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Sightings of Butterflies in Suffolk - 2018

The Branch is always grateful for butterfly records and a recording form can be downloaded from the conservation section of this website.  We would be particularly grateful for records away from the coast and information on the following species:
BAP species; Dingy Skipper, White Letter Hairstreak, Silver-studded Blue, White Admiral, Grayling, Small Heath, Wall Brown
Others; Green Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, Silver-washed Fritillary, Purple Emperor, Chalkhill Blue
(not Devil's Dyke)

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Send Us Your Sightings
We are always interested in sightings of any butterflies in any location in Suffolk.
email them to (please make sure you enter a subject) and they will appear below within a few days.
Clicking on this link should launch your usual email program.  If this does not seem to work just use the email address.

If you see a Brimstone this record will also be passsed to the Brimstone and Buckthorn project

Please include the date, how many of each butterfly species seen, location with an ordnance survey grid reference if possible, and your name (if you want to).
If you would like to contribute to the annual survey please read the notes on the Recording page.

Regular recorders are urged to use this sightings page to inform others of interesting sightings, but please do continue to send all your records to the county recorder at the end of the season as usual.

Return completed form by November to 20, Langstons, Trimley St Mary, Suffolk IP11 0XL  or to

If visiting Purdis Heath, Pipers Vale and Landseer Park (or any other site for that matter) please keep to footpaths and recognised tracks and do not trample heather, ant nests or any other vegetation.  There are plenty of places where you can see butterflies from the paths.  Keep dogs on a lead.

Date  Butterflies seen (and other relevant information).  First Sighting of Year in Bold or Bold for rarer species
For a summary of First Sightings see the Suffolk Butterflies Page - click here
Location Grid Reference Name
    (photo click here)      
19 Apr Brimstone 1, Green-veined White 2, Orange-tip (m) 1 SW Ipswich TM143419 Richard Perryman
19 Apr Brimstone 1 SW Ipswich TM134427 Richard Perryman
19 Apr Orange Tip 1. Belstead Brook Park TM1441 David Walsh
19 Apr Green-veined White 1, Large White 1, Small Tortoiseshell 4, Peacock 2, Comma 1 Belstead Brook Park TM1541 David Walsh
19 Apr Holly blue at Lound lakes this morning Lound lakes TG511007 Gavin Durrant
18 Apr Peacock 10, Comma 3, Brimstone 1 Belstead Brook Park TM1441 David Walsh
18 Apr Holly Blue was here in our garden yesterday too. Just one E Ipswich TM1842 Julian Dowding
18 Apr Green-veined White 1, Brimstone - 1 male; Peacock - 7, Small Tortoiseshell - 2 (last year's ploughing of most of the site by developers trying to jump the gun has reduced the butterflies to the margins at this site).  The 'Green Sudbury' group led by Nick Miller are currently fighting for the survival of the site (with the help of my records). Henney Field TL 887425 Martin Peers
18 Apr Small White 1, Green-veined White (my first this year) - 1; Brimstone - male & female; Peacock 4 (2 pairs mating); Small Tortoiseshell 4 Chilton Woods TL 891426 Martin Peers
18 Apr Orange tip, Brimstone, Holly Blue in garden Theberton TM4365 Andrew Leng
18 Apr 1 Speckled Wood, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Brimstone male, 1 Peacock, 1 Small White, 1 Comma. Landguard TM2831 Will Brame
18 Apr 7 Comma, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Brimstone male, 1 Large White, 3 Peacock. Peewit Hill TM2834 Will Brame
18 Apr 1 Small White, 3 Small Tortoiseshells, 2 Green-veined White, 26 Peacock Felixstowe Ferry to Kingsfleet TM3238 Will Brame
18 Apr Orange Tip, Green-veined White SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Robert Quadling
18 Apr Brimstone 6, Peacock 6, Comma 2 Alton Water TM1436 Richard Perryman
18 Apr Today at Folly Road, Mildenhall, amongst Vanessids and Brimstones, two Orange–tip males, several Small Whites and a second Green-Veined White, nearly a month after my first.  My first Holly Blue, about a week later than usual because of last week’s weather, again egg-laying on terminal buds of anything but Holly!  Must have mated a few days ago?  (photo click here) Mildenhall TL707757 Mervyn Crawford
18 Apr 7:20 to 12:20 15+ Peacock, 8+ Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Comma and Small White SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Andrew Easton
18 Apr Butterflies recorded between 12.30pm to1pm at Ellough Industral Estate, . 6 Peacocks Beccles TM4488 Robert Quadling
18 Apr This morning’s sun brought welcome visitors to our Bury St Edmunds garden: 2 Holly Blues (my first of 2018)  A Brimstone visited my Alder Buckthorn 3 times, each time depositing a single egg on the end of a greening leaf bud.  This is the first time I have seen egg laying in the approx 12 years I have had the shrub.  Aslo a single Peacock. Bury St Edmunds TL8464 Rob Parker
17 Apr 1 Brimstone Euston TL894798 Kev Ling
17 Apr 1 Brimstone Norton TL959651 Kev Ling
17 Apr 1 Brimstone Bury St Eds Garden TL845642 Margaret Charlesworth
17 Apr 2 Brimstone (m) Ramsey Wood TM066432 Jane Henderson
17 Apr 2 Brimstone (f) Chattisham TM088421 Jane Henderson
17 Apr 12 brimstone (both sexes) Ickworth Estate TL819618 Jane Henderson
17 Apr First Small White today which I first thought was the female orange tip from yesterday.  Also another male Brimstone Thurston TL9264 Trevor Goodfellow
17 Apr Landseer Park was awash with Small Tortoiseshells and Peacocks Landseer Park TM1742 Julian Dowding
17 Apr 1 Peacock at the east end of Long Strops (towards Bell Lane), 1 Red Admiral mid Long Strops. 3 Peacocks & 1 (small) Comma at the west end of Long Strops (on the mole hills near the wood).  1 Comma on the Kesgrave cycle path near Pergola Piece. Kesgrave TM2244 Richard Wall
17 Apr The casual IBC rangers saw two egg-laying female Brimstones at 20-year old bushes, tucked away I think above the wet area. Landseer Park TM1742 Julian Dowding
17 Apr Brimstone  nr dog walking area Foxhall TM2244 Dave Pearsons
17 Apr 2 Peacock RSPB Hollesley TM3642 Dave Pearsons
16 Apr Old Station House, Somerleyton, NR32 5QN. Clouded Yellow, flying over garden.  Probably female.  Somerleyton TM479965 Sue Cox
16 Apr Portal Avenue Woods, Martlesham Heath 1 x Small White, 1 x Brimstone, 2 x Peacock Martlesham TM240460 Kev Ling
15 Apr Edge of Old Hall Wood, Belstead 2 Small Tortoiseshell Belstead TM131398 Jo Ling
15 Apr We saw 2 male brimstones in the garden this morning! Mildenhall TL727754 Janine Avison
14 Apr Small White, Brimstone - female flying across the road, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Comma - all singles. Hyland, Sudbury TL882414 Martin Peers
14 Apr Brimstone 2 males, Peacock Shawlands, Gt Cornard TL890412 Martin Peers
14 Apr Brimstone and Peacock sighted Saturday 14/4/18  CO10 5PB Boxford Playing fields TL9624 Melvyn Eke
14 Apr two Peacocks and a Comma as well as a Brimstone at Ingham Ingham TL8570 Mr H
14 Apr Peacock, Brimstones male and female, and a Small White enjoying the nectar in ornamental cherry blossom (photo click here) Waldringfield TM2845 Peter Maddison
14 Apr and a nice new Peacock sunning itself outside Leiston Leisure Centre Leiston TM4562 Geraldine Smith
14 Apr After a week of dreary weather, a Small Tortoiseshell in our Framlingham garden Framlingham TM287634 Geraldine Smith
14 Apr Two Peacocks, a Red Admiral and a Small Tortoiseshell in Kirton, Suffolk Kirton TM2739 Robert Brown
14 Apr my first Small White of the year, (photo click here), and two Peacocks at Landguard, Felixstowe Landguard TM2831 Robert Brown
14 Apr 6  Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes TM508920 Robert Quadling
14 Apr Yay! Male Orange-tip in Brantham, Suffolk this afternoon! Brantham TM1034 via Bill Stone
14 Apr 10 Peacock, 3 Comma, 3 Brimstone , 3 Small Tortoiseshell Kiln Meadow, Ipswich TM145414 Kev Ling
14 Apr Large White - Just hatched out this morning.   (photo click here) Flixton TM511961 Richard Martin
7 Apr 4 Brimstones,  Also Small White Genesis Green TL742577 Meg Johnson
7 Apr 1 Brimstone in Backhouse Lane, Great Cornard Great Cornard TL8838 Richard Wall
7 Apr 1 Brimstone on A134 Sudbury Road just east of Sudbury Sudbury TL8840 Richard Wall
7 Apr 4 Brimstone (1f / 3m), 4 Comma , 1 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell Kiln Meadow/Bobbits Lane TM145414 Kev Ling
7 Apr This last week we have had a male Brimstone patrolling the hedge with the Buckthorn in it on several sunny days, a Peacock I let out of the garage and, a joy yesterday, a Small Tortoiseshell in the herbaceous border was seen several times.  Let us hope this will be a good year even if starting rather late. Framlingham TM287634 Geraldine Smith
7 Apr A male Brimstone flew through my garden in Saxmundham today Saxmundham TM 3763 Bob Turner
7 Apr During a walk round Newbourne Springs today I spotted 3 Peacocks and 2 male Brimstones.  Two of the Peacocks were nectaring on what I call, pussy willow (photo click here) Newbourne Springs TM2642 Robert Brown
7 Apr I saw my first Peacock of the year, in our garden Newton TL9040 Dean Morley
7 Apr 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock SWT Carlton Marshes TM5092 Robert Quadling
7 Apr Such a sunny day after all, I expected to see something and was not disappointed: Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell and Comma at home in Thurston (photo click here) Thurston TL9264 Trevor Goodfellow
7 Apr 3 Peacocks and a Male Brimstone. 22C!   TL8779 Mr H
7 Apr Finally saw my first butterflies of the year! 4 Small Tortoiseshells along edge of SWT Trimley Marshes and then another one at home! Trimley St Mary TM2836 Bill Stone
7 Apr 4 Commas Bury St Edmunds TL8465 Barry Woodhouse
7 Apr Male Brimstone sighted in Buxhall Buxhall TM0057 Jane Tuke
6 Apr Today, 6th April was much cooler windier and overcast.  Just one Peacock seen by the river Lark at West Stow. West Stow TL8070 Rob Parker
5 Apr 1 Brimstone at the back of Ipswich Hospital NE Ipswich TM1844 Richard Wall
5 Apr 1 Peacock Chantry Park TM137439 Kev Ling
5 Apr 1 Peacock Martlesham Heath (Police HQ) TM245459 Kev Ling
5 Apr Just good enough to walk my transect at Bury St Edmunds.  At 12C in 100% sun, I saw 6 Small Tortoiseshells and one Peacock. Bury St Edmunds   Rob Parker
5 Apr Large White reported today in Ipswich along with good numbers of Brimstone, Peacocks and Small Tortoiseshells across the county Ipswich   Bill Stone
5 Apr Signs of spring at Wolves Wood, Suffolk today - Light Orange Underwing, Comma  (photos click here) and frog spawn.  Several Chiffchaff singing and plenty of newts in the pond shallows RSPB Wolves Wood TM0543 Chris Bishop
5 Apr 2 Peacock   (photo click here) , 1 Comma and 1 male Brimstone near the woodland fringe of the park this afternoon. Bourne Park TM1541 Sam Chamberlin
5 Apr Male Brimstone, Peacock and plenty of Bombus terrestris bumblebees today Purdis farm.  Also a few Bombus hypnorum and Bombus pratorum Purdis Farm TM2142 Neil Sherman
5 Apr First Brimstone of the year and a few Peacocks fluttering around today in the garden Flixton TM511961 Richard Martin
5 Apr 1 Comma,1 Peacock,1 Small Tortoiseshell, Landguard on the butts TM282318 Will Brame
5 Apr 3 Small Tortoiseshell,3 Comma,1 Peacock Peewit Hill TM287340 Will Brame
5 Apr Peacock SW Ipswich TM134427 Richard Perryman
4 Apr Male brimstone sighted in Buxhall Buxhall TM0057 Jane Tuke
4 Apr A male Brimstone was seen flying at Benhall Green today Benhall Green TM3861 Bob Turner
4 Apr 2 Peacocks at Snape Snape TM4057 Bob Turner
4 Apr 2 Peacocks at Saxmundham Saxmundham TM3763 Bob Turner
4 Apr My Chantry Garden = 1 x Comma , 1 x Red Admiral Ipswich TM142428 Kev & Jo Ling
4 Apr Martlesham Heath Control Tower = 1 x Brimstone   Martlesham TM239458 Kev & Jo Ling
29 Mar I would like to report that I saw two Small Tortoiseshells near Martlesham Church,  (photo click here) Martlesham TM261469 Robert Brown
29 Mar Butterflies seen between 12.30pm and 1pm , 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock, 1 Comma at Ellough Industral Estate Beccles TM443888 Robert Quadling
26 Mar I saw a Brimstone in my garden Chantry, Ipswich TM1342 Kev Ling
26 Mar I did see two Brimstones today Meeting Green TL742577 Meg Johnson
26 Mar Theberton Garden, Red Admiral and Tortoiseshell Theberton TM4365 Andrew Leng
26 Mar my wife saw a male brimstone in nightingale road Ipswich yesterday lunchtime Ipswich TM1841 Peter Compton
26 Mar first Yellow Brimstone and 3 Small Tortoiseshell SWT Carlton Marsh TM5092 Gaius Hawes
26 Mar Sunny warmish day after a cold start here just outside Ipswich. Plenty of bumblebees out, Peacock and Small tortoiseshell butterflies and this Orange underwing moth, my second of the year  (photo click here) NE Ipswich TM2043 Neil Sherman
26 Mar Brimstone butterfly on Whin Hill RSPB Minsmere TM4667  
26 Mar Just to let you know that I saw my first 2018 Brimstone butterfly (male) this morning, flying in the woodland which separates my garden from the grounds of Framlingham Castle. Framlingham TM2863 Caroline Price
26 Mar Coincidentally, a friend who lives in Laxfield ie not many miles away, has just mailed me with news of her first Brimstone sighting too (another male).    What a welcome sight! Laxfield TM2072 Caroline Price
26 Mar Saw a Brimstone and a Comma in our Sudbury garden this morning. Sudbury TL8841 Martin Peers
25 Mar I saw my 1st butterfly 2018 (ignoring the French hitchhiker) on 25th March. Small Tortoiseshell Flixton Marsh Lane, Blundeston TM5095 Richard Martin
25 Mar Just seen first butterfly at Carlton Marshes at 16.15pm Small Tortoishell only one SWT Carlton Marshes TM5088592020 Robert Quadling
23 Mar 1 Small tortoiseshell Peewit Hill TM287340 Will Brame
21 Mar 2 Commas Landguard obs TM282318 Will Brame
21 Mar Brimstone this morning Cavenham Heath TL7672 Barry Woodhouse
21 Mar Small Tortoiseshell Oulton Marshes TM5094  
21 Mar Peewit Hill today 1 Peacock 1 Small Tortoiseshell on the wing seeming much more spring like  (photos click here) Felixstowe, Peewit Hil TM287340 Will Brame
21 Mar I saw a Comma at Hadleigh (TM0242) this morning. Regards, Martin Hadleigh TM0242 Martin Peers
21 Mar Today at Folly Road, Mildenhall a single Green-veined White in the exact same flower-bed on Grape Hyacinth as one seen on 11th March about 18 years ago by my late mother-in-law, Eileen Coe.  (plus a Comma and two Brimstones) Mildenhall TL707757 Mervyn & Sheila Crawford
21 Mar Small Tortoiseshell just now Lowestoft TM5324091594 Antony Wren
21 Mar A Small Tortoiseshell was seen flying today at Banter's Barn Farm, Boyton Boyton TM 3847 Bob Turner
20 Mar Encountered my very first Brimstone butterfly of the year a female feeding from an open dandelion flower on a meadow in Ravenswood Ipswich Ravenswood TM1840 Daniel Cable-Davey
17 Mar A Small Tortoiseshell has decided it's best not to go outside today (photo click here) Stutton TM153347 Mark Nowers
17 Mar I saw a male Brimstone flying across my front garden in Ipswich today. Maybe not the first for Suffolk but good to see nonetheless and hopefully a sign of spring E Ipswich TM2044 Julian Dowding
16 Mar Two Brimstones and one Small Tortoiseshell (the latter on winter flowering heathers) in my garden in the west side of Haverhill on 16th March about lunchtime. Haverhill TL6444 Neil Dickinson
16 Mar Brimstone Day! 1 Brimstone in the garden of Rose Cottage, School Road, Elmswell Elmswell TL988638 Mary & Peter Feeney
16 Mar 1 Brimstone at Lukeswood, Elmswell Elmswell TL984634 Mary & Peter Feeney
16 Mar 1 Brimstone in garden at junction of Richer Road and Ashfield Hill, Great Ashfield Great Ashfield TL998682 Mary & Peter Feeney
16 Mar Brimstone male patrolling garden Theberton TM4365 Andrew Leng
16 Mar 2 Small Tortoiseshell seen together Shingle Street TM3642 Laurence Potter & Eddie Marsh
16 Mar I've seen two male Brimstones, my first of this year, in our garden today, and my second Small Tortoiseshell of 2018 Newton TL9140 Dean Morley
16 Mar Had a Comma at Thorpeness Common this morning Thorpeness Common TM4660 Scott Mayson
16 Mar A Small Tortoiseshell was seen flying at North Warren today North Warren TM4559 Bob Turner
16 Mar Seen my first Brimstone butterfly of the year today, next to the fire station in School Road Elmswell, and I've seen tomorrows weather forecast, can't help feel sorry for the poor thing Elmswell TL987639 Peter Rutt
16 Mar My first Brimstone of the year on 16th March, a male midday on eastern side of Woodbridge Woodbridge TM2648 Peter Woolley
16 Mar Male Brimstone and Comma flying in the garden 12.15pm today. Waldringfield TM2845 Peter Maddison
16 Mar Brimstone & Peacock in the sun in Bury St Edmunds at 17C Bury St Edmunds TM8464 Rob Parker
16 Mar Today, 16 March, along the River Gipping at Needham Market, I saw 3 male brimstones and 2 peacocks, unfortunately none of them would settle down to have their photos taken! Needham Market TM0854 Robert Brown
14 Mar Glad to say the butterflies are out and about!   On Wednesday 14 March this peacock (photo click here) was warming itself up in the sun on my patio in north west Ipswich NW Ipswich TM1646 Robert Brown
14 Mar Small Tortoiseshell feeding on viburnum in front garden, my first of the year Halesworth TM385781 Derek Norris
14 Mar Just seen my first butterfly of 2018; a Small Tortoiseshell in our garden.  Newton TL9140 Dean Morley
14 Mar Saw a Brimstone today lackford lakes Lackford Lakes TL8070 Matt
14 Mar Red Admiral near Landguard point Felixstowe at the Customs House late a.m. today Landguard point TM288326 Will Brame
14 Mar A Comma: my 1st butterfly of the year at North Warren this am. North Warren TM4458 Julian Coleman
14 Mar Red Admiral today here on Ipswich golf course, Purdis farm Ipswich golf course TM207430 Neil Sherman
14 Mar May I report a lovely early Brimstone sighting today, 14 March, at Bramford Tye Bramford Tye TM099471 Rob Clements
14 Mar A Peacock in the sun on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds this morning at 8C; My first butterfly of 2018 Bury St Edmunds TM8464 Rob Parker
14 Mar Saw a Comma in the back garden in the sunshine. Our first butterfly of 2018! Worlingham TM4488 Lilian Pitt
10 Mar Small Tortoiseshell Pipps Ford mid day 1st butterfly of yr here Pipps Ford TM106536  
17 Feb First butterfly of the year seen today in the warm sunshine at lunchtime - a Red admiral. Spring is on the way!  (photo click here) Purdis Heath Golf Club TM2043  
17 Feb 1st Red Admiral of the year on a glorious morning Stutton TM143347 Mark Nowers
17 Feb a Small Tortoiseshell enjoying the sun in the garden Gunton TM5496 James Wright
17 Feb Small Tortoiseshell just flew past my window!   TL8779 Mr H
16 Feb Just spotted a Small Tortoiseshell on the Christmas Box bushes in the Christchurch Park carpark in Ipswich.  (photo click here) Christchurch Park TM1645 David Basham
11 Feb Red Admiral seen close to Belstead Brook, Ipswich. Belstead Brook, Ipswich TM1341 Kev Ling
1 Feb This Small White just hatched out in our kitchen. We think it travelled with our veg box (photo click hereAn interesting early emergence but cannot be counted as a genuine outdoor sighting Lowestoft   Richard Martin
26 Jan First Red Admiral of the year, in flight 26th, Jan 2018   Along River Gipping path navigational bit towards Sproughton, near old Sugar beet factory, Ipswich. Sproughton TM128449 Val Sherwen
26 Jan Friday 26 January 2018 started as a frosty, foggy morning, but the sun came out during my walk along the River Deben towards Martlesham Creek and a Peacock was warming up along the path  (photo click here).   This is my first butterfly of 2018!   Regards Martlesham Creek TM276467 Robert Brown
26 Jan My wife has done it again, she’s seen the first butterfly of 2018 before me. A Red Admiral sunning itself on a car bonnet, Landguard area, Felixstowe Landguard TM282312 Bill Stone
25 Jan A Red Admiral was flying and then sunning itself outside a neighbours house in Grange Farm, Kesgrave today.  (photo click here) Kesgrave TM229454 Richard Wall
25 Jan Saw this Red Admiral today in Fletcher Road Ipswich  at 1.10 pm happy days  (photo click here) Ipswich TM179419 Peter Compton
18 Jan One Red Admiral on my window today in nightingale road Ipswich at 13 30pm first sighting of a butterfly this year Ipswich TM1841 Peter Compton
12 Jan At 1.15 PM today a Peacock was flying round the garden here in Friston.  It had probably come from my wood shed where they regularly hibernate. Friston TM4060 Bob Turner

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Photographs from 2018 Sightings  (all pictures are the copyright of their owners)

Red Admiral - photo Peter Compton

Red Admiral - photo Richard Wall

Peacock - photo Robert Brown

Small White - photo Richard Martin

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Dave Basham

Red Admiral - photo

Peacock - photo Robert Brown

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Mark Nowers

Peacock - photo Will Brame

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Will Brame

Orange Underwing Moth - photo Neil Sherman

Small Tortoiseshell - photo Robert Brown

Peacock - photo Sam Chamberlin

Comma - photo Chris Bishop

Light Orange Underwing - photo Chris Bishop

Comma - photo Trevor Goodfellow

Peacock - photo Robert Brown

Large White - photo Richard Martin

Small White - photo Robert Brown

Small White f - photo Peter Maddison

Green-veined White - photo Mervyn Crawford

Holly Blue - photo Mervyn Crawford
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