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Suffolk's Butterflies - Distribution maps for 2011 - 2015

You can also see the UK distibution maps for the most recent five-year survey of the Butterflies for the New Millennium (BNM) recording scheme (2010-2014).  Click here to download the Atlas of UK Butterflies 2010-2014 in pdf format (11 MB).

Suffolk Butterfly Recording- 2011-2015 Distribution
Distribution maps have been prepared for 34 species that have regularly occurred in Suffolk during the five year recording period 2011-2015.
(Rarities have not been included, Chalkhill Blue has been excluded due to site sensitivities and more data is required for the introduced Brown Hairstreak in Central Ipswich).
The maps are based on records received and represent 1025 Suffolk tetrads where butterflies have been recorded.  An average of 14.6 species per tetrad was achieved.  (NB. Suffolk has 1089 Tetrads in total).

Number of Species Recorded in Each Tetrad 2011-2015

Click on name to go to the map for that species

Species Name Suffolk Status
Small Skipper Common Resident
Essex Skipper Common Resident
Large Skipper Common resident
Dingy Skipper Very rare resident
Swallowtail (no map) Occasional visitor or migrant, from Norfolk or the continent
Clouded Yellow Rare migrant
Brimstone Common resident, particularly in west Suffolk
Large White Very Common resident
Small White Very Common resident
Green-veined White Very Common resident
Orange Tip Very common resident
Green Hairstreak Local resident, mainly in the Sandlings and the Brecks
Purple Hairstreak Resident
White-letter Hairstreak Scarce resident, Suffolk BAP species
Small Copper Resident, most numerous in the Sandlings and Brecks
Silver-studded Blue Rare resident confined to the Sandlings, Suffolk BAP species
Brown Argus Common resident
Common Blue Common resident
Holly Blue Common resident
Silver-washed Fritillary Recent scarce resident
White Admiral Scarce resident, Suffolk BAP species
Purple Emperor Recent scarce resident
Red Admiral Common resident and migrant
Painted Lady Common mgrant
Small Tortoiseshell Common resident and migrant
Peacock Common resident
Comma Resident
Speckled Wood Increasingly common resident
Wall Brown Declining resident
Marbled White  
Grayling Resident, confined to the Sandlings and Brecks, Suffolk BAP species
Gatekeeper Common resident
Meadow Brown Common resident
Ringlet Common resident
Small Heath Declining resident, especially away from the Sandlings and Brecks

Distribution Maps 2011-2015

Species Name Distribution Map
Small Skipper
Small Skipper Recorded in 491 of 1025 Tetrads (47.9%)
Essex Skipper
Essex Skipper  Recorded in 317 of 1025 Tetrads (30.9%)
Large Skipper
Large Skipper Recorded in 573 of 1025 Tetrads (55.9%)
Dingy Skipper
Dingy Skipper Recorded in 9 of 1025 Tetrads (0.8%)
Clouded Yellow
Clouded Yellow Recorded in 199 of 1025 Tetrads (19.4%)
Brimstone Recorded in 542 of 1025 Tetrads (52.8%)
Large White
Large White Recorded in 856 of 1025 Tetrads (83.5%)
Small White
Small White Recorded in 855 of 1025 Tetrads (83.4%)
Green-veined White
Green-veined White Recorded in 750 of 1025 Tetrads (73.1%)
Orange Tip Recorded in 652 of 1025 Tetrads (63.6%)
Green Hairstreak
Green Hairstreak Recorded in 139 of 1025 Tetrads (13.5%)
Purple Hairstreak
Purple Hairstreak Recorded in 209 of 1025 Tetrads (20.3%)
White-letter Hairstreak
White-letter Hairstreak Recorded in 83 of 1025 Tetrads (8%)
Small Copper
Small CopperRecorded in 453 of 1025 Tetrads (44.1%)
Silver-studded Blue
Silver-studded Blue Recorded in 21 of 1025 Tetrads (2%)
Brown Argus
Brown Argus Recorded in 276 of 1025 Tetrads (26.9%)
Common Blue
Common Blue Recorded in 557 of 1025 Tetrads (54.3%)
Holly Blue
Holly Blue Recorded in 503 of 1025 Tetrads (49%)
Silver-washed Fritillary
Silver-washed FritillaryRecorded in 77 of 1025 Tetrads (7.5%)
White Admiral
White Admiral Recorded in 111 of 1025 Tetrads (10.8%)
Purple Emperor
Purple Emperor Recorded in 15 of 1025 Tetrads (1.4%) Introduced Population, Theberton area
Red Admiral
Red Admiral Recorded in 802 of 1025 Tetrads (78.2%)
Painted Lady
Painted Lady Recorded in 518 of 1025 Tetrads (50.5%)
Small Tortoiseshell
Small Tortoiseshell Recorded in 829 of 1025 Tetrads (80.8%)
PeacockRecorded in 829 of 1025 Tetrads (80.8%)
Comma Recorded in 740 of 1025 Tetrads (72.1%)
Speckled Wood
Speckled Wood Recorded in 740 of 1025 Tetrads (72.1%)
Wall Brown Recorded in 74 of 1025 Tetrads (7.2%)
Marbled White
Marbled White Recorded in 11 of 1025 Tetrads (1%) Introduced Population, Central Ipswich
Grayling Recorded in 124 of 1025 Tetrads (12%)
GatekeeperRecorded in 801 of 1025 Tetrads (78.1%)
Meadow Brown
Meadow Brown Recorded in 851 of 1025 Tetrads (83%)
Ringlet Recorded in 703 of 1025 Tetrads (68.5%)
Small Heath
Small Heath Recorded in 305 of 1025 Tetrads (29.7%)
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