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These are the details we have received from the organisers .

Recent requests for support on BioBlitzes/ Surveys etc.

1.       Lukeswood, Elmswell

We are holding a Bioblitz at Lukeswood in Elmswell  on 30th June-1st July this year. The first day (Friday) will be with children from our local primary school and the second (Saturday) with members of the community.

Lukeswood is our community woodland (6.5 acres). It was originally glebe land, then arable, then in set-aside for several years. We started planting hedgerows and trees seven years ago, and an area of approximately one acre is being developed as an orchard. There are some existing established hedgerows, and a pond surrounded by black poplars.

This is the first time we’ve attempted this kind of thing so we’re trying to get as much help as we can!

We would like to invite some local experts to come to the event to help mainly with ID of what we find, and also possibly to lead some of the activities, especially on the Saturday. Is this something you could help us with? It would be really great if you could spare the time to come yourself, but we understand that SNS recorders are very busy people, so if that’s not possible we wondered if you might be able to put us in touch with a knowledgeable volunteer who may be interested in helping.

There will be refreshments on both days and we can offer help towards travelling expenses.

Any advice you can give would be much appreciated!

Many thanks

Mary (ElmsWild) Tel: 01359 241901

2.       Flatford Mill

FSC Flatford Mill will be holding a public 14 hour Bioblitz survey on Sunday 11th June. Beginning at 8am with bird ringing and finishing at 10pm with surveys of bats and our nocturnal mammals, it is a joint pursuit by members of the public, FSC staff and local biodiversity experts alike to find as many species as possible on the site over one day (attached is a poster for the event). We would like to invite you to join us on the day as experts on wildlife and the locality of Suffolk.

 May thanks if you have attended in previous years. If you are interested, or you know anyone else who might be, we would be very grateful if you could share your expertise with us and members of the public for as little or as long a time as you are available for; this may be a one off session for an hour or spending the day with us to help survey as many areas of the site as possible. Equally, you can take part in your own right and share your collated records when you are done or you might like to share some of your time with members of the public, exploring the site (n.b. in this case you would have a Flatford Mill tutor accompanying you and you would not be required to be responsible for members of the public if you didn't want to be). Light refreshments will be provided throughout the day and we will have an allocated base for collating records from each element of the survey. Your assistance will mean a great deal in terms of the quality of the biodiversity records we compile and these will, in turn, be all the more meaningful in future years as we look into local impacts of climate change, habitat threats and land management approaches, both here and in the wider county or regional context.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible if you have any queries about the Bioblitz and to confirm your attendance so that we can devise a time table for the day’s activities.

Charlotte Foster

Senior Tutor at FSC Flatford Mill
Flatford Mill Field Centre
East Bergholt

3.       Poker Wood

The RSPB Woodbridge Local Group is having a BBQ at Poker Wood on Wednesday, 21st June. We are charging £6.00, but if would like to come as a butterfly expert, you would be very welcome for free! If you can’t make it, would it be possible for you to ask another expert to attend?

 The arrangement is to meet at 12.00, using the carpark off the A1120, with a BBQ lunch at 13.00. This will be followed by a wander around the wood. Hopefully there will be some butterflies! The Map Ref is TM185608.

Malcolm Key, RSPB Woodbridge Local Group


4.       Port of Felixstowe

My name is Jessica and I am the Environmental Manager at the Port of the Felixstowe. This year, I am organising a World Environment Day environmental fair at the Port and I am writing to you to invite you and your butterfly committee to host a stall showcasing the importance of Butterflies in our ecosystem, and the many varieties that we can spot in the Port hedgerows and the neighbouring nature reserves.

If you would like to join us, please would you give us sizing details of your gazebo and whether you need any electrical connections. Please also detail the full names of attendees so I can create visitor passes. After the event has concluded I will be conducting a Port tour for anyone who is interested, please do let me know if you wish to join.

 Date: Monday 05th June, Venue: Port of Felixstowe

Timings: 10.00 set up for 11.00am start, 14.00 event ends

 If you don’t feel the event is one for you, that’s no trouble at all and I wish you a pleasant day.

Jessica Briggs

Environment & Energy Manager

Tel: (+44) 1394 604727

Mobile: (+44) 7848 015179

5.       Brandon Country Park

We are in the process of organising, with our Suffolk County Council (SCC) colleagues at Brandon Country Park, a bioblitz on the 8th August. The park has hosted 2 bioblitz events over the past 2 years, supported by the HLF Breaking New Ground Project, and organised by the Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS). The manager at the park (David Falk) would like to carry on this programme of yearly bioblitz events to help generate comparable species data, year on year and generally encourage more recording at the park. It also the perfect venue to interact with the public and maybe recruit some new recorders. We would really like to try and make a success of this bioblitz and it would be great to get a selection of county recorders and experts to lead a few informal walks and talks on the day and help with the identification and collation of data from the public. SCC and the park will be supporting the event with tea, coffee, a café and facilities throughout the day and the SBIS team will be there to help with identification and data collation.

 So far we have Bill Stone (Butterflies) and Martin Sanford (Plants) confirmed but it would be great to have some more experts along for the day.

 Please let me know if you are interested and can attend and whether you would be happy to lead an informal walk on the day or simply be there to record or help with IDs and data collation.

 Ben Heather, Biological Records Officer (GIS)

 Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service

01473 433571





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