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Sightings of Butterflies in Suffolk - 2022

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Send Us Your Sightings

The Branch is always grateful for butterfly records and a recording form can be downloaded from the Recording page. 
We are always interested in sightings of any butterflies in any location in Suffolk but we are particularly grateful for records away from the coast and information on the following species:
BAP species; Dingy Skipper, White Letter Hairstreak, Silver-studded Blue, White Admiral, Grayling, Small Heath, Wall Brown
Others; Green Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, Silver-washed Fritillary, Purple Emperor, Chalkhill Blue
(not Devil's Dyke)

Send Sightings by email to (please make sure you enter a subject) and they will appear below within a few days.
Clicking on the link should launch your usual email program.  If this does not seem to work just use the email address.

Please include the date, how many of each butterfly species seen, location with an ordnance survey grid reference if possible, and your name (if you want to).
If you would like to contribute to the annual survey please read the notes on the Recording page.

If you report a Brimstone this record will also be passsed to the Brimstone and Buckthorn project

Regular recorders are urged to use this sightings page to inform others of interesting sightings, but please do continue to send all your records to the county recorder, James Corton, at the end of the season.

Butterflies seen (and other relevant information).  First Sighting of Year in Bold or Bold for rarer species
For a summary of First Sightings see the Suffolk Butterflies Page - click here
Location Grid Reference Name
May SwT DS ES SS LS OT LW SW GvW CY B WB SpW SH R MB GK MW Gr SwF DgF WA PE RA PL P ST C LT CmB SC PH GH WlH BH HB SsB BA CB ChB SB LtB - Total species seen 21       (📷 photo click here) 
18 May Green Hairstreaks 5 (📷 photo click here) , Small White 8, Peacock, Holly Blue Gunton Warren, Lowestoft TM 54846 95907 Stuart McCallum
18 May A Painted Lady in our garden Flowton TM085470 Rob Clements
18 May Small White, Brown Argus, Holly Blue 2m., Common Blue 2m., Painted Lady. Bury cemetery, TL8463 Martin Peers
18 May 6 Wall Brown, 4 Green Hairstreak, 2 Painted Lady among 10 species today Lamberts lane   Nick Mason
18 May A short walk across Landseer Park at lunchtime today, Brimstone (5+), Orange Tip (5+), Holly Blue (3), Small Heath (3), Peacock (1) and 2 Speckled Woods in the car park. (photos of Holly blue and Small Heath 📷 photos click here)  Landseer Park, Ipswich   Phil Watkinson
17 May Small Heath 4, Green Hairstreak 2, Red Admiral 1, Orange Tip 5, Small Copper 1, Large White 1. (Whilst butterfly watching we heard two nightingales singing and a cuckoo calling.) Westleton Common   David and Lilian Pitt
17 May We found our first Wall Brown of the year on the station platform flowers plus Orange Tip 5, Brimstone 1, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 1 and Speckled Wood 1. Somerleyton   David and Lilian Pitt
17 May A Green Hairstreak (📷 photo click here) was recorded on the edge of Hoppit Wood, Debenham today. It was seen egg laying on Bird's-foot Trefoil, no Gorse or Broom was found. Also recorded: Small Heath x 10, Orange Tip, Brimstone, Small White, Peacock and Holly Blue x 2. Hoppit Wood, Debenham TM177636 Richard & Marie Stewart, Paul Gilson
17 May Landguard today 12 Painted Lady, 4 Red Admiral, 5 Brown Argus, 4 Green Hairstreak, 3 Small Copper, 2 Holly Blue, Green-veined White, Large White, Small White, 1 Orange Tip, 2 Common Blue.  Landguard   sb Will Brame
17 May 7 Holly Blue, 6 Speckled Wood, 4 Green Hairstreak, 3 Orange Tip, Green-veined White, Large White, Small White Peewit Hill   sb Will Brame
17 May Spent half hour on Landseer Park lunchtime. 10 Brimestone, 12 Small White, 3 Peacock, 2 Painted Ladies, 3 Orange Tip, 2 Common Blue, 1 Small Blue, 1 Brown Argus Landseer Park   Sarah Chamberlain
16 May a male Common Blue was flying around the wildflower areas on Valley Road, Ipswich. Valley Road, Ipswich TM158459 Paul Gilson
16 May  Butterfly Transects 10 to 13 surveyed and recorded, Orange Tip 3 (F), Holly Blue 2 (M), Red Admiral 1, Large White 1 SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
16 May 4 Small Blues  (📷 photos click here)  on Landseer Park this afternoon + 2 Brown Argus (📷 photo click here), 3 Brimstone, 2 Small Heath and some Small Whites     Bill Plumb
16 May A Painted Lady in the moat at Landguard Fort as I left at lunchtime also 2 Brown Argus, 2 Red Admiral, 2 Peacock, plus Large White Small, White and Orange Tip seen.  Nigel Odin had 12 in the moat and 2 by the carpark Landguard Fort   t Will Brame
16 May The bright sunshine meant that it was birding by silhouette again this morning at Trimley SWT but it did bring out my first Painted Ladies (2) of 2022. Also a Red Admiral on the wing early too which is my first on the reserve this year Trimley SWT   t Justin Zantboer
14 May Small Heath SWT Black Bourn Valley   Martin Peers
14 May My garden, Small Copper West Road, Bury SE TL8463 Martin Peers
14 May a Small Copper was active on the wildflower area on Valley Road, Ipswich Valley Road, Ipswich TM158459 Paul Gilson
14 May Small Heath, Common Blue, Holly Blue, Green-veined White, Peacock, Green Hairstreak Landseer Park   i Rab
14 May  Minsmere butterflies Wk7; 2 Brimstone, 9 Large White, 18 Small White, 20 Green-veined White, 9 Orange tip 1, Green hairstreak, 25 Small copper, 30 Brown argus, 5 Common blue, 5 Red admiral ,1 Small tortoiseshell, 25 Peacock, 8 Speckled wood, 7 Small heath +bonus Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth RSPB Minsmere   b Derek Eaton
14 May An unarranged Dingy Skipper count with John for help. we counted 76 across three main areas and surrounding rides. Sightings recorded on i-record. King’s forest, Wordwell   Trevor Goodfellow
14 May 3 green hairstreak, 5 brown argus, 5 orange tip, 29 peacock, 1 speckled wood RSPB North Warren, Aldeburgh   sb David Gill
14 May First Small Blue 'Cupido minimus' of the year in Ipswich this morning  (📷 photos click here) Landseer Park   sb Kevin  Ling
13 May Recorded Butterflies on Transects 1 to 9; Peacock 18, Wall Brown 12(M), Large White 4, Small White 4, Orange Tip 4(M), Red Admiral 2, Brimstone 1 (M), Green-veined White 1 SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
13 May Wall brown seen this lunchtime at the Gunton woodland burial park (per Nick Blacker) Gunton   s James Wright
13 May My sunny Thorpe-next-Haddiscoe garden, saw the first of the year....2 Wall Brown butterflies! Thorpe-next-Haddiscoe   Clare Beatwell
12 May 2 male Brimstone, 3 Orange tip, several Small White, 10+ 1 Holly Blue and a single Small Tortoiseshell opposite Felixstowe Customs house   s Will Brame
12 May Very pleased to see first Wall Brown  this year today,  12th May: Wall Brown 1.  Plus the usual suspects – Orange tip (male) 1, Green-veined White 1, Small White 1, Large White 1, Brimstone (male) 1, Peacock 1.  Also of interest, today is the 5th sighting of (1) Cinnabar Moth here at the Station.  They are not a common sight here but are occasionally seen a short distance away at the Brick Kilns. Somerleyton Station TM4797 Sue Cox
12 May Butterfly Survey, 11 Peacock, 7 Green-veined White, 6 Common Blue (m), 4 Brown Argus, 4 Small Copper,1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Large White, 1 Brimstone(m) SWT Lound Lakes   sb Robert Quadling
11 May  I was quite surprised to see this male Common Blue butterfly in the dunes at Sizewell this morning (11th May), my earliest ever sighting Sizewell   sb Charles Cuthbert
10 May Transects 10 to 13 surveyed, Holly Blue 1 (Male), Green-veined White 1, Small Tortoiseshell1 SWT Carlton Marshes,   sb Robert Quadling
9 May Warm and sunny conditions at 11 a.m. resulted in me seeing the following:  2 Large Whites, Small White, 40+ Orange Tips, 16 Brimstones, 3 Dingy Skippers, male Common Blue, 2 Green Hairstreaks, 5 Peacocks, 2 Speckled Woods, Small Heath, 2 Cinnabar Moths. A Comma was seen elsewhere. King's Forest, Archery area   Martin Peers
8 May Male Wall Brown this morning at SWT Carlton Marshes sluice  (📷 photo click here)  SWT Carlton Marshes   b David Borderick
8 May Spotted several species today including the very first Green Hairstreak butterfly of the year, ten male Orange tips, two Speckled woods, two Small coppers, one Brown Argus, four large whites, three Green veined whites, three male Brimstones and two Peacocks.  Ravenswood Ipswich   Daniel Cable Davey
8 May Minsmere butterfly transect - Whites; Large 5, Small 5, Green-veined 18, Orange-tip 11, Small Copper – 31, Brown Argus – 12, Common blue – 3 (foy), Red admiral – 1, Peacock – 12 ,Speckled wood – 9, Small heath – 6     t Derek Eaton
8 May Chalk Lane, Kings Forest this morning our first 2 Green Hairstreak, and 3 Dingy Skipper, (📷 photos click here)  also Brimstone, Small Copper, Peacock, Small White, Speckled Wood and lots of Orange Tips. Chalk Lane, Kings Forest   Margie & David Carter  
7 May An hour's stroll around Rushmere Heath yesterday 6th May produced a good number of butterflies - of note were 3 number Small Heath (📷 photo click here) - my first ones this year.     Bryan Wright
6 May For information as I already record my sightings on the Garden Butterfly Survey for this year.  On Friday 6 May 2022 I noted two Common Blue butterflies.  The male a couple of times flying over the fence into my back garden.  The female stayed on the patch of waste land beyond the fence moving occasionally to visit flowers of plantains.  No apparent interest in each other over say ten minutes viewing.  'Bare' patch of ground with short grasses, mosses, black meddick, vetch etc growing on base of asphalt left by builders 5 years ago.  [Common Blues (up to 9 on one occasion) present there during 2021 from early June to late September.]  Other species noted during varibly breezy sunny warm day (6 May 2022): One Peacock sunning itself on fence, one male Green-veined White patrolling. Up to four patrolling Orange Tip males at any one time during the day. Beccles TM43059010 Graham Jackson
6 May Taken today at Minsmere, rather chuffed with it as it was taken with ma zoom lens ! Green Hairstreak (x4) south of the East Hide ! (📷 photo click here)  RSPB Minsmere   s Rab
6 May SWT Carlton Marshes Surveys Transects 1 to 9, Peacock 33, Orange Tip 17 (12m+5f), Small Tortoiseshell 6, Green-veined White 4, Wall Brown 2 (m), Brimstone 1 (m), Large White 1, Holly Blue 1 (m). SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
6 May Orange-tip 2-9, Small White 2-9, Brimstone 2, Speckled Wood 2, Holly Blue 2.  I've not seen Brimstone here before. I was surprised to see two, both flying with orange-tips and small whites. Southern end, North verge of Great Eastern Linear Park, Lowestoft TM5362893533 Stuart McCallum
6 May Orange-tip 2-9, Small White 2-9, Green Hairstreak 2, Holly Blue 3.  I have never seen Green Hairstreak on Linear Park before. The pair were either courting or fighting (I wouldn't know which). I only managed to photograph one resting (📷 photo click here Patch of land at South end of Great Eastern Linear Park, Lowestoft TM5358493436 Stuart McCallum
6 May Orange-tip 2-9, Small White 2-9, Brimstone 1 (📷 photo click here), Holly Blue 4 Footpath back of Leathes Ham, Lowestoft TM528931 Stuart McCallum
6 May Small heath x 2, Green Hairstreak x 4+, (📷 photos click here), Peacock x 3, small copper x 1, brimstone m+f x 6, speckled wood x 5, large white, small white and Green-veined White, holly blue x 2, burnet companion, lots of lattice moths, large red damsels, cuckoos etc. SWT market Weston fen   Trevor Goodfellow
6 May Walked through & out beyond Northfield Wood. Orange-tips & green-veined whites most numerous species, but speckled woods, peacocks & brimstones also seen. Garlic mustard is as prolific as I’ve seen it in the wood. Northfield Wood.   sb Mark Brewster
6 May At Landguard butts today 1 male Common Blue, 1 Holly Blue,  1 Green Hairstreak, 2 Orange tip, 2 Peacock plus Green-veined Whites and Small Whites also 6 Large red Damselflies. Opposite Felixstowe Customs 3 Orange tip and 4 Small White Landguard butts   b Will Brame
6 May Butterfly of note through the garden today in the shape of a Clouded Yellow     t Wild Trimley
6 May We have our First Wall Brown Butterfly a Male ,seen and recorded at the sluice at 11.40am SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
5 May Orange-tip 2-9, Small White 2-9, Brimstone 1, Peacock 1, Holly Blue 3 Footpath back of Leathes Ham, Lowestoft TM528931 Stuart McCallum
5 May Butterflies recorded today, 8 Peacock, 8 Green-veined White, 3 Orange Tip (2M+1F), 2 Small Copper, 1 Large White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell SWT Lound Lakes   sb Robert Quadling
5 May One brimstone today am , Nightingale road square Ipswich   Peter Compton
3 May I was at SWT Martins meadow today for the first time, and thought I saw a Wall Brown, probably M. But it flew before I could get a good look. Is this likely? I associate them with the coast and Waveney valley SWT Martins meadow   t Derek Eaton
3 May Wall Brown Butterflies Sudbourne Marshes    
3 May butterfly transects 10 to 13 surveyed today recorded butterflies were 4 Peacock, 3 Green-veined White, 1 Small White,1 Small Tortoiseshell, still got a chill in the wind here holding things back SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
3 May 14 degrees C. cool light breeze. Speculative search for Dingy Skipper paid off. 5 x Dingy Skipper  (📷 photo click here)  (Recorded on i-record), 1 x peacock, 1 x small copper, 6 x orange-tip, 4 x small white, 1 x large white (📷 photo click here)  , 3 x speckled wood. King's forest   Trevor Goodfellow
3 May First Wall Brown (male) of 2022 in the garden at Fen Barn, Lound Lakes Nature Reserve this morning  (📷 photo click here SWT Lound Lakes   SWT Lound Lakes Warden
1 May The first recordings of Small Heath (Coenonympha pamphilus) – 5 individuals - and one Brown Argus (Aricia agestis) were made on yesterday’s Transect. RSPB Minsmere   Philip Parker (Minsmere recorder)
April SwT DS ES SS LS OT LW SW GvW CY B WB SpW SH R MB GK MW Gr SwF DgF WA PE RA PL P ST C LT CmB SC PH GH WlH BH HB SsB BA CB ChB SB LtB - Total species seen 18       (📷 photo click here) 
  During the last week of April my wife saw a Clouded Yellow ,just the one which my wife reported to Graham. It looked more white than yellow and with darker markings on its underside. She thought it was a female. That is the only one we have seen. Beccles   Ted Marsden
30 Apr At Blaxhall Common we had the following: 1 x Speckled Wood, 1 x Small Copper,  1 x Peacock.  Blaxhall Common   Rob and Kerry Reeve, and Debbie Broom 
30 Apr At Blaxhall Church we had 6+  Green-veined Whites and 2 x Orange Tip (m) Blaxhall Church   Rob and Kerry Reeve, and Debbie Broom 
30 Apr At Sudbourne Church we had the following: 9 Orange tips (including 1 female), 1 Brimstone Sudbourne Church   Rob and Kerry Reeve, and Debbie Broom
30 Apr I saw my first Small Heath of the year on a circular walk around Hintlesham, Flowton and Burstall. The Small Heath was in a grass field at Burstall. Burstall TM097454 Paul Gilson
30 Apr Minsmere butterfly count  (wk 5) A bit cool and expectations not high. But... Small white-2, Green veined White-8, Orange tip-8, Small copper-30 ,Brown Argus-1, Red admiral-1, Small tortoiseshell-1, Peacock-25 ,Comma-1, Speckled wood-9, Small heath-5, Not bad! RSPB Minsmere   sb Derek Eaton
30 Apr Our first Small Heath of the year, also Small Tortoiseshell , Small Copper and Latticed Heath SWT Hazlewood Marshes   sb David Carter
30 Apr 5 Dingy Skipper on forest ride in SE Wordwell area of Kings Forest. Kings Forest   Sharon Hearle
30 Apr First Small Heaths & Brown Argus of the year at Minsmere today RSPB Minsmere   b Derek Eaton
28 Apr On Thursday 28 April in pastureland at Washbrook, despite indifferent cool weather, was 1 Small Heath, 2 Peacock, 1 Green-veined White Washbrook   Jane Henderson
28 Apr Butterfly transects 10 to 13 surveyed today butterflies recorded none; weather still chilly and temp around 10 degrees C , did see 4 Small Tortoiseshells and 1 Peacock off transect lines SWT Carlton Marshes,   sb Robert Quadling
26 Apr (recorded butterflies from transects 1 to 9), Peacock 36, Orange Tip 5 (M), Small Tortoiseshell 4, Green veined White 3, Small White2, Speckled Wood 1, Brimstone 1(M) SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
26 Apr Children's Play Area beside Gunton Woods, Lowestoft.  Orange-tip 1, Small White 2 Gunton Woods, TM538959 Stuart McCallum
25 Apr Brimstone at North Cove Nature Reserve, Suffolk this afternoon. Also Holly Blue, Comma, Peacock, Orange Tip, Green veined White, Small White and Speckled Wood. North Cove Nature Reserve   b David Borderick
24 Apr Two Orange-tips feeding on lunaria in our garden today and a Holly Blue in the nearby park. Kesgrave   Gary Plank
23 Apr Encountered my very first Small Copper butterflies of the year one basking in the sun the other happily nectaring from ground ivy flowers. Ravenswood Ipswich Ravenswood Ipswich   Daniel Cable Davey
21 Apr Orange-tip 3, Small White 2-9, Speckled Wood 2 (📷 photo click here), Peacock 10-19, Small Tortoiseshell 2 SWT Carlton Marshes TM 49879 92863 Stuart McCallum
21 Apr Scrubland North shore of Lake Lothing, Lowestoft.  Small White 2, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell (📷 photos click here Lake Lothing TM 52734 93147 Stuart McCallum
21 Apr Footpath back of Leathes Ham, Lowestoft.  Holly Blue  (📷 photo click here Lowestoft TM528931
Stuart McCallum
21 Apr todays recorded Butterfly Surveys, 19 Peacock, 5 Sm/Tort, 4 Comma, 3 GVW, 2 Spec/wood, 1 Red Admiral SWT Lound Lakes   sb Robert Quadling
21 Apr  4 Holly Blue, 6 Green Veined, 5 Peacock, 3 Comma, 2 Tortoiseshell, 2 Small White, 2 Speckled Wood, 6 Orange Tip, 4 Brimestone. Christchurch Park-wildlife meadow   Sarah Chamberlain
21 Apr 1 Red Admiral, 11 Orange Tip, 18 Brimestone, 9 Speckled Wood, 5 Peacock, 6 Green Veined, 3 Comma, 8 Small White.= Landseer Park   Sarah Chamberlain
21 Apr  One green hairstreak (📷 photo click here)   2 Holly Blues. Clouds of Brimstones, Speckled Woods, Orange Tips and  Small whites. 10 Peacocks. 4 Small Tortoiseshells.  Landseer Common   Jenny Norman
20 Apr My recorded transects 1 to 9 today = 53 Peacock, 17 Small Tortoiseshell, 7 Green-veined White, 2 Orange Tip (f), 1 Holly Blue (m).     sb Robert Quadling
20 Apr Peters butterflies recorded on Transects 10 to 13 today = 11 Peacock,4 Green-veined White, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, SWT Carlton Marshes,   sb Robert Quadling
20 Apr Afew more butterflies on the "butts" at Landguard 7 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 6 Small White, 3 Green-veined White Landguard   s Will Brame
20 Apr 5 comma; 1 Holly blue; 3 Orange tip; 4 peacock; 1 Red Admiral; 1 small copper; 30 small white; 7 speckled wood NT Sutton Hoo   sb David Gill
20 Apr 2 Holly Blue, 2 male Brimstone, 9 Speckled Wood, 11 Small White, 3 Large White, 1 Orange Tip, 4 Commas, 2 Peacock Peewit Hill Felixstowe   s Will Brame
19 Apr Short walk mid afternoon, 5x Small White, 5x Peacock, 3x Comma, 3x Orange Tip (all male), 2 Holly Blue, 1x Speckled Wood.  (📷 photo click here)  Mill Stream Ipswich   Phil Watkinson
18 Apr No sign of green hairstreaks in their usual place warm but cool stiff breeze blew through the gorse and broom. Speckled wood x 8 (📷 photo click here) , peacock x 3, a long walk with not much about despite more nectar sources than previous years at this time. Lots of willow warblers. King's forest north stow   Trevor Goodfellow
17 Apr 4 brimstone, 3 comma, 1 holly blue, 15 m &  f orange tip, 2 peacock, 8 small white, 2 speckled wood Newbourne Springs   sb David Gill
17 Apr In our Wickham Market garden: 2 x Holly Blue  (📷 photo click here by Rob Reeve), Orange Tip (m), Brimstone (m) Wickham Market   Kerry and Rob Reeve
17 Apr 3 garden species today, Easter Sunday: 1 x Holly Blue, 3 x 'sparring' Speckled Wood, 1 x Green-veined White. Ipswich E   Julian Dowding
17 Apr 5 x Peacock, 3 x Comma, 1 x Small Tortoiseshell, 3 x Green-veined White. Landseer Park   Julian Dowding
16 Apr Just seen 1 Male Brimstone Butterfly in flight South Lowestoft  from my house. South Lowestoft TM 5392 sb Robert Quadling
16 Apr Brimstone Martlesham Common Nature Reserve   Debbie Broom
16 Apr Peacock 5, Speckled Wood 2 Belstead Meadows   Richard Perryman
16 Apr 31 Peacock, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Small White, 1 Comma, 1 Brimstone (Male), 1 Orange Tip SWT Lound Lakes   sb Robert Quadling
16 Apr I've not reported butterfly sightings with you before but I enjoy taking nature photos and often take a few butterfly pics each year. I spotted just a single Comma in the  (📷 photo click here)   in Hubbard's Loke, Lowestoft yesterday. There was a Peacock flying around in the same location but I was unable to photograph that. Lowestoft 52.4994531, 1.7507157 Stuart McCallum
16 Apr Orange Tip m., Holly Blue, Peacock 3. Knettishall Heath TL9580 Martin Peers
15 Apr Surveyed Transects 10 to 13 today, bit disappointing only recorded 3 Peacock, 2 Small Tort,1 Comma SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
15 Apr Orange-tips were the most numerous species during my lunchtime walk in Northfield Wood earlier. Garlic mustard seems to be more prolific this year, and cuckoo flower appearing by main boardwalk. 5 Brimstone, 2 Comma, 5 Green-veined White, 26 Orange-tip, 5 Peacock, 2 Small White, 1 Speckled Wood Northfield Wood   sb Mark Brewster
15 Apr Lots of spring Butterflies now around including green-veined white, orange-tip, peacock, comma, speckled wood, small tortoiseshell and holly blue SWT Lackford Lakes   t
15 Apr Five peacock butterflies and my first small copper of the year  (📷 photo click here)  Westleton Common   Val Lockwood
15 Apr Green-veined white 2, Orange-tip 2, Small White 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Peacock 35, Red Admiral 1, Comma 4, Speckled Wood 7, Small Copper 2, Brimstone also seen  but not on the transect RSPB Minsmere transect   Derek Eaton
15 Apr Holly Blue, Red Admiral Bury, Victoria street garden TL8464 Martin Peers
15 Apr 4 Peacock, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 4 Small White, 1 Large White Landguard   s Will Brame
14 Apr During the circular river walk from Kingston field to Kyson Point, Woodbridge, then Broom Hill  we had the following: Comma, Green veined White, Peacock (3+), Brimstone, Orange Tip. Woodbridge   Rob and Kerry Reeve, and Deb Broom 
14 Apr 6 Peacock, 4 Comma , 3 Small White. Loompit Lake Trimley   s Will Brame
14 Apr 1 female Brimstone and 2 Small White Opposite Customs House   s Will Brame
14 Apr 9 Peacock 6 Small White and 2 G v White F'stowe Ferry to K'fleet   s Will Brame
14 Apr Green-veined White 6, Small White 4, Brimstone 8 (5 m.), Small Tortoiseshell 6, Peacock 10 Temple Bridge to Tuddenham Fen, Lark footpath TL7573 Martin Peers
14 Apr A walk around the village and surrounds this morning produced 2 male Brimstone, 3 male Orange-tip, 11 Peacock, 7 Green-veined white, 1 Comma and 1 Speckled wood. North Cove   Peter Norfolk
14 Apr Encountered very briefly my very first male Orange tip butterfly of year outside my home. Ipswich IP3 Daniel Cable Davey
13 Apr First Orange Tip (male) of the year and Brimstone (male) seen in our garden at Shotley Gate Shotley Gate TM241341  Ian Peters
13 Apr Seen at Mill Stream, Ipswich. Brimstone male (2), Peacock (7), Green-veined White (3), Orange Tip (3 males, 2 females)  (📷 photo click here)  Mill Stream, Ipswich   Phil Watkinson
13 Apr Butterflies seen: Small Tortoiseshell, Orange Tips (m & f) Brimstone, Speckled Wood , lots of Peacocks SWT Carlton Marshes   s chris mutimer
13 Apr My 1st Holly Blue this yr in my Reydon garden today Reydon   t Derek Eaton
13 Apr (garden): male Holly Blue. Bury St Edmunds TL8464 Martin Peers
12 Apr Small White, 2 m Brimstone, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock 3. Sayers Breck and Lackford TL7970 Martin Peers
12 Apr Another couple of hours in Northfield Wood this afternoon. More orange-tips recorded and managed a record shot of one on ground ivy, I believe. Garlic mustard looking more prolific than in 2021 following felling east of main entrance Northfield Wood   sb Mark Brewster
11 Apr First orange-tip of the year seen in Northfield Wood Northfield Wood   t Mark Brewster
11 Apr Today at Wolves Wood: 5 x Peacock, 5 x Brimstone, 1 x Orange tip. RSPB Wolves Wood   Rob and Kerry Reeve, and Debbie Broom
11 Apr First Green Hairstreak of the season. Seen on Landseer Park, Ipswich today  (📷 photo click here)  Ipswich, Landseer Park   sb Sarah Chamberlain
10 Apr Todays Butterfly transects 1 to 9 produced 16 Peacock,9 Small Tortoiseshell,3 Comma SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
10 Apr The sunny morning brought out a few butterflies...3 Peacock, 1 Small tortoiseshell and my first Green-veined White of the year. Castle Marshes, North Cove   Peter Norfolk
9 Apr 1 Small White opposite the Customs House Landguard   t Will Brame
9 Apr First recorded butterfly surveys carried out today produced 3 Peacock 2 Small Tortoiseshell 1 Comma SWT Lound Lakes   rsb Robert Quadling
8 Apr Large White butterfly in my garden today Lowestoft   is Antony Wren
6 Apr An unexpected bonus today as I spotted a Green-veined White hunkered down in the grass at Bourne Bridge. My earliest ever local sighting, by one day, and my first of the year.   Ipswich, Bourne Bridge, TM1641 David Walsh
3 Apr 1st Butterfly surveys this year. Transects 1 to 9 only produced 2 Small Tortoiseshells, considering the temperature today it is better then no Butterflies. SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
2 Apr A single Painted Lady Butterfly flew pass me today at the Wardens offices so we now have 7 species of butterfly seen on the reserve to date so far this year SWT Lound Lakes   sb Robert Quadling
March SwT DS ES SS LS OT LW SW GvW CY B WB SpW SH R MB GK MW Gr SwF DgF WA PE RA PL P ST C LT CmB SC PH GH WlH BH HB SsB BA CB ChB SB LtB - Total species seen 12      
28 Mar male Orange Tip. Risby crematorium TL8166 Martin Peers
28 Mar This Large White seen in Chattisham on 28 March 2022 just couldn't wait for summer.  (📷 photo click here Chattisham   Jane Henderson
28 Mar First holly blue today ! Hopefully it’s not premature in waking !  (📷 photo click here)  Little Stonham   s Graham Denny
27 Mar Fewer butterflies on the wing today, but I saw my first Small White of the year between Burnet Meadow and Spring Wood.   My first ever March sighting, making 8 species in Belstead Brook Park this month (compared with just 3 in March 2021. 4 in March 2020 and 1 in March 2019). Belstead Brook Park TM1441 David Walsh
26 Mar 7 species of butterfly today in and around Ashground Plantation. My first Speckled Wood of the year (my first ever March sighting) (📷 photo click here). Also Brimstone (3), Comma (3), Peacock (2), Orange-tip (1 male), Red Admiral (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1). Belstead Brook Park TM1441 David Walsh
26 Mar butterflies seen on walk round the reserve today, 24 Peacock, 20 Small Tortoiseshell, 4 Comma, 2 Small Whites SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
25 Mar First Orange Tip of the year for me at Trimley Marshes today Trimley Marshes   b Chris Lansdell
25 Mar Felixstowe Ferry; 6 Peacocks ,1 Small Tortoiseshell Felixstowe   s Will Brame
25 Mar opposite Felixstowe Customs house 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Small White and 1 Peacock Felixstowe   s Will Brame
24 Mar m & f Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell 3, Peacock 3. Bury cemetery & my garden TL8464 Martin Peers
24 Mar Opposite Felixstowe Customs house 1 Green veined White also 1 Peacock, Felixstowe   s Will Brame
24 Mar at Landguard 5 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Peacock Felixstowe   s Will Brame
24 Mar nearby at Peewit Hill 4 Commas and 3 Peacocks Felixstowe   s Will Brame
24 Mar Speckled Wood and 4 Commas at Pipers Vale this afternoon.  Pipers Vale   Mike Morley.
23 Mar  A delightful Small Tortoiseshell was nectaring in our garden early in the morning. A good omen of things to come - 5 Comma and 1 Peacock at SWT Gunton Meadow, Lowestoft. SWT Gunton Meadow   James Corton
23 Mar with Small White being reported by SWT Lound Warden today we have 6 Species of Butterflies reported this year to date SWT Lound Lakes   sb Robert Quadling
23 Mar one male Orange Tip, one Small Tortoiseshell, one Peacock in my neighbour’s garden. East End TM103348 Liz Cutting
23 Mar A lovely walk around Landseer Park this afternoon. 16 Peacock, 8 Comma, 5 Brimestone and 9 Small Tortoiseshell  seen.   (📷 photos click here Ipswich, Landseer Park   Sarah Chamberlain
23 Mar Painted Lady at Micklemere yesterday afternoon SWT Micklemere   b Chris Lansdell
22 Mar Seen in Polstead/Withermarsh Green area were 1 Small White, 12 Peacock, 5 Brimstone, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Red Admiral, 3 Comma.  Polstead/Withermarsh Green   Jane Henderson
22 Mar Spotted 1x Brimstone and 1x Peacock in our garden in Washbrook, Ipswich Washbrook   Jim Farrow
22 Mar several brimstones around purdis top lake today between 11am to 2.45, one comma, one peacock purdis top lake   Peter Compton
22 Mar This has to be the most butterflies i've seen during March before, at Spa Gardens 4 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Peacock, 2 Commas, Felixstowe   s Will Brame
22 Mar at Landguard 2 Peacocks, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Commas, Felixstowe   s Will Brame
22 Mar at Peewit Hill 4 Peacock, 3 Comma, 1 Small Tortoiseshell Felixstowe   s Will Brame
22 Mar Comma in our Kesgrave garden today ,  Kesgrave   Gary Plank
22 Mar Seen in our garden in central Ipswich today. 1 Comma, 2 Peacocks, 1 Large White. Ipswich central   Richard Attenborrow
22 Mar Brimstone m 3, Peacock 2 Spring Wood   Richard Perryman
22 Mar Several brimstones including a female. Peacock x 2, small tortoiseshell x 3, comma x 1 (📷 photos click here SWT Lackford lakes   Trevor Goodfellow
21 Mar Fleeting glimpse of a Peacock heading out of Chelmondiston Car Park  Chelmondiston Car Park  TM204371 Ian Peters
21 Mar It must be Spring, nothing as good as that today but a Small Tortoiseshell at Martlesham Black Tiles and a Red Admiral at Martlesham Church Martlesham   t Will Brame
21 Mar At 12.45pm today I was thrilled to see an Orange-tip in flight close to Bobbits Lane car park in Belstead Brook Park .  This is my earliest ever patch sighting, by over two weeks.  I also saw Peacock (2), Comma (1), Small Tortoiseshell (2) and Brimstone (3).   Via Twitter and the Suffolk Butterflies website it seems there have been at least three sightings prior to mine this year, all earlier than the 23 March date on the website (15 Mar in the First Sightings table) as the earliest ever Bobbits Lane TM1441 David Walsh
21 Mar Today I saw 5 Small Tortoiseshells, and a pair of Peacocks Beccles Marshes,   sb Julie Durrant
21 Mar Commas (10) and Peacocks (2) recorded in Northfield Wood at lunchtime Northfield Wood   sb Mark Brewster
21 Mar Peacock Butterfly and friend on my walk this morning.  Seen on the former railway (📷 photo click here)  Lowestoft   b Martin Seuneke
19 Mar 4 Comma & 3 Small Tortoiseshell seen on walk this morning Onehouse   sb John Walshe
19 Mar  Butterflies seen on the reserve today ;11 Small Tortoiseshell, 7 Peacock, 1 Comma SWT Carlton Marshes   sb Robert Quadling
18 Mar A compliant Small Tortoiseshell in the garden this morning plus also saw a Peacock and a Brimstone of which several more spotted in and around Thetford today Thetford   sb Paul Harrison
18 Mar On the platform, Station side/  An exceptionally sunny day and with the warmth reflecting from the platform and building.  Small Tortoiseshell 1, first sighting this year (Many sightings so probable several insects involved).  Comma  1,  first sighting this year (Several sightings so probably more than one insect involved).  Red Admiral 1, Peacock 2 - mating attempted. (Again, many many sightings so probably several of these about.) Somerleyton Station TM4797 Sue Cox
18 Mar One male Brimstone and at least three Comma enjoying the sun today in our garden Flowton TM085470 Rob Clements
18 Mar 3 comma, 5 tortoiseshell, 1 Brimestone  (📷 photo click here Ipswich, Landseer Park   Sarah Chamberlain
17 Mar The warm and sunny weather has brought more butterflies to my Suffolk garden,  a Small Tortoiseshell on the 'winter-flowering' heathers and a Red Admiral on the Cherry Plum - a different individual from 2 days ago Kelsale   sb Charles Cuthbert
17 Mar A few sightings from the 2 linked villages this morning....1 Comma on N Cove reserve, 1 Small tortoiseshell on the walk across the fields and 1 Small white in our garden. Barnby/North Cove   Peter Norfolk
17 Mar Red Admiral in Northfield Wood today (sighting reported via iRecord). Mrs B strikes again!  (📷 photo click here)      sbi Mark Brewster
17 Mar 1 Peacock, 5 Small Tortoiseshell Landguard   s Will Brame
17 Mar 2 Small White, 2 Peacock, 2 Comma Felixstowe, Peewit Hill   s Will Brame
17 Mar This was one of two Comma (📷 photo click here) seen at perimeter of Suffolk Police HQ Martlesham this lunchtime. Also two male Brimstone and a Small Tortoiseshell Martlesham sb Kevin Ling
15 Mar Red Admiral sunning itself in our garden  Shotley Gate TM241341 Ian Peters
15 Mar Plenty of small tortoiseshell butterflies on the wing and enjoying the nettle flowers yesterday along the lanes around Mettingham Mettingham   sb Sarah
15 Mar Several Brimstone butterflies and the first Small Tortoiseshell and Comma butterflies encountered this year both basking in the March sunshine. Ravenswood Ipswich   Daniel Cable Davey
15 Mar 10 Commas, 7 Peacock, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 male Brimstone The Grove, Felixstowe   s Will Brame
15 Mar 1 Peacock on the wing Landguard   s Will Brame
15 Mar Another lovely day for the butterflies. 6 Comma, 4 Small tortoiseshell and 3 Peacock on Landseer Park this afternoon andseer Park   sb Sarah
15 Mar This afternoon in our Wickham Market back garden (TM302 563) a Peacock settled on shingle. (📷 photo by Rob Reeve click here) Wickham Market TM302 563 Rob and Kerry Reeve
15 Mar Orange-tip Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
15 Mar male Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell Ipswichy SW   Richard Perryman
15 Mar one male Brimstone in my garden today at 12.36 nightingale road Ipswich   Peter Compton
15 Mar Brimstone, Bildeston garden, 12.30pm Bildeston   Pam & Robin Weaver
15 Mar Somerleyton Station, Platform, garden. Peacock       1 first sighting this year. Somerleyton Station TM4797 Sue Cox
14 Mar Somerleyton Station, Platform, garden.  Brimstone   1  first sighting this year Somerleyton Station TM4797 Sue Cox
14 Mar Red Admiral, , 1pm. Bulls Wood   Pam & Robin Weaver
14 Mar  Spring delight! Four different butterfly species visiting the flowers of Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) around my Suffolk garden today: Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock and Red Admiral, also a Small White on the Forget-me-nots Kelsale   sb Charles Cuthbert
14 Mar 14 deg C. female Orange-tip flew by at SWT Micklemere TL937696 and peacock at home Thurston. SWT Micklemere TL937696 Trevor Goodfellow
13 Mar Peacock and Comma in Newbourn Springs this morning Newbourn Springs   Jenny and Gary Plank
12 Mar Had a walk round the reserve this afternoon ,1 Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly seen, still windy but nice in the shelted spots and warm SWT Carlton Marshes TM 5191 sb Robert Quadling
11 Mar Small Tortoiseshell seen flying over playing field in Onehouse this morning, and three Commas in Northfield Wood (all noted via iRecord) (📷 photo click here) Northfield Wood   Mark Brewster
10 Mar  Brimstone 3, Comma 2, Peacock. Cavenham Heath & pits TL7572 Martin Peers
10 Mar 2 male Brimstones patrolling the hazel coppice, paths and woodland rides in Golden Wood, Shotley  Shotley TM235355 Ian Peters
10 Mar Comma in our garden Shotley Gate TM241341 Ian Peters
10 Mar Spotted this Peacock sunning himself in the grass.  (📷 photo click here Landseer Park, Ipswich   Sarah Chamberlain
10 Mar Well it took me a long time this year but finally saw my first butterfly yesterday. A Comma, sunning itself at Martlesham Common Martlesham Common   sb Kevin Ling
10 Mar This Peacock obliged for photos in the glorious Spring sunshine at Gunton woods, Lowestoft, albeit it with a cool coastal breeze to contend with. The overwinters may look worn but are a welcome sight after winter's gloom (📷 photo click here)  Lowestoft   t James Cortosb n
10 Mar 4 Small Tortoiseshell seen around Carlton marshes today SWT Carlton Marshes   t Gavin Durrant
10 Mar Male Brimstone een today at Mill Stream, Ipswich. Ipswich E TM 20961 44196 Phil Watkinson
10 Mar Small Tortoiseshell photographed by Mrs B whilst out walking a (four-legged) house guest this afternoon. Location: close to Shelland Wood. Sighting reported via iRecord. (📷 photo click here Onehouse   sbi Mark Brewster
10 Mar Brimstone, Peacock, Large White, Red Admiral and two Small Tortoiseshells in central Stowmarket today - first butterflies seen since Christmas! Stowmarket   s
10 Mar  Warm sunshine at Walberswick, Suffolk, today and a good day for butterflies with at least 5 Small Tortoiseshells (two separate pairs seen in courtship, plus a single) and at least 2 Peacocks nearby Walberswick   sb Charles Cuthbert
10 Mar  With spring like sunshine in Felixstowe i had a look around the Grove Wood finding 3 Comma butterflies Felixstowe   s Will Brame
10 Mar My first Brimstone butterfly of the year just flown through the garden Elmswell   s Peter Rutt
10 Mar Brimstone Northfield Wood   t Mark Brewster
10 Mar The warm sunshine produced four species in Belstead Brook Park.  3 Brimstone, 2 Small Tortoiseshell (my earliest ever on patch), plus single Comma and Peacock. Belstead Brook Park TM1441 David Walsh
10 Mar Saw my 1st butterflies of the year this morning in my local wood off Farriers Road, 3+ male Brimstone & a Comma Onehouse   s John Walshe
10 Mar Male Brimstone in my Halesworth garden, a first for the year. Halesworth   t Nick Minns
10 Mar Brimstone butterflies flying around SWT Lackford Lakes SWT Lackford Lakes   t
10 Mar The Spring sunshine brought out a Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, and this Comma (📷 photo click here) to our garden Wickham Market TM302 563 Rob and Kerry Reeve
10 Mar Very healthy looking Comma in my sunny east Ipswich backgarden. Ipswich E TM 19 42 Fred Hanniffy
10 Mar Male Brimstone. Records logged. Moth trap revealed 3 moths! 3 more than the last 2 months. Fornham All Saints   i Trevor Goodfellow
10 Mar Male Brimstone Great Barton   i Trevor Goodfellow
10 Mar 1 x Comma Thurston   i Trevor Goodfellow
9 Mar One peacock seen on the sandy footpath at  Kirton Kirton  TM283411 Val Lockwood
7 Mar Somerleyton Station, Platform, garden.  Red Admiral 1 first sighting  this year Somerleyton Station TM4797  
7 Mar What a surprise, I never imagined that the first butterfly  in my garden this year would be a Small White! Fluttered past the window and settled on a small Ceanothus bush in a sunny part of the garden early this afternoon  (📷 photo click here Kelsale   sb Charles Cuthbert
6 Mar One Small Tortoiseshell basking in this morning's sunny intervals along the river wall at North Cove.     Peter Norfolk
3 Mar A Brimstone today at Brandon Country Park   (📷 photo click here) Brandon Country Park    Nick Brown
3 Mar JA start-the-weekend coffee break in the Spring sunshine today led to this fortuitous encounter with my first Comma butterfly of the year, right here in our own garden. Lucie and I are lucky enough to have regular visits from Commas but have yet to have confirmed breeding  (📷 photo click here) Lowestoft   James Corton
3 Mar First out of the blocks, a perfect peacock this morning in Thurston Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
3 Mar  My second butterfly species of the year on the wing today a Peacock at Stratton Hall Wood Levington Marina Levington Marina   s Will Brame
26 Feb Wonderful to see a beautiful bright Comma and a Peacock butterfly today, our first sightings this year Sutton    Val & Ivan Lockwood
26 Feb Saw my first Brimstone of the year today Euston TL8978 David Walsh
26 Feb One Red admiral on the wing in Barnby this afternoon. Barnby   Peter Norfolk
26 Feb Was unable to photograph it but I saw a Red Admiral Butterfly in Corton Road this morning Lowestoft   Martin Seuneke
23 Feb Red Admiral at Newbourne Springs SWT reserve 23rd February.  A very tatty one!   SWT Newbourne Springs   Peter Lack and Diane Ridgley
22 Feb Just seen a beautiful male Brimstone, my first butterfly of the year, in our back garden near a variegated privet hedge, just off Wortham Ling SSSI near the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Although the sun was out & it’s not as cold today as it has been, it had probably been disturbed by the high winds (now abated). Wortham Ling SSSI TM 093 792 Susan Sidle
16 Feb A Comma butterfly at Bawdsey Quay picnic site today (📷 photo click here)      sb David Carter
9 Feb  Once again, Mrs L beats me to the first butterfly sighting of the year. On 9th February and an unexpected visitor came through the window into her office. A Small Tortoiseshell  (📷 photo click here)  Ipswich   sb Kevin Ling
8 Feb Two Red Admiral 8th February around midday in my garden Nightingale Road Ipswich   Peter Compton
8 Feb In Little Wenham Churchyard one almost perfect Red Admiral. On footpath between Little Wenham and Great Wenham one Peacock. Little Wenham   Jane Henderson
8 Feb I saw a Red Admiral today (in West Suffolk). I've never seen a butterfly in February before  (📷 photo click here West Suffolk    
8 Feb Red Admiral resting on our front room window just now, catching some rays Halesworth   t Nick Minns
8 Feb Small Tortoiseshell seen this afternoon (8th February) on Berberis in our garden. (📷 photo click here Wickham Market TM302 563 Rob and Kerry Reeve
8 Feb My first butterfly sighting of the year a Brimstone spotted on Sandlings Local Nature Reserve Rushmere St.Andrew 11am today (📷 photo click here Rushmere St.Andrew   Bryan Wright
8 Feb My first butterfly of the year, a Peacock in Belstead Brook Park.  My earliest ever butterfly on patch, by 13 days. And my previous early date for Peacock was 17 March! Belstead Brook Park TM1441 b David Walsh
8 Feb My first butterfly of the year. A Peacock flying around our Kessingland garden Kessingland   sb David Borderick
30 Jan My sister sent me this photo of a Peacock butterfly at Orwell Country Park in Ipswich today, a nice surprise!  (📷 photo click here Ipswich, Orwell Country Park   sb Charles Cuthbert
30 Jan Peacock     b Derek Eaton
30 Jan Did have my first butterfly of the year, a Small Tortoiseshell flew through the garden Ipswich   s Gi Grieco
30 Jan At least 3 Peacock butterflies along the Whitecast path, Carlton Marshes this morning. (📷 photo click here)  SWT Carlton Marshes TM 5092 t Andrew Easton
30 Jan Thanks to Sue Dale for reporting our first Butterfly sighting for this year on the reserve a Peacock at TM 5092 on the river wall path from Petos to Whitecast SWT Carlton Marshes TM 5092 b Robert Quadling
27 Jan Was please to spot my first butterfly of the year in sunny but blustery Suffolk yesterday. A scruffy Comma     sb Paul Harrison
18 Jan Saw my earliest ever Holly Blue in the sunshine at Pakefield this morning. Pakefield   t Guy Oxborough
17 Jan Peacock butterfly seen resting and flying at Ipswich Golf Club Purdis Heath IGC (Purdis Heatrh)   Colin Hullis
12 Jan Saw a Small Tortoiseshell this afternoon in flight then landing and basking in the warm sunshine at Ipswich Golf Course (Purdis Heath). My first butterfly sighting for the year.  IGC (Purdis Heatrh)   Neil Sherman
9 Jan This Red Admiral my first flying butterfly as opposed to hibernating was at Deben Lodge, Falkenham late morning as i arrived back to the car nearby at Corporation Marshes  (📷 photo click here Falkenham   s Will Brame
1 Jan Brimstone appearing at regular intervals for an hour on New Year's day.  Folly Road Mildenhall   Mervyn Crawford
1 Jan Peacock seen fluttering around a hedgerow on a sunny walk in Debenham - 12.45 midday!  (📷 photo click here Debenham TM1763 Clare Sheehan
1 Jan Just to report that James Porter saw a Peacock in Pinewood, ,  Ipswich SW TM1441 David Walsh
1 Jan My first butterfly of the year - a Red admiral - was seen today at lunchtime in Dunwich forest at Hog's Grove car park (closest to the village). This is the earliest day in any year that I have seen a butterfly. Dunwich Forest TM467710 James Corton
1 Jan My first Butterfly sighting for this year is a single Red Admiral in my garden at 14.05am today TM 535922 South Lowestoft ,Suffolk Lowestoft South TM535922 sb Robert Quadling

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Photographs from 2022 Sightings  (all pictures are the copyright of their owners)

Peacock - photo  Clare Sheehan

Red Admiral - photo  Will Brame

Peacock - photo  Andrew Easton

Peacock - photo 

Brimstone - photo Bryan Wright

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Rob and Kerry Reeve

Red Admiral - photo 

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Mrs Ling

Comma - photo  David Carter

Comma - photo  James Corton

Brimstone - photo BNick Brown

Small White - photo Charles Cuthbert

Comma - photo  Rob Reeve

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Mrs Brewster

Peacock - photo  James Corton

Comma - photo  Mark Brewster

Peacock - photo  Sarah Chamberlain

Peacock - photo  Rob Reeve

Comma - photo  Kevin Ling

Red Admiral - photo  Mrs Brewster

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Sarah Chamberlain

Peacock - photo  Martin Seuneke

Comma - photo  Trevor Goodfellow

Peacock - photo  Trevor Goodfellow

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Peacock - photo  Sarah Chamberlain

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Sarah Chamberlain

Speckled Wood - photo David Walsh

Holly Blue - photo Graham Denny

Large White - photo J ane Henderson

Green Hairstreak - photo Sarah Chamberlain

Orange-tips - photo Phil Watkinson

Small Copper - photo PVal Lockwood

Comma - photo Stuart McCallum

Holly Blue - photo Rob Reeve

Speckled Wood - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Speckled Wood - photo Phil Watkinson

Green Hairstreak - photo Jenny Norman

Holly Blue - photo Stuart McCallum

Orange-tip - photo Stuart McCallum

Peacock - photo  Stuart McCallum

Small Tortoiseshell - photo TStuart McCallum

Speckled Wood - photo Stuart McCallum

Wall Brown - photo SWT Lound Lakes Warden

Dingy Skipper - photo STrevor Goodfellow

Large White - photo STrevor Goodfellow

Green Hairstreak - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Small Heath - hoto Trevor Goodfellow

Green Hairstreak - photo Stuart McCallum

Brimstone - photo Stuart McCallum

Green Hairstreak - photo Rab

Small Heath - photo Bryan Wright

Green Hairstreak - photo David Carter

Dingy Skipper - photo David Carter

Wall Brown - photo SDavid Borderick

Small Blue -photo Kevin Ling

Small Blue -photo Kevin Ling

Small Blue -photo Bill Plumb

Small Blue -photo Bill Plumb

Brown Argus -photo Bill Plumb

Green Hairstreak - photo Paul Gilson

Holly Blue - photo Phil Watkinson

Small Heath - photo Phil Watkinson

Green Hairstreak - photo Stuart McCallum

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