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Sightings of Butterflies in Suffolk - 2020

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Send Us Your Sightings

The Branch is always grateful for butterfly records and a recording form can be downloaded from the Recording page. 
We are always interested in sightings of any butterflies in any location in Suffolk but we are particularly grateful for records away from the coast and information on the following species:
BAP species; Dingy Skipper, White Letter Hairstreak, Silver-studded Blue, White Admiral, Grayling, Small Heath, Wall Brown
Others; Green Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, Silver-washed Fritillary, Purple Emperor, Chalkhill Blue
(not Devil's Dyke)

Send Sightings by email to (please make sure you enter a subject) and they will appear below within a few days.
Clicking on the link should launch your usual email program.  If this does not seem to work just use the email address.

Please include the date, how many of each butterfly species seen, location with an ordnance survey grid reference if possible, and your name (if you want to).
If you would like to contribute to the annual survey please read the notes on the Recording page.

If you report a Brimstone this record will also be passsed to the Brimstone and Buckthorn project

Regular recorders are urged to use this sightings page to inform others of interesting sightings, but please do continue to send all your records to the county recorder at the end of the season as usual.

Return completed form by November to 20, Langstons, Trimley St Mary, Suffolk IP11 0XL  or to

Coronavirus - Butterfly Recording

Further significant changes relating to outdoor activities have been made to the government restrictions that were brought in March to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Across the UK, the key message remains to stay at home as much as possible and to follow social distancing rules. However, the specific details vary from country to country.

In England and Northern Ireland, it is now possible for butterfly and moth recording to resume for people who are not shielding or self-isolating.  Click here for details from Butterfly Conservation

UKBMS - Over the last few weeks restrictions relating to outdoor activities have been relaxing at varying pace across the different nations of the UK.  We were able to resume butterfly monitoring in England from 14th May  Click here for full details from UKBMS

If visiting Purdis Heath, Pipers Vale and Landseer Park (or any other site for that matter) please keep to footpaths and recognised tracks and do not trample heather, ant nests or any other vegetation.  There are plenty of places where you can see butterflies from the paths.  Keep dogs on a lead.

                                SUFFOLK  COUNTY  BUTTERFLY  RECORDER

The post of County Butterfly Recorder will become available at the end of 2020 when the present Recorder, Bill Stone, retires from the role.

The post is a Suffolk Naturalists’ Society position, and anyone wishing to receive further details of the role should contact:

Martin Sanford, Chair, Suffolk Naturalists’ Society

Or Peter Maddison, Chair, Suffolk Branch of Butterfly Conservation
01473 736607

The Recorder’s role is to encourage accurate recording of butterflies in Suffolk, to verify and keep county butterfly records and to produce an annual butterfly report for publication in the Suffolk Naturalists’ Society Transactions and the Suffolk Branch of BC Argus.

In order to promote butterfly recording the Recorder has to be able to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, wildlife groups, individuals, and an enthusiastic group of butterfly recorders (approximately 70 individuals) within the county. 

Sharing the duties of this role could be considered.

Date  Butterflies seen (and other relevant information).  First Sighting of Year in Bold or Bold for rarer species
For a summary of First Sightings see the Suffolk Butterflies Page - click here
Location Grid Reference Name
           (📷 photo click here) 
8 Jul Essex Skipper 1, Essex/Small Skipper 5, Ringlet 3, Meadow Brown 4, Common Blue 2 Kiln Meadow   Richard Perryman
7 Jul After several brief high level sightings of Purple Emperor at Bradfield wood, one finally came down (📷 photos click here) . Silver-washed Fritillary everywhere and Purple hairstreaks in good numbers 6 sighted at a time. White admirals also showing well.  SWT Bradfield wood   Trevor Goodfellow
7 Jul We were ringing at our Levington site this morning in good weather conditions.  Clouded Yellow butterfly Levington   t Mick Wright
7 Jul Species seen at North end and first 200m on footpath into Dodnash Wood Bentley today Red admiral, Peacock, Comma, White admiral, Large white, Small white, Speckled wood, Purple hairstreak, Meadow brown , Ringlet, Large skipper, Small skipper Dodnash Wood   Michael Bamford
7 Jul Grayling butterflies out on the heath RSPB Minsmere this morning, at least three noted (my first of the year) and as always it was very good to see them!  (📷 photo click here RSPB Minsmere   t Charles Cuthbert
7 Jul Saw this White-letter Hairstreak this morning in the garden. Not clear if it had roosted on the Agapanthus  (📷 photo click here)  TRimley St Mary   t Bill Stone
7 Jul Purple Emperor on Sam's truck at Theberton Woods this morning!  (📷 photo click here Theberton Woods   t David Carter
7 Jul Purple Emperor photographed in Combs Wood recently by work colleague  (📷 photo click here SWT Combs Wood   t John Walshe
7 Jul Revisited the wood again today and twice saw an aberrant Silver-washed Fritillary  (📷 photo click here) in a similar location as we did on July 1st. This does not appear to be the same specimen as as in the photos submitted before. This one is less heavily smudged on the upper side and the under side differs too. Any help with identification would be helpful.  We were surprised to find a fresh Brimstone in early July (📷 photo click here) Theberton Wood   David and Lilian Pitt
7 Jul As I was walking in King's this morning, I saw the following butterflies: TL810760 (towards Berner's Heath): Small Skipper 12, Essex Skipper 3, Large Skipper 8, Large White 6, Small White, Green-veined White, Small Copper 10, Common Blue 2 males, Peacock 4, Comma, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown 40, Ringlet 25, Small Heath. King's Forest TL810760 Martin Peers
7 Jul TL8173 (near John O'Groats): Small Skipper 12, Essex Skipper 4, Large Skipper 12, Large White, Small White, Small Copper 4, Common Blue male, Red Admiral, Peacock, Meadow Brown 10+, Ringlet 10+. King's Forest TL8173 Martin Peers
7 Jul An early morning descent for this Purple Hairstreak (📷 photo click here) onto Hawthorn. Other butterflies recorded were Comma (10+), Peacock (4), Red Admiral (3), Small Tortoiseshell (4), Ringlet (3), Small Copper, Small White (5+), possible Essex Skipper and Meadow Brown (30+). Baylham TM099513 Paul Gilson
7 Jul Small White 2, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Comma 1, Holly Blue Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
7 Jul Today's count from Purdis Heath was one Speckled Wood, one Small Copper at least 10 Silver-studded Blues and a few assorted Whites Purdis Heath   Gary & Jenny Plank
6 Jul At Theberton Wood this morning before the clouds and rain. 3 Silver Washed Fritillary, 4 Purple Emperor sightings, 3 Comma, 2 Large White, 3 Small White, 4 Ringlet, 2 Meadow Brown, 5 Large Skipper, 3 Small Skipper and Peacock Theberton Wood   t David Borderick
6 Jul 1 high up Purple Emperor not good view. Comma, 100 Meadow Brown, 20 White Admirals, 2 red admirals, 30 Silver-washed Fritillaries, speckled wood Bonny wood   tMatt
6 Jul Saw lots of purple hairstreak swarming round oak tree in Ickworth Park. Also a couple of fresh silver washed fratilleries. (📷 photo click here)   Ickworth Park   Paul Seabrook
5 Jul Gatekeeper (3, my first sighting of the season), Comma (10), Peacock 94), Red Admiral (3), Marbled White (5), plus Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Small Copper, Essex Skipper, Green-veined White, Small whites, Large Skipper and Speckled Woods. Around 10 Purple Hairstreaks were very active in two sheltered areas, some coming low enough to photograph. (📷 photo click here)    Piper's Vale   Bill Plumb
5 Jul Despite the blustery weather we had a good visit to Bradfield Woods yesterday with 30+ Silver-washed Fritillaries, 2 Purple Emperors (📷 photo click here), White Admirals, abundant Purple Hairstreaks and many more common butterflies Bradfield Woods   t Dawn Balmer
5 Jul A count of a 1 & acre knapweed plot midday on 5th adjoining Brimlin Wood, Chattisham and the 300m walk home yielded Small Tortoishell 6, Peacock 20, Comma 5, Silver Washed Fritillary 26, Large Skipper 19, Small Skipper7, Gatekeeper 2, and 1 white Letter Hairstreak (new location) and innumerable Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Small & Large White. Chattisham   Peter Woolley
5 Jul We found four Silver-washed Fritillaries at Redgrave and Lopham Fen SWT reserve on Sunday, and await confirmation that these are the first records for the reserve (now confirmed).  Two were in Suffolk and two in Norfolk.  In total we saw 16 species of butterfly: Brimstone 1, Comma 15+, Green-veined White 5+, Holly Blue 2, Large Skipper 15+, Large White 5+, Meadow Brown 25+, Peacock 10+, Purple Hairstreak 25+ (incredibly numerous and obvious), Red Admiral c8,  Ringlet 10+, Silver-washed Fritillary 4, Small Skipper 1, Small Tortoiseshell c5, Small White 10+, Speckled Wood 3.  (📷 photo click here)  . Redgrave and Lopham Fen TM0478/TM0480 Wilum Johnston and David Walsh
5 Jul 16+ Silver-washed Fritillaries incl Valezina, 2 White Admirals and several Purple Hairstreaks. Also Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Speckled Wood, Comma, Large Skipper, Peacock, Red Admiral, Large, Small and Green-veined White Priestley Wood   t Matt Garnham
5 Jul Several fresh Silver Washed Fritillaries of both sexes, nectaring on bramble with males seeking females along the footpath on the eastern side of Easty Wood, Cavendish today. Eastern boundary and South eastern boundary. Males very active, seeking nectaring on bramble families. Very fresh specimens.  (📷 photo click here) Cavendish   Jonathan Forsyth
5 Jul Counting butterflies today in the near-gale was quite difficult. However, we counted one Common Blue, one Small Heath, two Small/Essex Skippers,14 Small Coppers, 10 Peacocks, 10+ Commas, 12+ Ringlets, 20+ Meadow Browns, 20-30 Red Admirals and the usual numerous assorted Whites. Chillesford Forest   Jenny & Gary Plank
5 Jul This morning ( late morning) spotted female purple hairstreak resting on brambles under oak trees on the edge of a wood Beyton Nr Bury St Edmunds. Do have pictures if needed Beyton   Paul Jewby
5 Jul Small White 7, Meadow Brown 1, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Comma 1, Holly Blue Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
5 Jul 3 red admiral, 2 meadow brown Martlesham   t David Gill
5 Jul Best day ever at Redgrave and Lopham fen! 4 Silver washed fritillary found! 2 in Norfolk and 2 in Suffolk! Pretty sure this is a new site for the species and they haven’t been recorded there Redgrave and Lopham fen   t wilum johnston
5 Jul Very windy but still plenty of butterflies around at Boyton Hall, Gt Finboro this morning - Meadow Brown 77, Small White 45, Small Tortoiseshell 11, Large White 8, Essex Skipper 6, Ringlet 5, Peacock 4 (1st of summer brood), Green-veined White 3, Red Admiral 3, Comma 3, Large Skipper 1 Gt Finborough   t John Walshe
5 Jul The sunny rides Old Hall Wood, Belstead were awash with butterflies this morning. A Silver Washed Fritillary being the pick of the bunch (first sighting here). 2 Purple Hairstreak, 4 White Admiral, 20 Peacock, 5 Red Admiral, 8 Comma, 50+ Ringlet, 30+ Small White Old Hall Wood   t Kevin Ling
5 Jul Nice walk up Sprats water lane from Carlton marsh this morning lots of butterflies in the sheltered spots 6 Red admiral, 7 Meadow brown , 5 Ringlet , 3 Small skipper, 5 Small white , 3 Comma, and the highlight 3 Purple hairstreak flushed by a family of Chiffchaff in an oak tree.     t chris mutimer
5 Jul A few Purple Hairstreak this morning but no Emporer again Bonny wood Bonny wood t Nathaniel Cant
5 Jul Lots of butterflies to be seen in the area north of Gunton wood including lots of small skippers, of those at rest managed to ID (any that landed...), at least 25 plus around 3 Essex skipper and 2 large skipper. Seems to be a good year locally for skippers.  Plenty of small whites also about, all that landed were checked carefully! One seen egg laying along Hubbard's Loke as well as comma and 4 speckled woods. One small copper Gunton Warren, where the bell heather is coming nicely into bloom Gunton   t James Wright
5 Jul A walk around Gunton Meadow saw comma, red admiral and pleased to see 3 brown argus by the pond at far west end. A few small skippers Gunton Meadow   t James Wright
5 Jul Butterfly Survey Corton Cliff (Black Hole Site), despite the strong winds blowing off land there was a lot of activity of whites, 110 Small White, 10 Large White, 7 Meadow Brown, 4 Ringlet, 1 Peacock, 1 Small Skipper Corton Cliff   t Robert Quadling
5 Jul I am sending a sighting of a single Silver Washed Fritilliary, July 5th 2020 at 09.40hrs.(📷 photo click here) Redlingfield Wood, Denham, Eye TM 18957 72839 David Mitchell Dip. Arb. Rfs, F. Arbor. A
4 Jul Butterflies Recorded, 74 Meadow Brown, 44 Ringlet, 15 Red Admiral, 14 Green-veined White, 14 Large Skipper, 13 Small Skipper, 7 Essex Skipper, 5 Comma, 5 Small White, 5 Large White, 4 Peacock, 3 Purple hairstreak, 3 Gatekeeper, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Brown Argus, 2 Small Tortoiseshell SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
4 Jul Purple Hairstreak and Gatekeeper butterflies recorded today SWT Carlton Marshes   Robert Quadling
4 Jul
Purple hairstreak today bottom of bromswell wet meadow (near unruly pig pub
bromswell   Val Sherwen
4 Jul Purple emperor at Bonny Wood now. Resting in maple tree. Not great views. Bonny Wood   t Steve Babbs
3 July A brief recce at Theberton Woods produced 3 Silver-washed Fritillaries including  a valezina posing for photographs (📷 photo click here)  ; Also noted were  Purple Emperor (2 sightings), Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Green-veined and Small whites, Essex and Large Skippers, Commas Theberton Woods   Bill Plumb
3 July Then at Dunwich Forest a White-letter Hairstreak showed well  (📷 photo click here)  along with White Admiral (2), Silver-washed Fritillary and Red Admiral Dunwich Forest   Bill Plumb
3 July 20 each of Commas and Silver Washed Fritillaries plus one rather worn male Purple Emperor at Ramsey Wood Hintlesham today. Also  2 White Admirals and numerous Ringlets. Ramsey Wood   Mike Morley
3 July A walk around Middle Wood, Offton this afternoon. 6 Silver-washed Fritillaries and 2 White Admirals Offton   t Matt Garnham
2 Jul Sightings during transect on:   Small Skipper, Small White (30), Green-veined White (8), Small Copper, Brown Argus (2), Red Admiral (11), Small Tortoiseshell, Comma (6), GATEKEEPER, Meadow Brown (7), Ringlet (25) – mostly Kingfisher trail or Ash Carr; Small Heath on Sayers Breck.   Regards,   Lackford Lakes   David Bird
2 Jul A circular walk in the Fynn Valley upstream from Playford produced one Small Tortoiseshell, one Comma, one Small Copper , two Red Admirals, one Essex Skipper and two Small Skippers. Also, numerous Whites, Meadow Browns and a few Ringlets. A very smart Gray Wagtail was busy feeding in the Fynn in the identical spot where we have seen one in the past. Fynn Valley   Jenny & Gary Plank
2 Jul I saw my first Gatekeeper of the year this afternoon. Also a fresh Brown Argus (just into TM1541). A number of both Small and Essex Skippers were present; they were relatively confiding because of the cloudy weather! Wherstead TM150409 David Walsh
2 Jul Trying to find Southern Small Whites. No joy, but the following quick sightings from today.   2 Meadow Brown, 2 Large Whites, all on  River Deben vegetation at Woodbridge, in between showers. Woodbridge   Julian Dowding
2 Jul Brown Argus on Cut-leaved Cranesbill on edge of beet field at Boyton Hall, Gt Finboro this morning. Essex Skipper, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, Common Blue + a few Silver-Y Gt Finborough   t John Walshe
2 Jul 11 small whites, 1 red admiral, IP32 oaks road playing field BSE 10.36 Bury St Edmunds IP32 t barry woodhouse
2 Jul Found my first ever Silver-washed Fritillary at Benacre this morning Benacre   t Carl Buttle
2 Jul At Theberton this morning 3+ Purple Emperor, 3+ Silver washed (incl Valezina), 2 Purple Hairstreak, White Admiral, and Comma. Also Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Large Skippers and Small Whites Theberton Wood   t David Borderick
2 Jul Several Purple Hairstreaks at Bradfield Woods this morning before the sun went in also our first Purple Emperor of the year. Bradfield Woods   t David Carter
2 Jul 30 Meadow Browns, 20 Ringlets, 50 mixture of both Small and Essex skippers, 5 Large skippers, I Small heath, 2 Small coppers, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 pristine Red Admiral.  Braziers meadow Ipswich   Daniel Cable Davey
1 Jul In my garden, on Knapweed.  Kept very still for a long time so I suspect just emerged. 1 Brown Argus, male. Somerleyton TM4796 Sue Cox
1 Jul Two Purple Emperors sparring High over oak at Ramsey Woods, July 1st. One photographed High on oak; also Silver-washed Fritillary (12),Comma (10), Ringlets, Meadow Browns, Small Whites, Large Skipper (5), Red Admiral (3), White Admiral (2), Speckled Woods.  (📷 photos click here Ramsey Woods   Bill Plumb
1 Jul the fork lift driver spotted this today at work as it looked like it was basking in the sun , a gust of wind tipped it over revealing it was dead . Knowing I’m into wildlife he brought it to me and I recognised it as a Purple Emperor (📷 photo click here) , the first I have ever seen , I thought this may be of interest.     Colin Sycamore
1 Jul Whilst walking my dog in Orford Suffolk I saw this butterfly  (📷 photo click here) I'm not sure but I think it's a Large Tortoiseshell Orford   Maria Brenchley
1 Jul First two purple hairstreaks of the year on oaks in Dairy Lane Mutford Mutford   t Jonathan Warnes
1 Jul Found 6 Silver-washed Fritillaries including this one (📷 photo click here). We think that it is ab.nigricans ? or ab. sylvia Also saw 1 Small Heath, 2 White Admiral and glimpses of 2 Purple Emperors plus 4 Small Skipper, 12 Large Skipper, 4 Large White, 8 Small White, 2 Green-veined White,12 Comma, 8 Speckled Wood, 15 Meadow Brown and 20 Ringlet. Theberton Woods   David and Lilian Pitt
1 Jul Purple Emperors active in morning sunshine (📷 photo click here: perched high in Sallow, beside mating pair of Large Whites). Also valezina Silver-washed Fritillary (📷 photo click here) which proved irresistible to an orange male and departed in copula. Theberton Woods   Patrick Frew
1 Jul This morning at 09.00 I recorded two White-letter Hairstreaks  (📷 photo click here)  feeding on bramble. Other butterflies recorded, Comma (2), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Large Skipper, Meadow Brown (20+), Small White (5+). Baylham TM099513 Paul Gilson
30 Jun One of the highlights of my visit to Minsmere on Tuesday was seeing a Purple Hairstreak at ground level!  (📷 photo click here Minsmere TM4667 David Walsh
30 Jun Very quiet at Carlton Marshes today apart from large numbers of Whites of which the vast majority were Green Veined. Also one Small Tortoiseshell and a few Meadow Browns. Carlton Marshes   Jenny & Gary Plank
30 Jun I was walking through The Park at Great Saxham this morning and saw a White Admiral along the footpath there. The conditions weren't good for seeing butterflies but I saw the following: Small White, Red Admiral, White Admiral, Meadow Brown, Ringlet. Great Saxham TL7863 Martin Peers
30 Jun Small White, Small Tortoiseshell, Meadow Brown, Ringlet Great Saxham TL7763 Martin Peers
29 Jun A walk through TM4796, TM4996, TM5095. This was a circular walk on a dull windy day with some showers and a few sunny intervals, through habitat varying from wet woodland to dry heath-like areas and arable.  I didn’t expect to see much because of the weather.  I was wrong. 50+ Meadow Browns 9 Red Admirals 7 Commas 5 Large Skippers 1 Small Tortoiseshell   Somerleyton TM4796, TM4996, TM5095 Sue Cox
28 Jun I visited Bradfield woods and saw masses of Silver washed frtillaries and some white admirals. The 📷 photo click here show an aberrant White Admiral (ab. obliterae) that was on a huge patch of brambles along with dozens of SWF etcc. The other 📷 photo click here is a damaged Purple Empress which seemed to be recovering from a bird attack. It was on the same spot in B. Woods last july.  It eventuallt recovered and flew off. And today (1 July) on the croquet lawn at Fynn Valley GC  I saw a Small Heath. SWT Bradfield woods   David Wicks
28 Jun A quick look around Bonny Wood this morning. 5 Silver-washed Fritillary's and 6 White Admirals including an ab.obliterae individual  (📷 photo click here Bonny Wood   t Matt Garnham
28 Jun I saw 9+ White Admirals at Assington Thicks today in changeable weather. Other species of note there were: 10+ Large Skippers, 1 Small Skipper, Red Admiral, Comma, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown and Ringlet. Assington Thicks   Martin Peers
28 Jun Butterflies Recorded, 182 Meadow Brown, 31 Ringlet, 26 Large White, 26 Small White, 25 Red Admiral, 24 Small Tortoiseshell, 23 Large Skipper, 22 Green-veined White, 9 Comma, 8 Small Skipper, 7 Essex Skipper, 2 Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
28 Jun First Ringlet of the year at Dip farm pitch and putt near the car park, also several Meadow Browns and a Red Admiral Gunton   t James Wright
28 Jun It was good to see a freshly emerged Peacock this morning along with Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined White, Small White and Meadow Brown. Baylham TM099513 Paul Gilson
27 Jun Brown Argus spotted for first time this year (📷 photo click here Ickworth Park   Paul Seabrook
27 Jun Comma & Ringlet SWT Church Marshes   t Jane Ferguson
27 Jun Corton Cliff TM 5498 (Black Hole Site) Very windy on cliff today with some light rain but I found 6 Meadow Brown and 2 Red Admiral. Corton Cliff TM 5498 t Robert Quadling
26 Jun White Admiral: at least nine sightings, all of single insects, in my garden this afternoon.  Speed and direction of arrivals and departures strongly indicates at least 2 insects involved.  So, 2 White Admiral   Somerleyton TM4796 Sue Cox
26 Jun Nice Hairstreak safari around the lanes of Waldringfield, Suffolk. Over 75 Purple and 10 White-letter Hairstreaks seen along with 35 Red Admirals. At least 20 Red Admirals in the grounds of the church alone Waldringfield   t Bill Stone
26 Jun 1 Purple Emperor, 5 Silver-washed Fritillaries, 2 White Admirals, 2 Purple Hairstreak, 4 Large White, 20 Measow Brown, 2 Ringlet,1 Brimstone, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Comma, 1 Peacock (+ 25 larva) Ramsey Wood   t Kevin Ling
26 Jun This afternoon we had five White letter Hairstreaks on Elms on Border Cott Lane (B1078) Wickham Market viewed from footpath in front of telephone exchange area.  Wickham Market   Rob and Kerry Reeve 
26 Jun Flowery banks swarming with hundreds if not thousands of Essex Skippers. Landseer Park   Patrick Frew
26 Jun Purple Emperor seen today in flight at Bonny Wood (over the pond); and Bradfield Woods (SW corner of Bottom Fell). Both sites have abundant Silver-washed Fritillaries and White Admirals. Bonny Wood, Bradfield Woods   Patrick Frew
26 Jun Dozens of Ringlets and Meadow Browns there today Gosbeck Woods   Gordon Brown
26 Jun Silver-washed Fritillary 20, White Admiral 6, Ringlet 30, Meadow Brown 20, Large Skipper 2, Speckled Wood 1, Small White 6, Large White 2, Comma 1 Wolves Wood TM0543/0544 David Walsh
25 Jun On a very hot morning: 30 Silver-washed Fritillary, 20 Ringlet, 20 Small Skipper, 6 White Admiral, 80+ Meadow Brown, 12 Large White, 3 Essex Skipper, 2 Speckled Wood, 9 Small White, 2 Comma.  (📷 photo click here Norton Wood TL972644 Peter & Mary Feeney
25 Jun Please find here a list of the butterflies which I saw at Bury cemetery this morning: Small Skipper 6, Essex Skipper 1+, Large Skipper 2, Small White, Red Admiral, Comma, Small Heath, Meadow Brown 30+, Ringlet. Bury St Edmunds   Martin Peers
25 Jun Credit goes to my partner Astrid Martin for spotting this White Admiral Aberration. I believe it is ab. obliterae if you can confirm?  (probably ab. obliterata which has more of the white obscured see http://www.britishbutterflyaberrations.co.uk/species/limenitis-camilla/aberrations.  Sighting credit Astrid Martin Photograph credit Sam Chamberlin   (📷 photo click here Bonny Wood   Astrid Martin
25 Jun 40+ Marbled Whites on Landseer Park Ipswich this morning. Probably an underestimate but still a fabulous year so far. . Landseer Park   Mike Morley
25 Jun At least 1 White Admiral.   2 sightings, one in garden and one on hedge on adjacent station platform.   At least 3 Red Admirals seen together in nearby woods, and at least 2 more on a nearby track.   Small Tortoiseshell, several sightings of single insects, so at least 1 Small Tortoiseshell.   Somerleyton   Sue Cox
25 Jun Small Heath 5, Small Copper 4, Silver-stuidded Blue 12.  SSB still in quarry despite 2nd year of drought resulting in far less heather. Westleton Heath   Richard Perryman
25 Jun Small Skipper 4, Small White 4, Speckled Wood 3, Meadow Brown 50+, Red Admiral 12, Small Copper 4 Dingle Marshes Track   Richard Perryman
24 Jun Small Skipper 5, Ringlet 1, Meadow Brown 5, Red Admiral 2 Spring Wood   Richard Perryman
24 Jun FIRST Ringlet  (1) in garden Also, better numbers of Meadow Brown at last.  Many, many sightings of single insects during day, and finally 4 seen together in a patch of wild Privet. Meadow Brown 4.   Somerleyton   Sue Cox
24 Jun At least 6 Purple Hairstreaks seen at the late hour of 8.20pm! 3 White Admirals seen along path which heads up from the middle car park. Knettishall Heath Nature Reserve TL9480 David Walsh
24 Jun Several Marbled White butterflies nectaring from bramble and greater knapweed flowers also spotted a mating pair.  I spotted ten Marbled white butterflies mainly on the jetty area of pipers vale Pipers Vale also at Landseer park Ipswich  (📷 photos click here) Pipers Vale   Daniel Cable Davey
24 Jun Walk along footpath and main cross track   White admiral 15 (fifteen), Peacock 3, Small tortoishell 1, Comma 1, Speckled wood 2, Meadow brown 13, Small Heath 1, Small skipper 1, Skipper sp. 2, Large skipper 1, White sp. 5 Bentley Old Hall Wood   Michael Bamford
24 Jun On this very hot afternoon, we saw more than 100 Silver-studded Blues plus 1 Small Heath Westleton Common   David and Lilian Pitt
24 Jun Large White 2, Small White, Green-veined White, Red Admiral, Comma 3, Silver-washed Fritillary 14, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown. Northfield Wood, near Onehouse TM0260 Martin Peers
24 Jun On the way back to the car we walked through farmland with hedges and saw the following: Small Skipper 6, Essex Skipper 1, Large Skipper 1, Small White, Small Tortoiseshell 3, Meadow Brown, Ringlet. Northfield Wood, near Onehouse TM0160 Martin Peers
24 Jun Silver-washed Fritilliary 3 Flying round our heads for 20 minutes, then vanished! Market Weston Fen TL983789 Dave Griffiths
24 Jun White Admirals yesterday in Dunwich Forest also found a single very worn Painted Lady Dunwich Forest   t Carl Buttle
24 Jun Nice walk down the east side of @The_Barker_Boys farm at Westhorpe this evening. Purple Hairstreaks seen over most hedgerow oaks, 32 in all, looked good for WLH as well with lots of English Elm in hedges. Red Admiral, Comma, Large & Small Whites, Meadow Brown & Ringlet seen too Westhorpe   t John Walshe
23 Jun Second sighting of White Admiral (1) – flying along the front of cottages at gutter height Somerleyton   Sue Cox
23 Jun 1 White Admiral Wherstead Woods TM1339 David Walsh
23 Jun 1 Small Heath (field adjacent to Alder Carr) Wherstead TM1340 David Walsh
23 Jun 3+ White-letter Hairstreaks and 2+ Purple Hairstreaks in elms/oaks just off Ellenbrook Road. Pinewood TM141418 David Walsh
23 Jun I was doing a survey at Lound Lakes yesterday and among the common green grasshoppers and hundreds of common-spotted orchids were the following:  Large Skipper, Meadow Brown, Small Copper, Small Heath,  The sightings board in the visitors centre also mentions the sighting of a Wall Brown, which is exciting if true. Eve Hill, Lound Lakes SWT TG 51348 00326 Tim Gardiner
23 Jun Mid morning 23rd June whilst visiting The Sandlings Local Nature Reserve, Rushmere St.Andrew total of 7 White Letter Hairstreaks - 5 feeding and in flight high level in tree line and 2 feeding at low level Rushmere St.Andrew   Bryan Wright
23 Jun 1 purple hairstreak at top of small oak tree by wild pond in Ipswich Millennium Cemetery' 2-3 purple hairstreaks at top of more mature oak near to pedestrian entrance of above near to railway. Ipswich Millennium Cemetery   Richard Attenborrow
23 Jun Comma ab. Suffusa  (📷 photo click here)  in Theberton Woods this afternoon, didn’t see any Purple Emperors, but a few White Admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary out locally. Theberton Woods   t Tom Williams
23 Jun Butterflies counted Northfield Wood this afternoon - White-letter Hairstreak, Silver-washed Fritillary 20, White Admiral 2, Meadow Brown 30, Speckled Wood 30, Green-veined White 10, Comma 7, Ringlet 6, Large White 3, Small White 1, Large Skipper 2, Holly Blue 1, Red Admiral 1 Northfield Wood   t John Walshe
23 Jun We found White-letter Hairstreaks today in Dunwich Forest , but they were keeping mainly up in the canopy of the oaks  (📷 photo click here Dunwich Forest   t David Carter
23 Jun One of 5 White Admiral at North Cove this morning   (📷 photo click here North Cove   t chris mutimer
23 Jun An hour or so checking for White letter Hairstreaks at the A14 Elms Trimley st Martin resulted in 13 being seen at the tops also 2 Red Admiral, 1 Comma, 8 Small White, 2 Large White and an Essex Skipper Trimley st Martin   t Will Brame
23 Jun One of two Painted Ladies  (📷 photo click here) at SWT Hen Reedbeds this morning. Also 2 Red Admiral, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Ringlet, 2 Large White, Small White, Large Skipper and 12+ Meadow Brown SWT Hen Reedbeds   t David Borderick
23 Jun 30 white admiral, 25 Silver-washed Fritillary, 100 Meadow Brown, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 10 Small Skipper.  No Purple Emperor Bonny Wood   t Matt
22 Jun White-letter Hairstreak in Dunwich Forest today: none from 9-10 am (White Admiral seen) but seen 3:30pm. Small Skipper in the dunes at Minsmere Dunwich Forest   Patrick Frew
22 Jun 11 species seen today: Silver-washed Fritillary 2, Small Skipper 2, Large Skipper 8, Large White 5, Small White 3, Green-veined White 3, Red Admiral 2, Comma 5, Speckled Wood 15, Meadow Brown 25 and Ringlet 20. ( We only saw 4 species in this wood last week!) Theberton Wood   David and Lilian Pitt
22 Jun 2 White Letter Hairstreaks on Elms at the top of the steps on Landseer Park Ipswich this afternoon. Mike Morley. Landseer Park   Mike Morley
22 Jun 5 Silver Washed Fritillaries and 6 White Admirals at Wolves Wood Hadleigh this morning. Wolves Wood   Mike Morley.
22 Jun marbled white Haverhill   John Chappell
22 Jun A quick visit to Martlesham Heath this morning finally produced 3 male Silver-studded Blues. Also my first Painted Lady of the year and a SmalL Copper.   TM2344 David Walsh
22 Jun 2 Small Heath (first sighting at location). First Ringlet of the year, 4 Speckled Wood and a Comma Alder Carr - Belstead TM137411 t Kevin Ling
22 Jun 7 Small Tortoiseshell Belstead TM130414 t Kevin Ling
22 Jun It was a beautiful sunny morning in Bonny Wood.  Silver Washed Fritillaries were on the wing all morning, difficult to say how many but more than 15, similar numbers of White Admirals, Purple Hairstreak 3, and Ringlets Bonny Wood   t Mick Wright
22 Jun Good to see it's a good year for Small Tortoiseshells was poor locally for me last year.  Needham to Creeting St Mary along river 15 Small Tortoiseshells, 20 Meadow Brown, 10 ringlet, 5 small skipper 3, comma 3, red admiral Needham   t Matt
21 Jun Strolled to my Belstead Brook Park patch this afternoon more in hope than expectation but found a Purple Emperor! Only my second at the site, and the first one at rest. Wasn’t quick enough to get a pic when it was side on but still a nice surprise!  (📷 photo click here Belstead Brook Park TM1441 t David Walsh
21 Jun Very happy to report 2 Silver-washed Fritillaries at Northfield Wood, accompanied by several Gatekeepers.   Northfield Wood   Michael Girling
21 Jun Butterflies recorded at Black Hole site, only 1 Meadow Brown, nothing else seen. Corton Cliff TM 5498 t Robert Quadling
20 Jun First White Admiral of the year on 20th June in Brimlin Wood, Chattisham followed by at least 4 White Letter Hairstreak on the eveningof the 24th. Also seeing Small Heaths more regularly than in previous years. Brimlin Chattisham   Peter Woolley
20 Jun Three Silver Studded Blue butterflies roosting within heather at night.   (📷 photo click here)  Pipers vale Ipswich   Daniel Cable Davey
20 Jun White Admiral & Essex Skipper Knettishall   t David Walsh
20 Jun Had a couple of hours in Sandlings Local Nature Reserve Rushmere St.Andrew 20th June mid morning. Of note 5 number White Letter Hairstreaks high up about 8m in the crown of some oaks - unable to get any decent photos of them other than record shots. Rushmere St.Andrew   Bryan Wright
20 Jun Butterflies Recorded,244 Meadow Brown, 43 Small Tortoiseshell, 18 Large Skipper, 12 Red Admiral, 3 Peacock, 3 Small Skipper, 2 Holly Blue, 2 Comma, 1 Large White, 1 Small White SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
20 Jun A quick trip to North Cove this afternoon produced 3 White Admiral (📷 photo click here), Comma, 2 Red Admiral, Large Skipper and 3 Meadow Brown North Cove   t David Borderick
20 Jun Dark Green Fritillary and one of the many Marbled Whites seen this morning at Landseer Park, Ipswich. Lots of skippers around too  (📷 photo click here Landseer Park, Ipswich   t Malcolm Farrow
20 Jun An hour over at Peewit Hill, Felixstowe  where i saw 1 Five spot Burnet sp, 8 Meadow Brown, 7 Holly Blue, 3 Small Skippers, 2 Large Skippers, 5 Speckled Wood and 1 Comma Peewit Hill, Felixstowe   t Will Brame
20 Jun 2 small heath, 1 meadow brown,  6 Small White Bury St Edmunds IP32 t barry woodhouse
20 Jun Butterflies at College Farm, Creeting St Mary this morning - Meadow Brown 62, Small Heath 30, Small Tortoiseshell 14, Essex Skipper 12, Small White 11, Red Admiral 2, Large White 1, Large & Small Skipper 1, Common Blue male Creeting St Mary   t John Walshe
20 Jun 20+ Silver-washed Fritillaries seen at SWT Bradfield Woods this morning.  (📷 photo click here SWT Bradfield Woods   t David Carter
20 Jun 15-20 Silver Studded Blue (inc 2 females). Also 1 Purple Hairsteak, my earliest recorded sighting. 3 Brown Argus, 1 Common Blue, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Comma, 1 Small Copper, 10 Meadow Brown Pipers Vale,Ipswich   t Kevin Ling
20 Jun Brief Purple Emperor, 10+ Silver  washed fritillaries, 8 White Admiral (📷 photo click here, 5 Ringlet, Comma and 50+ meadow brown Bonny wood   t Nathaniel Cant
20 Jun Comma 1 Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
20 Jun Our first visit of the season to Bradfield Woods produced 20+ Silver-washed Fritillaries, (📷 photo click here), Purple Hairstreak, Ringlet,, Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Comma, Large Skipper, Large White and Speckled Wood.  SWT Bradfield Woods   Margie and David Carter
20 Jun During a walk in the Denham area this morning, I saw the following butterflies: Large Skipper 4, Small White, Green-veined White, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Small Heath 2, Meadow Brown 30+, Ringlet 2. Denham castle TL7462 Martin Peers
20 Jun Small Skipper 1, Large White 1, Small White 10+, Small Tortoiseshell 10, Small Heath 3, Meadow Brown 25, Ringlet 1. Denham TL7463 Martin Peers
20 Jun Large Skipper, Small White 10, Green-veined White, Small Tortoiseshell 10+, Meadow Brown 30, Ringlet 1. Denham Hall TL7561 Martin Peers
19 Jun Two White Admirals seen in Gosbeck Woods 5209'30.9"N 108'15.5"E . Gosbeck Woods   Gordon Brown
19 Jun My first visit to Landseer Park in Ipswich to see the dark green fritillaries.  Two were seen along with a dozen or more Marbled White. The sunny but blustery conditions made photography harder. Lots of Small Skipper and Meadow Brown with at least one Essex Skipper, three Large Skipper, one Small Tortoiseshell and one Red Admiral. Two Peacock larval tents nearby.  (📷 photos click here Landseer Park   James Corton
19 Jun Meadow brown numbers peaked at over 200 a record at home on the meadows. Today red admiral x 1, small tortoiseshell 5+, comma x 1, large skipper 10, small skipper x 3, small white x 2, and first ringlet  (📷 photo click here)  . from now on, counting browns needs more attention.  Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
19 Jun Small and Essexd Skippers in the evening sunlight  (📷 photo click here (notice the antennae)     t Kevin Ling
19 Jun Today (19 June) near Parnell Lane in Elmswell, nectaring on thistle and bramble, 20 Small Tortoiseshells and 2 Red Admirals. The most Tortoiseshells we've seen together for some time! Elmswell TL98177 64140 Mary & Peter Feeney
18 Jun Tell tale signs of Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth larvae feeding on honeysuckle (paired puncture hole along the spine of a leaf). Early and late instar larvae found.     (📷 photo click here Bixley Heath, Ipswich   Sam Chamberlin
18 Jun First Purple Hairstreak of the year seen yesterday but no sign of White Letter Hairstreaks. Brimlin Wood Chattisham    Peter Woolley
18 Jun Following up on information of Five spot Burnet moths sp seen at Landguard yesterday i managed to see 2 this afternoon also Mother Shipton moth, 5 Essex Skippers, 3 Small Heath, 10 Meadow Browns, 2 Common Blue, 3 Holly Blue, 1 Red Admiral Landguard   t Will Brame
18 Jun The first two Ringlet butterflies I have sighted this year both at rest upon foliage.   (📷 photo click here Ipswich Ravenswood   Daniel Cable Davey
18 Jun Today in rather unhelpful weather – walk between Bentley manor and Old Hall Woods White admiral 3-4, Small white 2, Green veined white 1, Speckled wood 1 Bentley Old Hall woods   Michael Bamford
17 Jun Five-spot Burnet 2, Cinnabar Moth 1, Small Skipper 5, Holly Blue 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1 Lower Belstaed Meadows   Richard Perryman
17 Jun A nice afternoon wander on my way home from work. Great to see the Dark Green Fritillaries while they were fresh (📷 photo click here)  I saw two, both together at times (maximum count so far is three). Also saw a dozen Marbled White 9m, 1f and approx 40 Small Skipper Ipswich, Landseer park   t Kevin Ling
17 Jun First White Admiral (hoping for more!). Very pleased to see this in my garden. I had several visits last year from what I think must have been 2 males, judging from the constant sparring. Seeing this individual today encourages me to think they may be becoming established here. Somerleyton   Sue Cox
17 Jun A quick 3/4 hr look for White letter Hairstreaks in the Elms alongside A14 at Trimley only found 2 but cloud stopped play also 1 Red Admiral, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Meadow Brown, 1 Small White A14 at Trimley   t Will Brame
17 Jun Nice walk Hascot Hill - Barking Tye - Muckinger Wood this morning. Meadow Brown 40, Small Tortoiseshell 20, Small Heath 10, Small White 5, Large Skipper 1, Speck Woodled 1, Ringlet     t John Walshe
17 Jun 3 White letter Hairstreak including a pair in copulation Walton Avenue Felixstowe opposite Lidl  (📷 photo click here Felixstowe   t Will Brame
16 Jun 14, 15, 16 June '20. 5, 7, 5 m. Silver-studded Blues respectively (possibly more). 16th. 1 f. Silver-studded Blues. Purdis Heath SSSI   Antony Tuckey
16 Jun First Painted Lady here on the platform at Somerleyton Station. Several sightings over a period of hours, so possibly more than 1 insect involved. 1 Painted Lady. Also several sightings of solo Large Skipper: 1 Large Skipper. 1 Red Admiral. Strangely, no Small Tortoiseshells today, but yesterday and on previous days multiple sightings of single newly-emerged insects. 1 Small Tortoiseshell Somerleyton Station   Sue Cox
16 Jun At least 2 Dark Green Fritillaries, a Painted Lady and several Marbled Whites  (📷 photos click here Ipswich, Landseer park   t Mick Wright
16 Jun Green Hairstreak (📷 photo click here) at Playters Farm, Ellough this afternoon with a Speckled Wood, Red Admiral, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Holly Blue, 10 Large Skipper and 45+ Meadow Brown Ellough   t David Borderick
16 Jun 1 White letter Hairstreak, 3 Marbled White Ipswich, Landseer park   t Will Brame
16 Jun First meadow brown butterfly if the year this morning on shrubland off Gunton church lane near post box. A very nice warm morning but sadly there was little about. Gunton   t James Wright
16 Jun Had about an hour in Landseer Park at lunchtime, 2 Dark Green Fritillary plus 4 Marbled White (📷 photo click here Ipswich, Landseer park   Bryan Wright
16 Jun Today in the garden our first Meadow Brown, a male on the marigolds. Also around this last week since the rain are a single Small Heath, several Small Tortoiseshells and a male and female Brimstone. Framlingham TM287634 Geraldine Smith
16 Jun Encountered three Small heath butterflies flying around nectaring and basking in the sun.   (📷 photo click here Ipswich, Braziers meadow   Daniel Cable Davey
16 Jun 2 Dark green Fritillaries together Ipswich, Landseer park   t Will Brame
15 Jun Holly Blue and Red Admiral flying in the garden today.  Quite advanced larval stages of both species developing on their respective foodplants too. Red Admiral returned to pose for photos and then oviposit several eggs.  (📷 photo click here)  Lowestoft   James Corton
15 Jun Ringlet, Small Skipper & Essex Skipper over the last 3 days bring my Belstead Brook Park patch butterfly year list to 20 species - by mid June! All seen within a mile of my home.  Of those, 13 were ‘earliest ever’ and 3 ‘equal earliest’ Belstead Brook Park   t David Walsh
15 Jun Enjoyed seeing my first Silver-studded Blues of 2020 at a very dry Westleton Common Westleton Common   t David Walsh
15 Jun Plenty of Silver-Washed Fritillaries during an hour’s visit late morning 15th June including a mating pair.  One or two White Admirals seen also along with Speckled Woods, Large Skippers, and Meadow Browns. (📷 photo click here SWT Bradfield Woods   Neil Dickinson
15 Jun Large Skipper 1, Speckled Wood 14, Meadow Brown 7, Silver-washed Fritillary 1 (at TM 05214 44001), Red Admiral 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, RSPB Wolves Wood TM0544 Richard Perryman
15 Jun Minimum of 6 Marbled Whites on Landseer Park  this morning. Ipswich, Landseer Park   Mike Morley
15 Jun Dark-green Fritillary Landseer Park chalk bank 3:40 pm (📷 photo click here)  Landseer Park   t Steve Babbs
15 Jun 8 meadow brown, 3 small heath IP32 marham park BSE 12.37 Bury St Edmunds IP32 t barry woodhouse
14 Jun A few records from the eastern end of Chalk Lane in the Kings Forest this morning ca TL8474   Meadow Brown – lots, Small Heath – several (and 2 in our garden today TL7970 and we have had the species regularly there for the last 2-3 weeks), Large Skipper – at least 3, Small Copper – 2, Orange Tip – 1, Large White – 1, Peacock – 1, Common Blue 1 Kings Forest TL8474 Peter Lack and Diane Ridgley
14 Jun Holly Blue Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
14 Jun Silver-washed Fritillary on the wing today in Suffolk- . Norton Wood    
14 Jun Walk from East Lane to Bawdsey today, 5 Red Admiral, 4 Meadow Brown, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and several Silver-Y. East Lane   t Gi Grieco
14 Jun Nice walk around The Barker Boys farm at Westhorpe this morning. Butterflies counted were - Meadow Brown 26, Small Tortoiseshell 10, Large Skipper 10, Red Admiral 5, Speckled Wood 3, Whites 2, Holly Blue 1, Ringlet 2, Small Heath 1 Westhorpe   t John Walshe
13 Jun 3 Small Heath . patrolling exactly the same  50x20m dry field edge of wild flowers and grass where just one has appeared day after day for the last 3-4 years.  That was at 12.00 later in the day there was only one about.  Other years I find one there day after day. I think the most I have seen before is 2. Do some stay and some go off immediately. This year the 13th was the first real butterfly day for a few weeks in that field. It has either been too cold or too windy across it.. What is remarkable is I cannot remember ever finding one anywhere else in the field.. Also round the garden and fields: Brimstone, Red Admiral, Peacock and 2-3 Meadow Browns and Ringlets, One skipper but did not see which. Theberton   Andrew Leng 
13 Jun Photographed this Dark Green Fritillary on Landseer Park Spring Meadow today 13th June - obviously I’m not sure if it’s a natural or part of a re-introduction programme - thought you would like a copy just in case somebody was plotting the distribution from your side so as to speak. (📷 photo click here Landseer Park   Bryan Wright
13 Jun This morning at Blaxhall common I found about 50 males and 3 females Silver-studded Blueson North side of road and 6 males on the South side. Not bad considering that the whole heath resembled a desert 10 days ago! Hopefully many more if we get a few sunny days. . Blaxhall Common   Bob Turner
13 Jun Black Hole - Butterflies Recorded:- 1 Red Admiral ,1 Meadow Brown Corton Cliff TM5498 t Robert Quadling
13 Jun A few butterflies around the car park area at this morning including Large Skipper, 3 Small Heath, 2 Red Admiral, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and 4 Meadow Brown SWT Hen Reedbeds   t David Borderick
13 Jun A new Butterfly for this year a Small Heath, the last time i see one of these was in 2014.  Meadow Brown 166, Small Tortoiseshell 55 ,Red Admiral 11, Large Skipper 5, Large White 3, Holly Blue 1, Small Skipper 1, Orange Tip (M) 1 SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
13 Jun College Fm, this morning.  Butterflies counted - Small Heath 24, Meadow Brown 22, Small Tortoiseshell 10, Brimstone male, Small White 2, Brown Argus Creeting St Mary,   t John Walshe
13 Jun Indication of butterfly movements in Suffolk this morning. Three Painted Lady and at least 20 Red Admirals through Levington area and inland along River Orwell. Levington   t Bill Stone
13 Jun At last, the first Painted Lady butterfly of the year in my garden this morning, on the White Valerian! (With Thick-legged Flower Beetles there also). The PL is a week later than last year, but then 2019 was a very big year for this species! Kelsale   t Charles Cuthbert
13 Jun More Peacock caterpillars seen, this time along Forest Road, Onehouse. Also nice to record at least two Small Whites on the track from Harleston to Northfield Wood Onehouse   t Mark Brewster
12 Jun In overcast but warm conditions found 45 Silver-studded Blues (40m and 5f). Three of the females were showing blue - the first time we have ever seen this. (📷 photos click here Westleton Common   David and Lilian Pitt
12 Jun 16 male and one Female Silver studded Blue Blaxhall Common today on Transect North side of B1069 none seen south of road yet. Blaxhall Common   Val Sherwen
12 Jun A much more productive walk around Gunton, Dip Farm and the warren today, a total of 6 Red Admirals, a speckled wood and 2 small whites Gunton   t James Wright
11 Jun  A newly emerged Purple Hairstreak (📷 photo click here Ipswich, Bridge Wood   Sam Chamberlin 
11 Jun  Small Tortoiseshell  Ipswich SW    Richard Perryman 
11 Jun  A quick and rather unmemorable walk around Gunton warren this morning only yielded a small tortoiseshell which looked very fresh. Rain has certainly stopped play for this afternoon Gunton warren   t James Wright
11 Jun  Small Tortoiseshells along the footpath in Harleston again today when I walked Harleston (nr Stowmarket)   t Mark Brewster
9 Jun  3 Small Blues at Landseer on two different meadows (Buglife Urban Buzz and IBC) and chalk bank.  Definitely going over now especially after the rain but the flowers are perking up!  2 Small Heaths on paths around the meadows (5 last week), 2 fresh Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Common Blue, 2 Cinnabars, 2 Purple Hairstreaks ( large Oak by Dereham Ave steps). 5 male Meadow Browns and 2 females. 1 Large Skipper, 1 Small Skipper.  Lots of  Chafers (possibly Welsh?) emerging on the short mown ‘highlands’ by the BMX track, many being snapped up by a party of about a dozen screaming Swifts.  

The meadows look lovely now and with lots of colour, so do go and have a look.  Sadly lots of flowers have been trampled in the meadows and on the chalk bank.  Also,16 info signs have been vandalised or disappeared completely.  These areas are due to be hand scythed in Aug but it will be difficult/impossible to get a scythe blade under flattened and trampled stems, so please keep to the main paths and don’t step into the meadows or onto any of the flowers.  Lack of scything and raking will lead to an increase in nutrient levels and  loss of biodiversity from the grass roots up, year on year.  Not only that, but newly emerging invertebrates are using the plant stems and will get squashed!  
Landseer Park    Julian Dowding 
9 Jun  Brimstone 1, Small Heath 10, Meadow Brown 1  Alton Water    Richard Perryman 
9 Jun  Plenty of Small Tortoiseshells on and beside the footpath in Harleston, Stowmarket again today, occasionally enjoying the bramble bloom and flying in threes and fours at times   Harleston   t Mark Brewster
9 Jun Only 10 Silver studded Blue westleton heath. Less than last year   Westleton heath   t Matt
9 Jun 2 m Silver studded Blue seen Purdis Heath today (09.06.2020) at app 14.00.   Purdis Heath SSSI   Antony Tuckey 
9 Jun Meadow Brown seen at Ship Walk House (📷 photo click here Blaxhall TM368569 Mike Cowling
8 Jun Silver studded Blue seen on Blaxhall Common (📷 photo click here Blaxhall Common   Mike Cowling
8 Jun My first Meadow Brown of the season and the only butterfly in the garden under much cooler conditions. Shotley Gate  TM241341 Ian Peters
8 Jun Recorded at least a dozen Small Tortoiseshells whilst walking in Harleston this afternoon, all along a short stretch of footpath and some flying in twos and threes. A number were on the bramble bloom  Before the Small Tortoiseshells today, I came across Peacock caterpillars, including I believe, a 5th instar. Several clusters/nests seen along a ditch beside a wheat field, some just feet from the Small Tortoiseshells... fascinating!  (📷 photo click here)  Harleston   t Mark Brewster
8 Jun Overcast so no butterflies but found a Cream-spot Tiger Moth (📷 photo click here) on the edge of the reedbed. Walberswick Marshes     David and Lilian Pitt  
5 Jun First Small Heath butterfly I have spotted this year (📷 photo click here) Ipswich, Pipers Vale   Daniel Cable Davey
4 Jun a large skipper seen near Butley Ferry  (📷 photo click here Butley Ferry TM 38891 48240 Mike Cowling
4 Jun The Hummingbird Hawkmoth returned to Heritage Green, between showers this afternoon  (📷 photo click here) Kessingland   t David Borderick
4 Jun First Meadow Brown of the year for me in Lowestoft, just behind the cemetery. Two Small Whites, a Large White and a Holly Blue were nearby on this cooler and overcast day Lowestoft   James Corton
4 Jun Five Small Tortoiseshells recorded between Onehouse & Harleston including three in one location  (📷 photo click here)  Onehouse   t Mark Brewster
3 Jun 9 male Silver studded Blue and one small heath Blaxhall common   Val Sherwen
3 Jun Several Large Skipper butterflies nectaring and basking in the sun and the first sightings of the year. (📷 photo click here Ipswich Ravenswood   Daniel Cable Davey
2 Jun Green Veined White 1, Red Admiral 2, Meadow Brown 1 (FIRST of season), Small White 1, Orange Tip 3 - 2 male 1 female, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Speckled Wood 1, Honorary Mention - Hummingbird Hawkmoth 1 Somerleyton   Sue Cox
2 Jun First Painted Lady butterfly spotted this year basking upon the ground. (📷 photo click here Ipswich Braziers meadow   Daniel Cable Davey
2 Jun Annual sighting of Hummingbird Hawkmoth in the garden today.     Jenny Plank
2 Jun Last visited Blaxhall Common with Father-in-law (he turned 89 in March). He got me into this butterflying lark a few years ago and today I took his middle daughter there to see the Silver-studded Blues  (📷 photo click here Blaxhall Common   t Mark Brewster
2 Jun 20 silver studded blues purdis heath   t Matt
2 Jun This Small tortoiseshell was doing a good job pollinating my Red valerian (📷 photo click here)  .  2 of them and a brief visit from a Red admiral.      t Joe Myers
1 Jun Half a dozen Silver Studded Blues out a week or so earlier than last year. Also early Meadow Brown. Lower Hollesley Common TM343466 Jon Levine
1 Jun Seven Speckled Wood in Golden Wood,   Shotley TM235355 Ian Peters
1 Jun A fleeting view of a male Brimstone going through the garden Shotley Gate TM241341 Ian Peters
1 Jun 2 speckled woods Gunton woods   t James Wright
1 Jun Three Small Tortoiseshells today, including one in the garden.  Found the Small Heaths in Harleston on lunchtime walk, and minimum of three Large Skippers recorded on bramble patch just outside Northfield Wood  (📷 photo click here) Onehouse, Harleston, Northfield Wood   t Mark Brewster
1 Jun 1 x painted lady fly-past, 3 x meadow brown, 1 large skipper, 1 x small tortoiseshell, 1 x Orange tip laying eggs on sweet rocket and 1 x green veined white. Otherwise very quiet. Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
1 Jun Walk around Gunton Warren this morning yielded highlights of one broad-bordered bee hawkmoth, 2 green hairstreak. Gunton Warren   t James Wright
1 Jun Found 11 male Silver-studded Blues (📷 photo click here), 1 Small Heath, 2 Small Coppers, 1 Common Blue, 1 Brown Argus and 1 Meadow Brown. Westleton Common   David and Lilian Pitt
1 Jun First sighting this year -  Small Heath 1.  Have not seen one in many years.  They used to appear in our nearby garden quite regularly. Somerleyton TM4896 Sue Cox
1 Jun Small Tortoiseshell 3, Orange Tips Somerleyton TM4996 Sue Cox
1 Jun Small Tortoiseshell 2, Orange Tips 2 Somerleyton TM4796 Sue Cox
31 May Two Red Admirals in the garden   Shotley Gate TM241341 Ian Peters
31 May I often recommend buddleia alternifolia for the garden but this year it has been bare of butterflies since it came out over a week ago.  On 31 May it was discovered!  A bright male brimstone caught my eye and looking closer there were two faded Peacocks and a faded Small Tortoiseshell with a Holly blue fluttering around.  Later there was a faded Tortoiseshell and a smart new pair of Tortoiseshells flashing their wings at each other and a broad bordered bee hawk. Theberton   Andrew Leng
31 May First Small Skipper butterfly of the year basking upon the ground.  (📷 photo click here)  Braziers meadow Ipswich   Daniel Cable Davey
31 May Silver-studded Blue male x 2 on Westleton Common. The earliest I’ve ever seen them there. Westleton Common   Patrick Frew
31 May Wall Browns seem to spend most of their time flying very fast so I was pleased to spot this one nectaring on the Bowles Mauve Wallflowers in my garden (📷 photo click here). It paused only to see off a Large Skipper and then went back to feeding. Wall Brown 1; Large Skipper 1; Holly Blue 1; Orange Tips  2.   Somerleyton   Sue Cox
31 May 10+ Small Tortoiseshells, a Red Admiral and a worn looking male Wall Brown at Carlton Marshes along the river bank.  At home, a couple of Holly Blues are almost resident in the garden, Lowestoft  (📷 photos click here)  SWT Carlton Marshes   James Corton
31 May Three very active male Silver Studded Blue butterflies and the first sightings this year.  (📷 photos click here)  Pipers Vale Ipswich   Daniel Cable Davey
31 May 10+ male Silver-Studded Blue, westleton sand pit/quarry Westleton   Mark Ferris
31 May First brood Small Tortoiseshells seem to be emerging early. Saw six very fresh individuals basking in the late  afternoon sunshine around Buckles Wood area of Elmsett today. Also Small Heath, Common Blue and Red Admiral present.  Elmsett TMO55469 Jon King
31 May
This morning on our walk in Wickham Market we had a Green Hairstreak on bramble but, otherwise it was very quiet for butterflies. 
Wickham Market TM308 569 Rob and Kerry Reeve 
31 May One Small Blue butterfly, one female Common Blue and the first Meadow Brown butterfly I have spotted this year plus a first time spotting of a female Dingy skipper  (📷 photo click here)     Braziers meadow and another meadow in Ravenswood Ipswich Braziers Meadow   Daniel Cable Davey
31 May Painted Lady Sutton Heath   t Eddie Bathgate
31 May 23 butterflies in 5 species in walk round College Farm, Creeting St Mary this morning - Small Heath 14, Small Tortoiseshell 3, Speckled Wood 3, Meadow Brown 2 (my 1st of year), Large White 1 Creeting St Mary   t John Walshe
31 May Alton water near a137 path - 10 meadow brown, 1 Clouded Yellow, 8 common blues Alton water   t Matt
31 May Butterflies Recorded, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Common Blue, 1 Small White. Corton Cliff (Black Hole) TM 5498 t Robert Quadling
31 May 6+ Small Heath 4 speckled wood and Red Admiral at Bonny wood this afternoon Bonny wood   t Nathaniel Cant
31 May 3 small heath  marham park Bury St Edmunds IP32 t barry woodhouse
30 May Small Tortoiseshell - Church Walk,  Shotley TM2336 Ian Peters
30 May Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral and a very shy Painted Lady together with several Holly Blue in the garden Shotley Gate TM241341 Ian Peters
30 May 4 Meadow Brown Denston, Suffolk. And 1 Denston   Mark Ferris
30 May 7 Silver-studded Blue (male), also Green Hairstreak, Small Copper, Speckled Wood, Holly Blue Purdis Heath SSSI   Helen Saunders
30 May Multiple sightings of solo Wall Browns throughout the day. 3 sightings in different areas of my large garden, and 7 sightings out on the adjacent very long station platform. So for the record, 1 Wall Brown, but circumstances suggest possibly 2 or more individuals. Plenty of Holly Blue and Orange Tip sightings, all solos, so 1 Holly Blue, 1 Orange Tip, and also 3 ancient Peacocks again. Somerleyton   Sue Cox
30 May At home I was thinking ‘there are no butterflies about’ then I saw the first large skipper. A possible sighting of hornet moth and old pupa found. Yesterday and today several meadow browns emerged and one small tortoiseshell and a couple of Cinnabar moths And that’s it!  (📷 photo click here Theberton   Trevor Goddard
30 May Our first Meadow Brown of the year Chalk Lane , Kings Forest   t David Carter
30 May A fresh-looking Small Tortoiseshell recorded before breakfast, on the track to the north of Northfield Wood Northfield Wood   t Mark Brewster
30 May Pleased to find two Wall Browns on Sudbourne Marsh plus first Painted Lady of the year  (📷 photo click here Sudbourne Marsh   t Gi Grieco
30 May Frustrating glimpse of possible Wall east of Holbrook Creek earlier at TM176345 on path along edge of wheat crop just beyond the Blackthorn scrub strip. Holbrook Creek TM176345 t Mark Nowers
30 May A Green Hairstreak was seen in my garden in Aldeburgh on 30 May 2020 - my first sighting. It was favouring scabious and common thrift and stayed long enough for me to take photographs Aldeburgh   Roy Simpson
30 May utterflies recorded, 6 Peacock, 5 Small Tortoiseshell, 5 Small White, 3 Red Admiral,3  Common Blue, 2 Green-veined White, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Wall Brown (M), 1 Meadow Brown, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Large White, 1 Large Skipper. SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
30 May Large Skippers North Cove   t Antony Wren
29 May Very pleased to see my first Large Skipper of the year, frantically nectaring on Red Campion in my garden. Also 3 veteran Peacocks, 4 Orange tips (2 courting pairs) and at least 3 Holly Blues. Somerleyton   Sue Cox
29 May A circular stroll around woods near Bentley this morning.  Large Skipper (📷 photo click here), Meadow Brown Bentley   t David Walsh
29 May Wildflower field at East End (East Bergholt) today: 26 Small Heath, 5 Green Hairstreak, 4 Common Blue, 2 Small White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 2 Cinnabar. East Bergholt   Liz Cutting
29 May A pleasant stroll in the sunshine around Wolves Wood this morning produced the grand total of one fleeting White and 7 Speckled Woods. Very disappointing and no obvious explanation for the dearth of butterflies in this usually teeming wood. Wolves Wood   Jenny & Gary Plank
29 May Small copper, Speckled wood & Common blue. North Cove   t chris mutimer
28 May Pristine Meadow Brown hunkered down out of the wind. 1 of 3 seen this afternoon on a local walk around the Trimleys Trimleys   t Bill Stone
27 May A lovely walk on Landseer Park resulted in seeing 5 of these beautiful Small Blues. Such delicate little butterflies  (📷 photo click here Landseer Park   t Sarah
26 May 2 male Wall Browns, showing well in the usual place at SWT Carlton Marshes this pm, we are greatly indebted to Matt, Gavin, Robert, Andrew et al who look after them so well, thank you  (📷 photo click here     t Peter Ransome
26 May I hour walk through A14 underpass and in meadows either side.   Speckled wood 1, Orange tip 1, Small white 1, Red admiral 1, Holly blue 5, Common blue 2, Large Skipper 1, + Cinnebar moth 2, and Mother Shipton 1   Painted lady midday in our Bentley garden Bentley Belstead Meadows   Michael Bamford
26 May As we wanted to encourage brimstones in our garden in Thurston, our daughter gave us five buckthorn whips last Christmas. We are surprised to see they have been found already!  My husband counted eleven caterpillars today.  (📷 photo click here Thurston   Penny and Laurence Child 
26 May There were also a couple of Brown Argus around the car park area (📷 photo click here)  SWT Carlton Marshes   t Andrew Easton
26 May Made trip to Landseer Park in Ipswich to look for the Small Blue's there at least 10 were seen including egg laying females, 8 Brimstones, 5 Common Blue, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Speckled Wood Landseer Park   t Will Brame
26 May Holly Blue and my first Brown Argus of the year   TM511961 t Richard Martin
25 May Common Blue (📷 photo click here Bawdsey, East Lane car park   Jim Farrow
25 May On a walk on the 25th May between Iken and Snape Marshes, I recorded Green-Veined White (4), Large White (3), Small White (6), Small Heath (5), Peacock (2), Small Copper (2), Orange-Tip (3), Red Admiral (1) and Large Skipper (1, First of the year   (📷 photo click here)). Also saw 3 Mother Shipton moths. Iken and Snape Marshes   Daniel Cooper
25 May At least six Wall Browns. plus a few Small Heaths, common blue and a male brimstone, Sudbourne / Orford TM432515 Rob Johnson and Laurence Potter
25 May A visit to Landseer Park this morning. 6 Small Blue (inc one female) (📷 photo click here). Also 10 Common Blue (inc one female), 2 Brown Argus, 2 Brimstone (1f,1m), 1 Small Copper, 1 Red Admiral. Landseer Park   t Kevin Ling
25 May It's amazing what you can see in Ipswich parks these days: Small Blue, Landseer Park, Ipswich today. The only definite one I saw (📷 photo click here Landseer Park,   t Steve Babbs
25 May Thanks to Alan Walker.  Green Hairstreak Butterfly was seen today on the reserve, last year 2019 one was seen on 29th June SWT Carlton Marshes,   t Robert Quadling
25 May butterfly update thanks to Andrew Easton we have the first Common Blue Butterfly sighting, first sighting in 2019 was on the 18th  (📷 photo click here SWT Carlton Marshes,   t Robert Quadling
25 May Checking up on our Wall Brown Butterflies at the sluice this morning 3 Wall Browns where showing all Males   (📷 photo click here)  SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
25 May Red Admiral; creed walk Bury St Edmunds IP32 t barry woodhouse
25 May Thanks to Andrew Easton  I have our first reported Meadow Brown Butterfly , in 2019 our first reported was on 14th June. SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
24 May Don’t know if Andrews female was near the sluice but there were 2 males and 1 female Wall Browns there this evening SWT Carlton Marshes   t Gavin Durrant
24 May Blustery and overcast at Carlton Marshes this morning but still six Wall Browns butterflies seen (We have our first reported Female  Wall Brown butterfly sighting, that's hope for some more to show this week - Robert Quadling) (📷 photo click here)  SWT Carlton Marshes   t Andrew Easton
24 May 2 Male Wall Browns fighting TM507955.  3 Wall Browns (1 pictured) and 1 Green Veined White (Pictured) in the area of TM505956 (📷 photo click here)  SWT Carlton Marshes TM5095 t Richard Martin
24 May My first Painted Lady of the year at Landguard Obs this morning also 3 Common Blue, 14+ Small White, 1 Green Hairstreak, 6 Holly Blue, 1 Small Copper and a single Cinnabar moth. Landguard Obs   t Will Brame
24 May Corton Cliff ( Black Hole ) Butterfly survey, only recorded 1 Small White  Corton Cliff   t Robert Quadling
23 May Three Painted Lady, two tatty and one pristine, also green hairstreak and a couple of small tortoiseshell on the beach between Sizewell and Thorpness Sizewell to Thorpness   Rob and Libby Johnson
23 May Butterflies recorded today 4 Wall Brown (Males), 1 Small White, 1 Large White,1 Green-veined White, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Red Admiral.  My best number of Wall Brown seen at any one time stands at 4 and these are all Males, I still have not seen any Females yet on the reserve ? SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
23 May I saw 3 Wall Browns this morning. I walked from the carpark all the way to the riverbank and turned left, walked about 30yds and they were there on the path; sorry can't be more precise (📷 photo click here)  SWT Carlton Marshes   t Paul Jespersen
23 May 2 Small Heath found on field margins at Great Finbourgh this week, (📷 photo click here)  Great Finbourgh   Margie & David Carter
22 May Two Wall Browns on bridleway flying low to keep out of breeze, Sudbourne/Orford TM432515 Rob and Libby Johnson
22 May The butterfly was at 622093E 255178N, Lat 52.157, Long 0.965. There are at least three small heaths, I saw two males and one female today at the same location.  (📷 photo click here)  Combs   Kenneth Mudd
21 May A mating pair of Brown Argus butterflies    (📷 photo click here Ravenswood   Ipswich   Daniel Cable-Davey
21 May My walk this afternoon over Landseer Park was rewarding, I saw at least 6 Small Blues, which are so inconspicuous, a Green Hairstreak, Brown Argus and several Common Blues. (📷 photo click here)  Landseer Park   t Mick Wright
21 May Pleased to find Brown Argus with Small Heaths in the meadow by Harleston Church (IP14) yesterday; large areas are uncut, so possibly good numbers present Harleston IP14 t Mark Brewster
21 May Wall Brown at North edge of Sudbourne Marshes Sudbourne Marshes TM450547 Jon Levine
21 May A small heath was seen in Combs, near Stowmarket. It was on the permissive footpath near agricultural land. I have not seen one here for many years Combs   Kenneth Mudd
20 May Numerous Holly Blue (at least 15) and Small Whites along Lowestoft old railway walk today, joined by 3 Large White, two male Orange-tip, two Red Admiral, three Speckled Wood and two Green-veined White. Too warm and sunny for many photo opportunities.  (📷 photos click here) Lowestoft   James Corton
20 May Green Alkanet (Pentaglottis sempervirens) is a much loved nectar source for insects, here Small Copper and Brown Argus butterflies joining huge numbers of busy bees at the oasis of Newbourne Springs NR today  (📷 photo click here) Newbourne Springs   t Charles Cuthbert
20 May Late trickle of 5 Red Admirals through my SE Suffolk garden this afternoon.  (📷 photo click here Trimley   t Bill Stone
20 May A long walk around Shingle Street this morning produced just one Small Copper, 2 Peacocks, 4 male Orange Tips, 4 Small Heaths and several whites.  Shingle Street   Jenny & Gary Plank
19 May An emergence of Small Heaths made for an enjoyable afternoon walk. Have recorded only individuals of this butterfly species locally before now, but watched them in numbers in two locations today  (📷 photo click here Harleston   t Mark Brewster
19 May 16.00hrs:Just beyond the archery huts , 4/5 Dingy Skipper, 4/5 Common Blue, numerous Brimstones and Orange Tips, three small Coppers, one Speckled Wood. Down track heading south one green hairstreak. King's Forest   Nigel Hannay
19 May 2 Wall Brown on the station, flying low over the track and the platform and then the station flowerbeds. Four sightings altogether in a period of approximately one hour; two of one insect alone, and two of two individuals spiralling and chasing.   Somerleyton   Sue Cox
19 May One Wall Brown in Somerleyton Churchyard. (Spoke to man strimming and he said more of the graveyard would be left uncut this year.) Somerleyton Churchyard   David and Lilian Pitt
18 May Dingy Skipper and Green Hairstreak on Chalk Lane , Ride 202, Kings Forest  (📷 photo click here)  Kings Forest   Margie & David Carter
18 May Brown Angus in the garden today! One with telephoto and by time I changed to macro - it was one shot and he was off! Not seen them here before.  This bit around the pond has gone rather wild  (📷 photo click here) St James South Elmham   t Caroline
18 May A very obliging Green Hairstreak  (📷 photo click here) visiting Cotoneaster Horizontalis along with several Holly Blues in our garden Shotley Gate TM241341 Ian Peters
18 May Spring Wood - Belstead. On my run tonight, I paused briefly to observe my first Common Blue of the year Spring Wood   t Kevin Ling
18 May This afternoon at Sudbourne church we had one Wall Brown and several Small Copper. (Extensive strimming taking place!)   Sudbourne church   Rob and Kerry Reeve
18 May Walk around Gunton Meadow early afternoon yielded 3 Holly Blues, 1 common Blue and a Comma. Would have hoped for more if the sun kept out... Female Orange Tip in Gunton Wood and at long last, my first 2 green hairstreak Gunton Warren clifftops and male Orange Tip. Gunton   t James Wright
18 May We had a walk in the Kings Forest this morning looking for butterflies. Dingy Skipper, Green Hairstreak, Common Blue and Brown Argus all nfy , thanks to David Walsh for his help Kings Forest   t David Carter
18 May 3 Green Hairstreak, 4 Common Blue, 1 Small Heath, 2 Brown Argus, 12+ Small White, 1 Orange Tip, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Cinnabar moth Landguard   t Will Brame
18 May 3 Green Hairstreak, 3 Common Blue, 5 Holly Blue, 2 Orange Tip, 4 Small White Customs House   t Will Brame
18 May Small Copper Somerleyton   Sue Cox
17 May 1 Wall Brown in my garden,  flying low at speed and coming to rest on vegetation   Somerleyton   Sue Cox
17 May This afternoon I walked round the wildflower field in East End (East Bergholt) and saw 19 Small Heaths. Other butterflies were few and far between with 1 Peacock, 1 Small White and 1 Green Hairstreak East Bergholt   Liz Cutting
17 May Orange-tip (m) 1, Green-veined White 1, Brimstone 1, Red Admiral 1 Kiln Meadows   Richard Perryman
17 May A walk along Chalk Lane from the B1106 as far as the east side of the forest and then back on a parallel track produced 13 species of butterfly: 6 Dingy Skipper (📷 photo click here) , 26 Orange Tip, 1 Large White, 5 Small White, 1 Green-veined White, 2 Brimstone, 2 Speckled Wood, 19 Small Heath, 1 Peacock, 21 Small Copper, 3 Green Hairstreak, 1 Brown Argus and 7 Common Blue.  Also 10 Cinnabar, 2 Burnet Companion and 1 Mother Shipton.  Best birds were 2 Tree Pipits, 5 Woodlarks, 2 Cuckoos, 3 Stonechats and 12 Willow Warblers. King’s Forest   David Walsh
17 May South-west sections of Kings Forest, Suffolk visited today and good numbers of Dingy Skippers found including one pairing  (📷 photo click here Kings Forest   t Bill Stone
17 May Twelve species on our butterfly walk at Black Bourn Valley today, but very few of most.  Highlights were Green Hairstreak, Holly Blue that I’m sure was egg laying (checked Peter Eeles’ book on returning home) and Brown Argus Black Bourn Valley   t Mark Brewster
17 May Small heath again and red admiral marham park Bury St Edmunds IP32 t barry woodhouse
17 May Speckled wood small copper kings forest   barry woodhouse
17 May First Butterfly survey of Corton Cliff (Black Hole) Butterflies Recorded, 3 Small White, 2 Large White, 1 Holly Blue Corton Cliff   t Robert Quadling
17 May Well that's a first just had a Green Hairstreak Butterfly in the garden at 10.47am Lowestoft South TM 534 922 t Robert Quadling
17 May Green Hairstreak on dunes at Minsmere  (📷 photo click here) plus several Small Copper Minsmere   t Alex Rafinski
16 May Green Hairstreak landed briefly on low herbage at our feet. A welcome surprise.   Erwarton TM225348 Ian and Mandy Peters
16 May Mid morning walk round the wildflower field in East End (East Bergholt): 1 Small Copper, 1 Peacock, 9 Small Heath. Maybe with a bit of sun I’d have made double figures on the Small Heaths East Bergholt   Liz Cutting
16 May That cooler weather this week has had a impact on Butterflies, recorded today ,5 Orange Tip (M), 3 Peacock, 3 Green-veined white, 3 Wall Brown (M), 1 Red Admiral SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
15 May Common Blue  (This was the only individual I've seen.  It appeared in my garden , where I never usually see them until mid summer.  Our local colony on the Brickfields seems to have been lost, due either to last year's dry weather or to over-enthusiastic cutting.) Somerleyton   Sue Cox
15 May Large white 2, Small white  4, Green-veined white 6, Brimstone 1, Orange tip 2, Peacock 2, Red admiral 1, Comma 1, Holly blue 4, Brown argus 3, Small copper 1 at 11.15 -12.15 Piper's Vale   Michael Bamford
15 May This afternoon Diane and I had a walk close to but not into as there were people there, the Archery area of the Kings Forest.  No sign of Dingy Skipper but partly as there was little or sun.  Also there appeared to be almost no Birds Foot Trefoil out yet.   Did see Common Blue and Red Admiral for the first time this year as well as several Orange Tips, 2 Brimstone, Large White, Small White and Peacock   Also around the field behind our house (Sayers Breck on Lackford Lakes SWT reserve TL77V) Small Heath has been out for about 10 days in small numbers.  Specifically I saw 3 on Wednesday (13th) and we both (separately) had at least 1 about a week earlier.    Kings Forest   Peter Lack
15 May Red admiral fresh in to our coastal garden in Lowestoft.   (📷 photo click here Lowestoft   James Corton
15 May Lunchtime walk today, four Green Hairstreak seen Martlesham Common Nature reserve   t Kevin Ling
15 May At least four Red Admirals in Northfield Wood this afternoon as I walked through, and Green-veined whites were muscling in on the garlic mustard Northfield Wood   t Mark Brewster
15 May We saw many Small Heath and Small Copper butterflies on our walk  this morning on Cavenham Heath NNR Cavenham Heath NNR   t David Carter
15 May Small Heath and Small Copper out at Upper Hollesley Common this morning, Cinnabar moth too Upper Hollesley Common   t Eddie Bathgate
15 May Small heath still present same spot same place, 2 green veined whites marham park Bury St Edmunds IP32 t barry woodhouse
14 May Small heath again this afternoon marham park Bury St Edmunds IP32 t barry woodhouse
14 May Small Coppers out today at Upper Hollesley Common Upper Hollesley Common   t Eddie Bathgate
13 May Surprised to see a few Butterflies here, during a brief lull in the cold North Easterlies on Tuesday. Single Brimstone, Common Blue and Comma. Felixstowe TM292330 John Hanley
13 May Living up to it’s name. My first Wall Brown of the year!  (📷 photo click here   TM511961 t Richard Martin
13 May My first small copper of the year this afternoon cavenham heath   t barry woodhouse
12 May One male Common Blue butterfly flying around and nectaring and a Green veined white and Green hairstreak both at rest upon brambles.   (📷 photos click here Ravenswood Ipswich   Daniel Cable-Davey
12 May at 06.58 this morning a Red Admiral sunning itself beside the Fonnereau Way footpath (📷 photo click here) Ipswich TM167470 Paul Gilson
12 May A few butterflies from my walk near Leiston, Suffolk this morning: Small Copper, Small Heath and Holly Blue (female egg-laying on Holly) (📷 photos click here)   - also noted at least three Red Admirals on the move in a general northerly direction Leiston   t Charles Cuthbert
12 May Small heath; marham park Bury St Edmunds IP32 t barry woodhouse
11 May First Red Admiral of the year today at Heritage Green, Kessingland  (📷 photo click here). Also two Male Orange Tip, Small and Large White and Holly Blue Kessingland   t David Borderick
10 May This morning we saw 3 Green Hairstreaks, 4 male Orange Tips, 2 Green-veined Whites, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Speckled Wood and the usual unidentified Whites. Chillesford Forest  TM3952 Gary Plank
9 May Brimstone butterfly in my garden at Rookery Close Oulton Broad   Jane Ferguson
9 May Brimstone Carlton Marshes   Jane Ferguson
9 May 2 Wall Brown at Carlton Marshes during our walk today  (📷 photos click here)  SWT Carlton Marshes    
9 May Butterflies recorded,65 Green-veined White, 32 Peacock, 23 Orange Tip (18 M +5 F), 6 Holly Blue, 4 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Brown Argus, 2 Red Admiral, 2 Wall Brown (M), 2 Brimstone (M), 1 Small Copper SWT Carlton Marshes   t Robert Quadling
9 May 3 green veined white, 1 large white, 2 holly blue, marham park. 1 holly blue hunter road  Bury St Edmunds IP32 t barry woodhouse
9 May Green Hairstreak at Great Cornard Country Park, 1 of at least 3 seen - the highlight of todays walk  (📷 photo click here Great Cornard   t Stuart Read
9 May Walk from home this morning was to Holy Trinity Church,Gisleham. Churchyard sightings : Small Copper, Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Comma, Red Admiral, Orange Tip Gisleham   t Jane Ferguson
9 May Wall Brown butterfly at Carlton Marshes this morning on my walk from home  (📷 photo click here) Carlton Marshes   t Jane Ferguson
9 May Green Hairstreak again this morning  in our North Lowestoft garden also North Lowestoft   t Peter Ransome
9 May Sightings from East end to Dodnash woods walk today.. Holly blue , Speckled wood, Orange tip, Peacock, Small tortoiseshell, Small heath, Small white, Comma and Large white. East Bergholt TM103357 Gary Coppard
9 May Two Brown Argus butterflies basking and nectaring   Braziers meadow  Ipswich   Daniel Cable-Davey   
9 May Ten species in and around Old Hall Wood on my dog walk this morning.  New Brown Argus location for me with 6 seen. Also 5 Peacock, 3 Orange Tip (2m,1f), 4 Speckled Wood, 1 Male brimstone, 1Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Red Admiral, 3 Green-veined White, 1 Large White 1 Holly Blue Bentley, Old Hall Wood   t Kevin Ling
9 May Wildflower Field at East End, East Bergholt: 8 Small Heaths and 1 Green Hairstreak High Hillies, East Bergholt: 5 Small Heaths and 1 Small Copper On the rest of my walk, a smattering of Large & G-V Whites and Orange Tips and 1 Peacock. East Bergholt   Liz Cutting
9 May Two separate female Holly Blues and one male have been in the garden in the past three days.  Both females seen ovipositing on alder buckthorn (about 7 feet tall now).  8th May.  Female holly blue ovipositing on alder buckthorn in our garden in north Lowestoft (📷 photo click here)   Lowestoft   James and Lucie Corton
8 May Sadly did not have my camera with me but reasonably certain that this was a Large Tortoiseshell. Basking in warm sunshine at field edge this evening at 18.20 hours. Watched down to 2.5 metres.  Blue spots on hind wing but none on forewing. Is it possible after a constant easterly over the last 3 days ??  Have never seen one before ; could an aberrant Small Tortoiseshell have blue spots only on hind wing ??   Perhaps someone else will see it around    Sapiston   Brian Taylor
8 May I can confirm that we have recorded our first 2 Wall Brown Butterflies at SWT Carlton Marshes today. Lets hope for a lot more this year if you see any on this reserve could you please let me know giving a Ref Point or a TM Number as this Butterfly is closely monitored every year     t Robert Quadling
8 May First Wall Brown butterfly seen (📷 photo click here SWT Carlton Marshes   SWT Broads Warden
8 May A 'permitted' round walk from Playford in the Fynn Valley gave us one Peacock, one Holly Blue, one Speckled Wood, 20-30 male Orange Tips, one Green-veined White and numerous other whites. Playford   Jenny & Gary Plank
8 May Orange-tip (m) 2 (f) 2, Green-veined White 2, Speckled Wood 1, Red Admiral 2, Peacock 2, Ashground Plantation   Richard Perryman
8 May Green Hairstreak in our North Lowestoft garden, the first for 3 years!  (📷 photo click here North Lowestoft   t Peter Ransome
8 May Males of orange tip Gunton Church and Brimstone, Dip Farm car park by Corton woods. Gunton, Corton   t James Wright
8 May Red Admiral IP32 marham park BSE 07.40 several green veined whites Bury St Edmunds IP32 t Barry Woodhouse
7 May Saw up to 6 Green Hairstreak on gorse on Wortham Ling.  Don't think many have been seen there before. (📷 photo click here)  Wortham Ling   Cara Phillips
7 May Dingy Skippers seen flying in the King's Forest on 7th May (by David Tomlinson) King's Forest   Rob Parker
7 May Our first ever garden record of a Green Hairstreak. Also one Speckled Wood, two Holy Blues and several passing Whites Kesgrave  TM230452 Gary & Jenn Plank
7 May Brimstone Butterfly at Arbor Lane Pakefield   Jane Ferguson
7 May Female Brimstone was seen egg-laying on Alder buckthorn bushes specially planted for them on the course Ipswich Golf Club   t Ipswich golf club ecology
7 May 1 Red Admiral, 2 Small Copper,  1 Large White, 7 Small White Landguard   t Will Brame
7 May 2 Green Hairstreaks (📷 photo click here), 7 Speckled Wood, 1 Large White, 2 Small White, 5 Holly Blue Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
7 May First Small Heath butterflies of the year, 6 seen and recorded by river Stour  (📷 photo click here     t Tony and Sandy
6 May Male and female brimstone observed in a tangled dance, it seemed the female had already mated and presented a rejection posture. 6 Green Hairstreaks noted. (📷 photos click here Pipers Vale, Ipswich   Sam Chamberlin Ipswich Borough Council Ranger
6 May Five Brown Argus butterflies first specimens encountered this year including a mating pair (📷 photos click here Ipswich, Ravenswood   Daniel Cable-Davey   
6 May 2 Small Coppers, 3 Small Heaths, 1 Peacock, 1 Orange-tip, 1 Green-veined White Dodnash Fruit Farm   Liz Cutting
6 May First Wall Brown of the year, in my garden.  Somerleyton TM4797 Sue Cox
6 May Green Hairstreak 5+ Plentiful, mainly on oak leaves Wortham Ling TM 09600 79364 Dave Griffiths
6 May Orange-tip (m) 2 (f) 2, Small White 1, Green-veined White 2, Brimstone (m) 2 (f) 1, Peacock 5, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Holly Blue 1 Belstead Meadows   Richard Perryman
6 May Orange-tip (m) 1, Peacock 1, Holly Blue 1 Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
6 May The first Common Blue for me opposite the Customs House today, 2 Orange tip males, 3 Small White Landguard   t Will Brame
6 May My exercise walk was to Landseer Park. Highlights included an emperor moth in flight (no lure used), 4 green hairstreaks Landseer Park   t Steve Babbs
6 May Just had a Male Brimstone Butterfly pass thro my garden at 13.20pm South Lowestoft TM 5392 t Robert Quadling
5 May Our first Red Admiral of the year, warming up on the garden fence this evening  (📷 photo click here Stowmarket   t David Carter
4 May A few more butterflies from my local patch today: Small Copper, Orange-tip (female on Common Daisy flower), and Green-veined White (female egg-laying).  (📷 photos click here Kelsale   t Charles Cuthbert
4 May Pleased and surprised to see this very fresh Red Admiral on the bare margin of an arable field near my home this morning, presumably a newly-arrived migrant from somewhere in Europe?  (📷 photo click here) Kelsale   t Charles Cuthbert
4 May Green veined White parkington walk IP32,  4 male orange tip oaks road playing field woods IP32  14.15 Bury St Edmunds IP32 t Barry Woodhouse
4 May Holly Blue Ipswich NE   Richard Perryman
4 May Lunchtime walk over landseer park. Good number of butterflies over 20+ green veined whites, 10+ small white, x5 large white, x4 speckled wood, x2 orange tips, x4 holly blue and what seemed a larger blue butterfly but wasn’t able to ID Landseer Park   t Chris
3 May I had my first Red Admiral of the year in the garden yesterday Gunton   t James Wright
2 May Speckled Wood in the cemetery and both Orange-tips & Holly Blues in the garden.  Martlesham Church had Peacocks and a Red Admiral as well. Woodbridge   t Eddie Bathgate
2 May First two male Common Blue butterflies of the year basking and nectaring   Ravenswood  Ipswich   Daniel Cable-Davey  
2 May Usual Orange Tips, Peacocks and Green-veined Whites plus my first Small Heath and first Small Copper of the year Bentley   Liz Cutting
2 May Nice to get my first Suffolk report of Small Heath today via @iRecordWildlife a sighting from Hinderclay Hinderclay   t Bill Stone
2 May Small White Burnett Meadow   Richard Perryman
2 May First Red Admiral of year in garden this morning.    NR33 t Mark Ellis
2 May Green veined White IP32 Klondyke  12.44 Bury St Edmunds   t Barry Woodhouse
2 May Pipers Vale this afternoon, threatening thunders storms and rain with a few brief sunny periods.  During the sunny spells I had two Green Hairstreak and three Brimstone Pipers Vale   t Mick Wright
1 May Brown Argus 1  (📷 photos click here), Small Copper 1   Sandpit Covert, Wherstead TM15054095 Wherstead TM1540 David Walsh
30 Apr 2 Small Whites and orange tip opposite customs House Felixstowe   t Will Brame
30 Apr Pleased to see a butterfly again today, a Small White through the garden. First for several days and just before the wind and the rain arrived Trimley St Mary   t Bill Stone
29 Apr Nick Blacker had a Wall Brown butterfly in his garden  Not seen it since   TM541955 t James Wright
26 Apr My first Holly Blue in the garden today  (📷 photo click here)     t Chris Mutimer
26 Apr Butterflies seen on my exercise walk 12 Small White, 4 Holly Blue, 3 Orange Tip (Males), 2 Speckled Wood, 1 Peacock, 1 Green Hairstreak ( Male) Lowestoft South   t Robert Quadling
26 Apr 1 green veined white IP32 bell meadow; 1 green veined white IP32 Northumberland Avenue   mid afternoon Bury St Edmunds   t Barry Woodhouse
26 Apr A single PAINTED LADY butterfly was the highlight of my Long Melford walk this morning. First one I've seen this year Long Melford   t Darren Underwood
26 Apr On today's local walk we found our first Painted Lady of the year  (📷 photo click here) Stowmarket   t David Carter
26 Apr Orange-tip (m) 3 (f) 2, Large White 2, Green-viened White (m) 1, Speckled Wood 3, Holly Blue 1 Chantry Park   Richard Perryman
26 Apr 1 Orange Tip, 1 Holly Blue  sighted today Woodbridge   Jane Healey
26 Apr A Red Admiral today down Stutton Hall Drive was my 13th butterfly species of the year. Stutton   t Mark Nowers
25 Apr At least 5 Red Admiral over or through the garden this lunchtime. All heading in a northerly direction. A couple pausing briefly to nectar on lilac Trimley St Mary   t Bill Stone
25 Apr Today i recorded a first ever sighting of Green Hairstreak in our garden at the Street Melton, sadly very brief. Melton   Steve Fryett
24 Apr Brief lunchtime walk in the woods behind police headquarters today. Orange-tip seen ovipositing and found a Green Veined White ovum too. Also 2 Large White, 2 Green-veined White 2 male Orange-tip, a Speckled Wood and a peacock Martlesham   t Kevin Ling
24 Apr A fabulous Green hairstreak butterfly on Gorse  (📷 photo click here Purdis Heath Golf   Ipswich golf club ecology
24 Apr Holly Blue (📷 photo click here) and Speckled Wood on our Stowmarket walk this morning, also Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined White and many Orange Tips Stowmarket   t David Carter
24 Apr Brimstone in Pakefield just now. Rare here Pakefield TM 54080 90831 t Antony Wren
24 Apr Peacock 5, Red Admiral 1 (📷 photo click here) , Speckled Wood 3, Large White 1, Green-veined White 5, Small White 1, Brimstone 1, Orange Tip 5, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Comma 2, Green Hairstreak 1, Holly Blue 2 Belstead Brook Park TM1440 Tetrad David Walsh
24 Apr A walk from the Church in Gt Glemham uphill along road, down footpath to Low Road and loop round. Lots of Orange Tips both male and female; 3 Peacocks; a Speckled Wood; a male Brimstone and a first for me this year a beautiful Holly Blue Gt Glemham TM3361 Geraldine Smith
24 Apr On my exercise walk today from home spotted 3 Green Hairsteak butterflies on Rushmere Common (Heath) near the water tower end [at 13.28 24th April] plus a further 2 on the edge of Sandlings Local Nature Reserve - (📷 photo click here Rushmere Common   Bryan Wright
24 Apr Female Orange Tip observed on Honesty in our Wickham Market garden on Wednesday, 22nd April, and this egg plus one other was found today (24/4/20)  (📷 photo click here). Other sightings include Holly Blue, 2 x Orange tip (male), and Peacock. Wickham Marke   Rob and Kerry Reeve
24 Apr Orange-tip (m) 3 (f) 2, Small White 1, Green-veined White 1, Speckled Wood 1, Comma 1, Holly Blue 1 Ashground Plantation   Richard Perryman
23 Apr 5 Peacocks, 6 male Orange tips, 4 male Brimstones, 5 Small coppers, 2 Commas, 3 Green veined whites  Braziers meadow Ipswich   Daniel Cable-Davey 
23 Apr My first sighting this year during my lockdown daily walk through the adjacent Sandlings Local Nature Reserve Rushmere St.Andrew - Green Hairstreak at 14:10. Rushmere St.Andrew   Bryan Wright
23 Apr Orange-tip (m) 1, Small White 1, Large White 1, Holly Blue 1 Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
23 Apr Two Holly Blues briefly in our Kesgrave garden today. Kesgrave   Jenny & Gary Plank
23 Apr This morning's health walk was beside the River Lark, near Fornham Plenty of Orange-tips, Small & Green-veined Whites, One Peacock and a fresh Speckled Wood (early) Fornham   Rob Parker
23 Apr Our first Speckled Wood of the year today, 23 April, in our garden Flowton TM085470 Rob Clements
23 Apr Out with the kids on our daily exercise. Encountered this GREEN HAIRSTREAK and 4 others at the end of Alton Hall Lane (📷 photo click here)   Alton Hall Lane   t Mark Nowers
23 Apr Holly blue in my garden IP32 hunter road 15.04 ; Male brimstone tayfen meadows  15.40 Bury St Edmunds   t barry woodhouse
23 Apr In lovely scrub area off Barking Rd/Grinstead Hill, Needham Mkt,  Female Brimstone, Orange Tip, Holly Blue, Speckled Wood & Peacock seen Needham Mkt   t John Walshe
22 Apr Two Holly Blue butterflies seen at rest upon oak and bramble leaves first two encountered this year  Ipswich, Braziers wood   Daniel Cable-Davey 
22 Apr During my walk in the Fynn Valley from Playford this morning I counted 11 Orange Tips ( 10 M 1 F) , 3 Peacocks and one Speckled Wood. Also  unidentified whites. Fynn Valley   Jenny Plank
22 Apr Orange-tip 2, Holly Blue 1 Kiln Meadow Spring Wood TM1441 Richard Perryman
22 Apr Orange-tip 7,  Brimstone 2, Peacock 12, Speckled Wood 1 Belstead Meadows TM1341 Richard Perryman
22 Apr Today's exercise ride/walk to Kiln Meadow and back via Belstead Brook & Bourne Park.  Butterflies inc. Large & Small White, Peacock, Brimstones (m & f), Orange Tip (m & f), Speckled Wood, Common Blue Belstead Brook area   t Ray York
22 Apr Orange Tip and Peacock Butterfly on our morning walk to Carlton Marshes Carlton Marshes   t Jane Ferguson
22 Apr 6 x Peacock butterflies, 2 x Holly Blue, 3 x Small White, Large White, Green Veined White, Brimstone and 4 x Orange Tips, seen around Mendlesham at midday today Mendlesham   t Cheryl Deeks
22 Apr Holly blue Sussex road  09.28 bury st Edmunds   t barry woodhouse
21 Apr Spotted on my afternoon walk this worse for wear Red Admiral and Peacock. Lots of Speckled Wood, Orange Tip and Holly Blues about in abundance  (📷 photo click here Ipswich, Landseer Park   t Sarah
21 Apr Had my 1st Green Hairstreak of the year at . Also 1 Comma, 4 Orange tip, 2 Peacock and 2 Small White IP33 2RN   t Craig Fulcher
21 Apr Two Small copper butterflies basking in the sun plus one Green veined white  Ravenswood Ipswich   Daniel Cable-Davey 
21 Apr Holly Blue, Oakes road Bury St Edmunds   t Barry Woodhouse
21 Apr Saw my 1st Red Admiral this morning on dog walk near Farriers Road, Stowmarket      t John Walshe
21 Apr Orange-tip Butterfly on a dandelion clock (📷 photo click here Melton   t John Richardson 
20 Apr Orange tip 15 (📷 photo click here) , small tortoiseshell 2, peacock 3, green vained white 1 Wllisham   t Nathaniel Cant
20 Apr Orange Tip 2, Large White 1, Green-veined White 5, Peacock 1, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Comma 2, Green Hairstreak 1 (📷 photo click here) Belstead Brook Park (Ashground Plantation east and Braky Wood areas)    TM1541 David Walsh 
20 Apr Orange Tip 1, Green-veined White 1, Brimstone 1, Speckled Wood 1, Peacock 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Comma 3   Belstead Brook Park (Ashground Plantation west and Kiln Meadow areas)  TM1441 David Walsh 
19 Apr Two Small copper butterflies basking and nectaring from dandelions      Braziers meadow Ravenswood Ipswich   Daniel Cable-Davey 
19 Apr Lots of male and female orange tips around round here. Plus, walking down the road near the Eels Foot and looking towards the reed beds, TWO bitterns popped out for a wander. Meanwhile, this Large Tortoiseshell was also around. (📷 photo click here) Eels Foot near Minsmere    t Mark Solomons  
19 Apr Thanks to volunteer warden Ian Fergusson for these wonderful photos of Orange-tip's  at Darsham Marshes. Plenty out on the wing at the moment!   (📷 photos click here) Darsham Marshes   SWT North East Suffolk Warden
19 Apr Lady Brimstone, joyfully observed egg-laying on Common Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) today  (📷 photo click here) .  One of two females, both with the same mission in our breezy suburban garden.  One photographed with a smartphone, laid two ova side-by-side, first ovum is highlighted in the image.  The leaf laid upon was about 2 metres above the ground.  The other was laying at about 5 metres on Alder Buckthorn.  Never underestimate the power of these wonderful creatures to find their food plant.  We have a small (1 metre) pot grown Alder Buckthorn on the front doorstep which has 7 eggs which have been laid within the last 2 hours.  Fun fact. Did you know that Rhamnus - the genus of Buckthorn - shares its name with Rhamnus or Rhamnous, an important fortified town of Ancient Greece? Wikipedia says it got its name from a thick prickly shrub which still grows upon the site (presumably Buckthorn).  It is also said that charcoal was produced there. Several thousand years later, Buckthorn was being used to produce fine charcoal in the UK. Ipswich E   Julian Dowding
19 Apr At long last a male Speckled Wood landed in my garden long enough to get a few didgy's this morning (📷 photo click here). Before the wind got up a couple of Orange-tips were also seen along with Large and Small Whites, Peacock and Holly Blue Felixstowe   t Paul Oldfield
19 Apr Female Green-veined White butterfly busy laying eggs in the garden  (📷 photo click here) Trimley St Mary   t Bill Stone
19 Apr Three pairs of orange tips; One comma, guarding the same branch of the same tree as previous generations!; Pair of brim stones; Pair of speckled wood; Small white  Whepstead IP29 4 SU Guy Schooling
19 Apr Green Hairstreak showing well at Kiln Meadow this morning. First sighting is always a highlight of my butterfly year  (📷 photo click here     t Kevin Ling
17 Apr First Small Copper butterfly sighting of the year spotted basking upon bare ground   Observed another two Green hairstreak butterflies flying and interacting around a different cherry plum tree Ravenswood  Ipswich   Daniel Cable-Davey
16 Apr First sighting of Brimstone egg on my Buckthorn at home   (📷 photo click here Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
16 Apr 1 Peacock, 2 male Orange Tip and 1 Holly Blue in our garden Shotley Gate TM241341 Ian Peters
16 Apr Observations of at least 6 Green Hairstreaks at Pipers Vale today  (📷 photo click here)  Pipers Vale   Sam Chamberlin Ipswich Borough Council Ranger
16 Apr First Holly Blues of the year seen in the garden today (finally), plus Brimstone, Green-veined White, Orange-tips and Peacock Onehouse   t Mark Brewster
16 Apr Our first Holly Blue of the year here in Flowton today together with Comma, several Peacock and several Orange Tip.   Flowton TM085470 Rob Clements
16 Apr Encountered two Green hairstreak butterflies flying around a cherry plum tree, 2 Peacock, 2 Comma, 3 Male Orange tips,1 male Brimstone and 2 male Green veined whites Braziers meadow and Braziers wood   Daniel Cable-Davey
15 Apr 1 Green-veined White and 1 Peacock seen in the garden today Shotley Gate TM241341.  1 Comma seen in Ganges Wood Shotley Gate TM243341 Shotley Gate TM2434 Ian Peters
15 Apr On our circular walk round Wickham Market Fowls Watering today many Orange tip males, we stopped counting after a dozen, but only one confirmed female. Also many Peacocks and Commas plus 2 x Large White.    Wickham Market   Rob and Kerry Reeve
15 Apr Two twirling Speckled Woods this morning as I climbed the wooded path uphill from Mere to Castle, they seem very early?  Also male and female Orange Tips but not together   Framlingham TM2863   Geraldine Smith
15 Apr Red Admiral Somerleyton   Sue Cox
14 Apr Male Orange Tip in our garden yesterday     Jenny Plank
12 Apr Fleeting view of my first Holly Blue of the year as it quick disappeared over our ivy covered hedge   A few more male Orange Tip in evidence Shotley Gate TM241341 Ian Peters
12 Apr 1 red admiral, 1 green veined white, one female holly blue, two male orange tips, five whites, peacock and small tortoiseshell. Large white, emerged from pupa during the day. Ipswich IP1 Robert Brown
12 Apr Sunny morning, little wind I walked a loop around the field adjoining our garden and finished coming through the old Cemetery.  My first Comma of the year on the cemetery hedge, several Peacocks everywhere and a Male Brimstone in cemetery and garden, quite likely the same one, also Orange tips of both sexes.  Framlingham   Geraldine Smith
12 Apr Holly Blue (2) Somerleyton   Sue Cox
11 Apr Speckled Wood Somerleyton   Sue Cox
11 Apr 2 red admiral, 2 holly blue, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 5 peacocks, 4 orange tip bramford gipping   t Matt
11 Apr First Orange tip (2) and Holly Blue in the garden yesterday Southwold   t Craig Fulcher
11 Apr 8+ Orange tips, 4+ Peacocks, 2 x Speckled wood,  Comma, and Green-veined White    Wickham Market TM317 558 Rob and Kerry Reeve
11 Apr 9 male Orange tips, 8 male Brimstones, 5 male Green veined whites, 5 Peacocks and 3 Commas  braziers meadow Ravenswood Ipswich Braziers Meadow   Daniel Cable-Davey
11 Apr Sightings from the North Cove reserve (near Beccles) in today's sunshine: Peacock, Brimstone (2m, 1f), Orange tip (7m), Green-veined white. Nearby, but outside the reserve 1 Speckled wood and 1 Holly blue. North Cove   Peter Norfolk
11 Apr 1 Small White -TM 53510 92250 Lowestoft South, Walk and Cycle track behind Kimberley Road.  1 Large White – Lowestoft South, end of path leading from Southwell Road to Tom Crisp Way A 12.  1 Green-veined White + 1 Large White + 1 Orange Tip ( Female) TM 53775 92199, Lowestoft South, small grass area between Tom Crisp Way A 12 and Durban Road. Lowestoft TM5392 Robert Quadling
11 Apr 1 Peacock- TM 53560 91973 Lowestoft South, Birds Lane opp Tom Crisp Way A 12.     1 Peacock TM 53551 91919, Lowestoft South opp side of A 12 walking back towards Fen Park Lowestoft TM5391 Robert Quadling
11 Apr Comma, Brimstone, Orange-tip and 2 Peacocks in our garden yesterday.  Also 2 Holly Blues and an Orange-tip on Sandy Lane, Woodbridge   t Eddie Bathgate
11 Apr Small Tortoiseshell my square tut hill bury st Edmunds 10.04 Bury St Edmunds   t Barry Woodhouse
10 Apr Enjoyed my Boris Hour of exercise this morning in and around Belstead Brook area . 5 male Orange-tip, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 5 Peacocks and a Green-veined White Belstead Brook TM148414 t Kevin Ling
10 Apr 2 Speckled Wood, Green-veined White, Orange-tip & 2 Small White.  IP4 garden Holly Blue, Small White, 3 Peacock. Kesgrave/Rushmere border TM208448 t Dave Pearsons
10 Apr Speckled wood and Male orange tip  15.18 Bury St Edmunds golf course   t Barry Woodhouse
10 Apr First Green veined white and Small white butterflies encountered in back garden of the year Ravenswood Ipswich Ravenswood   Daniel Cable-Davey
10 Apr Garden butterflies so far today- Painted Lady (1st for year), Brimstone (1st for Year), Holly Blue, Peacock, Comma, Red Admiral, Large White and Small White. Trimley St Mary   t Bill Stone
10 Apr Highlights of my dog walk round Boyton Hall this morning - 15 Peacock, 2 Speckled Wood, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Small White Boyton Hall   t John Walshe
9 Apr Daily walk in Northfield Wood: Peacocks, Brimstones, Orange-tips, Comma & first Green-veined Whites of 2020, incl. this copulating pair   (📷 photo click here) . Lots of new sunlit areas after winter clearance Northfield Wood   t Mark Brewster
9 Apr I’ve been talking about Large Tortoiseshell sightings across southern England for the past couple of weeks in my roundups for @RareBirdAlertUK. They could be staging a comeback from British extinction. Here’s one found this morning in Suffolk by a pal of mine, Dave Fairhurst  (📷 photo click here)  Suffolk   t Jon Dunn
9 Apr First male Orange tip butterfly spotted in my front garden  nectaring from a dandelion Ravenswood Ipswich Ravenswood   Daniel Cable-Davey
9 Apr Green-veined White and Small White butterflies spotted at rest on braziers meadow and around Ravenswood in Ipswich Braziers Meadow   Daniel Cable-Davey
9 Apr Counted our first Holly Blue of the year plus a Brimstone, a Peacock and a Small White Ipswich NE   Lynne Hall
9 Apr Another Suffolk Large Tortoiseshell reported (and photographed) today this time between Sizewell and Leiston. Certainly a species to look out for in the next few weeks on local exercise walks.     t Bill Stone
9 Apr Several butterflies in the garden today including 2 x male Orange Tip (📷 photo click here) , Green-veined White, Holly Blue, Peacock and a possible Red Admiral. Photo of male Orange Tip which was feeding on the Erysimum Bowles Mauve. Ipswich TM157463 Paul Gilson
9 Apr Orange-tip (m) 1, Green-veined White 1, Brimstone 1, Speckled Wood 3, Peacock 3, Comma 1 Belstead Meadows   Richard Perryman
9 Apr First holly blue on field margin at home in Thurston. Also 2 x Brimstone (M & F), 2 x Orange Tip (M & F), 2 x Peacock plus one Small white (📷 photo click here Thurston   Trevor Goddard
9 Apr Orange-tip several along river TL77V and TL87V  Small Tortoiseshell – 1 (first certain one of year) near Lackford Bridge TL789709 (TL77V) . Peacock – several seen TL77V and TL87A Lackford Bridge   Peter Lack and Diane Ridgley
9 Apr Holly Blue 2 along river TL813705 (TL87A) 9 April Speckled Wood – 2 TL811707 (TL87A) Lackford   Peter Lack and Diane Ridgley
9 Apr Speckled Wood, and Holly Blue from our garden again today.     Julian Dowding
9 Apr 2 female orange tip  oaks road 10.04; holly blue IP32 hunter road 13.00; red admiral at the marhams new housing development site 16.00 Bury St Edmunds IP32 t Barry Woodhouse
8 Apr Holly Blue – 1 in garden in Holden Road, Lackford TL795703  (TL77V) Lackford TL795703 Peter Lack and Diane Ridgley
8 Apr My first Male Orange-tip for the year in our garden Shotley Gate TM241341 Ian Peters
8 Apr The first Speckled Wood on our walk around the area Rose Farm Cottages, with several Peacock including a knot of six chasing each other Shotley TM233342 Ian Peters
8 Apr A female Brimstone in the garden today and it stopped to feed on the Bowles mauve as well. Ipswich central TM157463 Paul Gilson
8 Apr Also a Holly Blue reported today from another Ipswich garden not far from Christchurch Park. Ipswich central TM157453 Paul Gilson
8 Apr Orange-tip (m) 1, Peacock 2 Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
8 Apr Brimstone, Small White & Peacock in Northfield Wood, & first Orange-tips. Good view of a lone Small Copper Northfield Wood   t Mark Brewster
8 Apr  garden today: 3 Small White (NFY), 4 Peacock & Comma Ipswich IP4 t Dave Pearsons
8 Apr Single male brimstone clay road   10.40; single peacock oaks road; Brimstone on my square  tut hill  16.10; peacock also IP32 hunter road 15.53; large white IP 32 hunter road 15.45 Bury St Edmunds IP32 t Barry Woodhouse
7 Apr First Green Hairstreak butterfly of the year spotted at rest on brambles on braziers meadow in Ravenswood in Ipswich Braziers Meadow   Daniel Cable-Davey
7 Apr Brimstone (m) 1, Peacock 10 Chantry Park   Richard Perryman
7 Apr Female Brimstone Kesgrave/Dobbs Wood   Gary Plank
7 Apr Local Trimley Walk resulted in 32 Peacocks, 3 Comma, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Small White and singles of Large White, Orange-tip (m), Green-veined White and Red Admiral Trimley   t Bill Stone
7 Apr Took our daily walk along the Tank Road, Wickham Market and saw 7 x Peacocks, 6 x male Orange tips, 2 x Green-veined Whites and a male Brimstone Wickham Market   Rob and Kerry Reeve
7 Apr My first Large white, small white, and Orange tip of the season Denston   Mark Ferris
7 Apr Male brimstone and peacock seen in neighbors garden nightingale road Ipswich   Peter Compton
7 Apr Just had a single Peacock Butterfly fly over my garden at 11.25am today.   Lowestoft South TM 534 922 t Robert Quadling
7 Apr Speckled wood oaks road playing field woods,  1 holly blue creed walk Bury St Edmunds   t Barry Woodhouse
7 Apr Female Brimstone on our Stowmarket "exercise" walk today, also Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Orange-Tip and at least 15 Peacocks Stowmarket   t David Carter
7 Apr Our first Orange-tip (male) and Small Tortoiswshell in the garden today, also male Brimstone & 3 Peacock. Ipswich NW IP1 t Justin Zantboer
6 Apr Male Orange Tip from kitchen window at Farriers Road,. 24 Peacock, 3 Small or Green-veined White, 2 male Brimstone, 1 Comma & 1 Small Tortoiseshell Stowmarket   t John Walshe
6 Apr 2 Peacocks and 2 Small Tortoiseshells yesterday in the garden, the Peacocks disappeared off together into a conifer in a possibly romantic sort of way. Woodbridge   t Eddie Bathgate
6 Apr A few butterflies this afternoon opposite the Customs House 1 male Brimstone, 3 Small White, 1 Comma, 2 Peacock Felixstowe   t Will Brame
6 Apr Butterflies in the garden today, 1 brimstone, 1 peacock, and 2 red admiral Haverhill W CB9 0DP t Duncan FletcherBrown
6 Apr Lots Peacock butterflys, Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma and Orange-tip (1st of the Year) Elmsett to Whatfield   t Matt Garnham
6 Apr Orange-tip – 1 West Stow CP TL792712 (TL77V) West Stow TL792712 Peter Lack and Diane Ridgley
6 Apr Landseer Park is awash with Brimstone males, but look out for the females imminently.  Males are patrolling up and down the woodland edge alongside the wet meadow.  Two large (15ft) Alder Buckthorns in the woodland edge are already sprouting leaves and Common Buckthorns are at various stages of development.  The latter is usually earlier than the former, so it's unusual to see Alder B so advanced.  Also, Orange Tip male, numerous Small White, 12 Peacocks, many of these chasing each other, 5 or 6 Small Tortoiseshells, some chasing.  Comma aplenty.  Comma also egg-laying on nettles in our garden.  Small Tortoiseshell will soon be doing so too. Landseer Park   Julian Dowding
6 Apr In the garden today the first orange tip (📷 photo click here) along with 2 x peacock, 1 x female brimstone and 1 x male brimstone.  Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
6 Apr Our first Orange Tip of the year Flowton TM085470 Rob Clements
5 Apr A great day for early spring butterflies with Brimstones (3), Peacocks (12), Orange Tip (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1) and Comma (1) on my walk Kelsale   t Charles Cuthbert
5 Apr Comma, peacock x2 and a Brimstone Butterfly in the garden Hollesley   t Craig Shaw
5 Apr Trimley butterfly trek delivered several year firsts for me- Large White, Speckled Wood and Green-veined White. Also seen, 15 Peacock, 2 Comma, 2 Small White and 2 Small Tortoiseshell Trimley   t Bil Stone
5 Apr Male Brimstone 1, Small Tortioseshell 1 Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
5 Apr Male orange tip Melton bridleway opp Melton park   Speckled Wood Melton riverside    Melton   Val Sherwen
5 Apr South Lowestoft, Tom Crisp Way; 1 ( Male) Brimstone + 2 Small White  TM 53612 92031. 1 Comma + 5 Peacock  TM 53542 91939.  2 Peacock  TM 53541 91882.  1 Peacock  TM 53545 91909.  Fen Park; 2 Peacock TM 53688 92056. 1 Peacock  TM 53705 91996. 1 ( Male) Brimstone + 1 Small White   TM 53791 92115.  Durban Road;  3 Peacock   TM 53764 92204. Lowestoft   Robert Quadling
5 Apr Sunshine today in our garden - a fresh male Orange-tip at noon; settled on honesty  Bury St Edmunds   Rob Parker
5 Apr Peacocks, Brimstones and one Comma on Tayfen meadow (our daily walk) Tayfen meadow   Rob Parker
5 Apr Brimstone Chantry Park TM139442 t Kevin Ling
4 Apr Brimstone 4th April (neighbours had been telling me about seeing these for a couple of weeks before I saw one - I think my later sighting was because I always walked in the mornings) Somerleyton   Sue Cox
4 Apr Female Holly Blue & male Brimstone Ipswich NW IP1 t Justin Zantboer
4 Apr Brimstone  (x2) Belstead TM129410 t Kevin Ling
4 Apr Brimstone Ipswich SW TM142928 t Kevin Ling
4 Apr Several peacock butterfly on the wing at the Gunton burial field Gunton   t James Wright
4 Apr Heritage Green, Kessingland today, 3 Peacocks and a Small Tortoiseshell Kessingland   t David Borderick
4 Apr Brimstone (1) & Peacocks (2) seen in garden today     t Mark Brewster
4 Apr Brimstone, Comma & 3 Peacock in IP4 garden. 2 Small White, 4 Peacock Rushmere Heath same IP4 tetrad Ipswich IP4 t Dave Pearsons
4 Apr 2 Small Tortoiseshells and singles of both Brimstone and Peacock in our garden Woodbridge   t Eddie Bathgate
4 Apr 16 Peacock mostly dualling plus one Comma Flatford   t Alex Rafinski
4 Apr Nice 1hr butterfly trek around Trimley St. Mary, totals: Peacock 15, Small Tortoiseshell 7, Comma 1, Holly Blue 1, Small White 2, Red Admiral 1 Trimley St Mary   t Bill Stone
4 Apr 10 peacock, 3 brimstone, 1 orange tip, 2 comma Christchurch Park Ipswich   t Matt
4 Apr Peacock busy feeding in my garden this morning   (📷 photo click here) Worlingham   t Allan Smith
4 Apr Male brimstone 10.30 Hunter Road Bury St Edmunds IP32 t Barry Woodhouse
4 Apr First Green-veined White and Holly Blue. Also 3 Peacock, 1 Comma, 1 Large White and a Small Tortoiseshell Felixstowe, Cornwall Rd TM296342 Paul Oldfield
4 Apr Peacock 2 Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
4 Apr Red Admiral 1, Peacock 6, Small Tortoiseshell 3, Comma 2 Belstead Meadows   Richard Perryman
4 Apr Our first brimstone of the year today here in Flowton along with several Peacocks. Flowton TM085470 Rob Clements
4 Apr 5 Peacocks and 2 Small Tortoiseshells in Wildflower field at East End (East Bergholt) just behind my house and a few more Peacocks on my four mile walk round the area. My first Orange Tip (male) of the year in my garden this morning plus a Peacock. East End (East Bergholt)   Liz Cutting
4 Apr The first butterfly sightings of the year in our garden today: 1 Brimstone male, flying through 2 Peacock 1 Large White Barnby (near Beccles)   Peter Norfolk
4 Apr Brimstone ( male) in my garden nightingale road Ipswich   Peter Compton
3 Apr A Peacock butterfly Purdis Heath Golf Course    
2 Apr A white butterfly with a flash of orange in the garden,  pausing only briefly on some Honesty flowers before flying off purposefully - my first Orange-tip of the year! Kelsale   t Charles Cuthbert
2 Apr Small Tortoiseshell in my back garden this afternoon, my first one this year. Sunny spells and 13C here Woodbridge   t Eddie Bathgate
2 Apr Brimstone in garden nfy. Oulton Broad   t Mark Ellis
31 Mar one female brimstone Ipswich   Robert Brown
31 Mar a single Peacock Felixstowe   t Will Brame
31 Mar Just had this wing damaged Comma butterfly in my garden at 2.15pm today.  Only the second butterfly I have seen in my garden this year     t Robert Quadling
31 Mar Comma Beccles   t Carl Buttle
27 Mar Comma, Small White, Peacock and Red Admiral – one of each - in our garden Flowton TM085470 Rob Clements
27 Mar 2 Brimstone, 4 comma, 4  small tortoiseshell, 15+ peacock Bonny wood  perimeter today  (📷 photo click here Bonny Wood   t Nathaniel Cant
27 Mar peacock again back garden Bury St Edmunds Ip32 t Barry Woodhouse
27 Mar Speckled Wood  10:49am  (📷 photo click here   TM 53158 91075 t Antony Wren
26 Mar Comma, Peacock and first Large White of the season for me. Shotley Gate TM2434 Ian Peters
26 Mar A Brimstone Butterfly resting at Piper's Vale Country Park, Ipswich. (📷 photo click here)  Piper's Vale Country Park   t Matt Garnham
26 Mar In the last two days we have recorded in our garden, 1 Brimstone, 1 Comma, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 3 Peacocks. Stowmarket TM038584 Margie & David Carter
26 Mar 4.65km farm walk this morning. 3 Small Tortoiseshell & 2 Peacock. Waspe's Walk Suffolk   t John Walshe
26 Mar Peacock, hunter road garden 12.52 Bury St Edmunds Ip32 t Barry Woodhouse
26 Mar  Small Tortoiseshell Somerleyton   Sue Cox
25 Mar Peacock (3) Somerleyton   Sue Cox
25 Mar Honeypot Farm, 1 Peacock Thrandeston, Great Green IP21 4BP Helen Hepburn
25 Mar in my garden – one male brimstone and a peacock Ipswich   Robert Brown
25 Mar Brimstone flying in Nelson Road, Ipswich   Colin Hullis
25 Mar 2 male Brimstones past garden today at 38 Farriers Rd, Stowmarket IP14 2NS t John Walshe
25 Mar Brimstone x2, Peacocks galore. SWT Carlton Marshes   t Mary P F
25 Mar A walk around the forest near High Lodge this morning.  Several Brimstone a couple of Commas, a Small Tortiseshell, plus many Bee flies Thetford   t Graham Hersey
25 Mar  A Peacock butterfly was unphotogenic in the morning in our Parkhill, Lowestoft garden but eventually posed for the camera in the afternoon  (📷 photo click here     t Peter Ransome
25 Mar Small Tortoiseshell and Comma nectaring on Viburnum tinus and Brimstone on Primrose in the garden Shotley Gate  TM2434 Ian Peters
25 Mar 1 Brimstone seen outside Parklands, Hadleigh Road, Ipswich - first time have seen one in this area. Ipswich IP2 0DE Anne Wright
25 Mar 2 Commas, 1 Peacock and a Small Tortoiseshell in my garden East Bergholt   Jack Levene
25 Mar Brimstone Clopton TM 21956 52706 John Hanley
25 Mar Brimstone, Beach Station Road/Langer Road, Felixstowe TM 29303 33469 John Hanley
25 Mar 1 brimstone 3 peacock eagle close stowmarket   t Barry Woodhouse
25 Mar Lovely sunny morning today in my garden. In addition to Comma and Small Tortoiseshell (📷 photos click here), I have also seen 2 Peacock and a cracking Brimstone Worlingham   t Allan Smith
25 Mar 5 Small Tortoiseshell (4 of which were in a mating tussle) and 2 Peacocks in the sunshine, very few people to avoid Landguard butts   t Will Brame
25 Mar Speckled Wood male at 1pm Lowestoft TM533913 t Antony Wren
25 Mar We did our once only daily walk today along the Fynn and we saw our first Brimstone of the year and three Peacocks.  Playford   Jenny & Gary Plank
25 Mar The male Brimstone which whizzed through my garden this morning was only the third ever, the others being in 2011 and 2018! My first of this year. Ipswich SW   t David Walsh
25 Mar  Also 1 Peacock.  Kiln Meadow TM1441 t David Walsh
25 Mar 1 Small White opposite Felixstowe Customs House Felixstowe   t Will Brame
25 Mar 2 Commas chasing plus one Peacock. Wrentham   Peter Baird
25 Mar 1 Brimstone in Westleton garden this morning Westleton TM 439 695 Diane Hale
25 Mar Male Brimstone seen on 17th and again twice this week.  This morning’s walk there were also two single Peacock flyers, this on Blackthorn. Singing were larks and chiffchaff as well as 3 Buzzards working the thermals all within 1km of our house. Framlingham TM287634 Geraldine Smith
25 Mar One male brimstone in my garden midday today  nightingale road Ipswich   Peter Compton
25 Mar Just noted 1st Brimstone & Small White together in front gdn, & Peacock Onehouse   t Mark Brewster
25 Mar Just seen my first butterfly in my garden this year at 11.22 am a Peacock Lowestoft South TM 534 922 t Robert Quadling
25 Mar Brimstone 3, Peacock 6 Belstead Meadows   Richard Perryman
25 Mar Peacock Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
24 Mar Small Tortoiseshell. Peacock Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
24 Mar Our garden Butterflies, Peacock and Comma and Moths, Early Grey and Oak Beauty from the last 24 hours Ipswich SW   t David Carter
24 Mar Today I saw three species of butterfly; a male Brimstone (first of year), peacock and a small tortoiseshell at William's Green, Kersey TL 988 424 t Matt Garnham
24 Mar 2 x Peacock butterflies seen in glorious sunshine    Shotley Gate TM2434 Ian Peters
24 Mar First photo capture this spring was a fresh male Holly Blue today in Suffolk,  (📷 photo click here).  Have also seen Peacocks, Brimstones and a Comma over the past week or so both here and across the border in Norfolk     t Paul Harrison
24 Mar 3 Peacock, 4 Comma, 1 Small Tortoiseshell all seen in/around  (📷 photos click here Kiln Meadow TM1441 t David Walsh
24 Mar Just recorded my first Orange Tip in the garden mid morning - one bonus of working at home! Charsfield   Steve Aylward
23 Mar 1 Brimstone Thrandeston, Great Green IP21 4BP Helen Hepburn
23 Mar 1 x Small Tortoiseshell sunning itself Shotley Gate TM2434 Mandy Peters
23 Mar 2 x Peacock butterflies seen in Golden Wood Shotley TM235355 Ian Peters
23 Mar Comma Halesworth   t Victoria Bolton
23 Mar A Speckled Wood photographed (📷 photo click here) this morning by my sister in her Ipswich garden, also two Commas there today Ipswich   t Charles Cuthbert
23 Mar A Small Tortoiseshell was sunning itself in a sheltered spot on the Reserve. Landguard Bird Obs    
23 Mar Just seen my first butterflies for this year at 1.10pm today, they were 2 Peacocks Beccles, Ellough Industrial Estate,  TM 44249 88854 t Robert Quadling
22 Mar Two butterfly species seen on our walk - Small Tortoiseshell & Comma. Another comma in garden Onehouse & Harleston   t Mark Brewster
22 Mar Seen my first Brimestone’s (3) and Comma (2) (📷 photo click here)  Holywells Park, Ipswich   t Allan King
22 Mar Comma North Cove   t James Corton
22 Mar We had a Peacock flypast at home this morning Ipswich SW TM142428 t Kevin Ling
22 Mar First Holly Blue of the year Kessingland   t Chris Darby
22 Mar Mothers' Day started bright and fine, warmish at 09C at noon as we walked the southern margin of King's Forest.  In the first 10 minutes we saw a Peacock, then a Red Admiral resting in the sun, and later a Brimstone on the wing. King's Forest   Rob Parker
22 Mar Pleased to see a Small Tortoiseshell on River Fynn adjacent to Playford hall. Playford   Jon Levine
22 Mar First Comma of 2020 Spring Wood, Belstead Brook Park TM1441 t David Walsh
22 Mar Couple of distant Commas high up on the Blackthorn blossom.  At least 6 Comma seen around the Hemley area Hemley   t Bill Stone
22 Mar Peacock Butterfly in the NW corner of my front garden Woodbridge   t Eddie Bathgate
22 Mar Small Tortoiseshell, and Peacock seen today, my first this year Denston   Mark Ferris
21 Mar Comma Somerleyton   Sue Cox
21 Mar Peacock butterfly Stowmarket   Lesley Wood
21 Mar 1 Comma seen in the relative warmth of a west facing hedgerow Shotley, Golden Wood TM235355 Ian Peters
21 Mar A pleasant walk this morning in the sunshine. Several Peacock butterflies RSPB Lakenheath   t David Carter
21 Mar Peacock butterfly.  Sunny, very windy Brandeston   Tim Bailey
17 Mar Peacock Willisham   t Nathaniel Cant
17 Mar Brimstone, Comma and Peacock Rushmere, Millstream   Val Sherwen
17 Mar Large Tortoiseshell (📷 photos click here) Shottisham   Paul Kitchener
17 Mar 2 x male Brimstone Shotley Gate TM2434 Mandy & Ian Peters
17 Mar PEACOCK butterfly sunning itself on a thatched roof in Saxham Street, near Stowupland. Saxham Street,   t Matt Garnham
17 Mar Sighting of a Brimstone in Nightingale Road Ipswich   Peter Compton
17 Mar Peacock butterfly Lound Lakes   t Jeremy Gaskell
17 Mar In the sunshine this morning a male Brimstone in the garden but it didn't stop! Ipswich N TM157463 Paul Gilson
17 Mar Small Tortoiseshell and Small White, Lady Lane ,Hadleigh Hadleigh TM035435 Jon King
17 Mar Finally got my first firm butterfly sighting of the year today, a Peacock at the Hoseasons building in Raglan St Lowestoft   t James Wright
17 Mar Peacock briefly this afternoon, just beyond Northfield Wood, Suffolk. Northfield Wood TM 023 605 t Mark Brewster
17 Mar Peacock Ipswich SW   Richard Perryman
17 Mar Comma (📷 photo click here)  Kesgrave, Mill Stream LNR   t Greenways Project
17 Mar My first male Brimstone seen at home not far from buckthorn bushes. Thurston   Trevor Goodfellow
17 Mar Saw a Comma butterfly in the garden just now Stowmarket   t Kevin Woolner
17 Mar Butterflies at Landguard on the Butts 1 Comma ,1 Small Tortoiseshell Landguard, Butts   t Will Brame
17 Mar nearby Peewit Hill 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Comma, 2 Peacocks Felixstowe, Peewit Hill   t Will Brame
17 Mar Solitary Peacock on primroses today Bawdsey, East Lane   Jenny & Gary Plank
17 Mar First butterflies of the year! 4 Small Tortoiseshell, enjoying the sunshine (📷 photo click here)  SWT Carlton Marsh   t Victoria Bolton
16 Mar First Small Tortoiseshell of the year at Landguard this morning  (📷 photo click here Landguard   t Will Brame
15 Mar This morning (15 March) 2 male Brimstone butterflies and 1 Red Admiral Santon Downham (Suffolk side)   Val Lockwood
12 Mar Saw a Small White at Ipswich Golf Course, Purdis Heath, Suffolk. It was at rest on a flowering Gorse bush. My earliest ever sighting I believe. Ipswich Golf Course   Neil Sherman
12 Mar A Peacock flitted around Landguard   t Will Brame
11 Mar I know others have already seen butterflies this Peacock is my first this year. On the former railway line in Lowestoft (📷 photo click here Lowestoft   t Martin Seuneke
11 Mar Saw a yellow Brimstone butterfly today. First of the year for me.  Sorry about the photo, it wouldn’t stay still! (📷 photo click here) Burgh   t
11 Mar Two Brimstones fluttering by in a garden earlier today campsea ash   t Sarah
11 Mar We saw both Peacock and Comma butterfly at Sizewell this morning Sizewell   Rob and Kerry Reeve
11 Mar My first flyer of the year – a Small Tortoiseshell sunning itself on the outside of the house. A welcome sight Framlingham TM287634 Geraldine Smith
11 Mar My first butterfly of 2020 seen today in the King's Forest. One male Brimstone in sunshine at noon. King's Forest   Rob Parker
11 Mar This morning a Comma sheltering from the breeze against a hedgerow in the warm sunshine. Baylham TM099513 Paul Gilson
11 Mar 3 x Comma seen this lunchtime on Martlesham Common Nature Reserve Martlesham   t Kevin Ling
8 Mar 2 female Brimstones in woods near Ampton Ampton   Steve Plume
8 Mar First sighting of the year, a Peacock sunning itself in the garden. Halesworth   Derek Norris
8 Mar 1st Brimstone butterfly of the year flew through the garden today - sadly no photograph as I was wood-staining a fence panel at the time Oulton, Lowestoft   t Sue Dale
8 Mar First butterfly of year seen this morning  -  male brimstone Santon Downham (Suffolk side)   Val Lockwood
8 Mar Peacock Butterfly on Kessingland beach this afternoon (📷 photo click here) Kessingland   t Jane Ferguson
8 Mar 12.00 midday 1 Brimstone at Tangham picnic place Tangham TM 3448 Roger and Stella Wolfe
8 Mar A walk through Broomhill Park Ipswich early this afternoon and a male Brimstone was out enjoying the sunshine Ipswich Broomhill Park TM157457 Paul Gilson
8 Mar Also a Peacock sheltering against the wind on the grass strip on Valley Road Ipswich Ipswich Valley Road TM160459 Paul Gilson
8 Mar A Small Tortoiseshell at Ness Point appeared to arrive off the sea this morning before continuing west Lowestoft   t Terry
8 Mar 1 Peacock flew past me opposite the customs house Felixstowe   t Will Brame
8 Mar This afternoon we saw a Peacock in the Haverhill B&Q car park Haverhill TL6546 Chris Tyler-Smith, Yali Xue
8 Mar One Brimstone and one Red Admiral in my Lowestoft garden today. Lowestoft   Bill Whybrow
8 Mar First butterfly of the year Brimstone.  Then Comma and Peacock Ipswich, Christchurch Park   t Matt
8 Mar Brimstone NE Ipswich   Lynne Hall
4 Mar First sighting this morning. Peacock sunning itself in Felixstowe town centre.  Felixstowe   Gary & Jenny Plank
2 Mar Peacock Thrandeston, Great Green IP21 4BP Helen Hepburn
2 Mar Peacock I saw out just now here in Burgh   (📷 photo click here Burgh   t
1 Mar Comma and Peacock in garden at Cattsfield. Stutton   Chris Baines
12 Feb 10:12 am: Peacock Butterfly  just now. London Road South/Kirkley Park Road Lowestoft   t Antony Wren
6 Feb Red Admiral hollow road  14.35 Bury St Edmunds   t barry woodhouse
1 Feb 1 Peacock - at 1:30pm. Rookery Farm Wickhambrook TL742577 Meg Johnson
31 Jan Come home from work this evening to my first butterfly of the year on the living room ceiling! Large White. Presumably found it's way indoors at some point during the day.  (📷 photo click here) Market Weston   t Chris Bishop
18 Jan Red admiral - Rabbet's Wood, Alton Water Alton Water   t Steve Babbs
9 Jan Minimum of three Red Admirals seen along track between Haughley Rd, Harleston & Northfield Wood, Onehouse earlier today  (📷 photo click here) Onehouse   t Mark Brewster
9 Jan Red Admiral again in my garden 2.30pm, sunny and mild Melton   Elizabeth Johnson
8 Jan Peacock Butterfly Covehithe Broad   t Carl Buttle
8 Jan Peacock seen flying in garden this afternoon by Alex Lack Rushbrooke TL8961 Peter Lack

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Photographs from 2020 Sightings  (all pictures are the copyright of their owners)

Red Admiral - photo Mark Brewster

Large White - photo Chris Bishop

Peacock - photo

Peacock - photo Jane Ferguson

Brimstone - photo

Peacock - photo Martin Seuneke

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Will Brame

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Victoria Bolton

Comma - photo Greenways Project

Large Tortoiseshell - photo Paul Kitchener

Large Tortoiseshell - photo Paul Kitchener

Brimstone - photo Allan King

Comma -- photo Allan King

Speckled Wood - photo

Peacock - photo David Walsh

Comma - photo David Walsh

Small Tortoiseshell = photo David Walsh

Holly Blue - photo Paul Harrison

Comma - photo Allan Smith

Small Tortoiseshell = photo Allan Smith

Peacock - photo Peter Ransome

Speckled Wood - photo Antony Wren

Brimstone - photo Nathaniel Cant
Brimstone - photo Matt Garnham
Orange-tip - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Small White - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Orange-tip - photo Paul Gilson

Peacock - photo Allan Smith

Large Tortoiseshell - photo Dave Fairhurst

Green-veined Whites - photo Mark Brewster

Green Hairstreak - photo Sam Chamberlin

Brimstone egg - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Green Hairstreak - photo Kevin Ling

Green-veined White egg - photo Bill Stone

Speckled Wood - photo Paul Oldfield

Brimstone egg-laying - photo Julian Dowding

Orange-tip (m) - photo Ian Fergusson  

Orange-tip (m) - photo Ian Fergusson  

Orange-tip (f) - photo Ian Fergusson  

Green Hairstreak - photo David Walsh

Large Tortoiseshell - photo Mark Solomons  

Orange-tip (m) - photo Nathaniel Cant 

Orange-tip (m) - photo John Richardson

Red Admiral - photo Sarah

Peacock - photo Sarah

Speckled Wood - photo Sarah

Green Hairstreak - photo Mark Nowers

Orange-tip egg - photo Rob and Kerry Reeve

Green Hairstreak - photo Bryan Wright

Holly Blue - photo   David Carter

Red Admiral - photo David Walsh

Green Hairstreak - photo Ipswich golf club ecology

Painted Lady - photo   David Carter

Holly Blue - photo Chris Mutimer

Brown Argus - photo David Walsh

Brown Argus - photo David Walsh

Red Admiral - photo Charles Cuthbert

Small Copper - photo Charles Cuthbert

Orange-tip (f) - photo Charles Cuthbert

Green-veined White (egg laying) - photo Charles Cuthbert

Red Admiral - photo David Carter

Brown Argus - photo Daniel Cable-Davey

Brown Argus - photo Daniel Cable-Davey

Brown Argus - photo Daniel Cable-Davey

Brimstones - photo Sam Chamberlin

Green Hairstreak - photo Sam Chamberlin

Wall Brown - photo SWT Broads Warden

Holly Blue - photo James Corton

Small Heath - photo Tony and Sandy

Green Hairstreak - photo Will Brame

Green Hairstreak - photo Peter Ransome

Wall Brown - photo Jane Ferguson

Green Hairstreak - photo Stuart Read

Wall Brown - photo

Wall Brown - photo

Red Admiral - photo Paul Gilson

Small Copper - photo Charles Cuthbert

Small Heath - photo Charles Cuthbert

Holly Blue- photo Charles Cuthbert

Green Hairstreak - photo Cara Phillips

Common Blue - photo Daniel Cable-Davey

Common Blue - photo Daniel Cable-Davey

Green Hairstreak - photo Daniel Cable-Davey

Green-veined White - photo Daniel Cable-Davey

Red Admiral - photo James Corton

Dingy Skipper - photo David Walsh

Red Admiral - photo David Borderick

Red Admiral - photo David Borderick

Wall Brown - photo Richard Martin

Green Hairstreak - photo Alex Rafinski

Dingy Skipper - photo Bill Stone

Green Hairstreak - photo Ian Peters

Small Heath - photo Mark Brewster

Red Admiral - photo Bill Stone

Brown Argus - photo Caroline

Brown Argus - photo Caroline

Small Copper - photo Charles Cuthbert

Brown Argus - photo Charles Cuthbert

Holly Blue - photo James Corton

Red Admiral - photo   James Corton

Speckled Wood - photo James Corton

Small Blue - photo Mick Wright

Small Blue - photo Mick Wright

Landseer Park - photo Mick Wright

Small Heath - photo Kenneth Mudd

Brown Argus - photo Daniel Cable-Davey

Small Heath - photo Margie & David Carter

Dingy Skipper - photo Margie & David Carter

Green Hairstreak - photo Margie & David Carter

Wall Brown - photo Paul Jespersen

Wall Brown - photo Richard Martin

Green-veined White - photo Richard Martin

Wall Brown - photo Andrew Easton

Wall Brown - photo Robert Quadling

Common Blue - photo Andrew Easton

Small Blue - photo Steve Babbs

Small Blue - photo Steve Babbs

Small Blue - photo Kevin Ling

Brimstone Caterpillar - photo Penny and Laurence Child

Large Skipper - photo Daniel Cooper

Large Skipper - photo David Walsh

Brown Argus - photo Andrew Easton

Brown Argus - photo Andrew Easton

Wall Brown - photo Peter Ransome

Wall Brown - photo Gi Grieco

Painted Lady - photo Gi Grieco

Small Blue - photo Sarah's Photos

Small Blue - photo Sarah's Photos

Small Blue - photo Sarah's Photos

Large Skipper - photo Trevor Goddard

Meadow Brown - photo Trevor Goddard

Dingy Skipper - photo Daniel Cable Davey

Silver-studded Blue - photo Daniel Cable Davey

Silver-studded Blue - photo Daniel Cable Davey

Silver-studded Blue - photo Daniel Cable Davey

Small Tortoiseshell - photo James Corton

Wall Brown - photo James Corton

Wall Brown - photo Sue Cox

Silver-studded Blue - photo David and Lilian Pitt

Small Skipper - photo Daniel Cable Davey

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Mark Brewster

Small Heathl - photo Mark Brewster

Large Skipperl - photo Mark Brewster

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Joe Myers

Painted Lady - photo Daniel Cable Davey

Painted Lady - photo Daniel Cable Davey

Silver-studded Blue - photo Mark Brewster

Silver-studded Blue - photo Mark Brewster

Large Skipperl - photo Daniel Cable Davey

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Mark Brewster

Common Blue - photo Jim Farrow

Humming-bird Hawkmoth - photo David Borderick

Large Skipperl - photo Mike Cowling

Small Heath - photo Daniel Cable Davey

Peacock Caterpillars - photo Mark Brewster

Peacock Caterpillar - photo Mark Brewster 

 Cream-spot Tiger Moth - photo David and Lilian Pitt

Silver-studded Blue - photo Mike Cowling 

Silver-studded Blue - photo Mike Cowling 

Meadow Brown - photo Mike Cowling

Meadow Brown - photo Mike Cowling

Purple Hairstreak - photo Sam Chamberlin  

Silver-studded Blue - photo  David and Lilian Pitt

Silver-studded Blue - photo  David and Lilian Pitt

Dark-green Fritillary - photo  Bryan Wright

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo  Neil Dickinson

Dark-green Fritillary - photo  Steve Babbs

Dark-green Fritillary - photo  Steve Babbs

Holly Blue - photo  James Corton

Red Admiral - photo  James Corton

Small Heath - photo  JDaniel Cable Davey

Marbled White - photo  Bryan Wright

Green Hairstreak - photo  David Borderick

Dark-green Fritillary - photo  Mick Wright

Painted Lady - photo  Mick Wright

White-letter Hairstreak - photo  Will Brame

Dark-green Fritillary - photo  Kevin Ling

Ringlet - photo  Daniel Cable Davey

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo  Margie and David Carter

Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth Larvae - photo  Sam Chamberlin

White Admiral - photo  Nathaniel Cant

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo  David Carter

Small & Essex Skippers - photo  Kevin Ling

Marbled White - photo  Malcolm Farrow

Dark-green Fritillary - photo  Malcolm Farrow 

Ringlet - photo  Trevor Goodfellow

White Admiral - photo  David Borderick

White Admiral - photo  David Borderick

Purple Emperor - photo  David Walsh

Dark-green Fritillary - photo  James Corton

Marbled White - photo  James Corton

Small Skipper - photo  James Corton

Peacock caterpillars - photo  James Corton

Silver-studded Blue - photo  Daniel Cable Davey

White Admiral - photo  chris mutimer

Marbled White - photo  JDaniel Cable Davey

Marbled White - photo  JDaniel Cable Davey

White Admiral ab obliterata.- photo  Sam Chamberlin

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo  Peter & Mary Feeney

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo  Peter & Mary Feeney

White Admiral - photo  Peter & Mary Feeney

Ringlet - photo  Peter & Mary Feeney

Painted Lady - photo  David Borderick

White-letter Hairstreak - photo  David Carter

Comma ab. suffusa - photo  Tom Williams

Brown Argus - photo  Paul Seabrook

White Admiral ab obliterae - photo  Matt Garnham

White Admiral ab obliterae - photo  David Wicks

Purple Emperor - photo  David Wicks

Purple Hairstreak - photo  David Walsh

White-letter Hairstreak - photo  Paul Gilson

Purple Emperor - photo  Patrick Frew

Silver-washed Fritillary valezina - photo  Patrick Frew

Silver-washed Fritillary ab nigricans or sylvia - photo  David and Lilian Pitt

Silver-washed Fritillary ab nigricans or sylvia - photo  David and Lilian Pitt

Large Tortoiseshell - photo  Maria Brenchley

Silver-washed Fritillary valezina - photo  Bill Plumb

Silver-washed Fritillary valezina - photo  Bill Plumb

White-letter Hairstreak - photo  Bill Plumb

Purple Emperor (deceased) - photo  Colin Sycamore

Purple Emperor  - photo  Bill Plumb

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo  Bill Plumb

Comma - photo  Bill Plumb

White Admiral - photo  Bill Plumb

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo  David Mitchell

Silver-washed Fririllaries - photo  Jonathan Forsyth

Silver-washed Fririllaries - photo  Wilum Johnston

Purple Hairstreak - photo  Paul Seabrook

Gatekeeper - photo  Bill Plumb

Purple Hairstreak - photo  Bill Plumb

Silver-washed Fritillary - photo  Paul Seabrook

Purple Emperor -  photo  Dawn Balmer

Purple Hairstreak - photo  Paul Gilson

Silver-washed Fritillary ab nigricans - photo  David and Lilian Pitt

Brimstone - photo  David and Lilian Pitt

Purple Emperor - photo

Purple Emperor - photo David Carter

White-letter Hairstreak - photo Bill Stone

Grayling - photo Charles Cuthbert

Grayling - photo Charles Cuthbert

Purple Emperor - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Purple Emperor - photo Trevor Goodfellow

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