard Point, very near the Fort   Rob Harman Landguard Point TM282312 Landguard Point, Felixstowe
10 Sep Blustery day, temperature about 12oC.  Comma 1, Large White 2 SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
6 Sep
5 Sep
The hot weather brought out quite a show for the end of summer throughout the day in the garden on Buddleias pruned at the end of May so still in full flower:  Red Admirals, Small Tortoiseshells, the odd Peacock still, a Comma, a Male Brimstone, a Grayling, a Meadow Brown; Common Blues  on the (meadow) lawn and Speckled woods at the edge and even a Wall showed up. Last year I wondered why we had "butterfly" bushes we saw only a handful of butterflies on them Theberton TM445662 Andrew Leng
4 Sep East Lane, Bawdsey yesterday, 4 September, 3 x Wall between car park and post 1, 1 x Wall in section 6. Lots of common blues and 5 clouded yellows.  3 small tortoiseshells and 2 peacocks on ragwort. East Lane, Bawdsey TM357404 Robert Brown
2 Sep Speckled Wood 18, Small Copper 4, Brimstone 2, Meadow Brown 1, Small Tortoiseshell 3 Knettishall Heath TL951803 Richard Perryman
1 Sep Numbers of butterflies on buddleia decreasing.  Today Comma 1, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Large White 2, Small White 4 SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
29 Aug Approx 15 Clouded Yellow between 2pm and 3pm.  Most near the roped off area right by the Point.  A few Common Blue as well. Landguard Point, Felixstowe TM282312 Patricia Clegg
28 Aug 8 Small Heath, 1 Small Copper, 5 Brown Argus, 2 Clouded Yellow. The Crockery Barn, Ashbocking TM187549 Dan Monk
28 Aug Have just looked on your list of recent sightings and noticed not much mention of Brown Argus.  I was walking on a footpath off Deadend lane just outside Buxhall this afternoon where I saw lots.  And 2 clouded yellow and many other butterflies.. Small tortoiseshell , gate keeper, whites Buxhall TM000576 Lindsey Cornes
27 Aug Following on from previous entry North of sector 6 between two Martello Towers there were more sheltered places and more flowers.  No Walls but Clouded Yellow 6, Common Blue 8, Silver Y 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Peacock 1, Small White 3, Meadow Brown 1, Small Heath 8. North of East Lane TM359411 Richard Perryman
27 Aug Sunny but brisk northerly breeze with little shelter on either side of the embankment.  Off the embankment 2 male Walls at TM355404 at NW end of lagoons.  One returning to sheltered side of pile of wood.  Photos here.  Other sightings along N side of lagoons - Painted Lady 1, Small Tortoiseshell 5, Common Blue 15, Small White 5, Large White 2, Silver Y 4, Peacock 1, Clouded Yellow 7, Green-veined White 1.
On the embankment 1 male Wall in Sector 3 TM358407 and 1 unknown Wall in Sector 5 at TM358409.  Others - Small Heath 1, Small Skipper 2, Common Blue1, Green-veined White 1, Small White 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1.
East Lane TM355404
Richard Perryman
26 Aug Butterfly sightings from this afternoon at a blustery East Lane:   Common Blue, 45 Brown Argus, 10 Large White, 35 Small White, 10 Green-veined White, 5 Meadow Brown, 10 Gatekeeper, 5, Wall 7 (2 males car park area, 1 male + 2 female amongst Ragwort at end of Lagoon 4 approx. TM357404, 1 male section 4, 1 male section 5) Photo here,  Small Tortoiseshell, 5 Red Admiral, 1 Clouded Yellow, 21 (inc' 1 helice female and 3 pairs in cop') Peacock, 3 East Lane TM357404 Bill Stone
26 Aug We saw one and possibly two (different places but not at the same time), clouded yellows at around 4-5 pm this afternoon, by the pond at the suffolk wildlife trust reserve at Darsham marsh.  Plus usual suspects (small tortoishells, peacocks, large whites) in large numbers. Weather, 23 degrees, sunny, no breeze. Darsham TM422688 Angela Julian
26 Aug 20+ Small Tortishell seen on flowering thistle's east of the sheep pens north Southwold. Southwold TM512770 Steve Fryett
25 Aug Sightings from the BC Suffolk walk at Alton Water:   Speckled Wood- 5, Large White 30+, Small White 25+, Green-veined White 12, Common Blue 50+, Brown Argus 15+, Meadow Brown 30+, Peacock 30+, Small Tortoiseshell 200+, Painted Lady 2, Gatekeeper 15+, Red Admiral 3, Comma 1, Small Copper 11, Holly Blue 1, Small Heath 2, Clouded Yellow 1 Alton Water TM140363 Bill Stone
25 Aug Amongst the hordes of tourists & bird watchers were at least 3 Clouded Yellows with large numbers of Common Blue, Small whites with Large White & Gatekeeper also noted. Landguard common TM 283 315 Steve Fryett
23 Aug Saw a Clouded Yellow butterfly between Beccles and Barsham near Lodge Farm on Bridleway No.14  at 8.45am.   TM 405 891 Glenys Westmacott
23 Aug Clouded Yellow 4, Common Blue 100+, Grayling 15 Dunwich, Dingle Marshes TM 480 713 Richard Perryman
23 Aug Clouded Yellow - 6 flew west during the morning.  Small Copper  1 Brown Argus 10+ Purple Hairstreak - 3 hedgerow oaks Painted Lady 1 Small Tortoiseshell 13 The Crockery Barn, Ashbocking TM187549 Dan Monk
22 Aug Saw 2 clouded yellows at dingle marsh between Dunwich and Walberswick.      TM484722 Bob Hudson
21 Aug Good numbers of Grayling present on Rushmere Heath, together with Gatekeepers and Small Heaths   TM 201 446 Kev Ling
21 Aug Grayling 35, Small Heath 12, Gatekeeper 25, Small Copper 7, Common Blue 15 Westleton Heath TM457695 Richard Perryman
21 Aug At 13:10 there were 4 Clouded Yellows at Riverside Road, Lowestoft TM539926 Jane Ferguson
21 Aug Brettenham, in the same sugar beet field as the 19th a Clouded Yellow still being seen on thistle heads with many Small Tortoiseshells and Peacocks.  Two Purple Hairstreaks in the garden oak trees. . Brettenham TL962533 David & Margie Carter
21 Aug I arrived home from work at 4.30 pm and counted 25+ Small Tortoiseshell on our Buddleia..!! Also 10 Peacock and 2 Painted Lady. NW Ipswich   Paul Gilson
20 Aug I was at Bawdsey today photographing clouded yellows, when I saw what I think is a Pale Clouded Yellow. There was only one of them among a number of clouded yellows.  Have you had any other reports of Pale Cloudeds?  Photos
Difficult to be certain from these photos but there have been no other reports so mosy likely the pale form of the female Clouded Yellow var helice.
Bawdsey TM357404 Paul Rusher
20 Aug Highlights of the many species of butterflies seen today along the coastal path between East Lane and Shingle St. Still up to 12 Clouded Yellows near the Lagoons plus 2 Painted Ladies, and 1 Wall in section 2 on the coastal path, (our first for the year). Later by the allotments at Shingle St another Wall was present on the path. East Lane to Shingle Street TM358404 David & Margie Carter
20 Aug One single White Letter Hairstreak on 2 consecutive days. Photos Clare TL773453 Carl Briggs
20 Aug I also managed a trip to Boyton Marshes and Cavenham Heath and had a few interesting sightings: Wall Brown - 2 - 1 around barn & 1 on seawall near ruins Grayling - 1 near barn Clouded Yellow - 2 - 1 on sea wall and 1 between 2 scrapes Gatekeeper, Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Meadow Brown, Large White and Small White all present too.
At Cavenham & Tuddenham Heath I saw the following: Grayling 2 Small Heath 5 Small Copper 4 Clouded Yellow 1 Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Peacock, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Large White and Small White seen.
Boyton Marshes and Cavenham Heath TM397468
Sean Minns
20 Aug  5 Clouded Yellows today between Brackenbury Cliff and Felixstowe Ferry. North Felixstowe  TM323361  Mike Morley
20 Aug There were quite a few Clouded Yellows at Landguard NR in Felixstowe today, i saw a dozen at least. Photos Landguard NR  TM283315 Rob Speirs
19 Aug  A Clouded Yellow seen flying through our garden this afternoon and later seen again on thistles in a sugar beet field behind our house with many,(60+), Small Tortoiseshells. Also Purple Hairstreak in oak trees in our garden today.      David & Margie Carter
19 Aug  At least 3 Clouded Yellow still at East Lane lagoons.  Other butterflies noted there:  Peacock 10+, Small Tortoiseshell 5+, Small White 50+, Large White 5+, Green-veined White 10+, Common Blue 15+, Painted Lady 1, Comma 2, Meadow Brown 10+, Gatekeeper 5+, Essex Skipper 1.  No sign of any Grayling, Wall Brown or Small Heath.
I also had good numbers of Peacock, Small Tortoishell, Small White, Green-veined White and single Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper and Holly Blue in nearby Alderton.   
Bawdsey, East Lane


 Sean Minns
19 Aug  12+ Small Tortoiseshell on our garden Buddleia this afternoon, where are they all coming from? Also Peacocks and a solitary Painted Lady (fresh).  NW Ipswich    Paul Gilson
18 Aug  15.00hrs. At least 2 male Clouded Yellow;s along the footpath north of the carpark at East Lane. Probably more about. Also noted were many Common blue & Large white with several Small Tortishell, Red Admiral & a single Comma. Bawdsey, East Lane  TM358404  Steve Fryett
18 Aug Butley Creek opposite Havergate on the Woodbridge side one Clouded Yellow plus two male Silver-studded Blues. Plus many other common species   TM397468 Melvyn
18 Aug  at 16:10 Clouded Yellow Butterfly on waste ground beside Asda Supermarket, Lowestoft. Lowestoft  TM542925  Jane Ferguson
17 Aug  a clouded yellow which I saw and photographed at the wildflower meadow at Nowton Park yesterday morning (Aug 17th). Bury St Edmunds  TL866616  Andy Green
17 Aug  Not the best weather last Saturday, but I found 1 Wall in TM4896 on Somerleyton Marshes and 2 in TM4996, ie c500-600m away from first.   And a Clouded Yellow at Walberswick today: TM4974 Somerleyton
 Paul Douch
17 Aug At 12:50 on North Denes, Lowestoft one Clouded Yellow Butterfly. North Denes, Lowestoft TM551949 Jane Ferguson
16 Aug Seven Chalkhill Blues roosting in the cloudy weather.  This confirms Rupert Kaye's sightings of the 12 Aug. 
This is a new species for Suffolk (at least in recent decades) and may have been there since 2010.  14 km from the nearest colony in Cambridgeshire at Devil's Dyke.  Probably worth searching in other likely sites in West Suffolk.
West Suffolk   Rob Parker
15 Aug I have looked at your website and find that you are looking for information about a number of species, so I thought I would contact you to share my sightings during last week on holiday in the Southwold area and, in particular, to share what I think may be my ‘find of a lifetime’.   I walked part of the Saint Helena Trail (I think that’s the right name) on Sunday 11th August and saw a good number of Graylings, around 20 White Admirals (a maximum of 4 at one time) and a White Letter Hairstreak (photo attached).   I walked the same area on Thursday 15th August and once again saw reasonably good numbers of Grayling, one very tired-looking White Admiral and one White Letter Hairstreak.   In the afternoon of the 15th, I walked at Dunwich Heath NT where, near the Field Study Centre, I found and photographed what I thought was a Long-Tailed Blue (photos attached).  I have sent these to Peter Eeles at UK Butterflies, and he confirms it as a male Long-Tailed Blue. Dunwich TM460716
Chris Overton
15 Aug Up to three Clouded Yellows seen at Dews Farm on the grassland between 8 and 15 August.   Around TM 38705 72023 but flying between both tetrads Near Yoxford TM387720 Tom Langton
14 Aug We visited  East Lane this morning to catch up with the Wood Warbler that has been present for the last few days.  We were also pleased to see up to 10 Clouded Yellows some feeding on Birds Foot Trefoil near the lagoons.  No sign of any Walls today on the coastal path to Shingle Street, but nearly every Ragwort plant was covered in Silver Y moths.  East Lane Bawdsey TM358404 David & Margie Carter
14 Aug Small Skipper 12, Brimstone 1, Large White 40, Small White 25, Green-veined White 15, Purple Hairstreak 5, Small Copper 11, Brown Argus 1, Common Blue 40, Red Admiral 2, Painted Lady 5, Small Tortoiseshell 15, Peacock 100+, Comma 8, Speckled Wood 2, Grayling 20, Gatekeeper 20, Meadow Brown 10, Ringlet 5, Small Heath 1.  Also 100+ Silver Y. Minsmere TM471671
Richard Perryman
14 Aug It was a feeding frenzy in my garden today in north west Ipswich !   I counted: 11 x peacocks, 9 x small tortoiseshells, 2 x red admirals, 2 x commas, 3 x meadow browns, 1 x gatekeeper, 1 x common blue,  1 x holly blue and lots of whites.     Robert Brown
14 Aug Small Skipper 3, Large Skipper 1, Brimstone 9, Large White, Small White, Green veined White, Small Copper 2, Brown Argus 2, Common Blue 10+, Painted Lady 1, Small Tortoiseshell 40, Peacock 400, Comma 8 including 4 hutchinsoni, Silver washed Fritillary 1, flew at tree top height NE. Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown Market Weston Fen TL984785 Rupert Kaye
14 Aug At 15:35 at Beccles Marshes one Clouded Yellow Butterfly. Beccles Marshes TM435920 Jane Ferguson
13 Aug One Wall was seen on the sea wall opposite the first lagoon at East Lane, Bawdsey, this morning at TM358402.  There were also 3+ Clouded Yellows in the area.
Walking south from Shingle Street, I met up with Nick Mason and Phil Whittaker.  In a 500m stretch between TM362418 (ie a little to the south of the Martello Tower) and TM364423 (south of where the path joins from Buckanay Farm) we had, between us, a total of 8 Walls.  Some were on ragwort and other flowers, some were on the path, one was on a pill box, and we saw them on both the inland and seaward sides of the sea wall.
In this area we also saw 2+ Clouded Yellows, c10 Painted Ladies, 2 Graylings and 2 Small Coppers.
Bawdsey and Shingle Street  TM358402
David Walsh
13 Aug Around 10:00 at TM482715. One Clouded Yellow flying over the grassy area behind the dunes going North from Dunwich. There were also large numbers of Common Blues flying and several Graylings Dunwich TM482715 Linda Hammond
12 Aug Alton Water- Lemons Hill car park (TM 136373) to Tattingstone Wonder (TM 139363)   Peacock 23 (inc' 9 together on buddleja in the Lemons Hill car park), Small Tortoiseshell 11, Large White 25+, Small White 20+, Meadow Brown 20+, Gatekeeper 20+, Comma 8, Green-veined White 1, Holly Blue 1, Brimstone 1 (m), Speckled Wood 3.   Numbers were well down but this was probably due to the cooler temperatures (19 degrees) and the breezy conditions. Alton Water TM136373 Bill Stone
12 Aug Overcast,nagging w wind.not ideal.  Of note: Small Skipper 10, Essex Skipper 1, Chalkhill Blue 30, Small Heath 1  (Note: This is a private SSSI with no public footpaths) West Suffolk   Rupert Kaye
11 Aug Small Skipper 5, Large Skipper 3, Large White, Small White, Green veined White, Purple Hairstreak 1+, Brown Argus 10, Common Blue 10, Holly Blue 2, Red Admiral 1, Painted Lady 1, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Peacock, Comma 4, Silver washed Fritillary 1m flew south along the east side of wood without stopping,. Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Ringlet 10 Eastywood Cavendish TL802488 Rupert Kaye
11 Aug Large White 12, Small White 9, Green-veined Whiye 2, Holly Blue 1, Red Admiral 1. Painted Lady 3, Small Tortoiseshell 9, Peacock 23, Comma 4, SW Ipswich   Richard Perryman
11 Aug At 12:20 from Carlton Marshes scrape watchpoint one Clouded Yellow Butterfly.     Carlton Marshes TM501926 Jane Ferguson
11 Aug Around 16:00 at TM426744. Two Clouded Yellows flying over a large patch of Common Fleabane along a field edge in Thorington Thorington TM426744 Linda Hammond
11 Aug Went for a short outing to Bradfield Woods today; the wood was alive with butterflies- whites, peacocks & speckled woods in abundance.  Ringlets, meadow brown and gatekeepers.  Also of note: 1 small skipper (antennae ID'd), 1 large skipper, 1 brimstone (m), 3 red admiral, 1 grayling, 3 purple hairstreak (2m, 1f), 5 silver-washed fritillary, 14 white admiral.  Grayling seen @ TL 935 579, the 2 PH(m) @ TL 935 573 and PH(f), SWF @ TL 933 575. WA and SWF looking very worn now.  Bradfieid Woods   Matt & Harriet Horsham
11 Aug
Circular walk through Holly Wood/ Great Martins Hill Wood/ Dodnash Wood, Bentley (centred on TM 101363)
Gatekeeper 100+, Meadow Brown 50+, Comma 11, Large White 50+, Small White 50+, Green-veined White 11, Small Copper 3, Purple Hairstreak 5+, Common Blue 6, Brown Argus 1, Small Skipper 4, Brimstone 1(m), Holly Blue 3, Small Tortoiseshell 7, Peacock 18, Speckled Wood 50+, White Admiral 1 (in flight at approx.TM 096360).
Bentley centred on TM101363 Bill Stone
10 Aug Small Skipper 5, Essex Skipper 11, Small Copper 9, Gatekeeper 250+, Meadow Brown 100+, Small Tortoiseshell 18, Peacock 22, Large White 100+, Small White 50+, Common Blue 10, Painted Lady 3, Brown Argus 2, Small Heath 3, Grayling 1, Comma 2,
Wall (1 female watched in flight and on ground through binoculars at approx. TM 362420).  
Shingle Street- East Lane coastal path   Bill Stone
10 Aug Grayling 25, Gatekeeper 150+, Meadow Brown 50+, Small Tortoiseshell 3, Peacock 16, Large White 30+, Small White 30+, Green-veined White 3, Holly Blue 2, Red Admiral 1, Comma 3, Speckled Wood 7,   NB: Disappointingly no Walls seen at this site despite a really good look for them. Not perfect butterfly weather but numerous species on the wing. Sailors Path, Aldeburgh centred on TM438581 Bill Stone
9 Aug 1 male Silver-studded Blue.  This is again was not on our Black Heath transect (no.3125) so as requested am letting you know any remaining SSB’s we spot from now on until the end of the season. Black Heath in Wenhaston TM422749 Linda Hammond
9 Aug I spent some time in the Pakenham Wood area today and even found some sun!  I checked the usual central clearing and counted a maximum of 16 Silver-washed Fritillary which included 3 fresh males and 4 females.  Most of the SWF were very ragged.  A single tatty White Admiral was also found here.  Walking through to the north side I walked east around the woodland edge seeing two more SwF.  On the eastern corner where the footpath runs towards Beaumonts Hall more SwF were found nectaring on bramble and thistles. B etween this point TL 940 671 and TL 939 669 another 23 SwF were counted.  Of note, at least three were seen to fly out some 100yds over fields before slowly flying back to the woodland edge.  At TL 939 669 I noted a single SwF flying along the SE footpath so I decided to follow it. I  walked towards the small wooded area and at TL 941 666 found 3 more SwF.  Walking back and then west counting along the south side of the wood another 11 SwF were found.  Again at least 2 of these butterflies were seen to fly out over fields with one followed in binoculars until it flew out of sight.  So, a total of at least 56 SwF counted.  I was very pleased to find them on the woodland edges and especially to see them flying strongly over open fields.  You can understand now how they can move to new areas with their powerful flight.

Other butterflies seen: Meadow Brown 20 Gatekeeper 15 Large White 25 Small White 10 Green-veined White 10 Comma 11 Peacock 27 Small Tortoiseshell 2 Common Blue 2 Holly Blue 3 Purple Hairstreak 6 Speckled Wood 20
Pakenham Wod TL934671 Bill Stone
8 Aug In Field opposite Thorington Church – 1 Clouded Yellow on 8th August. On the edge of a field that has been empty of stock for part of the summer, and full of white clover. Thorington TM423743 Linda Hammond
8 Aug 74 Peacocks on Hemp Agrimony in 100m of field edge on lane between Theberton and Eastbridge.  (Up from 50 two days ago and virtually none yesterday in the cold thought the large whites were still about)  There were  about 2 commas and some large whites on other flowers.  The large whites prefer the Purple Loostrife in the dykes.  We had a female Brimstone on buddlejas in the garden and a rather worn White Admiral male on an overgrown cultivated  privet gone bush round edge of our field. Theberton TM445662 Andrew Leng
8 Aug Male Brimstone feeding on lychnis in our garden at Kesgrave (TM230452) for the seventh day.   Also a walk around Upper Hollesley Common produced countless graylings and small coppers.    Kesgrave
Upper Hollesley
TM 339 475
Gary & Jenny Plank
8 Aug I had a clouded yellow in my garden on buddlia briefly on 6th August,but did not manage to get a photo of it!
Today at Cavenham heath we saw:- 1 x clouded yellow, 1 x Grayling, Meadow brown, comma, Small copper, Peacock, Large white, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Brimstone, Large skipper & Red Admiral.
Cavenham Heath TL752727 Maureen Campbell
8 Aug Silver-washed Fritillary in garden.  Photo Aldeburgh   Roger Baxter
7 Aug Two male Clouded Yellows fighting at East Lane (TM357400)  today Bawdsey TM357400 Gary & Jenny Plank
6 Aug I thought you may be interested to know that on a visit to  in Suffolk on Tuesday 6th August I saw a Swallowtail butterfly by the lighthouse. Photo Orford Ness TM450488 Susan M Hazell
6 Aug 3 Painted Ladies feeding on opening Burdock flowers (also one in our garden on the Buddleia TM427759 on 8th August ).  This is the first time we have seen Painted Ladies this year near Vale Farm, Wenhaston TM426758 Linda Hammond
6 Aug
I visited Wolves Wood RSPB Reserve (TM053436) on 6th August 14 species of butterfly were noted, the most notable being 3 Silver Washed Fritillary, 2 White Admiral & a Purple Hairstreak.
Wolves Wood TM053436 Tim Bagworth
4 Aug A mass of butterflies around the reserve with many species feeding on the Buddleia and brambles near the visitor centre.  These included mostly  Peacock with Comma ,Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell and over 20 Painted Ladies.  A single Silver-washed Fritillary was also present, ( I was told this was only the second one recorded on the reserve)?  Many Purple Hairstreak's in the oaks with some coming down to nectar on the brambles.  A first for us a Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth also on  the Buddleia. Minsmere TM471671 David & Margie Carter
4 Aug Today at East Lane, Bawdsey no Wall butterflies and in the strong wind very few Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers, but 2 Clouded Yellows put in an appearance as they made their way north. East Lane, Bawdsey TM357400 Peter Maddison
4 Aug Single Clouded Yellow and (30) Painted Lady on Buddleia on wasteland adjacent to Lake Lothing, Lowestoft.   . Lake Lothing, Lowestoft TM532928 Jane Ferguson
4 Aug In my Ipswich garden this afternoon at TM 172430:   5 Peacock, 11 Large White, 5 Small White 7 Comma, 1 Red Admiral, 5 Meadow Brown, 3 Holly Blue, 2 Gatekeeper, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Speckled Wood, SE Ipswich TM172430 Bill Stone
4 Aug I did a circular walk through Old Hall Woods, Bentley late morning in the hope of a Silver-washed Fritillary or even a Purple Emperor! Sadly, neither species were seen. However, the following species were recorded:   75+ Large White, 50+ Small White, 16 Green-veined White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 26 Peacock, 50+ Meadow Brown, 18 Comma, 150+ Ringlet (mostly faded/ bleached and in poor condition), 30+ Gatekeeper, 3 Holly Blue, 2 Small Skipper, 1 Large Skipper 5 Purple Hairstreak, 2 White Admiral (both along a central ride at TM 123397), 15 Speckled Wood, 2 Small Heath (very fresh and my first records, at TM 122402), Old Hall Woods, Bentley TM123397
Bill Stone
3-4 Aug Garden sightings over two days August 3-4: Comma,  painted lady, small tortoiseshell, peacock, green-veined white, small white, small copper, meadow brown Middleton, IP17 TM431677 Julian and Fiona Cusack
3 Aug The following butterflies were seen on a circular walk through the Lemons Hill Nature Reserve area at Alton Water, Tattingstone starting and finishing at TM 136374:   Large White 250+ Small White 50+, Green-veined White 11, Comma 26, Peacock 66 (including 23 on buddleja in the south car park), Painted Lady 6, Large Skipper 5, Small Skipper 11, Holly Blue 5, Small Tortoiseshell 3, Meadow Brown 75+, Gatekeeper 30+, Ringlet 2. Lemons Hill Nature Reserve TM136374 Bill Stone
3 Aug Peacock butterfly spotted in Ipswich Suffolk.  First one I have seen for a long time.  'Cabbage' butterflies plentiful this year too :)      Alison Oxford
2 Aug Butterflies recorded today at  : Meadow Brown 50+ Ringlet 2 Gatekeeper 15+ Large Skipper 5 Essex Skipper 10+ Small Skipper 15+ Large White 30+ Small White 20+ Green- veined White 5 Comma 6 Peacock 5 Small Tortoiseshell 3 Holly Blue 3 Small Copper 1  Holywells Park TM175434 Bill Stone
1 Aug 15 Small Skipper, 10 Large Skipper, 10 Large White, 15 Small White, 15 Green-veined White, 10 Purple Hairstreak, 15 Small Copper, 1 Red Admiral, 15 Peacock, 18 Comma, 1 Speckled Wood, 8 Grayling, 100+ Meadoww Brown, 100+ Gatekeeper, 15 Ringlet, 1 Small Heath.  A day when every bramble patch was alive with butterflies which flew up in clouds as we passed. Aldeburgh Railway Walk TM461586 Richard Perryman
29 Jul A surprise appaerance in my garden in SW Ipswich - a freshly emerged female White Admiral.  Feeding on buddleia and phlox and also showing an interest in a small honeysuckle bush.
Also 5 Peacock, 5 Comma, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Gatekeper, 2 Meadow Brown, many Large and Small White
SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
28 Jul I had a Painted Lady today on the buddleia and a couple of days ago I had 2 Peacocks freshly emerged on my fence! (There were lots of Peacock catapillars on some nettles just outside the bottom of my garden boundary recently).   Also Small Tortoishells Stowmarket   Maureen Campbell
28 Jul A visit to Pakenham produced a real spectacle of SWF.  My ‘moderate’ estimate of individuals seen is 40-50 (I confidently counted over 40 quite easily at one point).   No valezina seen, which would have been the icing on the cake!   Courtship flight was going on and I saw 3 different pairings.  A few images are attached, I also shot some video clips which show thistles festooned with fritillaries, but they aren’t so easy to share due to file sizes.   White Admiral were also around but not in great numbers and a couple (or possibly the same individual) Purple Hairstreak came down to the thistles too (see pic attached of one slurping from a broken stem). Photos here Pakenham Woods TL935672 Matt Berry
28 Jul 5+ Speckled Wood, 100+ Meadow Brown, 10+ Ringlet, 50+ Small Skipper, 5+ Large Skipper, 25+ Essex Skipper, 10+ Gatekeeper, 35+ Large White, 25+ Small White 5+ Green-veined White, 4 Peacock, 3 (1m, 2f) Marbled White, 1 (m) Brimstone, 3 Comma, 4 Brown Argus Landseer Park, Ipswich TM178426 Bill Stone
26 Jul An exciting afternoon in my garden in north west Ipswich   4 commas, 4 large white, 2 small white, 3 meadow browns, 1 ringlet, 1 small skipper, 2 small tortoiseshell, 2 peacocks, 1 gatekeeper, 1 holly blue, 1 vapourer moth (male). NW Ipswich   Robert Brown
25 Jul 4 White Admirals.  Also there, Large, Small and Green-veined Whites, Meadow Brown and Ringlet were abundant, a few Gatekeepers and two Speckled Woods.  Sadly, no Silver-washed Fritillaries were seen this time. Wolves Wood, Hadleigh (RSPB) TM053436 Philip Smith
24 Jul In my garden; Peacock - 2, Small Tortoiseshell - 1. Gatekeeper - 1, Holly Blue - 1, Large Skipper - 1, Large White - 2, Small White - 1, Comma - 2.  Also caterpillars of Toadflax Brocade Moth feeding on Linaria. SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
24 Jul Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Large White, Small White, Green-veined White flying everywhere so probably over 100 of each.  Large Skipper, Small Skipper over 20 of esch.  Comma - 18, Peacock - 12, Red Admiral - 1, Purple Hairstreak - 1.  100s of Six-spot Burnet and many Cinnabar Moth caterpillars.  No Small Heath, Common Blue or Small Copper which I have seen here in the past. Alton Water TM145362 Richard Perryman
24 Jul My first 2013 sightings of Small Coppers today at Gippeswyk Park, Ipswich. Upper slopes of the park (nr Hawthorn Drive) have an abundance of Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Small Skippers and whites. Now Small Coppers have joined them. Gippeswyk Park, Ipswich TM150437 Kevin Ling
23 Jul  Found at least two White-letter Hairstreaks on Elms in the 'hedge' west of Spinney Wood at approx TM132405 (about 30 metres north of the corner of the wood itself, with the field on one side and a disused cricket pitch on the other side).  Walking a clockwise circuit along the public footpath which goes along the east, south and west edges of the woods produced a total of 15 species including 12+ White Admirals and 6+ Purple Hairstreaks.     Spinney Wood TM132405 David Walsh
23 Jul Comma (2), Gatekeeper (30+), Grayling (1), Large white (4), Meadow brown (20+), Peacock (4), Purple hairstreak (10+), Red admiral (2), Silver studded blue (21) - (12 males:9 females), Small copper (8), Small heath (1), Small skipper (4), Small tortoiseshell (3), Speckled wood (2)  Was nice to see a perfect condition Grayling flying round the path in which then landed on my leg, drinking the perspiration. Still a good number of SSB's flying particularly in the south eastern end.  Purdis Heath   Julian Dowding
23 Jul Another visit to Wherstead Wood this afternoon. Counted 5 White Admiral flying in the canopies. Also several Purple Hairstreak, including one that settled at low level. Plenty of meadow browns, whites and a Gatekeeper too Wherstead Wood TM137401 Kevin Ling
22 Jul Following a suggestion from Rob Parker I checked the group of woods (Free, Mellfield and Breach Wood) north of Bradfield Woods.   Incredible numbers of Large, Small and Green-veined Whites were noted around the woodland edges and footpaths along with decent numbers of Meadow Browns, Ringlets and Gatekeepers.  Of particular note were 8 White Admirals and 2 Silver- washed Fritillaries (unsexed as flying around strongly) found in a large clearing along the footpath dividing Mellfield/ Breach Wood between points TL928604 and TL926603 Mellfield/ Breach Wood between points TL928604 and TL926603 Bill Stone
21 Jul Today whilst doing my ‘Hawson Hills’ WCBS butterfly survey, I came across a male Silver-washed Fritillary on Brambles on the roadside from Gazeley woods (Nr. Newmarket) down to Dalham Village.  This is predominantly a beechwood and not particularly suitable habitat for this species.  No more were seen on the 1.5 km. walk itself when my first summer brood Holly Blues (2) was the most notable species seen.   Ringlet (9)  Specked Wood (6)  Large Skipper  (5)  Small Tortoiseshell  (4)  and Green-veined White (2) were the only others seen.     Mervyn Crawford
20 Jul Re-visited Pakenham Wood yesterday, and despite the cloud, there were three male and five female Silver-washed Fritillaries flying, as well as five Purple Hairstreaks, and at least two White Admirals Pakenham Wood TL935672 Jonathan Piers Tyler
20 Jul BC Suffolk were present at RSPB Minsmere today to kick off the Big Butterfly Count and support the RSPB family wildlife days.  
The following species were recorded in and around TM470671:  
1. Red Admiral (5),  2. Small Tortoiseshell (4),  3. Large White (4),  4. Meadow Brown (15),  5. Small Copper (7),  6. White Admiral (3),  7. Purple Hairstreak (7),  8. Ringlet (10),  9. Gatekeeper (12),  10. Speckled Wood (7),  11. Comma (10),  12. Brown Argus (2),  13. Small Skipper (3),  14. Peacock (several caterpillars),  15. Grayling (1),  16. Green-veined White (1).
Turn out was very low, probably due to the unsettled weather and the nearby Latitude Festival along with the fact that Suffolk Police were advising road users to avoid the A12 in the Yoxford area! 
RSPB Minsmere TM470671 Bill Stone
19 Jul A nice fresh male Brimstone butterfly beside the Stour at Nayland, just north of Bridge House.  Not much else there apart from several whites and Meadow Browns, a fresh looking Comma and two very worn Small Tortoiseshells. Nayland TL9733834082 Philip Smith
19 Jul Had a walk along the Sailors Path near Aldeburgh looking for early 2nd Gen' Walls. Unfortunately, there were none seen but plenty of other butterflies were on the wing.
Small Tortoiseshell (20), Speckled Wood (5), Meadow Brown (25), Ringlet (15), Gatekeeper (25), Comma (3), Small Skipper (10), Large Skipper (5), Small Heath (2), Large White (3), Small White (5). 
Sailors Path near Aldeburgh TM438581 Bill Stone
18 Jul Marbled White (1m), Small White (5), Small Tortoiseshell (5), Speckled Wood (10), Meadow Brown (25), Ringlet (20), Large Skipper (10), Small Skipper (25), and Essex Skipper (5). Landseer Park TM178426 Bill Stone
18 Jul Passed along the public bridleway that skirts the east side of Fakenham Wood which was mainly in the sun by the time I got there; at one sunny point at the southern end recorded 3 Silver-washed Fritillaries and 1 White Admiral nectaring - I know not a real surprise but it was nice to see them on the wood edge.
The northern part of a tetrad just south of Knettishall Heath is a mixture of open heathland and glades of birch and other trees and here I found at least 10 White Admiral flitting in and out of the shade - there were more but I gave up counting.  The 'woods' contain a lot of honeysuckle but nectar sources were in short supply, but that species is definitely having a very good year.  Also recorded 13 species in total.
Fakenham Wood

South of Knettishall Heath

Mike Dean
17 Jul Two Grayling butterflies recorded by me at Sutton Heath in an area of recently coppiced Sweet Chesnutt     Chris Ryde
17 Jul Just reporting the sighting of a Swallowtail butterfly Papilio machaon in my garden in Ipswich today.  It was witnessed by myself and my wife and it flew off heading east Central Ipswich TM188435 Hawk Honey
17 Jul 9.30 AM and sunny - 3 Gatekeepers in my garden     Helen Saunders
16 Jul I walked along the river wall from Boyton to Shingle Street yesterday, did not see any Wall butterflies (between broods?) but I did see a nice male Clouded Yellow at TM 377447 flying north in a determined manner.  There was a Painted Lady at same spot on way back.  Masses of Meadow Browns plus a few Ringlets, Small Tortoiseshells, Small Heath, Small skippers,Gatekeepers and small? whites.  A single Red Admiral near Boyton dock. 
A few of the male Meadow Browns appeared to have pale hind wings when viewed from above, a sort of pale grey. Was this wear and tear or a trick of the light?
Note from Rob Parker The negative reports of Wall are useful - they help to decide when the broods are showing.  Regarding your Meadow Browns, I would say the scales may be degrading early as a result of the intense sun. In a normal year, they do fade off progressively, but not as early as this.   On the other hand, there is an unusual condition which sometimes results in a permanent scatter of almost white scales on the hindwings, and these can look as if they have been dipped in peroxide.  This is  partimtransformis.  It is a pathological defect and not strictly an aberration, although where the discoloration is symmetrical on the wings, some forms have been named e.g. ab radiata Frohawk in the Meadow Brown. In this instance the bleaching also follows the nervures.
Boyton to Shingle Street TM377447 Richard Fisk
15 Jul Certainly 6 and possibly quite a few more White-letter Hairstreak in the Elms Rushmere Heath TM202444 David Basham
15 Jul Walking along all the wide grassy paths through Bradfield Woods there was always at least one White Admiral flying alongside us or settling on the path.  The number probably exceeded Rob's 36 but this was not a proper transect walk.  We estimated 50.  Another butterfly watcher said he had never seen so many in one place.
Also 6 Silver-washed Fritillaries in different parts of the wood on bramble.
Also seen were large numbers of Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood and Ringlet; Over 20 Large and Small Skippers, Large, Small and Green-veined Whites, 2 Gatekeepers, 4 Comma and a Small Tortoiseshell.
Bradfield Woods TL934575 Richard Perryman
14 Jul Eight White Admirals seen today Wherstead Wood, Belstead TM137401 Kev Ling
14 Jul 1 x male Silver-washed Fritillary, 5 x White Admiral, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Large Skipper. Wolves Wood, Hadleigh TM053436 David Basham
13 Jul Today's transect at Bradfield Woods saw 36 White Admirals (a record) and 3 or 4 Silver-washed Fritillaries Bradfield Woods TL934575 Rob Parker
13 Jul A good morning at Bradfield Woods, close views of 3 Silver-washed Fritillaries feeding on Bramble and Thistle.  Also at least 20 White Admirals along the rides from the visitor centre to the butterfly glade plus Red Admiral, Large Skipper and many Ringlets, Speckled Woods and Meadow Browns. Bradfield Woods TL934575 David & Margie Carter
12 Jul A Purple Hairstreak in the oak trees in our garden in Brettenham, the first of the year Brettenham TL961535 David & Margie Carter
11 Jul I was there at Norton Wood this morning Rob!  You weren't following me were you?? ;-) It was a bit cold early on but I spied 4 Silver-washed Fritillaries, all male, spread right around the central mowed rides - I had a compact with me so after many attempts I got a sort of shot (photo here).  My morning session uo until about 13.30 revealed no White Admirals at that time.
I called in quickly at Pakenham; many more male Silver-washed Fritillaries on the wing, but also 2 White Admirals so that will be great for Sunday now.
Norton Wood

Pakenham Wood

Mike Dean
11 Jul This afternoon (11th July) I visited Norton Wood, hoping to discover whether the Silver-washed seen by Mike last year had bred there.  Soon after entering the wood, I saw my first Gatekeeper of the year - a fresh male.  Then I spent a whole hour walking the public footpath without seeing any Silver-washed Fritillaries.  At that point, I saw a fresh White Admiral - a nice surprise and the first Suffolk White Admiral that I have heard about this year (except see 5 Jul from Mervyn Crawford received after 11 Jul).  Prior to mike Dean's sightings in 2011/12, White Admiral had not been known from this wood.  I was just about to quit, when I came across a patch of flowering bramble in the sun.  I was delighted to find 6 male Silver-washed Fritillaries sharing the patch.  Most, probably all, were males.  In all, I saw 13 species, the other 10 were: Large Skipper, apparently having a good year, and including some abnormally little ones. Small Skipper. Large, Small & Green-veined White Small Tortoiseshell (outside the wood) Comma Speckled Wood Meadow Brown Ringlet Norton Wood TL970645 Rob Parker
10 Jul On the grassland around the eastern landing lights at USAF Mildenhall there were dozens of Small Heath and 150+ Small Skippers.  I could not positively identify any Essex Skippers amongst these.  A few Meadow Browns, 3 Common Blues, 2 Painted Ladies but a distinct shortage of Ringlets so far.  The encouraging aspect was that Small Tortoiseshells seem to have bounced back (20+). 
In the woods two White Admirals seen at Hurst Fen. (There were two there last Friday)These are very late this year in this locality. 18 Speckled Woods, 8 Large Skippers, 2 female Brimstones and a Hutchinsoni Comma.   .
USAF Mildenhall

Hurst Woods
  Mervyn Crawford
10 Jul  Marbled White (max 6 males), Purple Hairstreak (6), White-letter Hairstreak (6), Comma (5), Painted Lady (1), Red Admiral (3), Large White (5), Small White (3), Green-veined White (2), Small Skipper (10+), Essex Skipper (5+), Large Skipper (10+), Meadow Brown (50+), Ringlet (25+), Small Tortoiseshell (15+), Brimstone (3m, 2f), Speckled Wood (15+).  A cracking couple of hours! Landseer Park, Ipswich. TM177427 Bill Stone
9 Jul 90+ Small Skippers   25+ Small Heath   21 Small Tortoiseshells   6 Ringlets   5 Meadow Browns   2 Painted Ladies   USAF Mildenhall Landing Lights   Mervyn Crawford
9 Jul 3 White Admirals      4 Speckled Woods    4 Ringlets     7 Large Skippers   1 Green-veined White  2 Hutchinsoni Commas   1 Small Copper   1 Purple Hairstreak Hurst Fen   Mervyn Crawford
9 Jul I saw my first Suffolk Silver-washed Fritillaries.  In a Stowmarket Wood. Nothing doing until 11:30 and then 3 - all males.  I anticipate a gap of 4 or 5 days before the females begin to appear.  No White Admirals yet.     Rob Parker
8 Jul 3 fresh male Silver-washed Fritillaries on the wing, including one that was feasting on honeydew on the lower branches of an oak! Still no White Admirals yet though. Pakenham Wood TL935672 Mike Dean
7 Jul I spent nearly 4 hours wandering round Elveden Park (with permission) and the place was alive. Ringlets (60), Meadow Brown (28), Large Skipper (17), Speckled Wood (8), Small Tortoiseshell (7), Small Heath (5), Large White (2), Common Blue (2), 5-spot Burnet Moth.    Elveden TL820780 & TL820790 (south-west corner) Twm Wade
7 Jul I did a circular walk today along Martlesham Creek/ Kyson Point, Woodbridge centred around TM 269476. Butterflies seen: Red Admiral (1), Large White (1), Small Tortoiseshell (25+), Speckled Wood (6), Ringlet (6), Meadow Brown (10), Comma (1), Small Skipper (3), Large Skipper (2), Essex Skipper (3). Martlesham Creek/ Kyson Point, Woodbridge TM269476 Bill Stone
6 Jul Silver-studded Blue - 29 Purdis Heath TM213425 Julian Dowding
6 Jul Purdis Heath: 20 Silver Studded Blues (including 2 females). An encouraging number compared to previous years and probably still a week or so from their peak.   Rushmere Heath: First White Letter Hairstreak of the year on Elm next to water tower. Also good numbers of small & large skippers in open area near water tower.  
Landseer Park: c 20 Small Tortoiseshell, c10 Large Skipper, c10 Meadow Brown, Small Skippers and a solitary Brimstone.     Regards Kev Ling
Purdis Heath

Landseer Park

Kevin Ling
5 Jul 2 White Admirals, 6 Large Skippers, 6 Speckled Woods, 4 Ringlets, 2 Brimstones(female) Hurst Fen, Mildenhall Woods   Mervyn Crawford
5 Jul I thought you might be interested to know that the Purdis Heath count today had 22 males but still no females and the small patch at Ransomes 18 males and 2 females  -  Purdis Heath TM213425 Darren Flint
5 Jul Report on the Silver-studded Blue count - here      
5 Jul About 6 freshly emerged Large Skipper (at last) A good smattering of Meadow Brown & Ringlet 2 brilliant Comma 1 somewhat jaded Red Admiral At least 20 Speckled Wood - must be a good year for them; seem to be a number of pale specimens in the wood this year
Sadly, no White Admirals or SWF as yet; also very little bramble in flower in the wood interior, although the thistles were just about to come out.
Pakenham Wood TL935672 Mike Dean
5 Jul  2 x Large Skipper, 1 x Large White, 1 x Small Tortoiseshell. Nectaring on Catmint and Scabious flowers Grassy bank near the tennis courts – 1 x Purple Hairstreak in the grass pumping its wings up, 5 x Meadow Brown, 4 x male Small Skipper. Meadow Browns particularly on the Knapweed flowers Christchurch Park, Ipswich Sensory Garden TM165450 David Basham
1 Jul A short report on the late butterfly season by Rob Parker - here      
30 Jun A walk around Landseer Park, Ipswich (TM 178 426) this morning produced:  Large Skipper (3), Small Skipper (5), Large White (3), Small White (1), Meadow Brown (6) below, Small Tortoiseshell (10+) and Speckled Wood (10+).   Landseer Park, Ipswich TM178426 Bill Stone
30 Jun Clouded yellow butterfly flying strongly through garden  @ 12.40. Flying E-W Looked a ‘fresh’ specimen. Did not settle., but well seen.   Bentley TM119397 Michael Bamford
30 Jun I did a circular walk around and through  this afternoon.  The woods were quiet other than a few Speckled Woods being seen along with several Large Whites.  However, the path alongside the rape seed field at TM 125 403 (nr Charity Farm, Belstead) contained at least 60 Small Tortoiseshell nectaring and flying over Bentley Old Hall Woods TM125403 Bill Stone
29 Jun Large White, Small Heath, Speckled Wood, Common Blue, Meadow Brown (11); 6 MBs in 6 strides through long grass and a 3rd new location for Small Heath (on byway at Beach House). Cotton End, Exning centred on TL628667 Twm Wade
29 Jun Ref: Rob Parker's email 'Butterflies Running Late'.  I can confirm that I saw a Large Skipper here in Blyford.  I will keep my eyes peeled for any more. Blyford IP19 9JU TM425767 Jamie MacDonald
27 Jun 20+ Silver-studded Blue males on Westleton Common (old sand quarry area) + a single Meadow Brown.  Painted Lady today on the valerian in our garden, along with small numbers of Small Torties & Red Admirals.   Overall, butterfly numbers still very low with very little seen on Walberswick Common today ( a few Small Coppers) despite favourable conditions. Westleton Common TM457694 Mike Thompson & Susie Pearson
25 Jun It was a strange day yesterday with an exchange of sun and cloud.  At least it was warm.
Green-veined White (2), Small White, Large White (4), Speckled Wood (12 - possible fresh emergence as they were not there first time through), Meadow Brown (2), Common Blue (4, m&f), Peacock (3), Small Copper (2), Small Tortoiseshell (5), Small Heath (2). A lovely couple of hours with intermittent cloud.
Herringswell centred on TL710690 Twm Wade
25 Jun A late afternoon stroll yielded a half-dozen Small Tortoiseshells.  I am personally seeing more in 2013, than I did last year. Bobbits Lane, Ipswich TM144415 Kevin Ling
25 Jun I managed to grab the last hour of warm sunshine yesterday.  Luckily, a large nettle bed remained in full sun and was still attracting butterflies: -  Species seen- Red Admiral (1), Small Tortoiseshell (3). Holywells Park TM175434 Bill Stone
25 Jun Large Skipper x 1 male Small Tortoiseshell x 3 , 25th June. Spring Road organic allotments, Ipswich TM177446 David Basham
23 Jun Wall (2 tatty males), Painted Lady (1), Red Admiral (3), Large White (3), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Small Heath (15).
Good news about the Walls but I have concerns about the implications of path improvements to potential egg laying sites
Sailors Path, Aldeburgh centred on TM438581 Bill Stone
23 Jun Two sightings of Clouded Yellows today 23rd June 2013.
One at Corton New Sewage works.
One on waste ground along the south edge of Lake Lothing, Lowestoft
Corton New Sewage works,
 Lake Lothing

Jane Ferguson
23 Jun Single Clouded Yellow at Landguard Nature Reserve, Felixstowe.  It was a most unexpected sight as it was a pretty damp, cold and windy day.  I suspect the strong winds of the past 24 hours might have brought it across and it was doing its best to nectar and shelter Landguard Nature Reserve, Felixstowe TM284315 Darren Flint
21 Jun Several fresh ad male Silver-studded Blues at Westleton on Fri Westleton TM457694 Nick
21 Jun I saw a humming bird hawk moth on Constitutional hill, Southwold at 11am on 21st June.  It was feeding from the flowers of a red valerian Constitutional Hill, Southwold TM507758 Sybil South
19 Jun Bee Hawk Moth in Dunwich Forest on Weds - a known site Dunwich Forest TM464719 Nick
19 Jun A walk round and across Bury Hill revealed 16 Small Heaths, a Common Blue, Red Admiral, many Silver Y moths and a Silver-ground Carpet moth, I think. A lot of Birds-foot Trefoil in flower.  I was very pleased to see so many Small Heaths. Bury Hill Newmarket TL665648 Twm Wade
18 Jun Wall Brown, 4 at East Lane Bawdsey on sea wall just north of last lagoon. East Lane Bawdsey TM357404 Phil Whittaker
18 Jun Alexandra Park, Ipswich – Very fresh male Common Blue on Birds Foot Trefoil Alexandra Park TM173442 David Basham
17 Jun Purdis Heath – Orange Tip m x 2, Small Copper x 1 Purdis Heath TM213425 David Basham
16 Jun A Father's Day walk in Kings Forest (19C with some sun) brought out 2 Dingy Skippers.  One worn male and one small but reasonably fresh-looking female.  Both were in the central area of the Wordwell ride.  This is certainly my personal latest Suffolk Dingy.  Also flying by noon: Brimstone, Small & Green-veined White, Common Blues, Small Heaths, a couple of Orange-tips.        . Kings Forest, TL824749 Rob Parker
15 Jun Brown Argus,   Pipps Ford nr Needham Market   Phil Whittaker
14 Jun Purdis Heath – Peacock m(holding territory) x 1, Small Copper x 2 Purdis Heath TM213425 David Basham
14 Jun St. Johns Road, Ipswich – Holly Blue m x 1. St John's Road Ipswich   David Basham
11 Jun

Purdis Heath – Small Copper x 2, Common Blue m x 1.

Purdis Heath TM213425 David Basham
6 Jun I took another walk round Exning today, along the north-western boundary.  Large White, Brimstone, Holly Blue, Orange Tip (m), Peacock (1), Green-veined White, Common Blue (2), Small Heath (2)  New location for me.  Sunny, mostly out of the cool wind.  This was a lovely walk along the old railway track and Byway 24 which is now really greening up.  I also saw a fox, a buzzard and a couple of moths. Exning TL604665 Twm Wade
5 Jun Orange-tip (m) - 6 (f) - 1, Brimstone (m) - 5, (f) - 1, Small Heath - 10, Common Blue - 1, Large White - 2, Peacock - 2 West Stow Lake TL793710 Richard Perryman
3 Jun Orange-tip, Brimstone, Purple Hairstreak (LARVA), Small Heath Knettishall Heath TL956807 Tony Prichard
3 Jun  Orange-tip, Brimstone, Large White, Green-veined White, Small Heath, Small Copper, Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Red Admiral Barnhamcross Common TL866813 Tony Prichard
27 May Wall, Brown Argus Bawdsey TM358405 Peter Maddison
26 May Dingy Skipper  Full report here
Also seen: Brimstone, Small & GV White, Orange-tip, Green Hairstreak, Small Copper, Holly Blue, Common Blue, Red Admiral, Peacock, Comma, Speckled Wood, Small Heath and a handful of Mother Shiptons
King's Forest, Thetford   Rob Parker
26 May Peacock, Comma and Speckled Wood Ipswich   David Basham
26 May Lg White, Sm Whites, pr of GVW,  Orange Tips, Speckled Wood and 2 male Brimstone - Sunny afternoon, occasionally breezy Lavenham TL9047 Helen
26 May Small Heath, Peacock, Small Copper Rampart Field, West Stow TL790717 Tony Prichard
26 May Large White, Small Heath Icklingham   Tony Prichard
26 May Brimstone, Orange-tip, Large White, Painted Lady, Brown Argus, Small Heath Red Lodge   Tony Prichard
25 May Orange Tip (m), Large, Small & Green-veined White, Holly Blue, 1 Small Heath in a minute area of poor grassland Exning TL611647 Twm Wade
25 May Large White (3), Small White (2), Green veined White (7), Peacock (1), Small Copper (2), Holly Blue (2) East Lane area TM358405 (Centred on) Bill Stone
19 May Abundance of Whites (9 Lrge, 9 Sml, 9 G.V) plus others flying, 10 speckled wood, 1 brimstone, 1 orange tip (m), 1 peacock Bradfield Woods TL933575 Matt Horsham
19 May Brimstone, Large White, Small Copper, Small Heath, Orange-tip Maidscross Hill, Lakenheath   Tony Prichard
19 May Female Orange Tip laying eggs on Honesty SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
19 May 2 male orange tips, 2 holly blues, 2 large whites, 2 small whites IP1 6SE TM153476 Robert Brown
19 May  10+ holly blues, 5 speckled woods, 6 large whites, 1 green vein white, 2 small whites, 1 female brimstone, 1 green hairstreak, 3 male orange tips Holywells Park, Ipswich TM175435 Robert Brown
16 May One mating pair of orange tips, holly blue, 2 small whites and 1 large white IP1 6SE TM153476 Robert Brown
16 May 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock, 6 Orange Tips (m), 1 Brimstone (m), 2 Small White, 1 Green-veined White Slade Bottom Kentford TL7871 Twm Wade
16 May >7 Orange Tips (m), 2 Orange Tips (f), >7 Speckled Wood, 2 Large White, >8 Green-veined White, 1 Brimstone (m), 1 Small Copper Ermine Street (south) Kings Forest centred on TL7972 Twm Wade
16 May 1 Small Copper, 1 Small Heath Rampart Field Lackford TL788715 Twm Wade
13 May My first Speckled Wood (x1) of the season.  SE corner of Purdis Heath TM213424 Darren Flint
7 May Speckled Wood - 1, Holly Blue - 2, Large White - 2. Small White - 2 SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
7 May Speckled Wood – Otherwise, just lots of Peacocks, “quite a lot” of Small Torties, & a few Whites old railway line between Walberswick & Blythburgh TM463746 Mike Thompson & Susie Pearson
6 May Small Copper Purdis Heath   David Basham
6 May Brimstone – (first of the year – in May!!!) Minsmere   Mike Thompson & Susie Pearson
6 May Holly Blue (x3) - seems to be the peak of their cycle here this year, Small White, Orange Tip (x2), Brimstone Ixworth TL933705 Mike Dean
6 May Speckled Wood- 10, Orange-tip - 20 (12m, 8f), Large White- 4, Small White- 5, Green- veined White- 6, Holly Blue- 6, Brimstone- 1 m, Peacock- 1, Comma- 2 Hadleigh Railway Walk TM060404 to TM041411 Bill Stone
5 May Large White 5, Small White 9, Green veined White 6, Orange tip 6 (2m, 4f), Holly Blue 9 (8m, 1f), Brimstone 1m, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 7 Landseer Park, Ipswich TM175427 Bill Stone
3 May Green Hairstreak 2 (my first of the year), Brimstone 3m, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Large White 3, Small White 2, Orange-tip 2f, Comma 3, Holly Blue 15+ Holywells Park TM175434 Bill Stone
2 May Orange-tip – Thorpeness   Mike Thompson & Susie Pearson
2 May 2 Green-veined White, other whites moving fast, 2 Comma, 1 Holly Blue, 2 Orange Tip (f), 1 Orange Tip (m) Landwade to Beech House on A142. Exning TL625670 Twm Wade
2 May 4 Holly Blue, 1 Comma, 4 Speckled Wood (2 in courting flight), 1 Large White and other whites moving fast along Byway 24 - Exning TL611676 Twm Wade
2 May A short walk in the King's Forest this afternoon produced a dozen Orange-tips including a mating pair, a dwarf form female taking nectar from ground ivy (along with 4 Brimstones on the same clump) and at least one dwarf form male. There was a distinct shortage of nectar sources and not a lot of mustard or jack-by-the hedge. The bird's-foot trefoil is low to the ground and Dingy Skipper looks like being late this year. Kings Forest   Rob Parker
2 May 2 Holly Blue, 1 Large White, 1 Orange Tip (female) NE Ipswich TM191456 Richard Perryman
1 May 1 Small Copper, 6+ Peacock Minsmere TM467671 Richard Perryman
29 Apr 1 Green-veined White, 1 Small White SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
28 Apr 2 Orange Tip (male) & 1 Orange Tip Female.  These were my first Orange Tips in the year and the first female I positively identified ever.  Thereafter, the day got more cloudy. off byway at Elveden Park TL822792 (m) TL822786 (f) Twm Wade
25 Apr One Green-veined White and 3 Speckled Woods between 3.00 & 4.00 pm.  I saw other species except the Orange Tip and Comma.  For me this was especially pleasing as the route was 'trashed' this winter and had been a desert.  Now plants are coming up and butterflies are using it. Landwade end of Exning Byway 24 TL614679 Twm Wade
25 Apr I had my first Orange-tips and a Holly blue today     Rob Parker
24 Apr 2 Small White, 1 Orange Tip (male) - maybe the same one I saw on Sunday SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
24 Apr 1 Brimstone (female), 2 Comma, 2 unidentified Whites, 5+ Peacock Alton Water TM148358 Richard Perryman
23 Apr Old Hall Wood area, Belstead- - 5 Peacock, 1 Comma, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Green veined White Old Hall Wood TM124 401 Bill Stone
23 Apr In my garden 2 Comma, 2 Holly Blue, 2 Peacock, 1 Small White SE Ipswich TM172430 Bill Stone
22 Apr 1 Small White.  Freshly emerged and still drying its wings (Photo).  Caterpillars had fed on ornamental cabbage last year. SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
21 Apr At Alton Water (Argent Manor area) - Peacock (3+), Small Tortoiseshell (1) Alton Water TM144358 Bill Stone
21 Apr In my Ipswich garden today - Speckled Wood (2), Green-veined White (1), Comma (3), Peacock (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1). SE Ipswich TM172430 Bill Stone
21 Apr 1 Orange Tip, 1 Comma SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
21 Apr Male brimstone in flight in my garden 11.30 sat. 20th april. Sunny and strong breeze. Postcode CO10 2RX if that helps to locate. Great Cornard TL883414 Yvonne Davies
20 Apr After the enjoyable day out in Wherstead and Bentley looking for trees rather than butterflies(!) I came home to Barnham and found this fresh Green-veined White (photo) on the ivy. Barnham   Paul Harrison
  Also thought you might like to the the pair of Brimstones (photo) I found in the woods to the north of Thetford Heath. Thetford Heath   Paul Harrison
20 Apr 1 Small White NE Ipswich TM191456 Richard Perryman
20 Apr 1 Small White, 2 Comma, ! Small Tortoiseshell SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
15 Apr 1 Brimstone in a  garden West Stow TL820700 Celia Jeal
15 Apr 5 Comma in the morning sun on and around sallow catkins Nowton Park TL860610 Rob Parker
15 Apr 1 Comma SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
15 Apr 1 Small Tortoiseshell on my transect (first day above weather minima), another in my garden later   TL840640 Rob Parker
14 Apr 2 Peacock, 2 Comma, 3+ Brimstone (all males), Ipswich TM172430 Bill Stone
14 Apr 6 brimstones and 1 comma Holywells Park TM175435 Robert Brown
14 Apr Male Brimstone (flew over garden) Walpole TM364744 Gary Last
13 Apr 1 Brimstone settled on Choysia in my  garden  at 11:15 during a sunny spell at 10C Bury St Edmunds TL840640 Rob Parker
13 Apr I saw : 1comma, 1 peacock and 1 male brimstone Lackford Lakes   Robert Brown
13 Apr Comma (settled on path) and Male Brimstone (flew over garden). Brimstone seen twice. Not sure whether same butterfly. Walpole TM364744 Gary Last
13 Apr Three Peacock, one Small Tortoiseshell at Alton Water Nature Reserve  Alton Water TM132381 Bill Stone
13 Apr Comma - 1 NE Ipswich TM191456 Lynne Perryman
13 Apr Small Tortoiseshell - 1 SW Ipswich TM134428 Richard Perryman
10 Apr 2 male Brimstone, 3 Comma Holywells Park TM175435 Helen Saunders
7 Apr Brimstone Stoke by Clare TL741433 Helen Saunders
7 Apr Small Tortoiseshell - 2.  Reported on Landguard Bird Observatory website      
6 Apr At last, yesterday at 2pm with the temperature rising through 6C in Bury St Edmunds, I saw my first butterfly of the year - one Brimstone flew out of the ivy in a particularly well sheltered sunny glade.     Rob Parker
31 Mar Small Tortoiseshell.  There was bright cloud and warm-ish dry soil with sheltering woodland behind it. About 20 minutes after I saw the butterfly, it started to snow! 
Temp on car guage registering a heady 2 degrees!
Great Barton TL900671 Vince Lea
18 Mar Saw a Small tortoiseshell today in the warm sunshine around lunchtime Ipswich Golf Club TM208432 Neil Sherman
18 Mar Male Brimstone in our garden this morning sunning itself on a leaf SE Ipswich TM172430 Bill Stone
5 Mar Brimstone male in flight today 05.03.13 at 1.15pm Waldringfield TM280451 Peter Maddison
5 Mar 2 Small tortoiseshell and a Peacock seen today in the warm sunshine Ipswich Golf Club TM208432 Neil Sherman
5 Mar Small Tortoiseshell, Comma Purdis Heath TM2142 Julian Dowding
5 Mar Brimstone and Comma spotted in the sunshine at Culford today. Culford TL8370 Paul Harrison
28 Feb Saw a peacock butterfly enjoying the spring sunshine today at 12.45 Newmarket TL629652 Julian Webb
19 Feb One Brimstone seen flying in Barton Mills on a sunny day Barton Mills   Norma Chapman
15 Feb Peacock near Lowestoft    
4 Feb I saw a red admiral on 4 Feb which was quite a nice day Theberton TM444663 Andrew Leng
4 Feb Red Admiral, Peacock North Cove    
9 Jan Saw 2 Red admirals this afternoon (9/1/2013) at Ipswich Golf club, Suffolk (TM208432), flying around together in the warm sunshine. My first butterfly sighting for 2013 Ipswich Golf Club TM208432 Neil Sherman

2012 Sightings

Photographs from 2013 Sightings  (all pictures are the copyright of their owners)


Following photos by Matt Berry

Long-tailed Blue

Clouded Yellows - by Rob Speirs

Clouded Yellow var. helice by Paul Rusher

Swallowtail by Susan Hazell

White-letter Hairstreak by Carl Briggs

Wall by Bill Stone                                                                                                                                         Wall by Richard Perryman

Dingy Skipper Count

This morning's (May 26th) good weather, after a miserable spell, seems to have concentrated the Dingy Skipper population.  Seven pairs of eyes turned out this morning and we started with the archery area (no archery in progress) and quickly saw 11, including a mating pair.  The walk down  the adjacent conservation ride added 4, and 2 on 204 eastbound, which seemed OK.  Then things got better, with 6 more on the northbound stretch of 204, and another 7 at the scrubby patch where the ride first bends northward. 
From there we walked east, through several open compartments either side of the track, and into one on the northern side (TL838735).  It was a delight to count another 43 flying around the bird's-foot trefoil in an area we have not properly inspected before.
We then moved on to the widened Wordwell ride (where very few had been seen in the previous 5 years) and found 9  spread along the middle of the ride (but none at all along the E-W ride at the edge of the forest).  This was really encouraging; they were very active, spread over a wide area, and we saw 4 pairs in cop.  We were out for over 4 hours, and had logged a total of 83 (including one back at our cars on the John O' Groats side of the road).
Also seen: Brimstone, Small & GV White, Orange-tip, Green Hairstreak, Small Copper, Holly Blue, Common Blue, Red Admiral, Peacock, Comma, Speckled Wood, Small Heath and a handful of Mother Shiptons.
Well done, a great days count] In fact, I believe this was the second highest-ever one-day count. But we are not yet finished ....

Late Butterfly Season

The absence of butterflies during June 2013 brought to mind Rachael Carson's "Silent Spring".  The "June Gap" was much worse than usual as a result of the cool wet spring; larvae feeding up are running behind schedule, and people keep asking how far behind schedule.  Unfortunately, there is no single answer, as different species and their larval host plants have been affected in different ways.  Happily though, things seem to be moving at last.  Small Tortoiseshells have been emerging over the past few days, a few Meadow Browns are at last to be seen, and this afternoon, I saw plenty of freshly-emerged Speckled Woods.  But what of the rarer species?
Silver-studded Blues have been around in small numbers since 25th June, and 20 were seen at Westleton Common on 27th June.  We will hope for a warm week so that numbers will have increased towards a peak by our annual count at Minsmere on Friday 5th July.  With these variable seasons it seems to be quite tricky to predict the date of the peak in advance.  White-letter Hairstreaks are usually on the wing by the last week of June, but none have been seen yet this year.  White Admirals are usually seen by about 22 June, but none reported yet.  Silver-washed Fritillary might be out by the programmed event on 14th July, but I could not find any this afternoon.  Purple Emperor might be worth looking for from mid July too. 
Wall should have been flying during in May, but very few were seen in the inclement weather , which bodes ill for this waning species.  We must hope that enough survived and paired that the second generation (normally due in August/September) will be stronger. 
All the above will probably be flying later than their normal end-of-season dates.
Has anyone else seen Large Skipper?  They are usually on the wing in the last week of May, followed by the Essex and Small Skipper, but there have been very few sightings of any of them so far.  David Basham saw one on 25th June, and reported it on the sightings page of our website

Silver-studded Blue Count

Rob Parker:-  Many thanks to the 12 volunteers who came for today's (5th July) count at Minsmere. The weather was perfect and SSBs were flying in reasonable numbers at the 6 sites we counted. The total count for the day was 1282 males and 227 females = 1509 in total. The female proportion was 15%, which suggests another week to go before the populations peak.   As usual, a number of sites were not covered and RSPB are looking for more volunteers to join them to cover as much as possible on Tuesday (9th) afternoon. If you are able to participate, please turn up at the Warden's lodge at 13:30 on Tue 9th July. This is a second chance for those who were keen to come on the original (postponed) date.  

For your information, Natural England also arranged their counts today at Westleton Heath and Walberswick NNR. The result at Westleton Heath was better than recent years (67m & 16f, mostly south of the Dunwich Road). As expected though, none were to be found at Walberswick, where the colony is probably lost.  

The transects at Blaxhall Common and Purdis Heath are recording  reasonable numbers. The cockeyed 2013 season has somehow returned SSB timing to what it used to be 15 years ago - before global warming and soft winters brought everything forward. The Martlesham Heath count, normally on the second Sunday of July, should work out just right.

I thought you might be interested to know that the Purdis Heath count today had 22 males but still no females and the small patch at Ransomes 18 males and 2 females  - Darren Flint

Similar numbers at Ransomes CWS today: 3 females and between 15-20 males (pic of a nice fresh female attached).   Of interest is that the highest concentration of SSBs was on the small triangle area at the front of the site (behind the oil depot and bund next to road). Here I saw about 10 SSBs in what is a very small area (see pic attached). This area was scraped a few years ago (due to development) and has now become quite nice open heath habitat. I noted lots of ant nests and a reasonable amount of Erica cinerea.     I think this shows that scraping can work as a habitat management tool. Simone Bullion from SWT has requested that we scrape the Bracken area and we’ve agreed a cost to charge the landowner, with IBC carrying out the work. There will be adjacent Calluna vulgaris and Erica cinerea to provide a seed source, but perhaps we could also consider adding “strewings” from other cut areas of the site, or indeed from another site where Erica is abundant.  - Matt Berry

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