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Suffolk Branch of Butterfly Conservation Events 2018

Please contact the leader if you are thinking of coming to an event (except those marked *). 
This does not make a commitment but means the leader can contact you if the event has to be cancelled

Please click here to read important information

Do we have your email address?
It will help us to communicate changes to events if we have your email address. 
Please email your name to
using your normal email address. 
This can then be added to our membership list.

Take your winning photograph at one of our events

Details of our photographic competition here
This is a draft list of events for 2018.  Dates and venues may change until there is an official notification by email and this page can be accessed directly from the home page menu.

Saturday 20th January - Purdis Heath Megabash
Join volunteers from Butterfly Conservation, Greenways, Ipswich Wildlife Group and others in the annual work party on this magnificent heathland.  Work will include tree and scrub removal and other measures to help heathland species including the Silver-studded Blue
Big bonfire - baked potatoes, tea, cake, biscuits provided.

Meet: on site accessed from parking lay-by on Bucklesham Road.
Parking at TM 212 423
Time: 10 am to 3 pm for as long as you like
Contact the Greenways Project for more details 01473 433995 or (on the day) 07736 826076

More information on the home page (click here)

Saturday 17th November
Suffolk Branch A.G.M & Members Event
Venue: Earl Stonham Village Hall
Map Ref:
Time: 2.30 pm.
Please note the change in location and the afternoon start.
The AGM will be followed by light refreshments, then members' slides and the annual photo competition.  Further details will be announced in The Suffolk Argus and on the Branch website. 

Enter our photographic competition - details here


Important information

As with any other activity, there are hazards in the countryside and everyone taking part in an event has a responsibility (duty of care) for their own safety and that of others.  We try hard to ensure that our events present no greater hazard than any other walk in the countryside, but we would encourage anyone planning to attend an event to read and act on the following advice:

• Wear appropriate footwear.  If there are unusual requirements these will be noted in the event programme, but stout shoes are a minimum requirement for any walk.

• The leader will brief you on the trip before setting off, with details of any known hazards and advice on what to do in an emergency – please listen carefully.

• By their nature, butterflies are not always to be found next to the path and will offer many opportunities (temptations) to wander off the track.  It’s easy to be distracted and to miss potential hazards such as rabbit holes, fallen or hanging branches, barbed wire etc.  Beware of wet grass or moss, particularly on sloping ground.  Children are welcome at branch events but, if under 16, they must be accompanied by a responsible adult (maximum of two children per adult).  If you are bringing children with you, please ensure that the event is within their capability.

• Dogs may be allowed at some of the events.  Please contact the leader in advance to find out if the event is suitable.

• If you are uncertain about any aspect of an event or activity, please contact the leader in advance.

Contact details can be found with each event entry.  Do let the leader know if you need, or can offer, a lift.  If you decide to leave early, please tell the event leader.  Please note that persons who take part in these events do so entirely at their own risk and The Suffolk Branch of Butterfly Conservation cannot accept liability for any injuries or losses during the course of an event.
Binoculars, cameras, field guides and notebooks are always useful.  For moth nights bring a torch and eye protection (i.e. polarised sunglasses or wide-brimmed hat).  Remember, most nature reserves do not permit dogs.  Map references are based on the Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger series and are approximate.  They refer to the rendezvous, not the site.  Anyone is welcome to come along, Branch members or not.

** These trips are the sole responsibility of Greenwings Wildlife Tours Ltd

Suffolk Branch of Butterfly Conservation (SBBC) Photographic Competition

At the 2018 AGM there will be a photo competition for photos and videos taken in the UK or abroad by a member of SBBC. 

There are three classes
1. Still photo taken in the UK
2. Still photo taken outside the UK
3. A video or digital slide show.

Judging will be by those who attend the AGM so the entries must be available for that evening.

R1 - There shall be no more than 5 entries per participant.  Such entries can be in more than one class (e.g. 2 in two classes and one in another).

R2 - Photos or films must:
> be of a butterfly or moth at any stage in its life cycle
> be of wild stock, not captive bred
> have been taken by a Suffolk Branch member; their own work
> have been taken in the year of the AGM i.e.2016.

R3 - Individual still photos must:
> be printed and presented no larger than A4 (12” x 8”); A5 (6” x 8”) preferred
> have minimal editing before printing; not digitally enhanced but allowing cropping and resizing.

R4 - Slideshows or films:
> must be no longer than 5 minutes; less preferred
> may include a commentary, background music and/or text; other editing must be minimal; not digitally enhanced but allowing cropping and the Ken Burns effect (commentary can be live)
> may include more than one species.

Class 1 - “The photo I wish I had taken” - taken in the UK & decided by popular vote on the night
Class 2 - “The photo I wish I had taken” - taken outside the UK & decided by popular vote on the night
Class 3 - “The video or slideshow I wish I had made or presented” (DVD or other format - please check what will work) - decided by popular vote on the night.

Prizes - a round of applause.

Administrative Arrangements
A - there is no entry fee
B - entries in classes 1 & 2 shall have the member’s name on the back and a unique number with the name if that person has more than one entry
C - entries for classes 1 & 2 shall have the class number (C1 or C2) stated on the back
D - the still photo DVD, CD or memory stick will remain the property of the member but the committee cannot accept responsibility for their condition at the end of the competition
E - entries need to be presented to a committee member for display before the AGM starts
F - entries may be pinned to a board or displayed loose on a table
G - entries may be labeled using masking tape stuck to the edge of the photo and then put on a wall or board
H - the still photo entries will be judged by those attending the meeting during the tea break and decided by ballot (to be arranged on the night - ballot papers are provided allowing 2 selections in each of Class 1 & 2 upon whichvoters enter the unique number for their first and second choice. These are ‘scored’ and 3 people then go off to count the votes/scores.); entries for Class 3 will be decided on a show of hands after their display
J - entries need to be retrieved by the member or their representative at the end of the meeting
L - the winning entries for classes 1 & 2 need to be made available for publication to the editor of Suffolk Argus in electronic form after the meeting (the editor may ask for others).

Twm Wade - 20 January 2016


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